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Christ is there represented as ruling opened. I beheld then, because of the nations with a rod of iron, and to the voice of the great words which break them as a potter's vessel (ii. the horn spake, till the beast was 27, xix. 15), and as he has promised | slain, and his body destroyed and that his saints shall do so also (Rev. given to the burning flames (see Joel ii. 27), his saints must be resurrected | iii. 12-14.) Now, respecting this to do it, before “the wicked are cut beast with the ten horns, and the off from the earth, and the transgres- little horn (Popery), with a mouth sors shall be rooted out of it,” (Prov. speaking great things, we read, “I ii. 21-22); for the rebels, after the beheld, and the same horn made war millennium, shall be destroyed by with the saints, and prevailed against God with fire from heaven.

them until the Antient of Days came, In chapter xix. at the sounding of and judgment was given to the saints the seventh trumpet, which refers to of the Most High; and the time the period when the beast is destroyed came that the saints possessed the and Christ's kingdom established, kingdom,” (vii. 9-11, 21-22.) (compare xii. 7 with xvii. 8), we How will these statements corresfind the elders before the throne pond with the Apocalypse ? John exclaim, “We give thee thanks, O saw the judgment of the great whore; Lord God Almighty, who art, and he saw the judge descend, and the who was, because thou hast taken beast cast into the lake of fire; he thy great power, and hast commenced saw thrones, and them that sat upon thy reign.” The nations were wroth, them; and judgment was given with and thy wrath came, and the time of them, and they lived and reigned with the dead when they should be judged, Christ a thousand years. and a reward should be given to thy We conclude by reminding our servants the prophets, and to the readers that, if the beast has nearly saints, and to them that fear thy accomplished his 1260 years, when name, small and great ; and when he shall be destroyed, then the Anthou shouldst destroy those that de- tient of Days will soon arrive (Dan. stroyed the earth (xi. 15, Campbell's iii. 21–22.) The King of Kings will edition.) Let the reader judge whe- soon tread the wine-press of the wrath ther or not these things can be done of God (Rev. xix. 15), “ in that great without a literal resurrection, and day of God Almighty,” when the consequently a personal coming of cities of the nations shall fall (xvi. Christ.

19), and when, at the battle of ArmaLet us now refer to Daniel's vision geddon, the fowls shall be satiate of the beast. The first verse is from with the flesh of the rebellious. the Geneva translation. And “be- Lord, give us grace to watch and holde thys horne had eyes lyke a man, to pray always, that we may be and a mouthe speakynge presump counted worthy to escape all these tuous thyngs; I looked tyll the seats things that shall come to pass, and were prepared, and till the old aged to stand before the Son of Man. sat him down.” “ His garment was

R. white as snow, and the hairs of his head like pure wool: his throne was

REMARKS BY EDITOR. like the fiery flame, and his wheels! The great design of writing or like burning fire. A fiery stream speaking is either to elicit truths not issued and went forth before him ; fully understood, or to vindicate and thousand thousands ministered to maintain those already believed. The him, and ten thousand times ten teaching of the Holy Spirit is conthousand stood before him; and the tained in the Bible. In its pages are judgment was set, and the books were I contained treasures of incalculable

value. The progressive, yet distinct | what nations will be then left for the developments of the Divine Mind in Lord and his immortal associates to regard to the redemption of the world, rule with a rod of iron during the are here revealed as a system most millennial reign ? Certainly the unique and perfect. Holy men spoke saints will not require this iron rule. as they were moved by the Holy Who, then, are to be ruled ? There Spirit.

are some parties who could more The Book of Revelations, the last easily believe that the “ electric teleof the volume, chiefly presented in gragh” is to be the iron rod by which hieroglyphic form, for the exercise of the nations are to be ruled for a faith and confidence, has ever been, thousand years, than that they could and still is, a source of much specu- receive such an hypothesis. Let lation among the children of men. not the reader be startled, nor yet Things new and old are constantly wrathful against these persons, for flowing from the tongue and the we are assured that they most firmly press, to initiate, if possible, the hu- believe both in the spiritual and man mind into the mysteries of God, personal reign of our adorable Lord his government of the world, and of and Saviour Jesus Christ. His the antagonistic claims of Christ and spiritual reign is now in progression, of Anti-Christ. Still, Time, that extending to the heart and conscience great revealer of secrets, does more of every man and woman on earth, than any other agent, to develope and will continue to progress to the the divine purposes presented in these end of this dispensation, when the living oracles of truth.

secrets of all hearts shall be judged Having carefully read the article by Jesus Christ at his appearing in by Brother R. on Rev. xx. 1-6, we his kingdom, according to Paul's are unable to say anything particular gospel. on its merits, inasmuch as it presents The kingdom which is now spiritus with nothing new. The mind is ual and realized by faith, at the revenot much more enlightened on mil-lation of Jesus Christ from heaven, lennial matters subsequently to its will be both literal and personalperusal than it was previously. It is spiritual, enjoyed by sight, and not still an unsettled question, and the by faith. All present will be able inquiry continues to be made-does to see as they are seen, and to the paragraph refer to a figurative know as they are known—so far as spiritual resurrection of the church their character, state, and destiny are of Christ, typified by the reign of concerned. Behold He cometh in the Solomon, when all the enemies of clouds, and every eye shall see him, Israel were either slain or kept in even they who pierced him ; and all abeyance for a period ?-or does it the kings of the earth shall mourn refer to the literal personal descent because of him. Yes, so let it be of the Lord, with his redeemed and Now, when the Son of Man shall immortal children, to reign on earth come in his glory, accompanied by for one thousand years prior to the all his holy angels, and shall be winding up of all human affairs ? If seated on his glorious throne, then it be true, as Brother R. affirms, that shall all the nations be assembled bethe Beast, (political government) the fore him, and out of them he will seHarlot, (Roman Catholicism) the false parate the good from the bad, as a Prophet, (Mahomedanism) the Dra- shepherd separates the sheep from gon, and Satan, with their adherents, the goats ; the sheep he will set at are to be cast alive into the lake that his right hand, and the goats on his burneth with fire and brimstone, and left.For.whoever is ashamed of me to be shut up for one thousand years, and my word in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him likewise will God, and the name of the city of the Son of Man be ashamed when God, the new Jerusalem which is to he shall come in the glory of his Fa- come down from heaven, from Godther, accompanied by the holy angels. the new name shall be inscribed upon -Seeing it is just with God to return him. The nations shall be dashed in affliction to them who afflict you, and pieces like a potter's vessel. But it to you the afflicted rest with us at does not say that the righteous or, the revelation of the Lord Jesus from justified ones shall do this, although heaven, with his mighty angels in his saints or anointed ones may and flaming fire, taking vengeance on no doubt will at his bidding. The them that know not God, and that earth, or unbelievers, are to help the obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus church out of her wilderness state, as Christ; who shall be punished with they did the Jews out of Babylon. everlasting destruction from the pre See Isa. xiii. 3, xli. 2, xliv. 28, xlv. sence of the Lord and from the glory 1; Jeremiah xxvii. 6–8; 1 Kings, of his power. When he shall come xix. 15; 2 Kings, viii. 7-12; Rev. to be glorified in his saints, and to be xii. 16. admired in all them that believe. If these three quotations from holy writ do not teach that the righteous and

PROPHETIC DEPARTMENT CONTINUED. the wicked who lived in the days of DEAR SIR-Agreed with you subour Lord and of his Apostles, with stantially in the faith of the church, those of subsequent periods, will meet and thirsting for the time when we in his presence at the time when he shall luxuriate in closest fellowship of shall come in the clouds of heaven, love, unity, and knowledge, permit then what do they teach ?

me to express the gratification I feel The Apostle Peter says of the in your having turned your attention Christian disciples in this world, to the subject of the Lord's return, You are an elect race, a royal | (be that return spiritual or personal) priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased and opened the pages of the Harbinpeople : that you should declare the ger for investigation of, and informaperfections of him who hath called tion upon, the subject. you out of darkness into his marvel- Although I regard the second comlous light ; who formerly were not a ing of Christ as the hope of the people, but now are the people of church, I differ somewhat with J. F.'s God; who had not obtained mercy, mode of treating the same—in quobut now have obtained mercy.” Re- ting scripture by wholesale, and tagarding the same persons when in a king his positions as true, without future resurrected and immortal state, defending his application of those they are spoken of not as priests, but scriptures so as to establish those poas conquerors, eating of the tree of sitions. Yet I am glad that he has life which is in the midst of the para- written upon the subject, and that dise of God-possessing a crown of you have inserted his thoughts. In life-partaking of the hidden manna many of your own remarks thereon, -having a new name written which as also those of Mr. J. Wilson, I no man knows except he who receives differ ; but I am persuaded that, by it. As for the conqueror, he shall be comparison of individual judgment, clothed in white apparel ; his name cautiously and prayerfully given-seshall not be blotted from the book of | lected, inserted, information—edificalife, but confessed before the Father, tion, and profit may be the results. and before his angels ; he shall be a The wisest know but in part, and we pillar in the temple of God, and he have all need of each other. Supeshall go out no more ; the name of riority of judgment denotes but proportioned responsibility. The smallest terest and profit thence to be derived. stars possess an actual existence, and Submitting these matters to your shed their measure of light upon us. editorial discrimination and Christian The widow's two mites were, owing judgment, I shall realize great pleato circumstances, more than the gifts sure in supplying a short article each of all those who honoured the trea- month for awhile, for your Prophetic sury. It is possible we may each Department.

MINIMUM. learn something from the other. There

[NOTE.—As we have this month are useful lessons for the rich in the

several additional correspondents who circle of poverty, and for the wise in

have expressed a desire to contribute the school of what is called folly.

to our Prophetic Department, we must Freedom of investigation and expres

request the writers not to extend any sion, within the bounds of prudence

article beyond 2 or 3 pages. And as and scripture testimony, is every

no man is justified in waiting the Christian's birthright; and the tend

arrival of the millennium before he ency of the age, among the elect of

commences sowing to the Spirit, our God, is to unity of judgment and

contributors will please to bear in action. Let us, then, bear with each

mind that some practical deduction other awhile. Let us not despise or

should be drawn from each communirevile each other because we cannot

cation. Will “ Minimum" consider just see alike. Let us not make our whether the watchmen seeing eye to individual or social judgment the

eye were not the Apostles ; and if arbitrary standard to the prevention

the • all taught of God” are not the of others doubts or objections, or

disciples—the fathers, young men, even to temperate and Christian dis

and children constituting the body of cussion, as was the case with that

Christ. 1 John ii. 12-21 ; Hebrews system whose overthrow myriads are viii. 10-13.-J. W.7 ready and waiting to hail with delight. Truth is mighty, yea, almighty, and must prevail. Where it exists,

FLEMING ON PROPHECY. it exists by virtue of its own nature,

(Continued from page 330.) with and like its Author. The more II. I proceed to improve what I it is tested, the firmer it grasps, the have said both theoretically and pracbrighter it shines, the greater and tically more magnificent are its conquests. And 1st, I shall advance something Jehovah has promised, then, that the here, as a theoretical improvement watchmen of Zion shall yet see eye of what I have said upon the former to eye, and that all, from the least head. For by this key, we may atunto the greatest, shall know the tain, in a great measure, to unlock Lord. These sayings are faithful the dark apocalyptical periods and and true. This glorious state of times; those, I mean, that relate to things is considered, however, as to the continuance of the Papal power, be accomplished " when the Lord both as to his gradual growth and inshall bring again Zion”_" when he crease first, and his decay afterwards, will appear in his glory.”

until his last and final destruction. Before proceeding to the proof of And in relation to these, the far these things, I have two or three other greatest part of the Apocalypse must particulars to premise, which are be understood. worthy of separate consideration, and Now, in order to this performance, which are needful as so many pro- I must premise this one thing, viz. gressive steps to the humble and that the seven seals, trumpets, and prayerful student of prophecy, in vials (in which is contained the order order to that sure conclusion, that in- ' and series of the whole apocalyptical prophecy, and to the explanation and Spirit for this end on the day of Penillustration of which, all the other tecost, (Acts ii.) so the full compleparticular visions are subservient)- tion of it is not till the end of time. that, I say, these are joined together For after all other horsemen and by the link of the seventh seal and enemies of the church have done seventh trumpet ; so as the seventh their utmost against Christ and his seal doth, as it were, produce or in- people, we find this Horseman leadclude the seven trumpets, and the ing them all in triumph as his capseventh trumpet the seven vials, in tives, and proceeding in his conquests the same manner.

to make a full and final end of them. This I should reckon no difficult For which see chap. xix. 11, 12, &c. thing to demonstrate, but that it so that this seal begins with A.D. 33 would be too long to insist upon it or 34, and does not end till the end of in this place. Only let me desire time, as to its full completion. But you to consider, that it was not until if we reckon it only in relation to the after the opening of the seventh seal, | beginning of the next seal, (Christ's that John saw the angels with the conquests being darkened) we shall seven trumpets (chap. viii. 1-2.) And see that immediately. that it was after the sounding of the The second seal (chap. vi. 3, 4) seventh trumpet also that he tells us under the emblem of a rider upon a he saw another sign, great and won- red horse (who had a great sword derful (chap. xv. 1) which was the given him, in order to take peace vision of the vials. So that I wonder from the earth, and to engage men that Mr. Mede, Dr. Mure, and others, in wars) represents the state of the have suffered themselves to be con- empire from the time that Nero made founded in their interpretations by war on the Jews, A.D. 66 ; and so reason of their not observing this, contains the civil wars of Galba, and consequently, by jumbling some Otho, and Vitellius, when men did of the trumpets with the seals, and so remarkably kill one another; and most of the vials with the trumpets. the wars of Vespasian and Titus

Now, this being supposed, we will against the Jews, completed afterfind the series of time run in the fol- wards by the terrible destruction of lowing order, according to his three- that nation under Hadrian ; together fold septenary of periods, which do with his other wars, and the preceinsensibly run out one into the other. ding persecutions of Domitian and

The first septenary of seals relates Trajan, and the conquests of this last to the Christian church during the prince. So that, as this begins with state of the Roman empire. And A.D. 66, it ends with Hadrian's wars these do accordingly run in this order. in 134, or with his life, 138.

The first seal exhibits the state of The third seal (chap vi. 5-6) begins the church under the conduct of a therefore, with A.D. 138, where, unglorious Rider on a white horse, hav- der the hieroglyphic of a rider on a ing a bow in his hand, and a crown black horse, with a pair of balances given unto him, who went out con- in his hand, to weigh and measure quering and to conquer (chap. vi. 2.) all things exactly, is set forth the exUnder which emblem Christ himself cellent reigns of the admirable Antois represented, going forth upon his nines, Pius, and Philosophus. And, conquests over Jews and Gentiles ; therefore, this seal runs out in the and as this relates to Christ's first year 180. victory over his enemies, after his The fourth zeal (chap. vi. 7-8) commission to his disciples to preach represents the Roman horse turned the gospel to all nations (Matt. xxviii. pale, and the rider changed from a 18-20) and the pouring down of his grave and awful judge to a murderer,

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