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To show that I have not rushed into print without first counting the cost—likely to be very serious—judging from the fate of all others before me who have dared to run athwart the preconceived ideas and “traditions of the elders” in all matters pertaining to religion, especially that of the Bible, the only perfect standard of love, truth and righteousness, I will state as briefly as possible my reasons for doing so. I am now in my 63rd year. I exhausted every conceivable method of trying to get someone more capable than myself to do this work, which I believe pertains to the most important subjects that have ever entered the mind of man, viz: “The Second Coming of Christ” and “the Time of the End,'' as partially explained in “The Prophetic Interpretations' of P. S. G. Watson, published by “The Baptist Publishing Co.,” of St. Louis, in 1880. His home town was Turnersville, Texas. He is now deceased and his book, so far as it has been possible to learn, obsolete, or out of print. I owned a copy prior to one year ago, when after agreement to return, Mr. Leopold Cohn of the “Williamsburg Mission” in Brooklyn was so unfortunate as to be “unable to locate it," and after exhaustive efforts to secure another copy, or to get any of the Theologians, to whom I had previously sent my copy and who had read and returned, a request always made before I sent it to anyone, it was borne in on me that possibly for this purpose had my own life been spared these many years and while feeling my limitations in so many ways, I realize that “when I am weak, then am I strong,” for God's strength is made perfect in weakness, and believing that it is He who has through the seemingly untoward circumstances laid on me the necessity of reviewing the main facts in this book-unknown and so far as I can find unparalleled by any other writer of modern timesI have done the best I could.

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The other articles in this book must explain themselves and stand or fall on their own merits, and while I naturally shrink from the probable criticisms, possibly including ridicule and sarcasm so often used by those who have no logical argument to offer, I am, however, in a measure fearless—because I am trusting in God, including His only Son, and the Spirit of Truth to guide and use to his own glory whatever I have said of truth and to void whatever is not according to His will and to the good of my fellow man.

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