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he can get his new scheme brought wor] requires no miracle, for no agent into working order, a thousand years operates, no event occurs, but in have run their rounds : which shews us harmony with the established laws the difficulty he will have with all his under which the whole are placed : cunning and unabated zeal, to get up consequently we are in a good measure another such scheme of mischief'; for prepared, by understanding any one of even Satan, with all his gigantic the preceding events, to know and powers. is yet buta created and limited understand what will naturally follow. being, and must, in the end, perish in Well, what may be expected as his own corruption, that others" may naturally to come to pass, after the know the heavens do rule.”

congregation becomes united, the The binding of Satan thus disposed mystery of iniquity obviated and reof, we approach the resurrection of moved, impediments and obstructions the martyrs, chap. xx. 4—"And I saw of unrighteous governments all out of thrones, and they sat on them ; and the way, and a fair field given for the judgment was given to them ; even loyal and true hearted followers of the souls of them who had been Jesus to occupy with the ancient and beheaded for the testimony of Jesus uncorrupted gospel in their hearts, and for the word of God, and who and made manifest in all the purity, had not worshipped the beast, nor his loveliness, and power of its native image, and had not received his mark tendencies in their dispositions and in their foreheads, and on their hands; actions ? What a renovation of the and they lived and reigned with moral wilderness of this world-a Christ a thousand years ; but the rest return of spring after the chilling of the dead revived not till the thou- damps and killing frosts of a long and sand years were accomplished ; this is dreary winter " when the flowers the first resurrection, on such the appear on the earth, and the time of second death shall have no power : the singing of birds is come”-and the but they shall be the priests of God whole face of nature is renewed ? and of Christ; and they shall reign What, but the restoration and extenwith him a thousand years.” Pression of primitive Christianity, fitly mising our observations with this expressed by a "resurrectionfrom remark, that the events foretold in the dead, an increase of converts inthis book, at least as far back as we numerable as crystaline drops (" from have gone, viz : to the overthrow of the womb of the morning thou hast Babylon, all seem to be connected the dew of thy youth.") And these with, and rise out of each other. all brought into newness of life in Thus the overthrow of Babylon re- Christ Jesus, under circumstances to sulted in the unity and return of the give them the very best type of chacongregation to her rightful husband. racter,even after such as were beheaded The re-union of the congregation with for the testimony of Jesus, who bowed herself and with her Lord results in not the knee to worship the beast, or victory over all enemies, symbolized his image, and received not his mark by the beast, the kings of the earth, on either their heads or their foreand the false prophet. This victory heads ? results in the binding of Satan, the What has thus been stated as likely prime counter-worker of the Christian naturally to result from causes which king; and from the binding of Satan re- will then be in effective operation, sults a resurrection of saints, who reign carries in it, we think, a strong prein peace and joy with Christ a thou- sentiment that this is what is meant sand years. From this concatenation by the first resurrection. of causes and consequences, it will be To have a concentrated view of the seen that the fulfilment of the prophetic 1 whole of what is annunciated in the

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context, we shall shall state it thus: “I saw a great white throne, and 1st, a resurrection of saints at the him who sat on it, from whose face commencement of the millennium ; earth and heaven fled away ; and 2nd, a resurrection of sinners called there was found no place for them. “the rest of the dead,” at the end of | And I saw the dead, small and great, it. “Happy and holy is he who has stand before God. And the dead part in the first.” But not so he who were judged out of the things written has part in the second. The death in the books, according to their of anti-christianism, and the imprison- works.” John xii. 48, “He who dement of Satan, its prime mover, are spises me, and rejects my instructions, the life and expansion of true Chrris- has that which condemns him. The tianity. The liberation and success of doctrine which I have taught will Satan, are the resurrection and multi-condemn him at the last day.plication of sinners; or these events 2nd. Because, if literal, it proves synchronize with each other, and too much. If a literal resurrection is make it apparent what is intended by to take place at the commencement of the Spirit to be shewn forth.

the millennium, a literal resurrection But, besides the argument of har- of sinners must take place at the end mony with the scope of the place and of it ; for the rest of the dead were to natural cause, we shall proceed to ad- revive when the thousand years should duce others both of a negative and be accomplished. This must just be positive character, to prove that a as true as the first—both are affirmed literal resurrection from the dead is by the same authority. Not only so, not here intended. And 1st, because but if the resurrection of the saints is the time here referred to is not the to be attributed to Christ, the resurlast day, which, by other scriptures, rection of the rest of the dead must be is affirmed to be the time when the attributed to Satan, as it evidently dead shall be raised literally. John vi. takes place by his liberation. And 30, “ Now this is the will of him who who ever heard that Satan could raise sent me, that I should lose none of all the dead ? he has given me, but raise the whole 3rd. The resurrection in question again at the last day.Verse 40, cannot be literal, because, if literal, “ This is the will of him who sent me, it would involve an incongruity, by that whoever recognizes the Son, and mingling resurrected saints with imbelieves on him, should obtain eternal mortal, heavenly, glorious, and spilife, and that I should raise him again ritual bodies, in society with men at the last day.Verse 44,“ Jesus having bodies of flesh and blood, answered, murmur not among your-mortal, weak, and animal — of the selves : no man can come to me, un- earth earthy, and subsisting on earthy less the Father, who has sent me products. Paul says, “ Flesh and draw him ; and him I will raise again blood cannot inherit the kingdom of at the last day.1 Cor. xv. 52, " At God ; neither can corruption inherit the last trumpet, for it shall sound, incorruption.” Congruity, adaptaand then the dead shall be raised tion, and order characterize all God's incorruptible.” Now the last day, works. Our present constitution is when the last trumpet shall sound, wisely adapted to external nature, does not fall due at the beginning of and external nature to our constituthe millennium, nor at the end of it ; tion and organs of sense. He surbut at a period remote from both, rounds us with an atmosphere in which after Satan has been loosed from his we live and breathe, and has given us confinement, and gone forth to deceive lungs to separate and absorb their apthe nations a second time. Then, propriate element. He sheds on us after that day, says John, Rev. xx. 11, I the light of the sun, and has adapted

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the eye to behold objects with pleasure judge the world.” Dan. vii. 18, " But in the light of his modified brilliancy. the saints of the Most High shall take But with our present eyes we could the kingdom, and possess the kingnot bear the glory of the heavenly dom for ever, even for ever and ever.” state, or be at all fit companions for 5th. Fitly called a resurrection, angels and glorified saints. Were because of the many who at that time any of the inhabitants of heaven to will be converted from darkness to appear amongst us in their native light, from the power of Satan to God, splendour,

from death in trespasses and sins to “ Those heavenly shapes newness of life in Christ Jesus. Would dazzle now this earthly with their blaze Doubtless this must be the time, too, Insufferably bright,”

of Israel's restoration, “ who, because and render us as dead men. And of unbelief, are broken off,” but are hence, in anticipation of this, provi- to be grafted in again. However, this sion is made in the divine economy cannot be expected so long as the against such an incongruity. “When congregation of Christ is in such a Christ, our life, shall appear, then divided state as at present. But when you shall also appear with him in united, as it will be when this vision glory.” “ It is sown in dishonor—it is fulfilled, the truth will be presented is raised in glory: it is sown in weak-with such overwhelming power of eviness—it is raised in power.” And dence, as to break down their prejuthose who are alive on the earth when dices, and turn them to the Lord. the Lord comes, we are informed And when brought in, “ what shall 6 shall be changed. For, as we have the receiving of them be but life from borne the image of the earthy (Adam) the dead," and Ezekiel's vision of the we shall also bear the image of the dry bones realized ? Then, though heavenly,” and so fitted “ to be for a literal resurrection be not here, gloever with the Lord.” But in the rious things are spoken of that shall passage under consideration no incon- / befall the congregation of God, the gruity of the kind is referred to, nor followers of the Lamb, ere all is finishany provision made to meet it. So ed in this world, and day and night we conclude that it is not a literal re- come to an end. And this is told us surrection of the bodies of saints that by the spirit of wisdom and revelais here to be understood.

tion, to incite those who have under4th. Well, what is it? It is a re- standing to co-operate with Provicovery from that state of depression dence in carrying forward the gracious and death, in which the congregation intentions of “ Him who is Head over is held during the reign of the beast. all things to the congregation," " by We are informed, Rev. xiii. 7, “And whom, and for whom, all things were there was given to it to make war made.” So we shall conclude as we with the saints, and to overcome them; began, by a quotation from Isaiah, and there was given to it power over who gives us a strikingly interesting every tribe, and tongue, and nation.” picture of the church in her latter day Agreeing with Dan. vii. 21, “I be- glory, coincident with this in Rev. xx. held, and the same horn made war as we think. Isaiah liv. 11, “O thou with the saints, and prevailed against afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not them.But now the beast itself is a comforted ! Behold I will lay thy captive, and they are at liberty. From stones with fair colors, and lay thy being beneath, they are raised above ; foundations with sapphires. And I from being oppressed by unrighteous will make thy windows of agates, and governments, they are advanced to thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy “ thrones," and have the dominion.” borders of pleasant stones. And all “ Know you not that the saints are to 'thy children shall be taught of the

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Lord ; and great shall be the peace the apostles, and by them committed of thy children. In righteousness to writing, for our instruction and shalt thou be established ; thou shalt salvation. It is the privilege and the be far from oppression, for thou shalt duty of every teacher, therefore, to not fear; and from terror, for it shall“ preach the word,” according as the not come near thee. Behold they Apostle Paul gave instruction to shall surely gather together, but not Timothy ; and to preach thạt word by me ; whosoever shall gather to- in opposition to those who “prophecy gether against thee, shall fall for thy out of their own hearts," without sake. Behold I have created the qualification, commission, or sanction smith that bloweth the coals in the from the Great Head of the Church. fire, and that bringeth forth an instru- A second rule to be observed is, ment for his work ; and I havė cre- that to preach the word truthfully, it ated the waster to destroy. No wea- must be preached in harmony with pon that is formed against thee shall itself. This is the apostolic method. prosper ; and every tongue that shall | By this they demonstrated the mind rise against thee in judgment thou of the Spirit with power and efficiency. shalt condemn. This is the heritage They spake the truth, or preached of the servants of the Lord; and their the gospel, “ not in the words which righteousness is of me, saith the man's wisdom teacheth, but which Lord.”

the Holy Ghost teacheth, comparing Then, though a literal resurrection spiritual things with spiritual.may not take place till the last day, A third rule to be observed and glorious things are certainly in re- faithfully considered is, that the New serve for the congregation; and as all | Testament is the key of inspiration, the evil of which the Spirit gave no- whereby the door of the Old Testatice has come upon her, so certainly ment predictions, and promises, and shall all the good. “ The word of threatenings — at least such as apply the Lord endureth for ever.” In the to the present and the future age, or meantime, let no one despairingly in the latter days—is to be opened, and sinuate that the plan put in operation its treasures unfolded, understood, apwhen Jesus sent forth the twelve to plied. As a proof of this, we need disciple all nations, has proved a fail- but to mention the frequency with ure. « Heaven and earth may pass which Christ and the apostles appealaway, but my word (said Jesus) shall ed to those scriptures, in the vindicanever pass away.”

tion of certain alleged truths or facts, J. D. or the teaching of some important doc

trine : and the testimony of Peter, in

his address to the church“ throughout THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, WILL the second coming of Christ and Bithynia,” that the prophets did be personal or spiritual ? The affirm- minister UNTO US the things reportative is assumed of the coming as ed,” concerning the sufferings and the personal. In that assumption, the glory of Christ. scriptures, as a whole, and given by | Every preacher, indeed, professes inspiration of God, are regarded as to preach the word; but few are our rule of judgment. “To the law, careful about the apostolic rule of so and to the testimony: if they speak comparing spiritual things with spiritnot according to this word, it is be ual, as to secure an infallible conclucause there is no light in them.” The sion on the harmony of its testimony, Old and the New Testament were in- and many neither use nor know the dited by the Holy Spirit, as it were, New Testament as a key to the Old. upon the minds of the prophets and By this means the Scriptures are made


to contradict themselves they cease only important as a revealed truth, proportionately to be “the power of but, aceording to the sense thereof God unto salvation to Jew and Gen- assumed, it is vitally so ; it is, theretile”-error is diffused for truth-the fore, needful to discuss, and defend, shades of darkness gather around and earnestly contend for it, as an professed teachers of the gospel are article of faith delivered to, and reconvicted of false testimony-and the ceived and propagated by, the Christ judgment of God consequently hovers himself and his apostles. and approaches, though still it lingers. It is not a truth which we can

These two latter rules of judgment take for granted. There are many show how the first, or the Scriptures whose notions are extremely vague as a whole, is to be understood, and upon the matter—many have no such rendered “ profitable for doctrine, for expectation as that our Lord will ever reproof, for correction, for instruction come again in person to this earthin righteousness, that the man of God many misunderstand and misconstrue may be perfect." They are each ne- it-others misplace it, and nullify its cessary as regards the whole truth; practical utility — whilst others deny and taken together, as they must be, in toto that the Lord will ever come they will surely detect and expose again to the earth in person. To each error, and all such as teach falsely. of these ideas there is a class of per

It would seem as if the Lord had sons. But, on the other hand, there made especial provision for the carry- are many whose judgment is fixed, ing out of this second rule, and through and formed upon certain evidences, it the understanding of the entire which enables and induces them to word, in the conception and arrange- affirm without hesitation, that our ment of the various Concordances, Lord will verily come again in person ; especially Cruden's, whereby we may and these are ready to give to every so readily compare every part of the man who asks, their reasons for the divine testimony on any given topic. hope which they entertain, with meekand ascertain also whether any new ness and reverence. notion started has its foundation there! We shall, if the Lord permit, prein at all. Herein possibly we have sent some of those reasons or proofs an advantage superior to what was in our next. .. MINIMUM. possessed by the apostles themselves. [NOTE.—We are not aware of any

These things premised, we pass on contributors to the pages of the Harto the proposition before us, that | binger, who do not believe in the

The second coming of Jesus Christ literal, personal coming of the Lord will be personal.

Jesus Christ, to judge the world Before we can proceed to the direct in righteousness. This is not the proofs of this declaration, we should controverted point; the question is, note its importance. Let no man will the Lord descend from the Fapresume to regard it as a mere specu- ther's right hand in heaven; to lation, as uninteresting and unimpor- | reign in literal Jerusalem, and sit on tant, as out of time and place, now to David's literal throne, for one thousand be discussed. It is either a matter of years prior to the termination of this revelation, according to the obvious guilty and perishing state? The Sasense of the proposition, or it is not. viour is already in the world by his If it be not, it can be ascertained and Holy Spiritis-or he spiritually dwells rejected. If it be, the Lord has re- in his truth and institutions, and in vealed it, and “ all scripture given by the hearts of his disciples. Nor do we him is profitable," and, because pro- expect, nor are we taught to pray, for fitable, important to be known and un- any further outpouring of that headerstood. Indeed, the subject is not venly and divine agent, prior to the

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