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The which when as I heard

I knew not what to say:
For well I knew that I was out

Two hundred pounds that day.

Then from my master straight

I ran in secret sort;
And unto Sarah Milwood then

My state I did report.

But how she us'd this youth,

In this his extreme need, The which did her necessity

So oft with money feed;

The second part, behold,

Shall tell it forth at large;
And shall a strumpet's wily ways,

With all her tricks discharge.


Young Barnwel here comes unto thee,

• Sweet Sarah, my delight, 'I am undone except thou stand

* My faithful friend this night.

Our master to command accounts

• Hath just occasion found; And I am found behind the hand

Almost two hundred pound:

And therefore, knowing not at all
« What answer for to make;
And his displeasure to escape,

My way to thee I take ;

Hoping in this extremity

· Thou wilt my succour be ; "That for a time I may

remain ' In safety here with thee.'

With that she knit and bent her brows,

And looking all aquoy, *
Quoth she, 'What should I have to do

· With any 'prentice boy?

And seeing you have purloin'd and got

• Your master's goods away,
• The case is bad, and therefore here

"I mean thou shalt not stay.'

Why sweetheart, thou knowest, (he said)

" That all which I did get,
I gave it, and did spend it all

Upon thee every whit.

• Thou knowest I loved thee so well,

• Thou couldst not ask the thing,
But that I did, incontinent,
* The same unto thee bring.'

* [Coy, shy, says Dr. Percy.

See Glossary to Reliques, vol. iii.] Quoth she, 'thou art a paltry jack,

• To charge me in this sort; Being a woman of credit good, * And known of good report :

And therefore this I tell thee flat,

* Be packing with good speed; * I do defy thee from my heart,

* And scorn thy filthy deed.'

• Is this the love and friendship, which

• Thoù did'st to me profess? * Is this the great affection which

You seemed to express?

[blocks in formation]

Therefore, false woman, now farewel;

While twenty pound doth last, My anchor in some other haven, "I will with wisdom cast.'

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When she perceived by his words

That he had money store ;
That she had gall’d him in such sort,

It griev'd her heart full sore :

Therefore to call him back again
She did suppose it best,

* Protest, O. CC.

Stay, George, (quoth she) thou art too quick;

Why, man, I do but jest.

« Think'st thou for all my passed speech,

That I would let thee go? 'Faith no, (quoth she) my love to thee

'I wis, is more than so.'

• You will not deal with 'prentice boys,

'I heard you even now swear ; ? Therefore I will not trouble you.'

• My George, hark in thine ear :

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* Thou shalt not go to-night, (quoth she)

" What chance soe'er befal : ' But, man, we'll have a bed for thee,

'Or else the devil take all.'

Thus I, that was by wiles bewitch'd,

And snar'd with fancy still, Had not the power to put away,

Or to withstand her will.

Then wine and wine I called in,

And cheer upon good cheer;
And nothing in the world I thought

For Sarah's love too dear,

Whilst I was in her company,

In joy and merriment; And all too little I did think,

That I upon her spent.

A fig for care and careful thoughts!

• When all my gold is gone, • In faith, my girl, we will have more,

Whoever it light upon.

My father's rich; why then, (quoth I,)

Should I want any gold?'With a father, indeed, (quoth she,) *A son may well be bold.'

• I have a sister richly wed,

• I'll rob her ere I'll want.' Why then, (quoth Sarah) they may well • Consider of your scant.'


Nay, more than this, an uncle I have,

“At Ludlow he doth dwell; • He is a grazier, which in wealth

Doth all the rest excell.

• Ere I will live in lack, (quoth he,)

And have no coin for thee;
I'll rob his house, and murder him.'-

Why should you not ?' quoth she:


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- Ere I would want, were I a man,

• Or live in poor estate; On father, friends, and all my kin, • I would my talons grate.

• For without money, George (quoth she)

A man is but a beast :

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