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37. Tiberius dies, a most profligate and abandoned man. He is succeeded by Caius Caligula.

37. Pilate is recalled by Caligula, and banished te Vienne, in Gaul, where he us said to have put an end to his own life.

36-15. AGRIPPA THE YOUNGER, KING CENIE JEWS. He was the son of Aristo bulus, and grandson of Mariamne. Shortly before the death of Herud the Great, (his grandfather, he goes to Rome, squanders his property there, and is reduced to want. Goes to Idumea, and resolves to commit suicide. Persuaded to abandon his plan by his wife. Obtains the government from Tiberius. Is accused by his half-brother, Aristobulus, and goes again to Rome. Is favorably received by Tiberius. Is accused, however, of having made a treasonable remark respecting Tiberius, and impoisoned till the death of that emperor. Is released by Caligula from prison, and made King of Gaulanitis, Bataliea, and Trachonitis.

42. Herod Antipas, at the instigation of Agrippa, is banished to Lyons, and his To trarchy given to King Agrippa.

Caligula orders Petronius to place his statue in the Temple at Jerusalem. It us delayed at the instance of Agrippa.

42. Caligula is assassinated at Rome, and succeeded by Claudius.

42. Agrippa is raised by Claudius to the rank of Consul; Samaria and Judea are given him, and thus he obiains the entire kingdom of Herod the Great.

42. Agrippa arrives at Jerusalem. 43. Deprives the High Priest, Matthias, of the priesthood, and bestows it on Elio Causes the Apostle James, the Greater, to be put to death.

--Acts xii, 1,—and impri Bons Peter. Soon afterwards dies at Cæsarea, in great misery. Acts xii. 21—23.

A famine at Rome.

45. Cuspius Fadus is sent into Judea as Governor or Procurator. He continues in the office two years.

A great famine in Judea.

Fadus demands that the vestments of the High Priest should be placed under Ro inan custody. Longinus comes to Jerusalem to enforce this order.

Claudius places Herod, the brother of the deceased Agrippa, over the Temple ano The Treasury.

A celebrated false Messiah appears. He persuades the people to follow him to the Jordan. Promises to stop the river by a word, and to lead them over on dry ground is pursued by the Roman cavalry, and beheaded.

A second famine in the reign of Claudius. This was in Palestine. Acts xi. 28. 46. Fadus is recalled. Tiberius, an apostate Jew, is made Governor of Judea in nis place.

47. Claudius takes away the authority of Herod, and gives it to Agrippa, the son of King Agrippa, who died at Cæsarea. This was the Agrippa before whom Paul afterwards appeared. Acts xxvi.

47. Tiberius is recalled, and Cumanus is made Procurator of Judea. Violent disturbances in Judea.

53. Cumanus is recalled and expelled from Rome. Claudius appoints FELIX Procurator of Judea. Felix was a freedman of Claudius. Claudius gives to Agrippa the Tetrarchy which had formerly belonged to Philip,-Gaulanitis, Batanea, and Tra chonitis.

Claudius expels the Jews from Rome, because, in expectation of the Messiah, the; are constantly exc ting disturbances.

55. Claudius dies, being poisoned by the Empress Agrippina, the mother of Nero Nero succeeds him. Nero soon puts many persons to death, and among others his own mother.

56. Nero gives to Agrippa the cities Tiberias, Tarichæa, Abila, and Julias, an the districts belonging to them.

Felix captures a number of robbers and crucifies them.

The Sicari, or robbers with short swords, appear and abound in Judea. Felis kires one of them to assassinate the High Priest, Jonathan. Many false prophets ap pear in iudea.

58. Paul goes into Judea to carry contributions. Is seized in the Temple at Je. 'usalem, and sent to Cæsarea. Ishmae. made High Priest. Paul makes his defence Defore Felix, (Acts xxiv.,) at Cæsarea Is imprisoned two years


60. Porcius FESTUS MADE GOVERNOR OF JUDEA. Felix is accused at Rome. Paul appeals to the Emperor. Makes his speech before Agrippa, (Acts xxvi.,) and

on shipboard to be sent to Rome. Is shipwrecked at Malta. Festus finds the country overrun with robbers. A false Messiah is taken and slain Agrippa at Jerusalem builds a high apartment in the palace of Herod, by which he can overlook all that is done in the Temple. The Jews build a high wall on the west side of the Temple, to intercept his view. The case is submitted to Nero. Nera allows the wall to stand.


64. Martyrdom of James the Less, at Jerusalem. According to Josophus, he was stoned.

64. Herod's Temple at Jerusalem, is completed, and about 18,000 workmen are discharged from employment, many of whom become robbers.

65. GESSIUS FLORUS XADE PROCURATOR OF JUDEA,—a man worse than any of his predecessors. He was cruel, tyrannical, and insatiably avaricious.

Josephus says that at that time there were 3,000,000 Jews in Jerusalem.

Rome set on fire,.-probably by order of Nero. He charges it on the Christians, Beveral of whom are put to death by being enclosed in pitch and set on fire, to illumi nate the gardens of the Emperor.

The probable year of the martyrdom of Paul and Peter, at Rome.

An edict of the emperor is issued, by which the Syrian and Greek inhabitants of Cæsarea are raised above the Jews. The dissatisfaction which this occasions is the first cause of the war. The Syrians and Greeks at Cæsarea sacrifice birds on the bottom of an earthen vessel, in order to irritate the Jews. A tumult is excited. Florus demands seventeen Talents from the Temple, for the use of the Emperor. The Jews are exasperated, and take possession of the lower city. They attack the castle of Antonia, and take it after two days.

The Christians in Jerusalem, seeing that a war is about to break out, retire to Pella, in the kingdom of Agrippa, beyond Jordan.

67. Vespasian is appointed by Nero to prosecute the Jewish war. Comes to Antiech, and forms a numerous army. Division in Jerusalem, and general revolt in Judea. Titus, the son of Vespasian, is sent to Alexandra, to collect an army, and to proceed to Palestine in aid of his father. Vespasian subdues Galilee.

Josephus besieged in Jota pata. ' Jotapata taken, and Josephus surrenders to Vespasian.

The Zealots in Jerusalem seize the Temple, and depose Theophilus from being High Priest, and put Phannias in his place. They send for the Idumeans to aid them.

68. Vespasian takes all the places of strength in Judea, around Jerusalem. Nero dies. Galba succeeds him.

69. Josephus set at liberty. Eleazer, son of Simon, forms a third party, and makes himself master of the inner Temple.

Galba dies. Otho declared Emperor. Otho dies. Vitellius proclaimed Emperor by the German legions. Vespasian proclaimed by the army in the East. Vespasian secures the throne..

70. Tilus marches against Jerusalem to besiege it. Approaches it some days be fore she Passover.

The factions in Jerusalem at first unite against the Romans, but afterwards divide again. The Romans make a wall all around Jerusalem, to reduce it to famine. July 17. The perpetual daily sacrifice ceases.

A Roman soldier sets the Temple on fire, notwithstanding the orders of Titus to the contrary.

71. Titus demolishes the Temple to its foundation, and also the city, reserving the towers of Hippicus, Phazael, and Mariamne.

Titus returns to Rome, to his father, Vespasian. A triumph deureed them, and the arch erected in Rome, which is still standing.

The Jewish war ended ; Bassus sent in:o Judea as lieutenant, and Judea in sub duod.

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7 3.552 144 36 12 6 1.5 Ezekiel's Reed,.......

10 11.328 192 48 16 8 2 1.3 jAn Arabian Pole,..

14 7.104 |1920| 480 160 80 20 (13.31 10 A Schænus, or Measuring Line...! 145 11.04


The Long Scripture Measures.

A Cubit,.

Miles Paces. Feet

0 0 1.824

145 46

0 729 3

400 A Stadium, or Furlong,..
2000 5 A Sabbath Day's Journey,......
4000 10

An Eastern Mile,
12000 30 6 3 A Parasang,
96000 240 48 24 8 A Day's Journey,.....

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á Mite, (about one-third of a cent,)..
A Farthing, (about two-thirds of a cent,).
A Penny or Denarius, (not far from ono oighth of a dollar,)....
A Pound or Mina,..

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