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her final victory over this enemy, as an army, or their army. So that (chap. xix. 1, &c.) And, among both the anathemas darted against the other things spoken of, relating to the saints by the Romanists, and their battle and victory obtained at Arma- armies made use of against them (all geddon, ye have this account of the which proceeded from Rome papal), General and his victorious army (ver. may be here alluded to, in the expira11,&c.)—“And I saw heaven opened, tion of both their ecclesiastical and and behold, a white horse ; and he that temporal interest. So that this consat op him was called Faithful and jecture upon the name does confirm Trụe—and he was clothed with a that other of Mr. Mede, that the vesture dipped in blood : and his Stata Della Chiefa, or the territory name is called the Word of God. and possession of Italy belonging to And the armies which were in heaven the See of Rome, is the place called followed him upon white horses. And Armageddon, where the final destruche treadeth the wine-press of the tion of antichristianism will be. firceness and wrath of God. And I saw the beast and the kings of the

[NOTE.—We have now concluded earth, and their armies, gathered to

our selections from Fleming's Disgether, to fight against him that sat

course on the Apocalypse. Those on the horse, and against his army.

who desire to examine further into And the beast and the false prophet

his views and principles of interprewere taken, and both were cast alive

tation, we recommend to purchase the into a lake of fire burning with brim

work. It may be obtained at a very stone. And the remnant were slain reasonable price, and is worthy the with the sword of him that sat upon perusal of all engaged in the study of the horse, which sword proceeded out prophecy. The candour, common of his mouth ; and all the fowls were sense, and modesty, which the writer filled with their flesh.” And now, to brings to bear upon the subject, are return to the representation of this calculated alike to interest the mind, slaughter, by the wine-press of blood

wine-press of blood and secure attention on the part of the (chap, xiv. 20); it is further said of reader - more especially as so many it. that it flowed to the height of the of his calculations on prophecies, unhorse-bridles, for the space or extent

| fulfilled at the time of delivering the of 1600 furlongs. So that Armageddon

discourse, have subsequently proved seems to be denoted here, in the extent

to be correci: a fact which, in some of it, as the field of battle, which is measure, superinduces confidence in now turned into a field of blood. the views propounded respecting the Now, what place can we imagine to

mysterious future. However they are be so properly meant by this, as the

only presented to us as so many proterritory of the See of Rome in Italy,

babilities, which time alone, the great which (as Mr. Joseph Mede, who

revealer of secrets, can reduce into first made this observation, says),

realities.-J. W.] from the city of Rome to the furthermost mouth of the River Po, and the

THOUGHTS ON EVENTS FOLLOWING marshes of Verona, is extended the

THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE space of 200 Italian miles, that is

LAMB, (REV. XIX. 9.) exactly 1600 furlongs : the Italian mile consisting of eight furlongs. | BEFORE leaving the marriage feast, Now the Hebrew word Armageddon or the reunion of Christ with the or Harmageddon, may be justly de- congregation, we may advert to a rived from two Hebrew words which question that will likely be started, signify both a malediction or anathema viz. Is not the personal presence of and a destruction or slaughter, as well' Christ, the husband, necessary to such

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a consummation? In answering this Laodiceans are thus addressed : “Bequestion, we must be careful to dis- hold I stand at the door and knock ; tinguish things that differ : so, to be if any one hear my voice, and open accurate and explicit, we must make the door, I will enter into his house, a distinction betwixt the personal and will sup with him, and he with and the visible presence. While me.From these examples, in reply there may be no hesitation in answer to the question — Is the visible preing the question with regard to the sence of Christ necessary to his revisible, some hesitation may be felt in union with the congregation ? — we roundly denying it with regard to the say it is not. His presence may be personal, if so be we are to identify with his followers, and will be with the term personal with the term real, his congregation, in a special manner, or literal. Jesus promised to his dis- when that event referred to takes ciples, Matt. xviii. 20, “ Wherever place. Most gracious manifestations, two or three are assembled in my and the most intimate fellowship, may name, I am in the midst of them.” be enjoyed, while at the same time Here it cannot be doubted that Jesus his literal visible presence cannot be can, and does, fulfil his promise, cognizant hy sense—" For now we though his disciples see him not with walk by faith, not by sight.” Nor, the bodily eye. Again, in John xiv. till he come again “ in the clouds of 51, “He that has my commandments heaven, with power and great glory," and keepeth them, he it is that loveth have we any authority to expect to me; and he who loveth me will be see him on earth. loved by my Father, and I will love But, considering the marked dishim, and manifest myself to him. If parity there is betwixt the deserted a man love me, he will observe my and married state, there must be a word ; and my Father will love him, corresponding disparity in the expeand we will come to him, and dwell rience of the congregation in these with him.Can there be any doubt two conditions. How defective must of the reality of the presence and fa- be her experience at the present time vour of the Father and of the Son, in of the gracious manifestation of her the enjoyment of these precious pro- | Lord ! And in like proportion, as mises ? But who would affirm that she is defective in the experience of there were any form visible ? Again, his favor, so must she be in the rewhen the glorified Jesus appeared to flection of his comeliness and glory. Jobn in Patmos, clothed and surround- May that day be hastened, when this ed with emblematical ensigns of mys- will be said of her that was deserted, tic meaning, he said, in explanation - The Lord hath called thee as a woof the appearance of one like unto the man forsaken, and grieved in spirit, Son of Man, in the midst of seven and a wife of youth, when thou wast golden lamps, (Rev. i. 18) “I am he refused, saith thy God !” (Isa. liv. 6.) who lives and was dead ; and behold | And when the congregation becomes I am living for ever and ever, and I united, and returns to her first hushave the key of the unseen world and band, and to her first love, with her of death. And the seven lamps which lord in the midst of her, then will you see are seven congregations,” she be in circumstances to go forth to (chap. ii. 1.) These things, says he, the evangelization of the world who holds the seven stars in his right which, in her divided and widowed hand, who walks in the midst of the state, she is not. Her present state seven congregations. But to none of is a stumbling block. Part of her these were there any appearance visi- seed are captives in Babylon-part of ble. There is one other reference we them are occupying positions in anshall make. In Rev. iii. 20, the I tagonist communities, and wasting

their energies one with another-part of the world to the Messiah cannot are deprived of all power of doing take place, till the marriage of the good, in being upscripturally associ- Lamb becomes an historical fact. But ated with such a mass of worldliness when it does become so, then follows as greatly to endanger their own spi- in natural sequence, what is revealed ritual existence -- while the want of in Rev. xix. 11-" And I saw heacohesion and concord, the want of ven opened, and behold a white horse, subordination and co-operation among and he that sat on it was called Faiththose who stand foremost for the apos- fuland True, and he judges and makes tolic gospel, is calculated completely war in righteousness: whose eyes are to neutralise all beneficial influence. as a flame of fire, and many diadems Under all these adverse circumstances, were on his head, having a name how can the Christian cause progress ? written which no man knows but And what does it amount to, all the himself: and he was clothed in a labour which has been expended in garment dipped in blood, and his attempting to evangelize the heathen name is called the Word of God. And in foreign lands? Some may have the armies which are in heaven folbeen converted to the Lord, but it is lowed him, riding on white horses, to be feared the greater part have clothed in fine linen, white and clean: only been converted to the sect under and there went out of his mouth a whose auspices the preacher may sharp sword, that with it he might have gone forth. Indeed, in the pre smite the nations,” &c. Verse 19% sent divided state of the Christian “And I saw the beast, and the kings community, it seems to be presump- of the earth, and their armies gathered tuous to expect the renovation of together, to make war with him who mankind. Abortive must all our at- sits on the white horse, and with his tempts be, if the Lord be not with us, army.” This corresponds, in several and will resemble the foolish attempt prominent points, with what is writof Israel of old to retrieve their error, ten in Rev. vi. 2, “ And I saw and after they had refused at the first to behold a white horse, and he who sat go up and take possession of the land. on it bad a bow ; and there was They said (Numb. xiv. 40)“ Lo, we given to him a crown, and he went be here, and will go up unto the place forth conquering and to conquer.” which the Lord hath promised ; for Now, seeing this refers to the past, we have sinned. And Moses said, and has been verified in the triumphs wherefore now do ye transgress the of the gospel on its first promulgation, commandment of the Lord ? But it without any literal or visible appearshall not prosper. Go not up, for ance of the kind as John saw in vision, the Lord is not among you.: Ver. 44, so may we conclude that in the fulfil“ But they presumed to go up unto the ment of the latter vision, no literal or hill top ; nevertheless the ark of the visible appearance will be made— the covenant of the Lord, and Moses de- Spirit of God, by these bold images, parted not out of the camp. Then intending to show forth what shall the Amalekites came down, and the take place by an ordinary instrumenCanaanites, which dwelt in that hill, tality, superintended and directed by and smote them, and discomfited them him to whom “all authority in heaeven unto Hormah.”

ven and upon earth is given.” The From all these premises we con- events, however, being yet in the fuclude, that the unity of Christians ture, and couched under such high being essential to the enjoyment of wrought symbols, it becomes us to the Divine presence—and the Divine speak of them with modesty and presence and favor being essential to caution. evangelical success—the subjugation The vision from verse 11 presents

us with a battle scene, called, when category. The Beast is of great noformerly referred to, (chap. xvi. 14) toriety, having prospered and practhe battle of that great day of God. ticed forty-two months, equal to 1260 Almighty" — which is to decide the years — as the head of the last unifuture fortunes in this world of the versal monarchy, ultimately divided kingdom of Christ and of Antichrist, into ten kingdoms, but all retaining with all other worldly governments the same essential principle of governa day, then, which will be held in ment, brute force-might constituting everlasting remembrance. On the right. The false prophet also exerone side are ranged the armies which cising the power of the Beast, comare commanded by Him who is bined with falsehood and deceit-the styled “ The Word of God,” King of essential principles in all spiritual and Kings, and Lord of Lords, with a ecclesiastical domination. “sharp sword” proceeding from his | | The result of the battle is victory mouth, and “many diadems on his to him that sits upon the horse — a head.” On the other are “the Beast," complete subjugation of the whole and the kings of the earth and their antagonist forces, civil, political, and armies, the false prophet, &c. ecclesiastical, to the rightful authority

The object of the war by him who of the King of Kings. Then is fulmakes the aggressive movement is the filled what was foretold by Daniel establishment of righteousness-an- the Prophet, (Dan. vii. 26) “But the swering to Psalm xlv. 3, “ Gird thy judgment shall sit, and they shall sword upon thy thigh, O most Mighty, take away his dominion, to consume with thy glory and thy majesty ; and and destroy it unto the end. And in thy majesty ride prosperously, be- the kingdom and dominion, and the cause of truth, and meekness, and greatness of the kingdom under the righteousness : and thy right hand whole heaven, shall be given to the shall teach thee terrible things. Thine people of the saints of the Most High, arrows are sharp in the heart of the whose kingdom is an everlasting king's enemies, whereby the people kingdom, and all dominions shall fall under thee. Thy throne, O God, serve and obey him.” And all this is for ever and ever ; the sceptre of we have the fullest assurance to bethy kingdom is a right sceptre.” Also lieve, is to be accomplished without to Isaiah xi. 4, “ With righteousness miracle, but simply by the operation shall he judge the poor, and reprove of established laws, and ordinary with equity for the meek of the earth; | means, such as the Messiah has emand he shall smite the earth with the ployed from the beginning to establish rod of his mouth, and with the breath and extend his kingdom on the earth. of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

« With good He shall not fail, nor be discouraged, Still overcoming evil, and by small till he have set judgment in the earth. Accomplishing great things; by things deem'd weak And the isles shall wait for his law.” Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise The object of the allied antagonist

By simply meek." forces is the reverse of all this, which But as many are sceptical of this, and may be learnt from the fact of their conceive that nothing can be effected being “ gathered together to make of any account, but by a personal dewar with him that sits on the white scent of the Lord from heaven, and horse, and with his army ;” also from by some extraordinary displays of the names they bear, expressive of physical power, we shall review our their character, and the nature of premises again, and see whether the their government. The Beast, the means which are here placed before kings of the earth, their armies, and us, have in them evidence of fitness the false prophet, are associated in one and efficiency adequate to such an enterprise, and the achievement of so It is not to bind men's persons to a glorious a victory.

triumphal car, to incarcerate them in First of all, then, we have the lea- strong-holds, or to make them surdership of the Prince of the Kings of render to superior bravery, prowess, the Earth - the Author of wisdom and strength. To conquer an enemy and knowledge, who knows what is is to convert him into a friend. This in man, and how to approach him is the noble, benevolent, and heavenwho can make even his opposers con conceived enterprise of God's only betribute unwillingly to the completion gotten Son. To do this, all arms and of his grand design, and cannot be modes of warfare are impotent, save circumventedwho, by his own ex- the arms and munitions of everlasting ample when here on earth, as well as love. By vivid displays of God's by his instructions to his apostles and philanthropy, he approaches his enefirst ministers of the Word, and their mies; and by the arguments with examples, fully furnishes (withoutany which this eloquence is fraught, he new revelation) his followers in all ages addresses a rebel world. Such is his even to the conclusion of this state, mode of warfare-a system devised in with all necessary counsel to direct in heaven, and, like all God's means, carrying forward his benevolent pur- perfectly adapted to the high ends pose.

proposed.” In the next place, we have the In the third place, we bave a united “sharp sword,” unsheathed and un- army, “called, and chosen, and faithblunted as it comes out of the mouth ful”-all ready to lay down their lives of the Great King—the Word of the for their commander-ready to obey Living God—the rod of his strength bim in all his orders—possessing and -the word of the truth of his gospel exhibiting such excellence of charac-the power of God unto salvation to ter, that they are “ without fault," as every one who believes, Jew or their robes of " fine linen, white and Greek. It has in it the power of clean," denote. How comely is their almighty love, to subdue the stoutest order! How loving-hearted and harrebels. Its conquests are bloodless. moniously all are co-operating toIt makes alive whom it kills. In gether! Though many in number, days past, it has subdued the proudest they are all“ of one heart, and one and most determined rebels, to humble soul ;" and not an indigent person and willing obedience. And it can among them. Then there exists no do it again. It has lost none of its more, the stumbling-block of division primitive efficiency, if exhibited in its and strife-their energies are no primitive identity. And this is the longer wasted in hostile feuds with only offensive weapon to be seen in one another. Oh, what a power to the whole army of the faithful, led on convince the world of the truth and to glory and to victory by the Prince heavenly origin of the Christian reliof Peace, in this decisive campaign. I gion, when this comes to be the case !

“ The cardinal principle in his All these are so many living witnesses government is love. He subdues not confirmatory of its being from God, by any other sword than that of the which testimony cannot be gainsaid Spirit. Other kings subdue men's or confuted. And, besides all this, persons, and hold sovereignty over they can now point to the desolations their estates ; but he seizes the hearts come upon Babylon the Great that of men. To conquer enemies is his grand centre of civil, political, and grand enterprise. Philosophy, as ecclesiastical power, unrighteousness, well as religion, teaches us, that to and deceitaccording to the predicconquer enemies is not the work of tions of the holy apostles of the Lamb. swords, nor lances, nor bows of steel. | And thus may the great apostacy it

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