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coming of the Lord. It is true, we are Their bodies, though vile, (shall be fashioned

l 'aright, 1; * od 1179181101' the world will hereafter witness such

| And robed in a costume of glory and light:

| With songs of thanksgiving they'll rise in the a practical exhibition of all the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and in so large a And dwell with our Saviour eternally there. degree, that it will with propriety, and The world shall be burned, and nature dissolve, in prophetic style be said, the know- And the earth on its axis shall cease to revolve: ledge of the Lord covereth the earth Whilst the heavens rolled up, shall depart as a

scroll, as the waters do the channels of the deep. Will our friend “ Minimum"

And the stars into regions of darkness shall fall

Creation, convulsed to her centre, shall quake, please to bear in mind the question

And His voice the foundations of heaven will under consideration, and if he have

shake: . any original arguments to present in The sun and the moon shall grow dim and decay, support of the literal reign, let us have And the earth from his presence, shall vanish them, multum in parvo, after which

ini away,"l11 n1"' -*!! "?"]'y we shall be happy to receive some Bui

to receive some But celestial heavens and earth shall be made, practical essays on the gospel of Christ,

All garnished with glory that never shall fade :

IST Theredeemed shall rejoice in that blessed abode, and the Christian religion, in all their Where sorrow shall nevertheir pleasure corrode. redeeming and sanctifying power. Unpolluted by sin, and unhurt by disease, J.'W.]

With their ensign of triumph uufurled in the


A crown of bright glory they ever shall wear

A palm-wreath of honor triumphantly bear. OUR Saviour once more upon earth shall appear, A convoy of angels, and chariot of love, In person as literal as when he was, here ' Shall escort them safe home to that city above: The clouds are his chariots, and glory his throne, | Transformed like the Saviour, secure from all Whilst myriads of angels his majesty own. ** pain, Ten thousand bright saints with the Lord shall | In his glorified presence for ever to reign. descend,

But the wicked shall sink into darkness and Their strains of hosannahs the heavensshall rend: Whilst the angels who sung the glad song of his Everlasting destruction theirsentence and doom: birth,

From the presence of God and the Lamb they Shall gather his saints from the ends of the earth. I shall flee, The kingdom shall come, and the grave shall | And the glory of heaven they never shall see. give way,

The remedial kingdom shall come to an end, And his saints be redeemed from their prison And the sceptre of pardon no longer extend : of clay;

Death, spoiled of his trophies, all vanquished For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall

shall fall i come forth, ..

The saints saved in heaven, and GOD ALL IN ALL From the east, from the west, from the south,

From “ Universalism against itselt:" . from the north, All the nations of men are before him conveyed: ..... LITERARY NOTICES. His bar of tribunal in justice arrayed— Each tongue shall confess--whilst the judge on NEW TRANSLATION (TESTAMENT.) the throne. iii

F. - If Shall the wicked condemns and acknowledge his

The pocket edition of the new translation of : own,,,sics

the New Testament, by A. CAMPBELL, has just Each eye shall behold him in awful attire l

been published, in a cheap form, by Messrs. The saints shall be glad, and their Saviour admire: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. London. It conWhilst those who condemned him to die on the |tains a general preface, embodying an apology tree,

| for a new translation of the Sacred Oracles, as Shall wail when that glorious Messiah they see.

| well as a preface to the Gospel of Matthew, ”Twill comfort the saints, to reflect on the day Mark, Luke, and John; and also distinct preWhen sorrow and sighing shall vanish away

faces to the Acts of the Apostles, and each When they shall be crowned, and ascend to the skies,

of the Epistles addressed to the first congreAnd all tears shall for ever be wiped from their gations of the Lord. By careful and reeyes.

| peated examination of each preface, the reader. is greatly assisted in comprehending the design Africa, and Europe. This book is the grand of these component parts of the New Testament. link which connects the previous histories with The following extract, in which the writer in the apostolic epistles, and constitutes a key to dicates the state of mind essential to a fair, can

the right interpretation of them ; without which

they would have been in a great measure did, and impartial translation, is taken from the

unintelligible. An accurate acquaintance with General Preface :

the history of the people which composed most If the mere publication of a version of the of the congregations to which the apostles inspired writers requires, as we think it does, addressed letters, with the time and circumthe publisher to have no sectarian object in view, stances of their conversion, and with their we are happy in being able to appeal to our | customs and questions, found in this book,

customs and questions, for whole course of public addresses, and to all we greatly facilitates our proficiency in the knowhave written on religious subjects, to show that ledge of those letters, which explain the meaning we have no such object in view. We have and bearings of that one glorious fact on which disclaimed, and do again disclaim, all affection the Christian superstructure is reared. or partiality for any human system, creed, or From it alone we learn by what means that formulary under heaven. The whole scope. great moral and religious revolution was acdesign, and drift of our labours, is to see

complished which eventuated in the destruction Christians intelligent, united, and happy.

of polytheism and idolatry in the best portions Believing that all sects have gone out of the of the world : which desolated so many Pagan way (for Christianity is in its nature hostile to temples, and caused millions of altars to moulder each and to every sect) we will not, we cannot,

down to dust, notwithstanding the wisdom and we dare not do any thing for the erection of a

learning of philosophers, the sword of the civil new one, or for assisting any now in existence magistrate, and the superstition of the common in its human appendages. As to any predilection | people, were allied in maintaining them, and in

people, were allied in mamt or preference to any now existing, we have none. suppressing this “ wicked and odious heresy,” farther than they hold the traditions of the

as the Romans called it. apostles. As far as they hold fast these, we

From it we also learn what true Christianity hold with them; and where they desert these. | is, and how far the modern exhibitions of it we desert them. Besides, we have no aversion

have degenerated from the ancient and apostolic to, or umbrage against, any one more than

order of things; we discover what was the another. We oppose those most, who most character and design of their religious meetings. oppose and depart from the simplicity that is in | In the book of Acts we see how the church of Christ. I do most solemnly declare, that as

| Christ was formed and settled. The apostles far as respects my feelings, partialities, reputa- simply proclaim the truth of God relative to the tion, and worldly interest as a man, I would passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of become a Presbyterian, a Methodist, a Quaker,

Christ; and God accompanies their testimony a Universalist, a Socinian, or any thing else,

with the demonstration of the Spirit. What before the sun would set to-day, if the apostolic was the consequence? Thousands acknowledge writings would, in my judgment, authorize me the truth, embrace Christianity, and openly in so doing; and that I would not give one

profess it, at the most imminent risk of their turn to the meaning of an adverb, preposition,

| lives. The change is not a change of merely or interjection, to aid any sectarian cause in the one religious sentiment, or mode of worship, world. Whether every reader may give me for another ; but a change of tempers, passions, credit in so declaring myself, I know not; but prospects, and moral conduct. All before was I thought it due to the occasion, thus to express earthly, or animal, or devilish, or all these the genuine and unaffected feelings of my heart. together ; but now all is holy, spiritual, and May all, who honestly examine this version, I divine: the heavenly influence becomes extended, abundantly partake of the blessings of that Spirit | and nations are born to God. And how was which guided the writers of this volume, and all this brought about? Not by might or power; which in every page breathes “Glory to God in not by the sword, or by secular authority; not the highest heaven, peace on earth, and good

through worldly motives and prospects ; not by will among men.”---A. CAMPBELL.

pious frauds or cunning craftiness ; not by the

force of persuasive eloquence: in a word, by Our second extract forms the concluding part nothing but the sole influence of truth itself, of the preface to the Acts of the Apostles :- | attested to the heart by the power of the Holy

Spirit. Wherever religions frauds and secular Of the New Testament historians Luke is the influence have been used to found or support a most eminent. He gives us one continued church, professing itself to be Christian, there, history, from the commencement of the Chris- we may rest assured, is the fullest evidence, tian era down to A.D. 63 or 64. He records that that church is wholly anti-christian: and in his testimony concerning Jesus, and in his where sueh a church, possessing secular power, Acts of Apostles, all the grand and important has endeavoured to support itself by persecution, events and transactions connected with the and persecution to privation of goods, of establishment of the Christian religion in Asia, 'liberty, and of life, if not only shows itself to be anti-christian, but also diabolic. The great things for the cause of Christ, or fretting religion of Christ stands in no need either because our opportunities of improvement are of human cunning or power. It is the re- so few and small. This has been my most beligion of God, and is to be propagated by setting sin, and the most powerful temptation to his power: this the book of the Acts fully which I have been exposed; and so faras it has shows; and in it we find the true model, after prevailed, it has lessened my usefulness, and rewhich every church should be builded. As far tarded my improvements. Could we compreas any church can show that it has followed this hend how great is the blessedness of being felmodei, so far it is holy and apostolic. And low-workers with God, we should not thus when all churches or congregations of people, trifle with the opportunities afforded us of doing professing Christianity, shall be founded and what we can ; but, feeling that we are called to regulated according to the doctrine and discipline an honor and felicity far above anything we can laid down in the book of the Acts of Apostles, deserve, eagerly seize the slightest, if it be but then the aggregate body may be justly called to whisper a word of truth in the ear of the The Holy, Apostolic, and Catholic Church. poorest child--to lure on and assist some ig

norant one to spell out and understand a pas

sage, a phrase, or even a word of the book of THE PEARL OF DAYS, or the ADVAN- God, or even to minister to the comfort and VANTAGES OF THE SABBATH TO THE WORKING happiness of those around us in the things of CLASSES. By a LABORER'S DAUGHTER.

this life. Thus our Father in Heaven stopped

to lavish kindness and care upon man's mortal This unique volume is dedicated, by special frame, to throw the sweets of summer at his permission. to her Majesty the Queen and feet, and hang the luxuries of autumn overpresented to the public in an elegant English

head--to enamel the field, to paint the flower,

to carve the leaf. And shall we disdain to lay dress — the paper, printing, wood engravings,

hold of every opportunity of ministering in the and cloth binding, being severally of superior slightest degree, or in the humblest way, to the style. It is well known to many of our readers, comfort and enjoyment of those around us ? that, at the close of the year 1847, a gentleman And yet, how often are opportunities of doing offered prizes of £25, £15, and £10, for the

small acts of kindness and usefulness let slip,

while we are sighing over our narrow sphere three best essays on the advantages of the Sab

and our limited means of serving God, or benebath, to be written by laboring men, and to be fitting man ?” sent in by the end of March, 1848. This pro

The following appropriate extract we cannot posal excited great interest, and although the withhold from our readers :-time allotted for writing was so brief, yet we

“ When men meet together on the first day are happy to know that the astonishing number of the week to break bread, to surround the taof 950 compositions were sent in, as the result ble of their Lord, to pass from hand to hand of this offer the manuscripts of which, after the cup of blessing, to hear the words and study the award is made, are to be deposited in the

the character of Him, who, when he was re

viled, reviled not again — when he suffered, British Museum, as a memorial, and for the in

threatened not, but committed himself to Him spection of future generations. Amongst the who judgeth righteously: when they, as the essays received was one from a female, accom children of that God who is by his love mani. panied by a modest and appropriate letter, in

fested in the gift of his well-beloved Son, sub

duing the enmity of his enemies and reconciling serted at the conclusion of the introductory re- ||

them to himself --- meet thus together on the marks. The sketch of the author's life will be first day of the week, not to hear the words of read with much interest, and cannot fail being a human orator, nor to attend to the words of productive of good to all, but especially to fe- a fallible instructor, but to gather around the males who desire faithfully to discharge their

Scriptures of truth, the word of the living and important obligations to society. We select

true God, to learn his will, that, with willing

heart and ready feet, they may run in the way from this sketch the following paragraph :-

of his commandments -- when they study his “I firmly believe, that the only safety from character, as he there reveals himself, that their temptation, in this world of sin, in this state of moral nature may become assimilated to hisweakness, is to have our heart full of the love that they may be like their Father in heaven, of God, our understanding enlightened by the who maketh his sun to shine upon the evil and truth of God, and our hands actively engaged the good, what must be the result? Who will in whatever useful employment the providence hesitate to say, were working-men all to meet of God places within our reach : never sighing weekly, thus to keep the Lord's day as appointover our limited opportunities of doing good ed by himself, that soon the oppressor would never repining that we are not placed in situa cease out of the land--that intemperance, ignotions, and endowed with talents, to do and suffer 'rance, vice of all kinds, with all the poverty, disease, and wretchedness, inseparably connect. | and of the Holy Spirit. On this day -- the ed with them, would be for ever banished, and “ Pearl of Days" -- the spiritual kingdom of peace, descending from the skies, whither sin

Christ was set up -- and the new dispensation had caused her to take her flight, again dwell

| commenced the preparation of a people for the with redeemed man? “ And ever as we approach nearer and nearer

Lord, who, at his return, will gather his reto such a use of the weekly rest — and ever as deemed, obedient, and sanctified people together the circle widens, of those who feel it not their in one body, and so shall they ever be with the duty only, but their dearest, choicest privilege, | Lord. Well might the primitive disciples be thus to spend and enjoy this day -- do we approach more nearly to the long-predicted age of

steadfast in the apostles' doctrine, the fellow

le bro the millennial glory, to the dawn of the great Sabbath of the world that Sabbath of rest obedience to the command of their absent Lord ! from sin and suffering, strife and oppression, when the Lord himself shall judge the nations in righteousness, where the lofty looks of man

UNIVERSALISM AGAINST ITSELF; OL shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of man AN EXAMINATION AND REFUTATION OF THE shall be brought low, and the Lord alone be | PRINCIPAL ARGUMENTS CLAIMED IN SUPPORT exalted.

OF THE FINAL HOLINESS AND HAPPINESS OF “ The Lord's day can never be trifled with

ALL MANKIND. By ALEXANDER HALL, Loydesbut at our peril. Like every appointment of our benevolent Creator, it was instituted for the

ville, Ohio. (Printed for the author : the twenbenefit of his creatures, wisely adapted to fulfil ty-third thousand.) its purpose; and he who sells its privileges for

Such is the title of a book of 480 pages, demy gain, or barters them for pleasure, makes a poor bargain indeed. Selfishness--narrow, ungene

Svo. stereotyped, and published in Cincinnati, rous, short-sighted selfishness — generally out- and of which, in comparatively a few months, wits itself; and this is especially the case with the amazing number of 23,000 copies have been employers who, regardless of the comfort, health, sold. The author, who is one of our brethren, or morality of the employed, engage them in labor on this day, and thereby deprive them of

is ardently engaged in promoting the spread of its benefits. The interests of employers are in

primitive Christianity. During the last month separably connected with the well-being of the we have received five hundred copies of this employed. The labor of a healthy, steady, ho-popular work, and we recommend it to the nonest, intelligent workman, is of double value to tice of all our readers, but especially to those that of him who cannot be depended upon, whose moral principles are unsound, or his habits

who are unsettled in mind with reference to the are irregular — whose mind is uncultivated, or subjects on which our brother elaborates. his body debilitated by disease. And those who

THE AUTHOR'S PREFACE. engage men in labor or business upon the first day of the week, may blame themselves if, in a

“Gentle reader--You need not expect that I few years, they find it difficult to have their am going to weary your patience, or my own, work well performed, and discover that their by giving you a lengthy preface, or formal property is far from being secure.”

apology; and, as for introduction, I will hereby

introduce you to the body of the work, and let Without-intending to be officious, we recom- you read for yourself. But, before you commend the authoress to publish a people's edition mence, I have one word of friendly admonition of this work, provided a few pages be added, in to give you, and that is this - please to do yourallusion to the great and marvellous facts which

self the favor, and your humble servant the

justice, to read the book through carefullytranspired on the first day of the week, and

examine every subject thoroughly — scrutinize which have given the divine sanction to its con every position rigidly-measure every sentence secration as a day of rest and of worship for critically-weigh every argument fairly--decide nearly two thousand years, and will be held sa

every point impartially—and act upon the whole

matter honestly; and if you are a believer in cred by the disciples of the Lord till he come

Universalism, you will throw that doctrine away again. What so marvellous and stupendous as

--and if you do not believe in it, there is no the resurrection of Christ from the dead - his danger that you ever will." ascension to the Father's right hand in power

INDEX OF CHAPTERS. . and great glory -- the outpouring of the Holy Spirit--the speaking in various languages--the

Chapter 1--Proof texts of Universalism ex- 11

| amined, page 5 to 134; 2 - Coming of the conversion and free forgiveness of three thou- Lord, 135 to 170: 3-- The General Judgment, sand sinners in one day, the whole of whom were 171 to 233; 4 – Twenty-five distinct argubaptized into the name of the Father, of thc Son; I ments in proof of the conditionality of Eternal

Life, 234 to 251; 5—Personality of the Devil, nexion with the Congregational denomination. 252 to 261; 6 -- Forgiveness of Sins, 262 to 2. To cultivate brotherly affection and sincere 282; 7-Compunctions of Conscience, 283 to co-operation in everything relating to the in301: 8--Testimony of the Hundred Witnesses, terests of the associated churches.' 302 to 316; 9-A Debate on the Perfectious 3. To establish fraternal correspondence with and Attributes of Deity, 317 to 423; 10 -- A Congregational churches, and other bodies of brief Review of the Pro and Con. 424 to 465; | Christians throughout the world. Conclusion, 466 to 480.

4. To address an annual or occasional letter No individual can peruse this work without to th

without to the associated churches, with such information

| as may be deemed necessary. deriving much instruction therefrom. The author

5. To obtain accurate statistical information has received the thanks and eulogies of differ- relative to the Congregationalchurches throughent denominations in the United States, for the out the kingdom and the world. publication of his able work to the views en

6. To inquire into the present method of tertained in some parts of which country it is

it is collecting funds for the erection of places of

worship, and to consider the practibility of inpeculiarly adapted, the principles of Universal

troducing any improved plan. ism extensively prevailing in the States.

7. To assist in maintaining and enlarging the

civil rights of Protestant Dissenters. PROTESTANT DISSENTERS ALMA To promote the accomplishment of these NACK FOR 1849. (Snow, London.)

objects, and the general interests of the Union,

an annual meeting is held, with such adjournThis annual visitor, which embodies matters

ments of the same as may be deemed expedient, of great interest, calls upon Protestants to pre in London, or some other principal city or pare for a moral conflict with great and power-town. These assemblies are to consist of the ful antagonistic principles. It contains 64 | pastors of churches connected therewith, of

delegates deputed by those churches--of whom pages of closely printed matter, which, in addi

each church may depute two; and each church tion to the regular tables, present a vast amount

consisting of more than 100 menbers, three ; of information, highly interesting to the Non or, one additional delegate for every additional conformist. Our space forbids us to give more 100 members and of personal members of the than a few brief extracts :

Union. No persons not belonging to one of

| these three classes have a right to vote in the CONGREGATIONALISTS

assemblies of the Union. The Union of Congregational Churches and ministers throughout England and Wales is

There are no statistics of the number of memfounded on a full recognition of their own

bers composing the denomination, or of the indistinctive principle, namely, the scriptural crease or decrease during the year 1848. right of every separate church to maiutain perfect independence in the government and

BAPTIST DENOMINATION. administration of its own particular affairs. The The present number of Baptist churches may Union, therefore, does not assume legislative be stated at 1911. The total number of authority, nor is it to be regarded as a court of churches reporting their state to the Union, appeal. The Union consists of associations of was 964; and the result of the returns was as congregational churches and of individual follows:churches severally adhering to the Union. The Increase.

Decrease. qualification of a church for membership, is By profession . . 4848 | By death ....... . 2006 connexion with an association; or, where no | By letter ....... 1797 | By letter .. .. 1804 association is accessible, recommendation by the By restoration .. 749 | Withdrew ... ... 733 three ministers already in the Union residing

By exclusion ... 1526 nearest to the applicant church. Every church connected with the Union is required to make Total 7394 Total 6069 an annual contribution to its funds; neglect of Total clear increase in 964 churches, 1325; which for two successive years forfeits member being an average clear increase of each church, ship. The tutors of the theological colleges of less than one and a half. From the list of the Independents, and the officers of their general Associations it appears that there are thirty-five public societies, being members of Congre- | Associations, containing together 997 churches, gational churches, also ministers and deacons and 84,262 members, being an average of 116 in fellowship with churches eligible for con- members in each. nexion with the Union, may become personal | Besides the regular chapels of the denominamembers of the Union by payment of an annual tion, there are about 783 village stations, where subscription of not less than five shillings. preaching and other religious exercises are

The objects contemplated in the formation of statedly conducted. 92,034 children are colthis Union, are

lected in Sunday schools, and receive instruction 1. To promote Evangelical religion in con-' from 11,548 teachers.

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these three classe

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