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graphicall frame and orbe; from the center therof to the yttermost circumference of the same; being, to mortall mans outward eye, vtterly vnsensible.

It will appeare, hereafter, in due tyme, that greater, furder, and of longer continuance hath bin his doings, and very well liked of, aduertisements and instructions in sundry affayrers, philosophicall

, and cosmopoliticall, FOR VERITIE, JVSTICE AND PEACE FVRDERING, than hath of any three of his neerest freends, and most familiarly acquainted cuntrymen, bin (as yet) perceiued.

And this also I may say of the same Ientleman (without seeming to fiatter him, or any whit to abuse thee, my honest freend and cuntryman) or, he, himself, with great modesty, and no arrogancy, might (to God bis high glory) say that, yf in the foresaid whole cours of bis tyme, he had found a constant and assistant ChrisTIAN ALEXANDER; BRYTAN should not baue bin now destitute of a CHRISTIAN ARISTOTLE *.

Any farder is nedeles to be disclosed of this lentleman, whose greuous † wounds, (by dedly sklanderss vpon diuelish enuy only,

Alexander, Aristotle. + The wordes of a sklanderer, are very wounds, and go through vnto the innermost partes of the body. Prouerb. 13,


enuy only, and the same priuily slasht and hewd into bis sydes, and nere vnto his hart) are not yet in the perfect and charitable chirurgiens curing, the more lamentable will the case be found, and the remedy to late thought upon, I am greatly afraid.

In the mean space (ny louing freend and vnpartiall reader) I am to aduertise thee, as concerning the publishing of the other two great volumes; though the inuentions and collections be such as I sayd, and of great value; both for the HONOR AND WEALTH OF ENGLAND, and no little furderance of the GLORY or God, yet (by order taken by him who hath the chief interest, therein) the same are not to be printed

How this Mechanicien, his zealous, dutifull, and humble aduertisement politicall, (for the perpetuall garde, and furder seruice of a PETY Navy ROYALL * to be inainteined, without any cost or charge to the Queene her most excellent Maiestie, or any vnpleasant burden to the Commons and faithfull Subiects of this BRYTisH MONARCHIE) shall be liked of and accepted; (for the zeale and matter, I mean, rather than for any rhetorical!


# A PETY NAVAL ROYALL continually to be mainteyned without the Queenes Maiesties charges, or airy vnpleasant burden to the Commons.

polishing polishing bestowed on it.) Seeing the same conteineth in it such fragments of instructions receiued from the forsaid philosopher, being bitherto (almost) a † freendles freend. Why say I freendles ? Seeing a lentleinan of great experience in this world, sayd vnto him, in my hering, within these few dayes:

Tu certè infælir, at multos inter amicos.

Wherby it might seme that he hath many freends. But for all that, betweene a cold freeod and a faint harted enemy, is small diuersity. And vndowtedly a fayned hollow harted or hypocriticall freend is worse, ten tymes, than ab open enemy; and, in very dede, is not to be counted a freend. And so may the outward repugnancy of these two sayings aptly be reconciled.

But, proceding in my fcriner purpose, you may vnderstand this, moreouer, that the second booke or volume (to this Preface aperteyning) will be of more hundred pounds charges, to be prepared for the print (in respect of the tables and figures therto requisite) than you would easily beleue. Therfore, though there were no warning of attendance to be giuen to understand

# Exceptis excipiendis ast illis quidem paucissimis.


the issue of liking or misliking the foresaid, (zealously collected, and as hunbly presented) politicall aduertisement. Yet, this matter of charges so far passeth my slender hability: and, withall, is so dreadfull to the Printers, for feare of great los therby susteining (so rare, and few mens studies are in such matters employed) that delay, on my part, is rather that way constrained. And, therefore, no order is to be thought vpon by me, for the printing thereof, TYLL A COM




And before I bid thee farewell (my cuntryman) I may yet aduertise thee of one point more (whither the sayd second volume be euer printed or no) that therein is one parcell conteined; so contriued and dedicated vnto the æternall, royall, and heroicall honor and renown of our incomparable gracious QUEENE ELIZABETH ; that ał the whole world ouer, yea, among the Heathen as well as Christen ; what language so euer they speake, that haue to deale with hydrography, or dangerous and long voyages by sea ; euen they, will inost thankfully and for euer sing and extoll her marueilous princely benefit herein, as to them, chiefly for her Maiesties sake and merits, imparted, who hath bin so constantly fauorable, and so gracious a soueraign Lady vnto the inuentor therof, her most faythfull and obedient subiect. The richest Pyramis at Memphis, did. neuer so far and so durably spred the fame and commendation of the builders thereof, as these TABLES GUBERNAUTIKE will win, and procure. the large loue and good liking of our Elizabeth, all the world endureth to florish. The English title therof is, The BRYTISH QUEENE ELIZABETH, HER Tables GVBERNAVTIK f. And the same is of many quires of paper conteining


Now haue I sufficiently (for this place and tyme) giuen vnto you (my courteous cuntryman aduertisements; which (I trust) you will take in good part and thankfully, yt in your own conscience you plainly perceive that all my zealous speech herein bestowed, tendeth to the aduancement of vertue, and to the great benefit , and commodity publik.

At an other tyme I hope to haue comfort and conuenient opportunitie to impart vito you other matter, for your exceeding good contentation and great delight also.

And in the mean space, I trust, that this my syncere, blunt, and simple aduise, shall be

* A stranige monument, dedicated to the æternall and heroicall renowne of our Queene, her most exciteit Miestie.

+ A Treasor incomparable for the Arte Gubernautick : and for very many




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