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Foreign. Nashville. Ten. March 1, 1847. in this place, who had been an Episcopal We have a gradual increase of the congre- preacher. He has begun to teach the ancient gation in this city. Three were immersed gospel. Our present number in this place is on last Lord's day. I believe also, that the fifty.

J. B. New. influence of our religion is extending both over the congregation and the world in our

Orange County, Indiana, May 10, 1847. midst. May Jehovah cause our efforts to

The church is in peace and prosperity in

this part of the world, with few exceptions. prosper!


Many of her members are seeking for glory, Fort Wayne, Indiana, April 1, 1847. honor, and immortality:" knowing that

The truth is making its own impression in they have no continuing city here,” therefore this place. We began here in November “ they seek one to come, which has foundawith six members our present number is tirns, whose maker and builder is God.” fifty, twenty-five by confession and immersion There have been four additions made to the -twenty-two had been immersed-some from church in this vicinity the last month-two the Baptiste, some from the Methodists, and made to the congregation at Liberty, and two some from the Christian churches. Our op- made to the congregation at Mount Pisgah, ponents use the same arguments that were of which I am a member. O that every procommon eighteen hundred years ago. They fessor of religion could but fully realize the say that you and we deny the influence of inestimable value of his own soul, and the the Holy Spirit, a change of heart, and the value of the souls of his fellow mortals! I divinity of the Christ; all false, you know, do think that if we all realized fully the value and so proved a thousand times: but the of these imperishable treasures, there would truth is making a good 'impression in this be more serious and candid self-examination place, although men and devils oppose, be- amongst us than there is at present. Are we cause it opposes them. Mr. Jesse L. Wil- doing as much for the cause of Christ as we lianis, old school Presbyterian, said he would might do? Do we walk with God as did not join the Christian church--it was not Enoch, that although we may have to pass popular. A mighty argument with the lovers through “the valley and shadow of death,” of this world. I send my love to all the holy " we may not taste it.” Let us carefully brethren. Brethren pray for us.

consider these things, and live in this world J. B. New. but to serve God and benefit man, and we

shall certainly meet in heaven, where parting Kentucky River, May 22, 1847. will be no more. Isaac HEADLY. There have been six or eight additions to the church at Union, Clark co. Ia. by letter

County of San Agustine, Texas, and immersion. Also, five additions, one

April 3, 1847. from the Methodists, and one from the Pres

Religion is very cold in this region; whole byteriang, by immersion, at Olive Branch C. churches of different denomination are beC. Ia. all under the labours of brethren Wright come nothing; yet many are seeking for the and Chambers.

truth, but tradition and superstition are hard S. W. LEONARD.

to shake off. Many persons wish to read your

books, and have come to me to know if I Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 26, 1847. could get any brought on. If you will send

I preached five days at Wabashtown, In- some here, they will sell readily, and do diapa, embracing the second Lord's day in much good. this month, and we immersed six believers I have been imposed upon by some who in the Lord. At Huntington we preached profess the faith. I have no love for a hyposix days, including the third Lord's day, and crite if I know him. I wish you to give a had eight additions, four by immersion, and notice in the Harbinger to any preacher comfour that had been immersed; one from the ing to this country, to call and see me. I Baptists, the Baptist preacher's wife, of live 12 miles from Milani, 7 miles from San Huntington, and we expect him soon. Since Augustin, 1 mile north of the road leading my last to you I immersed a school teacher from Milani to San Augustine. Now if any

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faithful preacher will come and stay among soon organized a church of nine members, us, he shall see that he shall not suffer for and commenced operations, keeping the Lord's any thing.

house in order, as first in importance, and There have been about eighty immersed then to convert the world. The Lord has into the Christian church in this section, but blessed us till we now number twenty-six, they are like sheep without a shepherd, gone and have happy prospects. Four of us proastray. Oh, that the good Lord would send claim the word at home and in the adjoining some faithful one to plead his cause! I am settlements with considerable success. Sevehere alone, and not able to do much for the ral churches have been organized in the Recause. Now is the time that much good may serve, and I never saw better prospects in be done.--Now may the blessed God grant my life. Sectarianism is on the decline, as you many more years in this world to im- far as my knowledge extends, and may the prove the talent you have, in the great cause good Lord grant that truth and practical hoof the blessed Saviour.

liness may take pnssession of this “ great WILLIAM DEFEE. Miami region,” that was so lately a wilder. Parkhurst, Scott County, Iowa,

ness. Logansport and Cass, and Kohorns June 9, 1847.

and Howard, present a great field of future 'The disciples of our Lord and Master prospects and usefulness for the young stumeeting here (in a neat brick house, built as

dents of Bethany college, and other brethren a house of worship, at the town of Le Claire) who either wish to be useful or get homes numbering about twenty, meet for the pur-1 for their families. poses of worship and breaking the loaf, as May the Lord bless all the holy hrethren well as spending an hour or two as Bible stu- and preserve us all from evil, and keep us dents, or in Rible class, every first day. We from disorder and contention! Amen. have received great benefit from the Bible

GEORGE W. SMITH. class, and hope that many may pursue the

Euclid, Ohio, June 18, 1847. same course. During part of last year we had Brother D. Gatchell as proclaimer, but.

| I have just returned from the yearly meetare now destitute, and much desire to have a

Waling in Garrettsville, Portage county, and teaching brother amongst us---not for our own

that in Auburn, Geagua county. There was gratification alone, but that, holding forth

forth a pretty good attendance both of the preachthe principles of the ancient gospel, he may

|ing brethren and others, indicating a very induce others to glorify God by yielding sub

good interest in the progress of the cause and mission to his righteous will.

in the success of the meetings. The brethren Milo M. POLLOCK.

are endeavouring to obtain a report at the

meetings of the state, of the cause in the Buon County, Missouri, July 5, 1847. several churches that compose the district of

I have been almost constantly in the field the meeting. The reports have been but of labor since the 1st of May. At Hannibal partial; but it is hoped that full and accurate we had five additions. At Brush creek, in statements will be made by each church at Franklin county, Brother George E. Taylor all our next meetings. Five obeyed the gosand I held an interesting meeting the last of pel at Garrettsville, and seven at Auburn. May: ten were obtained--one from the Bap-! Please correct, Twenty obeyed the gospel tists, and nine heard, believed, and were bap- this spring in Euclid - not seventy. tized, one of them being an intelligent Pres

A. S. HAYDEN. byterian lady. Ac Dover, La Fayette coun. ty, there were five additions. In Howard we Logan, Indiana, June 16, 1847. have recently had some twenty to obey the I am itinerating in this wilderness. Five Lord : at Mount Pleasant, on the Monitor, have obeyed the King in the last month. I and at Lafayette. Yesterday we had four do not travel far; but am " setting in order additions in Columbia. T. M. ALLEN. the things that are wanting.”

W. P. SHOCKEY. Howard County, Indiana, July 18, 1847. In my poverty and affliction I settled here

San Augustine County, Texas, in the woods, in the fall of 1843, and found

July 22, 1847. here some five brethren and sisters. Wel I have just returned from Shelby county,

Texas, that notable place for wickedness, things in order. Much good might be done for regulating,' and poisoning. Brother now in these parts. M. R. Withers and myself preached on last

WILLIAM DEFEE. Sunday, and we organized a church at Richard Hooper's house. He has been a Baptist, Cincinnata, Ohio, July 15, 1847. his wife a Presbyterian ; they both joined At a recent meeting at St. Louis, thirtythe church! The church is called Zion. It three or four persons were induced to unite is the first Christian church ever organized with the congregation; twenty-two of whom in that country. We organized it with 8 confessed the Lord. I spoke also at Jacksonmembers—four males and four females. Sev- ville and Springfield, Ill. At the latter place eral others hare been immersed for the re- two turned to the Lord. mission of sins two on the same day. The Brother L. Jameson informs me that at following is the constitution of the church, Crawfordsville, Ind, he and brother O'Kane viz.

persuaded seventy-five to enlist in the good « We the Christians of the Church called cause. The fields are white, but the laborers Zion, have met together this day, the 18th are few. Let us pray the Lord of the harof July, 1847, and give each other our hearts vest to send out from the schools, and acadeand hands, and all agree to take the Bible as mies, and colleges-from the dental rooms, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.” and doctors' shops, and lawyers officesWe had a meeting twelve days ago, in a from the exchange brokers—from the work. Sabine county, with brothers Peter Eldridge shop, and the farm, and the counting room, and G. W. Slaughter, Baptist preachers, on laborers into the field; for alas ! many, Deunion and creeds, and agreed to unite on mas-like, having loved the present world, "one Lord, one faith, one baptism for re- have gone, if not to Thessalonia, we know mission of sins."

not where. He that warreth should not We want you to do all in your power to entangle himself with the affairs of this world. Bend a preacher well recommended, to set


Domestic. LOUTH.— There are eleven disciples in Hull.-The disciples who meet here every this place, who are living in peace and love, first day of the week to break the loaf, and and who meet every first day of the week to thus show forth the Lord's death till he come, keep the commandments of Jesus.

is at present fifteen. We are about to reW. KIRK. move from our present place of meeting-we

think it not worth while to mention it. KIRKALDY.-The number of brethren here

W. GODSON. who assemble in the public buildings to show forth the Lord's death, is twenty-four. We BANFF, December 13, 1847.—The numcordially approve of co-operation for evan- ber composing the congregation of disciples gelical purposes, and propose giving one day's here is twenty; but heing much scattered, contribution in every quarter in aid of the we seldom muster more than fifteen or sixobject. JAMES WISHART. teen on the first day of the week.

A. CAMERON. DORNORK, December, 1847.-Favor and peace be with you and all the saints. The DUNFERMLINE, December 17, 1847.-number who meet here every first day of the Agreeably to your request in the November week, in honor of our common Lord, is six-Messenger, we beg to say that the number truly a small number at present, still com- of members in the church here is thirty-two. prehended in the promises of our Lord.

WM. RAMSAY. (Matt. xviii. 19, 20.) J. Ferguson. I

MORTALITY IN LONDON.---We learn! We are more speedily and fatally corrupted from authentic records that fever and influenza by domestic examples of vice, and particuare now prevalent and fatal in the metropolis.larly when impressed on our minds as from From the 1st to the 21st of December, it ap- authority. Such is the pernicious effect of pears by the Registrar's report, that 201 per bad example, held forth in the conduct of a day above the average have died in London. 'father or mother to their children,


NOTE BY THE EDITOR. DURING the past month, a circular has This being the case, it was not for us to been issued, informing the brethren that the dictate or control in this matter. It appeared Editor, for some purpose or other, has been quite incompatible with reason and common on a tour to some of the principal churches sense-indeed, utterly impracticable--for two of the Reformation. A sufficient refutation parties to print at the same office, and issue of this statement will be found in the fact, at one and the same time the writings of the that no churches in England, Scotland, or same author. We, therefore, now publish at Wales, have seen him during that period. another office; and so long as the brethren He has, indeed, been from home for nine days and the public support us, we shall proceed on private business, but during that time he on our even course, endeavouring to disvisited no church in the United Kingdom. seminate light and truth on every hand. It is true, he sat dewn at the table of the We are now in possession of sixteen letters Lord on the 5th ult. with about twenty disci- addressed by Brother Campbell, from Europe, ples in the vicinity of Dungannon ; beyond to his daughter Clarinda: five of them are this his visits to brethren did not extend. already published. It is our intention to give

It will perhaps be thought somewhat mys- the remainder as soon as possible. We have terious that this periodical is no longer print- also Articles on Discipline, from the pen of ed at the Borough office, Nottingham. The our highly-esteemed Brother Pendleton, simple fact is, the proprietor of that office which will shortly appear, and be read with states, that Mr. Campbell, when here, gave interest by all. If the Brethren will support him full liberty to print any or all of his and recommend THE BRITISH MILLENNIAL Essays, Addresses, &c. in an independent HARBINGER, AND FAMILY MAGAZINE, form, for his own private and personal bene- no exertions shall be wanting on our part to fit--for which purpose, and to enable him to

render its pages at once interesting, instruccarry out this object, he ordered all Mr. Campbell's works, and the Millennial Har-| live, and edifying to all our readers. binger monthly.

PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY. The most striking instance of self-devo- the top of a neighbouring mountain, saw them tedness in the cause of Christ of which I ever at work. He noticed two particularly sowing heard, in these days of deadness, I was told peas in the field. The one had no hands, the of lately by an English minister. It has other had no feet--these members being des. been printed, and therefore I will relate it troyed by the disease. The one who wanted to you just as I heard it, to stir up our cold the hands was carrying the other who wanted hearts, that we may give ourselves to the the feet upon his back, and he again carried Lord. The awful disease of leprosy still ex- in his hands the bag of seeds, and dropped a ists in Africa. Whether it be the same lep- pea now and then, which the other pressed rosy as that mentioned in the Bible, I do not into the ground with his foot, and so they know : but it is regarded as perfectly incura- managed the work of one man between the ble, and so infectious that no one dares to two. Ah! how little we know of the misery come pear the leper. In the south of Africa that is in the world! Such is this prisonthere is a lazar-house for lepers. It is an house of disease. But you will ask-Who immense space, enclosed by a very high wall, cares for the souls of the hapless inmates ? and containing fields which lepers cultivate. Who will venture in at this gate, never to There is only one entrance, which is strictly return? Who will forsake father and moguarded. Whenever any one is found with ther, houses and lands, to carry the message the marks of leprosy upon him, he is brought of a Saviour to these poor lepers ? Two Moto this gate, and obliged to enter in, never to ravian missionaries, impelled by a divine love return. No one who enters in by that awful for souls, have chosen the lazar-house as their gate is allowed to come out again! Within field of labor. They entered in, never to come this abode of misery there are multitudes of out again, and as soon as these die other Molepers in all stages of disease. Dr. Halbeck, ravians are ready to enter.--M'Cheyne. a missionary of the Church of England, from E. RENALS, PRINTER, NOTTINGHAM.

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There is but one body of Christ-one CHRISTIAN UNION.

spirit, and one hope--as there is but UNION, iove, and social bliss, are one God and Father of all : and one only three ways of expressing the Lord, one faith, and one baptism, are same idea. The glory that Christ the bases of this sacred incorporation. gave his disciples, is union with him, We are all baptised into one body by as sons of God, and joint-heirs with one spirit—whether we be Jews or himself. « The glory which thou Gentiles, whether we be slaves or gavest me I have given them, that free-men, we are all made to drink they may be one as we are, (I in them into one spirit. Christians, then, are and thou in me) that they may be radically, essentially, spiritually one; perfect in one.” Who that thinks of and ought not their union to be visiheaven, of eternal peace and love, ble and manifest to all ? can refrain from pleading the union, For this are to be given up three concert, and co-operation of all the things—pride of party, or pride of sincere followers of the Lamb of God ? understanding—the traditions of the Oh, that all the sons and daughters fathers—and our own opinions, so far of our Father in Heaven were as as they are bonds of union or comchildren of one family, cordially, firm- munion. In all these there is neither ly, and visibly united in one profission faith, piety, nor morality; for all -all striving to honour and magnify faith, piety, and morality are anterior the common Saviour, and seeking to to, distant from, and independent of, convert the world to Christ!

opinionism, whether in the form of Union in truth amongst all the our own inferences and speculations, baptised followers of the Prince of or in that of human traditions or ecPeace, has been advocated by us from clesiastical canons. No truth of the the day of our Christian nativity till bible is necessarily to be sacrificed now. We not only pray for it, but for union : errors, opinions, and trawe speak, write, and labour for it, as ditions are, indeed, to be abandoned, a consummation devoutly to be sought. ' and a becoming humility and defe

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