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his own position. There is a like wearing away one fragment; yet they analogy in Christian tactics, though themselves have been repelled and Christianity is upheld by him who scattered into empty foam. He, like poured the waters from the hollow of Moses in the wilderness, can point his hand. It never shines forth in out to the perishing multitude who in such splendour as when it has a have been stung by the Old Serpent, clear and unclouded atmosphere to the sacred sign on which they may transmit its rays. The seed of evil look and live. sown in society long ages since, has It is a striking characteristic of the now grown into a gigantic tree, the Christian character, that it gradually “marvel of a thousand years ;" and, purifies and elevates all who frequentlike the upas, is gradually withering ly come in contact with it even as under its deadly shade everything the violet imparts to the breeze which pure and holy. The Christian has sweeps along the green dell that is the power to lop off its branches ere her home, a portion of her own frathey produce more of its fruit, which, grance. If the world has not like the apples of the Dead Sea shore, hitherto believed, it is because Chrisare outwardly fair to behold, but in- tians have not in their own purity of wardly full of bitter ashes. The so- character, afforded it the necessary cial system of every European coun- evidence. When the Apostle James try is decaying to its very core ; and defined “ pure religion,” he said one as the social problems are now dis- of its attributes was “ to visit the facussed in every nation, in every work- therless and widow in their affliction." shop, at every fireside, the disciple This is a feature of striking beauty has now an opportunity of vindica- and benevolence, for on none do the ting the majesty of the Lord ; and consequences of sin fall more heavily when from all voices is heard the cry than on the innocent widow or orphan. “Oh, miserable men that we are, who The worst feature in unregenerated shall deliver us from this body of human nature is, that it is fond of death ?” he can say, in firm yet giving to the rich, of helping the suasive accents – You are miserable strong, and crushing the weak; and because you have forgotten God-be- it is here that the follower of Christ cause you have disregarded the laws appears as a ministering angel, for the ordained for you, and adapted to your message of love never enters the heart nature by the God who made all na- with such thrilling power as when it ture—because God has suffered you has been preceded by some kind acto make your own laws, which you tion which shadows forth the boundnow find a burden too heavy to be less love of Him who is on high. The borne. You are miserable because spirit of Jesuitism, which has long you have voluntarily broken the been acquainted with all the lights golden chain of divine law, by which and shadows of human nature, has God bound you to himself and to his always made this principle of benevothrone, and put on the iron fetters of lence subservient to its own views, for sin, whose rust is a witness against whenever a fresh field has to be ocyou, and now eats your flesh as it cupied, the Sisters of Mercy are alwere fire. You are weary, because, ways sent as pioneers to prepare the like the dove of the ark, you have way. And shall the Christian show swept over the dark waters of life, less humanity and less wisdom ? His and find no rest for your souls. Re- course should be traced even as the pose, then, on the Rock of Ages : the hidden streamlet, by the freshness, waves of sin and infidelity have beat the verdure of heart, which his deeds against it for four thousand years, of kindness have left wherever he has without shaking its lofty pinnacles, or \ passed.

INDIVIDUALITY OF CHARACTER genius, the ebbs and flows of whose NECESSARY TO THE CHRISTIAN. Jsoul were as tides in the moral uni

When night throws her shadowy verse, and he will tell him that the veil over the fair face of nature, ren- thoughts which glisten in his pages dering the silent rivers mirrors of are like the pearls which the diver wandering worlds, a new evidence of brings from the bottom of the deep, the Divine attribute is presented to precious, yet earned by a portion of our view from the splendid Uranus, his own heart's blood. whose distance is so vast, that the “He learnt in suffering what he tanght in song.” greatest scientific intellect can obtain But can the genius repine with no parallax, and consequently no con- truth? The man of talent will say ception of its relative position—to that the knowledge he himself has the pale star of eve, we behold a obtained, by years of unremitting various degree of splendour and mag- research and thought, was acquired nitude; and when the morning sun by the former almost intuitively; again hides these stars with a veil of and again, he will know that the light, in the green oak and the tender well-poised and disciplined mind, lily, we still see that evidence re- which enables him to labour, at any newed. Each offspring of Divine period, with a certainty of success, is power is endowed with a beauty all denied to the loftiest genius, whose its own; but as if it were intended soul is like those stars which move to teach man, in a sublime allegory, in so vast an orbit, that their light is the love and justice of God, there is seldom visible to the world. The every where visible a principle of balances are still equal. compensation. The oak, clasping the It follows, then, that a man's earth with his mighty arms, may defy greatness and utility increase in prothe storm, yet the lily only bows her portion to his individual development meek head, and she, too, rests in of soul ; nor is it contradicted by the peace.

actions of the Divine Being. To us, reasoning analogically, there When the gospel was to be proappears the same primary difference claimed to a whole world, twelve in the souls of men. It is urged that men only were chosen, each with circumstances have immense influence varied faculties. There were the over minds. True. The diamond learned, logical, and eloquent Paul; may be cut, so as to increase its the daring and impetuous sons of beauty, or it may be defaced, so that Thunder; the tender-hearted and it shall be almost valueless ; but still woman-like John; besides the other it is a jewel-it cannot be changed Apostles, whose characters are maniinto common earth. Even so with fested in their writings or labours. human minds; they have character- And yet again, when the brightest istics which circumstances may defy, jewels were to be plucked from the but which they can never change or Pope's triple crown, there arose two destroy. And here we may remark, men, Luther and Melancthon ; the that the appearance of a galaxy of former daring, impetuous, with the intellect, at certain epochs in the spirit of the warrior rather than of world's history-such as the Augustan | the priest, unrivalled in controversy, age, or the Reformation-ought not with an energy that increased in proto be ascribed to chance, that which portion to the need ; the latter proman terms chance being either unin- foundly learned, meek, yet with a vestigated or unfathomable law. martyr's firmness, winning as many

The man of talent cannot impute converts, by suavity of manner and injustice to God, because he does not personal holiness, as his colleague by possess genius. Let him ask the force of argument: the one admirably

fitted for prostrating the walls of the every evil thought subdued, is but temple reared by the superstition of another ray of glory added to our so many ages ; the other skilful, in eternal crown. collecting the loose materials, and LABOUR ESSENTIAL TO MAN. reconstructing them into a " living When God made man in his own temple,” meet for the dwelling-place image, placing him in an abode of of God; yet each, according to a law surpassing loveliness, the day glided pervading the physical and moral not away in a voluptuous dream ; he universe, drawing to himself souls of did not let the hours run by, while a kindred nature, which should ope- he reclined on the mossy bank, watchrate on others in a like manner. the clouds as they floated over the

The Jesuits have always held more summer sky; but, in the fulfilment || power than any other society, solely of God's law of labour, he was to from the adoption of this principle. bind up the drooping flowers, to The general of the order once showed gather the mellow fruit, or the golden an English noble the interior of the grain— to remove aught that was Roman College. “Behold,” said the withered or decayed, in order that superior, “I have here poets, states- every spot might be fresh and fair as men, orators, philosophers, generals, his own nature, and at intervals to aye! and if they are needed, I have rest and refresh his soul by commartyrs.” In an unguarded moment, munion with Jehovah. Even after he had disclosed the arch secret of his fall and banishment from Parahis power.

dise, the law was again ordained ; Every one of these men would and that man might not avoid the labour in a different cause, yet with fulfilment, the primal curse fell upon unity of purpose. Each man would the earth, causing it to bring forth regard himself as the sole represen- weeds, which should contend with tative of his cause. Alas! the child- man for the empire of the soil. Yet ren of darkness are wiser, much love was still manifested; from the wiser than the children of light! weeds do we gather the harmless

Shall the Christian suffer it to be medicinal balm, which can cure our so always ? Does he not know that diseased frame. Adam might, perindividual efforts, combined for one haps, have evaded the law for a short great end, shall conquer the world ? time; but he would have ultimately Yet there is another motive which been compelled, from necessity, to will have greater power over the obey the law, even as we are. human heart.

1 The Christian can join to necessity Life, if properly understood, is the pure motive of gratitude. When more awful than death. Death is Jehovah appeared to his chosen people, but the entrance into eternity ; life he was shrouded in a robe of fire ; is the preparation for it. It is here the earthquake, and the sound of the that the soul of man fashions its own trumpet, shook the land, filling the destiny. The king shall lose his hearts of the assembled thousands gemmed diadem — the warrior his with fearful terror. When the prolaurel wreath-the spirit of the grave phet Elijah said in anguish, “I have shall clasp us in his cold arms; but been very jealous for the Lord God the consecrated intellect, the pure of Hosts, for the children of Israel and devoted heart— these are dis- have forsaken thy covenant, thrown tinctions which shall remain when down thy altar, and slain thy protime shall be no longer ; and as “our phets with the sword, and I, even I, suffering is but an inverted image of only am left, and they seek my life our nobleness,” we can still rejoice, to take it away,” the Lord heralded knowing that every trial endured, his approach to that suffering, that

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much-enduring man, by the storm,

The seed that in these few and fleeting hours

Thy hands unsparing and unwearied sow, the earthquake, and the cloud of fire ; Shall deck thy grave with amaranthine flowers,

And yield thee fruits divine in heaven's eternal and at last a voice, still and solemn,

bowers. declared to him that his sufferings

J. G. L. would shortly cease.

(To be continued.) But in these latter days, God, manifest in the flesh, gave himself as

GOD IS LOVE. a ransom for our sins, “and all for The creation of man proves the love, and nothing for reward.” He truth of the testimony, that God is now allows us to address him by the love. The structure of his body, the endearing name of “brother.” He constitution of his mind, and the now speaks not in the voice of com | happy circumstances in which he mand, but entreaty. Hear these was placed, demonstrate the affection words : “Ho, all ye that are weary of God towards the moral and inteland heavy laden come unto me, and lectual being which he brought into I will give you rest !” Cold must existence. But, alas! the gold bebe the heart, and slavish the soul, came dim—the most fine gold was that does not thrill with gratitude changed, and bedimmed and changed when he hears such words.

by the happy object of God's regard. One of the scholars of Socrates Rebellious man! art thou any longer said to him, “I have so high an an object of the love and care of opinion of the excellence of the gods, Jehovah ? Yes, the Omnipotent, that I think they stand in no need instead of casting thee into everlasteither of me or my services.” So- ing destruction, announces the joyful crates replied, “Thou mistakest the intelligence, that “ the seed of the matter, Aristodemus; the greater woman would bruise the head of the magnificence they have shown in serpent." the case of thee, so much the When the fulness of the time was more honor and service thou owest come, “ God sent forth his Son, made them."

of a woman, made under the law, to Shall we suffer an heathen to sur- redeem them that are under the law, pass us in gratitude? It was wisely that we might receive the adoption remarked by a Jewish Rabbi, “ that of sons.” The preparatory process human actions re-appear in their is now past; the day has arrived consequences by as certain a law as which, when seen afar off, gladdened the green blade rises up out of the the heart of Abraham. The Virgin buried corn-seed ;” but this law is gives birth to Emanuel! Heaven is fraught with no terror to the Chris- moved! The plains of Bethlehem tian ; he knows that the consequences echo the song of angels. A gem of of a righteous act shall be seen by the sky guides the shepherds to the the Lord, widening in the progress created Lord of the universe ! Time of time. They shall be as a shady rolls on; he grows in wisdom and palm grove, giving spiritual shelter stature. “The spirit of the Lord is to those who were ready to perish ; upon him ; he is anointed to preach but if the act be evil, how fearful the gospel to the poor: He is sent to shall be the result! May not some heal the broken-hearted, to preach one sin, following this law, be suffi deliverance to the captives, and recient to banish us for ever from the covering of sight to the blind-to set presence of God ?

at liberty them that are bruised to

preach the acceptable year of the Rouse to some work of high and holy love,

Lord.” Never was mission so per-
And thou an angel's happiness shalt know-
Shalt bless the earth while in the world above : fectly fulfilled. Miracles of mercy

The good begun by thee shall onward flow
In many a branching stream, and wider grow; 'attest him. The puna receive their

sight, and the lame walk; the lepers and they assure us “the whole of are cleansed, and the deaf hear; the Mr. Campbell's reasoning in ch. 10, dead are raised up, and the poor have s. 10, is based upon imperfect views the gospel preached to them.” He of scripture, and consequently his is emphatically the “Great Teacher.” results are fallacious." Your views, “Never man spake like this man.” then, gentlemen, are perfect, and a Love flowed from his lips. “Whom Job might say, “No doubt ye are he loves, he loves to the end ;” and the people, and wisdom shall die from the overflowings of his love, a with you.” new commandment he gives his dis- Some of these perfect views are ciples, that they “love one another.” (Strict. p. 20–25) that the virtue of His end draws nigh; he knows the the atonement lies in the mere aphour and power of darkness; but his pointment of God; that the extent love is unabated; he speaks comfort of atonement is clearly defined; that to his disciples. “Ye now have a debt is both paid off and pardoned; sorrow, but I will see you again, and that redemption is a commercial your heart shall rejoice, and your transaction; and that sins deserve joy no man taketh from you." Love punishment, but not after atonement delights in the society and happiness is made. Of certain notions it may of its object; hence the prayer, be said, a statement is a refutation of “Father, I will that they also, whom them, and these seem of that class, thou hast given me, be with me where for they intimate that God might I am, that they may behold my glory, have appointed other blood than that which thou hast given me ; for thou of his own dear son to take away lovedst me before the foundation of sin ; that he makes millions of manthe world,” Eternal love commends kind purposely to punish them withitself “in that, while we were yet out mercy for ever ; that a debt paid sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.” off is a debt forgiven ; that Christ How felicitous ! “ to know the love came into the world (as a merchant of Christ, which passeth knowledge.” into a town), to make a limited purLet us contemplate the love of God chase at a limited price; and that, as revealed to us in 1 John iii. 1, 2; since the death of Christ, sins do not and iv. 9, 10, 16:

deserve punishment! Mr. Campbell God is Love, the Bible says ;

may consider himself honoured by Mercy governs all his ways;

having the seers of such “ views" Great and awful though he be, Greater is his clemency.

opposed to him.
Every page his goodness shows;

Their leading “view” in this
Every line with kindness glows :
Every law and promise prove-

stricture is, Redemption is a com

mercial transaction; and to make it God is Love, the ocean roars, Thundering on a thousand shores;

appear such, they treat us to a metaWhile all around, beneath, above, phor-mixture of debt, price, crime, Swell the chorus-God is Love.

payment, purchase, ransom, forgiveness, substitution, and offering; and

these are so jumbled and confounded, STRICTURES ON A BAPTIST

that one doubts whether the writers PAMPHLET.

knew what they meant. They insist DEAR SIR—Whatever diffidence that man is in debt to God, and first the Liverpool stricture-writers may say “man owes obedience.They have had on other subjects, they seem seem, however, unaware, that as to feel none on the doctrine of re- | money debts are paid in money, so demption or atonement, “which,” | debts of obedience must be paid in they say, “ we find most glaringly obedience, and not in sacrifice, nor perverted in the Christian system;"”) in blood. But, secondly, they repre

Glorious knowledge -God is Love.

S. R.

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