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all the saints and angels summoned of the coming of the Lord, and not there? The reason is obvious. The until then. “ Whom the Lord will throne of God and the Lamb is being consume with the spirit of his mouth, removed to earth; and where but and shall destroy with the brightness around the throne of Jesus should of his coming," 2 Thess. ii. 8. “I saints and angels be to execute his beheld then because of the voice of commands ? O reader ! may you and the great words which the horn spake; I be there that sight to see! Then, I beheld even till the beast was slain, and not until then, will the apostles and his body given to the burning sit upon twelve thrones judging the flame !” Dan. vii. 11. This is in twelve tribes of Israel. Then will connection with the coming of the be the time that Jesus promised it to Lord, and refers to the same power them. Proof : “ And Jesus said unto that Paul calls “ the man of sin.” them, verily I say unto you, ye which Prop. 3. Terror, consternation, have followed me in the regeneration, and dismay will seize the wicked when the Son of man shall sit on the when they shall see the Son of man throne of his glory, ye also shall sit coming in the clouds of heaven, with upon twelve thrones judging the power and great glory. “And then twelve tribes of Israel,” Mat. xix. 28. shall appear the sign of the Son of Where does Jesus now sit? Ans. man in heaven; and then shall all On his Father's throne. Proof : the tribes of the earth mourn ; and “ To him that overcometh, will I they shall see the Son of man coming grant to sit with me in my throne, in the clouds of heaven with power even as I also overcame, and am set and glory," Matt xxiv. 30. “ And down with my Father in his throne," there shall be signs in the sun, and Rev. iii. 21. When will Jesus sit on in the moon, and in the stars, and his own throne ? 6 When the Son of upon the earth, distress of nations, man shall come in his glory, and all with perplexity; the sea and the the holy angels with him, then shall waves roaring; men's hearts failing he sit upon the throne in his glory,” | them for fear and for looking after Matt. xxv. 31. Some put the coming those things which are coming on of the Lord in person at the close of the earth. For the powers of heaven the Millennium. To me, however, shall be shaken ; and then shall they it appears most evident that it will see the Son of man coming in a cloud take place prior to, or at, the com- with power and great glory,” Luke mencement of the thousand years of xxi. 25. “And the kings of the peace and happiness. To me it ap- earth and the great men, and the pears very absurd to suppose that rich men, and the chief captains, that anti-christian power, called by and the mighty men, and every bond Daniel and John the beast, and by man, and every free man, hid themPaul the man of sin and son of perdi- selves in the dens and in the rocks tion, who has usurped the temple and of the mountains, and said to the prerogatives of God, and until this mountains and rocks, fall on us, and hour claims them as his own—who hide us from the face of him that has worn out the saints of the Most sitteth on the throne, and from the High for twelve hundred years ; I wrath of the Lamb; for the great say it is unreasonable to suppose that day of his wrath is come, and who he will hold his soul and body destroy- shall be able to stand ?" Rev. vi. ing reign for a thousand years longer. 15-17. And yet this must be the case, if the Reader, are you living in disoLord does not come until the close of bedience to the commands of this the Millennium. For, mark it, he glorious King? Flee, I beseech you, will be destroyed by the brightness the impending vengeance, by bowing

to his high authority-receiving from this that they are too much in love his hand remission of all your sins— with this present world. Like Demas taking your stand on the rock which they have forsaken the Lord. To such never can be moved-be numbered I would say, repent and do your first among the sons and daughters of the works. Give all diligence to make Lord Almighty, that you may be your calling and election sure, that among the number that shall be caught with Paul you may receive an unfaup to meet the Lord in the air, and ding crown of glory when the Lord so be ever with the Lord.

| shall come, which will be far better Prop. 4. The resurrection and glo- than all the treasures of which earth rification of all the saints that have can boast. But to return to our sublived from Adam down to the coming ject, which is the resurrection of all of the Lord." For if we believe the saints at the coming of the Lord. that Jesus died and rose again, even " And the Lord my God shall come, so them also which sleep in Jesus and all the saints with thee,” Zech. will God bring with him. For this xiv. 9. “ And I saw thrones, and we say unto you by the word of the they that sat upon them, and judgLord, that we which are alive and re- ment was given unto them; and I main unto the coming of the Lord, saw the souls of them that were beshall not prevent them which are headed for the witness of Jesus, and asleep; for the Lord himself shall for the word of God, and which had descend from heaven with a shout, not worshipped the beast, neither his with the voice of the archangel, and image, neither had received his mark with the trump of God, and the dead upon their foreheads or in their hands; in Christ shall rise first: then we and they lived and reigned with Christ which are alive and remain shall be a thousand years. But the rest of the caught up together with them in the dead lived not again until the thousand clouds, to meet the Lord in the air ; years were finished. This is the first and so shall we ever be with the Lord. / resurrection,” Rev. xx. 4-6. If the Wherefore comfort one another with coming of the Lord does not take these words.” I have frequently been place until the close of the thousand told that I had better say nothing years, how are the dead here spoken about these matters introduced in this of to live and reign with Christ a essay, as I know but little about them. thousand years, unless there are to be They are not profitable for Christians. two millenniums? which is one more Better teach something else. Yes, than the Bible knows anything about. indeed. The Christian's blessed hope “ But every man in his own order : to some has become dry and insipid. Christ the first fruits ; afterwards What was comfort to the people of they that are Christ's at his coming,” God seventeen centuries ago_which 1 Cor. xv. 23. Allusions to the same: caused them to rejoice with exceeding Eph. i. 9-10, “ That in the dispensagreat joy—which stimulated them to tion of the fulness of times, he might run and not weary, walk and not gather together in one all things in faint—which enabled them to take Christ; both which are in heaven, joyfully the spoiling of their goods— and which are on earth, even in him." to forsake all that the world calls -Rev. v. 9-10, “ And they sung a grand and great, that they might ob- new song, saying thou art worthy to tain a better resurrection, and receive take the book and open the seals a glorious crown. But for some pro- thereof ; for thou wast slain, and hast fessors in these days of declension, redeemed us to God by thy blood, out these blessed themes have no charms. of every kindred, and tongue, and They love not, neither are they look- people, and nation ; and hast made ing for their Lord. A strong proof l us unto our God kings and priests,

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and we shall reign on the earth.”- that a heavenly and sublime change Luke xiv. 13-14, “ But when thou has passed on the person of Messiah makest a feast, call the poor, the during his long absence, in which maimed, the lame, the blind, and thou glory he will appear to the admiration shalt be blessed ; for they cannot re- of all in heaven, on earth, and under compense thee, but thou shalt be re- the earth, who have known, loved, compensed at the resurrection of the and feared his name. He shall call just.”—Luke xx. 35-36, “But they to the heavens above, that he may that shall be accounted worthy to judge his people ; and the heavens obtain that world and the resurrection shall declare his righteousness, for God of the dead, neither marry nor are himself is judge (Psalm 1. 1-6.) given in marriage ; neither can they | Again, this brother says “It is undie any more, for they are equal unto reasonable to suppose that the man of the angels, and are the children of sin will hold his soul and body deGod, being the children of the resur- stroying reign for a thousand years rection.”—John vi. 39, 66 And this longer. And yet it must be so, if is the father's will which hath sent the Lord does not come until the close me, that of all which he hath given of the millennium ; for he will be deme, I should lose nothing, but should stroyed by the brightness of His comraise it up again at the last day.” ing, and not until then." Here we ask “ And this is the will of him that sent why it must necessarily be the case, me, that every one which seeth the that the man of sin should hold his Son and believeth on him, may have soul and body destroying reign for a everlasting life, and I will raise him thousand years longer, even though up at the last day.” If the language the Lord do not come until after the here employed does not prove our po- millennium ? Is the Lord's arm shortsition, in vain may we expect to prove ened that he cannot chain an adveranything from the Bible. What is sary for a thousand years, while himit ? All the saints will come with self on the throne of his Father's him. “ Those that are his at his glory ? “Sit thou at my right hand, coming." Those that sleep in Jesus until I make thy foes thy footstool.” will God bring with him. Those that The last enemy that shall be destroyed believe on him. Can language be is death. The Lord is still the living more explicit—be more to the point ? and the life-giving Word, ruling his I think not.

İ. F. friends, and controling his foes. Al

ready, by the breath of his mouth, he REMARKS BY THE EDITOR.

has consumed the political and eccleThe writer of the foregoing article siastical usurpations of the man of says, “ Jesus shall come as he went sin ; and by impending vengeance he away,” &c. That Jesus who departed will lay his sickle to the earth, and will again return in the clouds of hea- cut down this polluted and condemned ven, is a predicted, and consequently vine, with all its poisonous branches, an indubitable fact ; but that his per- and throw them into the wine-press sonal appearance, or attending cir- of the wrath of God. The Jews, who cumstances, will be precisely the were our types, although unbelieving same, we dare not affirm-unless, in- and rebellious, have been preserved a deed, it can be proved that every eye distinct people, chained and bound in then saw him—that he departed in the the midst of the nations, without either glory of his Father, his own glory, the political or religious influence, for glory of the holy angels, and that all nearly eighteen hundred years, simply the saints were with him. But this to indicate the truth and faithfulness cannot be proved. From the descrip- of the sure prophetic word. And cantion given in the Apocalypse we learn not the Lord, by his angel, lay hold of the dragon, that old serpent, who is possessions in North America. We design the devil and Satan, and bind him for giving the name of each church, with its lo

cation, its probable number of members, its a thousand years, setting a seal upon

resident or travelling preacher if it have any, him and his adherents, that they de its Elders, or if none its most prominent ceive the nations no more until the members, and at the same time to designate time be accomplished ? And may not | each church who own a house of worship. the church of Christ, during the thou- One reason, among many others, for the sand years, be as tranquil, serene, necessity of such a work, is the fact that but

comparatively few of our own brethren, can and happy, in the presence of this

form but a faint idea of the extent to which chained remnant of an apostate race the principles we plead have taken root, in of Gentiles, as the prophet Daniel | the short term of about 20 years. A more was in the lion's den ? When the extended view of this subject, we are fully thousand years are accomplished, then persuaded will conduce to a more zealous and

nen determined effort, on the part of the brotherSatan, loosed from his confinement, hood, to advance the interests of Christ's shall go forth to deceive the nations kingdom ; and this, we most firmly believe, that will fill the four corners of the will be effected, to some extent, by the pub

lication of the Christian Register. But the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them

most important reason, or one which appears together for war, whose number is the most obvions, is this—that our opponents like the sand of the sea. And they (at least a vast majority of them) look upon went up over the breadth of the earth,

us as a paltry and scattered few, and per

consequence, regard our principles as unimsurrounding the camp of the saints,

portant, and thus decide against them withand the beloved city; and fire came out giving them an examination; whereas, down from God out of heaven, and had they a correct understanding of the facts devoured them. And the devil, who

in the case, they would be induced, at least,

to examine into the correctness of the posihad deceived them, was cast into the

tions we maintain, which would ultimately lake that burns with fire and brim ensure the conversion of hundreds, and perstone, where the beast and the false

haps thousands, who now sit in darkness.

You are doubtless aware, that we have no prophet were ; and they shall be tor

I such document to put into the hands of our mented day and night for ages. But neighbours at the present time; and you are we must hear J. F. in his two succeed also well aware that, as a church, we have ing essays, which have come to hand. no general council or association by which

to call forth this much neaded work: and No persons have been more dogmati

hence, if it be ever accomplished, it will be cal than the generality of second ad done by individual effort. We have waited vent writers, yet none have been more for this until we find that waiting is vain. egregiously mistaken than they. The

No one seems willing to undertake the work,

which must in the very nature of the case be style of J. F. however, not being

a laborious aud arduous task; we have condogmatical, must be excepted from cluded therefore, to strike, and now ask the this remark.

co-operation and assistance of the brethren in obtaining the necessary information for the

completion of the work. We believe that, SPECIAL LETTER.

under existing circumstances, we have as

fair an opportunity for calling together the DEAR BROTHER-Your attention is par | requisite statistic facts, as any other inditicularly invited to the following enterprise, vidual, having access to a large majority of as a matter of the first importance for the

our preaching brethren who are generally furtherance of the good cause-one which well prepared to contribute for such a work. ought to have been commenced and consum

It will take an immense amount of labour to mated years ago! Your assistance and co- read, transcribe, and adjust the various reoperation in the work are most affectionately ports of the brethren who may contribute to solicited.

the Register, besides the necessary expense We are about commencing the collection of postage, to the amount, as we may fairly and compilation of a “ Christian Register,” calculate, of some two or three hundred dolwhich will embrace a statistic report of the lars. Yet the work must go a-head! And entire numerical strength of the current Re all the remuneration we ask or expect, is the formation throughout the United States and conscious conviction of baving done some territories, with as full report as possible from little in furthering the glorious cause of truth, England, Scotland, Ireland, and the British I Will you, dear Sir, set apart a few moments

of your spare time, and give us a full list of are the only evangelists we have at present all the churches and preachers in the bounds in the field : and these, with the exception of your acquaintance, whether in your own of Brother G. are not entirely devoted to the state or any other where you may have tra- | proclaiming of the gospel. Until, therefore, velled. Please omit no church on account more labourers are raised up ainongst us, our of not knowing the exact number of meme | progress must be far from rapid: bers. Give the probable number.

ENGLAND. The Christian Register, besides contain

Churches. Members. Principal Brethren. ing, as above described, a statistic report, | Ashton-under-Lyne16 Schofield, Harrison will also be enriched with a variety of arti- | Banbury ........ 25 Brewer, Lodds cles from the pens of some of our excellent

22 Erry, Cue brethren, which will swell the work to a Bulwell......... 76 Dawson, Langton considerable size! Your report will be de- | Beddlington .. 36 Briggs sired by the 1st of April or May at the fur. Carlisle....... 20 Cockburn thest, as we wish to have the whole work

Chester .....

35 Davies, Walker completed by the 1st of June.

Clackheaton ,.... 16 Blackburn, Peel Affectionately and sincerely, Carlton ......... 22 Hastings, Briton ALEX. IaLL. Delph........

12 United States, February, 1848.

Eastwood....... 12 Brett

(ston Ford Forge ..... 48 Black, Rea, BrotherNottingham, April 20, 1848. Halifax ........

46 Wilson, Appleyard DEAR BROTHER HALL-Your Special

Horncastle...... 4 Scott Letter of February, 1848, being sent by

Huddersfield .... 58 Shaw, Haigh

Howden ........ 10 Renshaw sailing packet instead of mail steamer, did

Hull ...........

16 Godson, Rea not reach me in time to appear in the April number of the British Millennial Harbinger,

Lewishamn ......

10 Warren otherwi e it would have been instrted. "The

Leigh ..........

10 Turner Christian Register will, I hope, meet with

Leicester ....... 6 Blair the approval of most, if not all the churches. | Liverpool ....... 40 Woodnorth, Tyckle The brethren who furnish statistics will, no

Lincoln ........ 10 Scott doubt, as far as possible, ascertain that they

London.........100 Black, King, Ballard, are correct. It will not only be interesting

Pigrem as a book of reference, but will answer many

8 Louth .......... 11 Kirk personal and important purposes to the whole

Loughborough... 26 Balm, Sneape community. May I suggest that it be print

Long Horsley ... 6 ed on good paper, and brought out at as low

| Manchester ..... 60 Rollea, Beddome a price as possible. Please send one hundred | Maidstone ...... 10 Copling. Coplestone copies to my address. Were the cost small. | Mollington...... 36 Hyatt, Stephen and already known, it is possible that five

| Newark ........

36 Bell, Taylor hundred, instead of one hundred, might be

Newcastle ...... 40 Macdougale, Davison required for Britain.

North Shields ... 14 Write by return of post, stating what progress you have made,

Nottingham.....190 J. Wallis, T. Wallis, and what the price will be. You are perhaps

J. Hine aware that the mail steam-ship now leaves

Shrewsbury ..... 16 Butler, Hulme either Boston or New York every week for

Stockport ....... 12 Harrison England.

Seale........... 7 Scott I shall write to our mutual friend and

Stanley ........ 14 Hartshorn brother whom you mention, to pay you half

Sunderland ..... 36 Douglas, Hill the cost of books when they are sent off, and

Waddington .... 8 Norton the other half on their arrival in this country.

Wooller ........ 12 Deacon It seems to me scarcely possible for you to

Wigan ........ 40 Coop, Mercer bave them ready by June; but this is your

Wakefield ...... 12 Hodges business, and not mine. However, please to

let England stand first in your despatches. Aberdeen ....... 33 Thomson
I feel anxious to receive then by the end of Alva ........... 6 Welch
August (D.V.) at the latest.

Airdrie ......... 11 Rankin The following list of our churches and Auchtermuchty .. 45 J. Iron, G. Dron members is as full and correct as I am able Banff .......... 20 Cameron to give, with so little time allowed for ma- | Bathgate .. 12 Cruikshank, Russell king inquiries. We have not many pastors | Berith... .. 12 appointed at present; those mentioned are Cupar ...... 100 Dowie, Mill, Mitchell principal brethren, and act in connection with Chapel Hall .. many others, as presidents or teachers in the | Cumnock ....... 16 Campbell congregations. Brother Greenwell, of Hud- | Dernock ........ 8 Ferguson dersfield; Brother King, of London; and Dumfries ....... 36 Hutchinson Brother Macdougale, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 'Dunferınline..... 30 Ramsay



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