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"still small voice” of truth, of that “sure sweep over and submerge the Sultan's word of prophecy which is a light shining in throne; that this mighty convulsion is that a dark place(the world), and “to wbich” “Great Earthquake,” which will be in its we shall all “ do well to take heed," as full manifestation, such as has not been mankind will very soon, but then “ too since men were upon the earth, so mighty LATE,” perceive ? Upon the supposition of an earthquake and so great." Rev. xvi. 18. an affirmative response, I proceed briefly to I testify, that the period of this earthquake state :

will prove to be “A Time of Trouble, such 1. That the primarr influences which have as never was since there was a Nation to been co-operating from the accession of Pope this same time,” Dan. xii. 1; and that in Pius IX. to February 24th, i848, and from the commotion, the Israelites will be parthis date to the present instant, and which tially restored to their native land, under the are continuing to work, and will work until protection of England, the Lion of the Mer. Europe is involved in universal war, are chant Tarshish of the age. thus defined in the Sure Word of Prophecy, 3. I testify, that the final result of the namely, “ Three Unclean Spirits, like Frogs Pope's declaration of war against Austria out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of will be the ruin of his bloody despotism; and the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth that the part now being enacted by the of the false Prophet. They are the Spirits Roman populace will cause a German coaliof Demons, working miracles-or extraor- tion against Rome, which will strip her of dinary political events --going forth unto the her territory, burn her with fire by bomKings of the Earth and of the Whole World, bardment, plunder her of all her wealth, and to gather them to THE BATTLE OF THE leave her desolate and naked; for it is writGREAT DAY OF GOD ALMIGHTY.”—Apoc. ten, “ The Kings shall hate the harlot xvi. 13, 14.

“ city”-and shall make her deso'ate and These Unclean Spirits are destructive as naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her the Frogs of Egypt, and as unclean as the with fire, for God hath put in their heart to political Frog Pond of degraded Europe can fulfil his will.” Rev. xvii. make them. The Dragon is the symbol of 4. I testify, that after the approaching that power, which sits as an incubus upon

siege and sack of Rome, an event will hap

sie the territory of the Eastern Roman Empire, l per which will ruin Romanism throughout from the Danube to Greece, and from the lihe world; it will be a death-blow to the Straits of Otranto to the Euphrates and

worshipping of images, the invocation of Persian Gulph. This Dragon's Mouth

saints and angels, the veneration of dead speaks from the Imperial Divan of Con

| men's bones, pilgrimage to the Holy Coat stantinople.

of Treves, forgiveness of sins for a quarter ". The Beast” is the symbol of the Austro

• | by a set of blasphemous priests, indulgences Italian dominion; and the mouth of this

| to sin, and to the sale of all priestly merBeast speaks from Vienna, which is its chandiga

chandize of a like abominable and disgusting throne.

character; this event will be “the casting The “ False Prophet” is representative of

down with violence the great city Rome into the elective dynasty, whose incumbent is

Hell beneath her." Let the Jews evacuate styled the Pope. The False Prophet's

the city with all dispatch, even as they fled mouth speaks to the Nations from the

from Babylon, when “the great nations of pseudo-Eternal City, Rome.

the North country came up against her," in Hence, from Rome, Vienna, and Con- olden time. Let the Roman Jews remove, stantinople, it was 1700 years ago decreed, for it is written in the Scriptures of truth, that “warlike influences should go forth to “ Come out of her, my people, that ye be not all the potentates of Europe, to bring them partakers of her offences, and that ye retogether to a last and final struggle, where ceive not of her plagues; for her sins have the power of God shall be visibly displayed, reached unto Heaven, and God hath rememto the utter destruction of the oppressors of bered her iniquities.” Let them join the the world." Mark, then, I testify, by the confederates against her, and “Reward her light of the Prophetic Word, that no power, even as she hath rewarded you, and double or diplomatic combination, can maintain the unto her double according to her works." world's peace; the most terrible war that How much she hath glorified herself and ever desolated the nations is at the door, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sosthe Kings of the whole world will be en- / row give her; for she saith in her heart, “I gaged in it.

sit a Queen, and am no widow, and shall see 2. I testify, or bear witness in behalf of no sorrow. Therefore, shall her plagues the truth, that the events which have come in one day"- a year—"death, and astounded the Nations, and which began to mourning, and famine; and she shall be shake the world on February 23rd, 1848 ; utterly burned with fire; for strong is the events which have rolled on in an overflow- Lord God who judgeth her.” Then, “the ing revolution, from the banks of the Seine fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed to the Danube, and which is destined to ' from thee,” Ó Rome, “and all things which


389 are dainty and goodly are departed from thee, written, “the great city or Roman Empire, and thou shalt find them no more at all.” was divided into three parts,” hy the mighty “ Rejoice over her, thou Heaven, and ye earthquake; "and the cities, or States, of the holy apostles and prophets; for God hath nations fell: and great Babylon-Romeavenged you on her. And a mighty angel came in remembrance before God, to give took up a stone like a great millstone, and unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with vio- of his wrath. And every island--duchies, lence shall the great city be thrown down, principalities and other petty States --fled and shall be found no more at all. For by away, and the mountains-great kingdoms thy sorceries, O Rome, have all nations and empires -were not found." Rev. xvi. been deceived." Read Rev. xvii. and xviii. 19, 20; Dan. vii. 9. The volcanoes of Etna and Vesuvius are the 7. As to Ireland, there is no hope for her, chimneys of the subterranean furnace of the while she worships the image of the beast, or Italian peninsula, which the Lord God has the Roman false prophet. The time is passed maintained in full blast for the destruction for a Popish country to prevail against a of the Harlot City, when the time allotted | Protestant one. The hand of God is upon for her continuance shall have fully arrived. Ireland, and deservedly so. Heis decimating

5. The true age of the world is 5933 full her with pestilence and famine; and not conyears ending last February moon, and the tent with this, she is, by her turbulence, inanno domino is 1843 full years at the same | vocating torment by tire and sword. Ireland epoch, instead of 1847-8, so that the current | is devoted to the worship of devils, and year is that of 1844. The date of this article | images of gold and silver, and brass, and is the anniversary of the capture of Constan- stone, and of wood; which neither can see, tinople by the Turks. The people have nor hear, nor walk; neither repent they of possessed it 391 years on this day. Their their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of possession of power to slav the third part of their fornication, nor of their thefts," Rev. the Roman world with political death, is ix. 20, 21. Therefore, this sentence rests decreed for “ an hour, a day, a month, and

upon her, “If any man worship the Beast and a year.”

his Image, and receive his mark in his foreAn hour .......... 030 days

head or in his hand--the sign of the cross in A day ............

baptism and ordination-the same shall drink ........ 1 year A month..........

of the wine of the wrath of God, which is

A year .....
.... 360 ..

poured out without mixture into the cup of

his indignation; and he shall be tormented Years, 391 30 days.

with fire and brimstone--in war--&c.; and

they have no rest day nor night, who worship In 30 days more, this appointed time will the Beast and his Image, and whosoever reexpire, namely, on June 29th of the current ceiveth the mark of his name."--Rev. xiv. 9, year. After that date, then, we ought to 11. This is the sentence upon all Roman receive information of important events, in Catholic nations in both hemispheres. Bloodrelation to the Turkish Empire. Probably thirsty Ireland has done its full share in masof a movement on the part of Russia against sacreing the champions of civil and religious the Sultan, with that ominous fleet that has | liberty who, in their day, bravely withstood lately weighed anchor for Sebastopol. Russia the diabolical tyranny of Rome, and God is is destined to overrun many countries, and now righteously pouring out upon her the especially to lay hold of the Turk with the indignation due to her abominations. hug of Bruin. Whether you have faith in When I return from Europe, I will comthis or not, place this document on record municate with you again, if you think proper, in your paper, and see if it do not turn out on the organization of the world, when kingas I have said.

doms, empires and republics shall be found The Greek empire extinguished by the no more. Till then, I subscribe myself, res

capture of Constantinople by the pectfully yours, Turks ............... May 29th, 1453

John THOMAS, M.D. The Greek empire to con

But suppose the whole of what Mr. Tho. tinue extinct ......... days 30 yrs. 391 mas so boldly affirms literally come to pass. The Greek empire to revive

To whom does it refer? To the righteous or under Russia, after .... June 29th, 1844

to the wicked ? to the kingdom of Christ, True time, A.D. 1844, answering to the or to that of Antichrist? Certainly not to vulgar era, 1848. . ,

the former, but to the latter; and there6. I testify, that the commotions in Europe fore we remind the brethren of the lanwill result in a three-fold division of its politi-guage of inspiration—" Be not afraid of cal elements; and that, while indeed Repub sudden fear, neither of the desolation of licanism will not find a permanent establish | the wicked, when it cometh. For the ment in any part of the old world, yet every Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall form of government now existing there shall keep thy foot from being taken,” Provbs. disappear and be found no more; for, it is 'iii. 25-26. “He shall not be afraid of

evil tidings : his heart is fixed, trusting in for these things ? May it be our wisdom to the Lord. His heart is established, he look unto the strong for strength, and to the shall not be afraid, until he see his desire wise for wisdom. Up to the present time we upon his enemies. He hath dispersed, he have had great satisfaction with the memhath given to the poor; his righteousness bers that have been brought out of the world. endureth for ever; his horn shall be ex- | The fire that are mentioned in this note were alted with honour. The wicked shall see pot connected with any religious sect. From it and be grieved; he shall gnash with his yours in hope,

T. Coop. teeth and melt away: the desire of the

Howden, July 18.-I have great pleasure wicked shall perish,” Psalm cxii. 7-10.

in informing you of the progress of Messiah's Be it remembered that the next universal kingdom in this place. Our dear brother empire established will be an absolute one. | Macdougald has immersed eleven penitent Jesus, the Messiah, will be king. Chosen believers into the Lord Jesus for the remisby God not merely to govern the affairs of sion of sins. We now number thirteen at his people, but of the whole universe, an Howden. May the Lord continue to add to gels, principalities, and governments, will the number of the saved daily such as love be subject to him. But, before that period and fear him. We are placed in a populous arrives, the wicked and false professors

neighbourhood; there is, indeed, a demand must be removed, or bow in subjection to

for laborers here. Our brother is gone from his authority. Hitherto they have refused

us for a short time, and is now laboring at submission to any king but one of their | Bedlington; it is to be feared that his body own choosing; but this will not always be

is in too weak a staie for his earnest soul in so, for all kings shall fall down and do ho- the work of the Lord. May the Lord be his mage to him, as they did to Solomon in the strength in weakness, and support bim in all days of literal Israel, or perish from his pre

his exertions to promote the honor and glory sence for ever. “ Be wise now, therefore,

of God in the world. We are supplied with O ye kings; be instructed, ye judges of

proclaimers of the gospel from the Newcastle the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and

brethren every Lord's day, until Brother rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest M.'s return among us, if the Lord will. We he be angry, and ye perish from the way,

have a commodious place for meeting, in the when his wrath is kindled but a little.

Temperance Hall, where we have enjoyed Blessed are all they that put their trust in

profitable communion, and where sinners him," Psalm ii. 10-12.

have confessed the Saviour to the astonish

ment of our neighbours. We must labor asQuery—Is the world to be at an end siduously and pray earnestly not only for the when Antichrist is destroyed or not? original form, but for the spirit and power of

the gospel of the Sou of God, who loved us ITEMS OF NEWS.

and gave himself for us. Can we do less

than give ourselves to him ? Is not this our Wigan, June 26, 1848.- We are happy

reasonable service ? Our brethren are quite to inform you that first one and then another

determined to work while it is day, before are bowing their hearts, and with their

the night cometh when no man can work. tongues confessing that Jesus is the Christ,

On Lord's day morning we commence early, to the glory of God the Father. A male and

assembling at six o'clock, and pass into a female, after the meeting yesterday, made

lonely place for prayer and praise to Him the good confession, and desired to be bap

who has kept us during the past week. rized into Christ, in order that they might

Through the forenoon we go amongst the walk in newness of life, and learn to keep

people with tracts, and invite them to the all God's commands. July 9th.—This even

meetings. In the afternoon we break the ing has been one of the happiest we have

loaf and partake the cup in commemoration spent for some time, two more females de- / of the Lord's death, and at night the gospel siring to give themselves up to the Lord, I

is preached. Thus we expect to go on in body, soul, and spirit, and to obey that form peace amongst ourselves, and earnestly soof doctrine which had been delivered to us,

liciting sinners to be reconciled to God Rom. vi. We met in the country, where

through his dear Son, we hope to prosper. there is much water, &c. and as it was a

W. R. pleasant evening, a goodly number of the Louth, June.-Since you visited this place brethren went through the fields with us, four who stood aloof from the church have singing praises to God and the Lamb: crea- returned, and are now united with us in tion echoed with the praises of the redeemed. keeping the commands of Jesus ; and as in July 16th.- Another confessed the Lord, all cases of divisions there is much misunand put him on by being baptized into his | derstanding, so it has been here. May this name. As a church we are living in peace, lesson of experience teach us to be more and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost; but watchful and diligent. We have been much we are not free from troubles and anxieties. | edified and instructed through your own laWe are often ready to say, who is sufficient bours, and of our brethren from Lincoln, Brother Clark and Brother Scott, formerly | to discharge every relation and duty in His the evangelist for Lincolnshire.-One of our fear, and with reference to the last final acnum her, Brother Ward, who resided at Don count, proceeded to join hand to hand until nington, seven miles from us, has been re death should dissolve the bands.- J. HINE. moved by death. This event took place on th el5th of May. We can speak well of his

OBITUARIES. memory; he was an example in conduct and Huddersfield, July 8, 1848.-Death has patient under suffering; and as he loved the again been in the midst of us. Mary Ann word of Christ while living, so when dying Carter, a member of the Delf congregahe experienced that peace and tranquillity tion, expired on the 4th of June. A smile of mind which will ever be the portion of of peaceful resignation and serene hope those who love God and keep his command rested upon her face to the last. I had ments. He has left a wife, who is also a several conversations with her during her disciple of Christ, and a family also to mouru illness (which was consumption), and their loss. Yours,

W. KIRK. found that she was intelligently and solidly Edinburgh, July 5.-We had two added

grounded in the faith which was delivered to us last Lord's day, by confessing their

to the saints. The following benediction wil.ingness to follow the Lord; they were

was dictated by her for our church near accordingly baptized into his pame, and are

the close of her life :-“I return you my now rejoicing in the truth. May they hold

sincere thanks for your kindness towards fast, and let no one take their crown.-Sister

me during my affliction. The Lord has Ann Frazer fell asleep in Jesus last Mon

been my supporter; He has made my bed day; she has been suffering under corsump

in my sickness. I am going home in the tion for a considerable time. She was fully

hope of a glorious resurrection. My desire is, resigned to the will of the Lord, and died in

that you would continue to contend earthe blessed hope of a glorious resurrection.

nestly for the faith and hope of the gospel.” May these things stir us up to work the work We have likewise to announce the deof the Lord while it is called to-day, for the cease of William Blackburn, of Spen, night cometh wherein none can work. Clackheaton, who died on the 24th May, Yours truly, R. MacroUGALD. | aged 46 years. His complaint was in

flammation of the lungs. His sufferings Nottingham, July 19.--Since our last report five have been added to our number

were very acute for ten days, and his

Christian patience remarkable. He was by baptism, two have emigrated to the United States, one has fallen asleep in Jesus, one is

our leading brother in that place, with his

house and his heart always open to mesremoved to Ireland, and one has been separated for disobedience to the commandments

sengers of glad-tidings through a crucified of the Lord. This is truly a changing, pe

Saviour. rishing state ; but he that doeth the will of

We feel these bereavements heavily, for God while passing through it, has the certain the one was a mother and the other a prospect of dwelling for ever in the possession father in our little Israel, and we do not a of that inheritance which is incorruptible, un present see how their places are to be defiled and which cannot fade away.-J. W.

supplied. Our consolation is this, that On the 22nd June last, we witnessed the

the Lord liveth for ever; death has no

dominion over him; and he says to his ceremony of a marriage betwixt a Christian

people, “Because I live, ye shall live also.” brother and sister, in Barker-gate chapel, Nottingham, the first ratified in that place of

* Our life is hid with Christ in God; and worship. The scene was truly simple and

when Christ, who is our life, shall appear,

then shall we also appear with him in patriarchal, and we could not but rejoice in the partial return to primitive customs.

glory.” In this good hope we go forward Thanks to a wise and increasingly enlight

as pilgrims, seeking the city of God. ened Legislature, for restoring the privilege

G. G. to a people who have long entertained se Ashton-under-Lyne, July 15, 1848.-It rious and conscientious objections to eis my painful duty to record the death of limitation of the office, by a fancied and a young man-a well-beloved brothermock priesthood of a corrupt and anti-scrip who, after having been connected with us tural church. The parties were Brother Jas. about two years, returned home to Girvan Macrum, of the Rock, Dungannon, Ireland, in consequence of a pulmonary attack ; and Hephzibah, second daughter of Brother | and having endured that painful and fatal James Wallis, Nottingham Park. The fa- malady for twelve months with exemplary ther of the bride officiated on the occasion. patience, he fell asleep in Jesus on the He commenced the service by a discourse 24th ult. We sincerely mourn our loss. upon the institution, with an address on the The name of Andrew Patterson is emmutual obligation of husbands and wives ; balmed in the memory of all his Christian and after invoking the blessing and peace of acquaintance for his great and manifold Almighty God, and that both might be led virtues. Yours, N. Harrison.

PRESBYTERIAN OPINIONS. God, and oppose a regularly trained ministry,

it is due to truth that the world should know The following article, selected from the

that God by bis providence is bringing their “New York Presbyterian" of June 24th,

counsels to naught, and showing them the was inserted in the “ Dundee Northern entire impotency of human nature to produce Warder” of the 13th ult. A reply has anything like gospel holiness when unaided been forwarded to the Editor by one of og

oy the Spirit of God. They that sow to the our brethren, but refused insertion. It

wind must reap the whirlwind.-- Presbyte

rian of the West. has, therefore, been sent for publication in the Harbinger, but reached us too late for

Not having space for the reply this

month, we beg to remark, that should any the present number.

of the brethren, either in this country or in AMERICA. THE CAMPBELLITE

the United States, be engaged in advocaREPORMATION.

ting or building up Campbellism, then, like No man in this age has written more, or with greater success against the Scripture

Presbyterianism, and every other “ism," doctrine of the influence of the Holy Spirit in

it will assuredly come to naught. We had regeneration and sanctification, and against previously seen the two paragraphs selectexperimental piety, than Alexarder Camp- ed from what are termed Campbellite pabell. No man has more industriously and pers; but, in the midst of unsuccessful zealously laboured for the overthrow of all | the churches in the land, or boasted more of l'

| editors, the advocates of mixed commuthe wonderful results that would follow his nion, and all sorts of men preaching all reformation, based upon immersion and the sorts of doctrine-causing parties thereby simple confession that Jesus Christ is the son to bite and devour one another-it is not of God. Multitudes, for a number of years,

$; matter of surprise that some churches flocked to his standard, sure of having found a very easy way to heaven, and of having

should be consumed one of another. Still attained by the shortest possible process

the truth is progressing, and in conjunction to great wisdom. Men of all creeds and with the judgments of God shortly to be classes burried into the new Church. Mr.

poured out upon the nations, will prove Campbell was publishing the Millennial Harbinger, and his was to be the Millennial

itself mighty above all things, and must Church! The bitter fruits of his folly are prevail. That a large, intelligent, and becomming more and more apparent. “Con spotless community should rise up at once fusion worse confounded ” for several years from such a chaos as is presented in the reigned in the body. All sorts of men

religious world—and especially when opepreached almost all sorts of doctrine. Mr. Campbell, after having assailed everything

rated upon by a charity that pleads for so like church organization, has been labouring

many false things—was not to be expected. to bring order out of the confused mass, but

In the periodicals recently come to hand, in vain. The churches that sprung up like Jonah's gourd, are, like it, perishing almost

there are cheering reports of many hun. in a night. A correspondent of a Cainpbell

dreds being added to the Lord, and of new ite paper says:

churches being organized in various dis“Jam rejoiced that you are attentively considering tricts in the United States. We had the state of our cause, and are striking at the root of

arranged for a full report of these in this all our disasters--a want of piety. That our denomi. nation, in some parts of our country, is in chaos, is number, but other and unexpected matter a fac* too obvious for concealment, and we fear if

has interfered with our arrangement. J.W. some vigorous measures are not adopted, some whole regions of our churches will become annihilated. We have travelled over hundreds of miles where there was not to be found anevar.gelist, and no teach

CO-OPERATION MEETING.–Agreeably to ers except those miserable drivellers who wield the

the proposition adopted at the Chester hammer and the lapstone all the week, and "spout on Sunday. To all such regions we need missiona meeting in September last, we announce ries sent; men of some cultivation, who will retrieve the honour of our disgraced cause.”

that a meeting for consultation and co

operation will be held in Glasgow during Another says :

the last week in the ensuing motnh of Sep“ The stakes are fixed, and there will be no reform worth a groat without a division, or remodelling the tember. The time and place of meeting form of things; and this cannot now be done.

The we shall announce in our next.-J. W.

The church has gone whoring after strange gods.'" The Editor of the Presbyterian Herald Printed by Edmund Renals, at his Office, No. 2,

South-parade, in the parish of Saint Peter, Notting. well remarks, in view of these things, “ When

ham, and published by the Proprietor, JAMES men set themselves to ridicule experimental

WALLIS, of Park-terrace, at No. 12, Peck-lane, produced in the he

in the said Parish.-Tuesday, August 1, 1848.


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