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an invitation to all his disciples, to in, this age, the same things are come and bebold his glory, and sit spoken of, or applied to, the age to down in his presence. To all such come, (or the millennium, which is the result is peace : and “ to them the day of the Lord—the last day); that look for him shall he appear the and that not spiritually and partially, second time, without sin unto salva- but as to be realized literally, fully, tion,” (Heb. ix. 28.) “ Then, when universally, and eternally-without the Son of Man shall come again ** mixture, interruption, or end. In shall he sit upon the throne of his proof of this, we shall adduce but the glory,” (Mat. xxv. 31-4.) “And it one following scripture as a specimen shall be said in that day, lo, this is of many others, spoken of the last our God: we have waited for him, | day :-“ The spirit of the Lord God and he wlll save us : this is the Lord is upon me, because the Lord hath

we have waited for him, we will be anointed me to * * * to proclaim glad and rejoice in his salvation,” * * * the day of vengeance of our (Isa. xxv. 9.)

God ; to comfort all that mourn ; to The gladness and joy last men- appoint unto them that mourn in tioned accord with Isa. lii. 8, “ They Zion, to give unto them beauty for (Zion's) watchmen shall lift up the ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the voice ; with the voice together shall garment of praise for the spirit of they sing: for they (the watchmen) | heaviness ; that they might be called shall see eye to eye, when the Lord trees of righteousness, the planting of shall bring again Zion.” Zion refers the Lord, that he might be glorified. to the people of God, who are the And they shall build the old wastes, children of faithful Abraham. This they shall raise up the former desolais the era of their scattering (Gen. tions, and they shall repair the waste xxviii. 14-15.) and not until Christ's cities, the desolations of many genesecond coming will they be brought rations,” &c. (Isa lxi. 1-11.) That again, or gathered together, accord- which here is written after the day of ing to the prophetic word (Mat. xxiv. vengeance in this chapter, belongs 30-31.) It is THEN the watchmen partly, and spiritually, to this age — shall see eye to eye in the fulness of but fully and literally to the age to the promise. Now they know but in come. We conclude from hence, as part (1 Cor. xii. 8-12.)

from the whole tenor of scripture, Also, the 9th and the 10th verses that the fulness of knowledge, and of Isaiah lii. remain to receive a fuller | unity of judgment among the watchaccomplishment than has yet been re- men of Zion, is not now, nor to be analized. The whole chapter needs ticipated fully, until “when the Lord perhaps to be considered together. It shall bring again Zion " -- when he manifestly relates to the last days— shall appear in his glory. to the days of this age, and to the The same train of argument is aplast day ; and the transition from plicable to, and the like conclusion is this present age to that which is to to be drawn upon, the second income, needs to be ascertained by a stance, or Jer. xxxi. 31-4. We cancareful comparison of scripture. We not, however, now enlarge upon it. find, then, that the joy and singing to- The knowledge of God, promised in gether of the waste places of Jerusa- | the covenant, we may observe, is lem, and the visible manifestation of limited to Judah and Israel in the the grace, mercy, and salvation of context. It is applicable, in part, to God before and unto all the ends of this age, as appears from Heb. viii. the earth, mentioned in the above two and 1 John ii. 12-57. But the fulverses, whilst they have an undoubted ness of that knowledge is reserved to spiritual application to, and fulfilment the future, when the Lord shall re


turn to his people, and he shall dwell between the popish and reformed in their midst, and they shall reign parties, every vial is to be looked upon together for ever. Then “shall the as the event and conclusion of some earth be full of the knowledge of the new periodical attack of that first Lord, as the waters cover the sea," | party upon this other ; the issue of (Isa. xi. 8.) Then, indeed, shall all / which, proves at length, favourable to ( Israel and Judah) know the Lord, the latter against the former. Which from the least even unto the greatest, seeing it is the most noble and remark(Jer. xxxi. 34.) Then shall that able part of the period that the vial which is perfect be come, and that relates to, is, therefore, that which which is in part shall be done away. denominates the period itself ; even We shall behold the Saviour face to as the conquest of Pompey by Cæsar, face, (we shall see eye to eye) and and of Antony by Augustus, suppose know even as we are known, (1 Cor. their wars before, and give the dexii. 9-12.)

| nomination of their governments. Your question and remarks, Mr. These things being premised, I now Editor, have thwarted my intended proceed. course, and caused“ my reply to be The first vial which fell upon the more lengthy than was intended. earth, to the tormenting of the subYou may, perhaps, object to what I jects of the beast, (chap. xvi. 2) doth have stated in this article, and you denote God's judgments upon the might object to every article. We foundations of the Papal power ; the cannot see eye to eye at present-I earth being that on which we walk hope we shall soon. I shall be pleased and build our houses, and out of to pursue my intended course in the whose womb we are maintained. So next article, with your permission. that by this I understand the popish

MINIMUM. clergy and the papal dominions and

revenues, as they are upheld by them.

This, therefore, began with the reforFLEMING ON PROPHECY.

mation, and continued until the time (Continued from page 444.)

that the popish factors and trumpery The third and last septenary, there were thrown out of as many countries fore, is that of the vials, or last plagues of Europe as embraced the reformaand judgments upon Rome papal— tion. And we may easily conceive which, as far as I can, I shall explain, what a mortification this was to that by a distinct account of such of them party, when the pretended sanctity as I reckon to be fulfilled, and by of their priests, monks, and nuns, some few conjectures upon the re- was found to be mere cheat, and their maining ones.

miracles nothing else but lies or legerBut before I proceed to the particu- demain ; and when their tales of purlar consideration of these, there are gatory were exposed to public con. two things which I would premise.tempt, and their pardons and indulThe first is, that as the trumpets did gences would sell no longer ; and raise Antichrist up, and the vials must consequently, when the Pope and his pull him down, so there is a wonder- red-hatted and mitred officers saw ful relation that the last bear to the themselves driven out of so great a former, especially the four first ones. part of their dominions-their semiFor the first trumpet and first vial naries for breeding their motley solbring judgments on the earth, the se- diers, of all denominations and orders, cond trumpet and vial on the sea, the pulled down and so much of their third trumpet and vial on the sun. yearly revenues lost. Whence they The second is this, that seeing the are said to fall under a noisome and vials do suppose a struggle and war / grievous ulcer, or sore ; being this

way pained and vexed inwardly, and to a languishing condition, and all rendered contemptible to the whole their allies weary of wars and perseworld, that looked upon them as nocutions. And as in the year 1609, better than vermin, and the plagues the truce was made between the of mankind. So that this vial began Spaniards and the Dutch, so the war, with the rise of Zuinglius and Luther, though renewed and carried on afterand the other reformers, in the year wards, became languid and faint, so 1516-17, and continued to the year as hardly to be felt or minded by 1566, i e. about forty years : for by either party, especially the Dutch, that time all the reformed churches who were for the most victorious and were settled, and had published their successful. So that as the period of creeds and confessions against Rome, this vial began 1566, so we may in opposition to the determination of reckon it continued about fifty years, the popish council of Trent, published viz. to the year 1617, seeing we shall 1563, and the creed of Pope Pius the find that the third vial did begin Fourth, which added twelve anti- | then. For, christian articles to the twelve primi The 3rd vial (verse 4-7) was pourtive ones, which was put out A.D. ed out upon the rivers and fountains 1564.

of water, or those territories of the The 2nd vial, (verse 3) must, there Papacy which were as necessary to fore, begin where the other ended, it as rivers and fountains are to a as to the period of time that com- country, being as it were, the former mences from thence. Now, I find vial continued, as to the kind of the that in the year 1566, the wars be- plague ; for, as the former destroyed tween the King of Spain and the the living creatures or living souls States of the Netherlands began, that were in or upon the sea, viz. the when the latter got the nickname of Spaniards, the great mariners of the Geuse. And though the Spaniards world at that time as to their marine were often victorious at first, yet they power, who, after the year 1588, lost were at length forced to declare them their former sovereignty of the seas free states. It was then that the sea to the English and Dutch-So this became blood to the Romanists, their latter plague makes it difficult for the votaries being miserably defeated in Popish party to subsist and keep their their expectations ; for, after their ground even in the inland country cruelties under the Duke of Alva in and several dominions of Germany the Low Countries, and their massa- and the neighbouring places. For in cres of the Protestants in France and the year 1617, Ferdinand being forced other places, the scene was changed upon the Bohemians by the Emperor very quickly. So that A.D. 1588, the Matthias, and crowned king, the founSpaniards lost their vast Armada, and dation of new quarrels were laid this did ever after decline in their power. way; for a little while after another And the Duke of Guise, the invete- most bloody religious war ensued, rate enemy of the Protestants, was which shook all the empire, and killed the same year ; and A.D. 1598 frightened Europe. And though the died Philip II. of Spain, being eaten Protestants lost Bohemia, the Palatiup of licethe edict of Nantes being nate in part, and were driven out of given out the same year in France in Moravia, Austria, and Silesia, at this favor of the Protestants. So that as time, and were not only persecuted in the reformed interest was in peace many places, but like to be extirpated everywhere, and conquered in Hol and rooted out universally, yet the land and England, the Popish party, tide turned all on a sudden. For on the other hand, saw Spain, the after the Emperor had ruled Germany late terror of the Protestants, brought with a veteran army for a considera


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able time, Gustavus Adolphus enters one another. But, as to the expiration Germany in the year 1630, and con- of this vial, I do fear it will not be until quers everywhere. And though he the year 1794. was killed about two years after, yet The fifth vial, (ver. 10, 11,) which his army continued victorious, until is to be poured out on the seat of at length all things were accommo- the beast, or the dominions that dated at the peace of Munster, A.D. more immediately belong to, and de1648 ; with which therefore the period pend upon the Roman See ; that, I of the 3rd vial must be supposed to end, say, this judgment will probably begin which consists of thirty-one years. about the year 1794, and expire about Now as this began with persecutions | 1848. So that the duration of it, against, and cruelties upon the Pro- upon this supposition, will be for the testants, so at length the angel of the space of fifty-four years. For, I do waters is heard to give thanks for suppose, that seeing the Pope received making the papists drink of their own the title of supreme bishop no sooner blood at last. Which song of praise than 606, he cannot be supposed to another angel falls in with, and says have any vial poured upon his seat Amen to. All which seems to denote immediately (so as to ruin his authority the joy both of the Protestant state so signally as this judgment must be and church upon the success of the supposed to do,) until the year 1848, Swedish arms against the emperor. which is the date of the 1260 years,

The 4th vial comes now to be con- in prophetical account, when they are sidered. And as this is poured out reckoned from 606. But yet we are upon the sun of the papal kingdom, not to imagine, that this vial will (ver. 8,) so the effect of it is men's totally destroy the papacy (though it being scorched or burned with fire, will exceedingly weaken it); for we which yet does not make them to turn find this still in being, and alive, to God, but blaspheme his name the when the next vial is poured out. more, as we may see, (ver. 9.) Now! The sixth vial, (ver. 12, &c.) will as this vial must begin where the be poured out upon the Mahometan other ends, viz. at, or a little after, Antichrist as the former on the papacy. the year 1648 ; so I cannot see but it | And seeing the sixth trumpet brought must denote the wars that followed the Turks from beyond the Euphrates, the peace of Munster, with other in- from crossing which river, they date cidental occurrences. Now we find their rise, this sixth vial dries up their that the French hostilities and wars waves, and exhausts their power, as in Flanders began about this time. the means and way to prepare and But the chief thing to be taken notice dispose the Eastern kings and kingof here, is that the sun and other doms to renounce their Heathenish luminaries of heaven, are the emblems and Mahometan errors, in order to of princes and kingdoms, as we took their receiving and embracing Chrisnotice of before. Therefore, the tianity. For I think this is the pouring out of this vial on the sun, native import of the text, and not that must denote the humiliation of some the Jews are to be understood under eminent potentates of the Romish in- this denomination of the kings of the terest, whose influences and counte-East, which is such an odd straining nances cherish and support the papal of it, to serve a turn, as I cannot cause. And these, therefore, must admit of. Now, seeing this vial is to be principally understood of the houses destroy the Turks, we hear of three of Austria and Bourbon, though not unclean spirits like frogs or toads, exclusively of other Popish princes. that were sent out by Satan, and the Now, it is not unusual with God, to remains of the polity and church of make his enemies crush and weaken Rome, called the beast and the false

prophet, in order to insinuate upon of the whole. There is no need to the Eastern nations, upon their desert- give you any conjectures about the ing Mahometism, to fall in with their conclusion of the sixth vial, or the idolatrous and spurious Christianity, beginning of the last ; only you may rather than with the true reformed observe, that the first of these will doctrine. And these messengers shall probably take up most of the time be so successful, as to draw these between the year 1848, and the year Eastern kings and their subjects, and, 2000, because such long messages with them, the greatest part of man- and intrigues (besides the time spent kind, to take part with them. So before, in destroying the Turkish emthat, by the assistance of these, their pire), and preparations for so universal agents and missionaries, they shall a war, must needs take up a great engage the whole world, in some many years, whereas, our blessed manner, to join with them in rooting Lord seems to tell us, that the destrucout the saints. (And here, in a pa- tion of all those his enemies, will be renthesis, Christ gives a watch-word accomplished speedily, and in a little to his servants, to be upon their guard time, in comparison of the other vial. in this hour of trial, ver. 15.) But, 1 Supposing, then, that the Turkish when the Pope has got himself at the monarchy should be totally destroyed head of this vast army, and has between 1848 and 1900, we may brought them to the place of battle, justly assign seventy or eighty years called Armageddon (i. e. the place longer to the end of the sixth seal, where there will be a most diabolical, and but twenty or thirty, at most, to cunning, and powerful conspiracy the last. Now, how great and reagainst Christ's followers); then, im- | markable this last destruction of the mediately, doth the seventh angel papal Antichrist will be, we may pour out his vial, to their ruin and guess by that representation of it, destruction.

| (chap. xiv. 19, 20,) where it is set The seventh vial, therefore, being forth under the emblem and characpoured out on the air, (ver. 17,) brings ter of the great wine-press of the down thunder, lightning, hail, and wrath of God (which can refer to storms ; which, together with a ter nothing properly but the event of the rible earthquake, destroys all the seventh vial, as I might show at large, Antichristian nations, and particularly had I. time.) Now, this wine-press Rome, or mystical Babylon. And as is said to be trodden without the city Christ concluded his sufferings on the (viz. of Jerusalem, or the church, cross with this voice, “ It is finished,” seeing this is called the city, in scripso the church's sufferings are conclu- ture style, as Rome is called the ded with a voice out of the temple of Great City) in Armageddon (Rev.xvi. heaven, and from the throne of God 16,) which may bear allusion to the and Christ there, saying, “ It is done.” valley of Decision (Joel iii. 2, 12, 14.) And, therefore, with this doth the However, the greatness of this slaughblessed millennium of Christ's spiritual ter appears in this, that the blood is reign on earth begin, of which, and represented to flow in such a current what may be supposed to follow, we as to reach even to the horse-bridles, took some notice above.

viz. of the servants of God, employed Now, seeing these two vials are, in this execution ; for, without doubt, as it were, one continued, the first this relates to what we have in chap. running into the second, and the xix. 14, which I beseech you to comsecond completing the first ; the one pare with this place. For ye will giving us an account of the beast's find that a large account is given of preparations for warring against the the fall of Babylon, (chap. xviii.) and saints, and the other showing the event of the triumph of the church, upon

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