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properly rendered, “ Against wicked ian era-(this, too, has been counterspirits in the regions of the air.” | feited) and possess living men in Paul's shipwreck at Malta by the heathen lands, or in the places where Euroclydon, and Job's misfortunes Christianity has made little progress, by an Arabian tempest, demonstrate is not altogether improbable. Of the ærial power of this great anta- this, indeed, we have not satisfactory gonist when permitted to exert it evidence, and therefore ought not to against those he envies and calum- speak dogmatically. I know many niates.

affect to regard the whole matter as Evident it is, then, from such tes- a piece of childish superstition, as timonies, facts, and allusions, that the did our two first great poets, Scott atmosphere, or rather the regions and Byron; who, nevertheless, like above it, the ethereal or empyreal, them, are under the influence of that and not heaven, nor earth, nor hell, same childish superstition. One thing is the proper residence of the ghosts is abundantly evident and satisfactory of wicked men. They have repeat- -that although the numbers of such edly declared their perfect punish- spirits is vast and overwhelming, and ment or torment as yet future, and although their hatred to the living is after the coming of the Lord, when intense and enduring, the man of God, he shall send the Devil and his emis- the true Christian, has a guardian saries into an eternal fire. How angel, or a host of sentinels around often did they say to Jesus, “ Art him that never sleep; and, therefore, thou come to torment us before the against him the fiery darts of Satan time ?” That they are miserable, and the wiles of the roaring lion are wretchedly miserable, is inferrible employed in vain. For this we erect from the abhorrence of the nudity in our hearts a monument of thanks and awful forebodings of their present to Him who has been, and still is, position. They vehemently desire to the Supreme Philanthropist and Rebe embodied again. They seek rest, deemer of our race. but find none; and would rather! This view of demonology not only possess any bodies, even the swine, vindicates the law of Moses from the than continue naked and dispossessed. | imputation of catering to the superTheir prison is called by the Messiah stitious prejudices of mankind, by “outer darkness ;" by Paul it is regarding as real the most idle ficcalled epourania-high places, ærial tions and pretences; and justifies regions. This is the Hebrew-Greek | Paul in placing witchcraft amongst name of that region where there is the works of the flesh; it not only neither atmosphere nor light ; for, affords to weak and doubting minds strange though it may appear to un- new and striking evidences of a educated minds, the limits of our spiritual system ; it not only developes atmosphere are the limits of all ter- our great indebtedness to the Author restrial light. These intervals be- of the Christian faith in rescuing man tween the atmospheres of the planets | from the tyranny of the arch apostate, is what we would call “outer dark- the Prince of Demons; but it also ness.” Could a person ascend only inducts us into still more grand and some fifty miles above this earth, he sublime views of the magnitude, would find himself surrounded with variety, and extent of the world of everlasting night ; no ray from sun, spirits—of our relations to themor moon, or stars could find him and throws some light upon our prewhere there is no medium of reflec- sent liabilities to impressions, sugges

tions, and influences from classes of That they may still inspire oracles, agents wholly invisible and inappreas they were wont before the Christ- / ciable by any of those senses which


connect us with external and sensible Certain it is that angels, beings> existence.

| too, of a more embodied and less That we are susceptible of impres- abstract existence, have not only sions and suggestions from invisible demonstrated their ability to assume agents sometimes affecting our pas- the human form, but to exert such sions and actions, it were foolish and influence upon the outward man as infidel to deny. How many thou- to prompt him to immediate actionsands of well-authenticated facts are as in the case of Peter, who was sudfound in the volumes of human expe- denly stricken on the side by the rience of singular, anomalous, and hand of an angel when fast asleep inexplicable impulses and impressions between a Roman guard, and roused wholly beyond all human associations to action. The gates and bars of the of ideas, yet leading to actions evi- prison open at his approach, and shut dently essential to the salvation of on his escape, touched by the same the subjects of them, or of others hand; and thus the Apostle is rescued under their care, from imminent from the malice of his foes. perils and disasters, to which, but What an extended view of the infor such kind offices, they must in- tellectual and moral universe opens evitably have fallen victims. And to our contemplation from this point! how many, in the midst of a wicked We see an outward, visible, and imand foolish career, have, by some mense expanse every where, studded malign agency, been suddenly and with constellations of suns and their unexpectedly led into the most fatal attendant systems, circling in uncoincidences, and suddenly precipi- measured orbits around one invisible tated to ruin, when such unprecedented and omnipotent centre that controls exigencies are exceptions to all the them all. Amazed and overwhelmed known laws of cause and effect, and at these stupendous displays of creainexplicable to all their wonted tive power, wisdom, and goodness, in courses of action! To assign to adoring ecstacy we inquire into the these any other than a spiritual uses of these mighty orbs, which, in cause, it seems to me, were to assign such untold millions, diversify and a non causa pro causa; for on no adorn these undefined fields of ethetheory of mind or body can they real beauty that limit our ideas of an be so satisfactorily explained, and so unbounded and inconceivable space. much in harmony with the Bible way Reasoning from all our native anaof representing such incidents. Thus logies, and from the scattering rays the angel of the Lord smote Herod of supernal light that have from suns that he died, and in various dreams unseen reached the world, we must admonished the faithful of the ways infer that all these orbs are the manand means of escaping impending evils. sions of social beings, of every con

Will it not be perceived and ad-ceivable variety of intelligence, capamitted that if evil demons can enter city, and employment; and that in into men's bodies, and even take away organized hierarchies, thrones, prinreason, as well as excite to various cipalities, and lordships, they constipreternatural actions, and if in legions tute each within itself an independent they may crowd their influences upon world; of which societies we are one unhappy victim, spirits, either allowed to conclude that there are as good or bad, may make milder and many varieties of intellectual and more delicate approaches to the foun- moral organization and development tains of human action, and stir men as there are planets for their resiup to efforts and enterprizes for weal dence. or woe, according to their respective. In all these intellectual assemblages. characters and ruling passions ? spread over the area of universal

being, there are but two distinct and that took part with him in his priessentially diverse confederations- meval defection and rebellion. one under the rightful sovereignty of How numerous they are, and how Messiah the Lord of all, and the other concentrated in their efforts, may be under the usurped dominion of that gleaned from sundry allusions in the antagonist spirit of insubordination inspired writings, especially from the and self-will which has spread over melancholy history of the unfortunate our planet all the anarchy and mis-Gadarene who dwelt among the rule, all the darkness and gloom, all tombs, tortured by a legion of them the sorrow and death which have -not, perhaps, by six thousand embittered life, and made countless demons in full tale, according to the millions groan in spirit and sigh for full standard of a Roman legion ; a discharge from a conflict between but by an indefinite and immense good and evil, pleasure and pain, so multitude. How innumerable, then, unequal and oppressive.

the agents, demoniacal and angelic, This rebel angel, of such singular on Satan's side! What hosts of and mysterious character, is always fallen men and fallen angels have found in the singular number—as the conspired against the happiness of Satan, the Devil, and the Apollyon God's moral empire! No wonder of our race. With him are confede- that Satan is sometimes spoken of as rate all disloyal spirits that have omnipresent! If Napoleon, in the conspired against Heaven's own will day of his power, while in the palace in adoration of their own. In refer- of the Tuilleries, was said to be at ence to this usurper and his angelic work in Spain, in Portugal, in Belallies against the Lord's Annointed, gium, and in France at the same we are obliged to consider those un- time--with how much less of the happy spirits, who, during their in- figurative, and more of the literal, carnation, took sides with him in his may Satan, whose agents are incommad rebellion against the Eternal parably more multitudinous and King. The number of angels that diversified, as well as of vastly took part with him in his original superior agility and power, be reconspiracy remains amongst the se- presented as wielding a sort of omnicrets of eternity, and is not to be present power in all parts of our divulged till the Devil and his angels, terraqueous habitation ? And how for whom Tophet was of old prepared, malignant too! The fabled Furies shall be separated from the social themselves were not more fierce than systems of the universe, and publicly those unclean and mischievous spirits sentenced to the bottomless gulph of whose sweetest pleasure it was to irremediable ruin.

torture, with the most convulsive The whole human race, at one agonies, those unhappy victims whom time or other, have been involved in they chose to mark out for themthis war against Heaven. Many selves. have, indeed, deserted the dark ban- But here we must pause; and with ners of Beelzebub, and have become this awful group of exasperated and sons of light. Hitherto, alas ! the malicious demons in our horizon, it great majority have perished in the is some relief to remember that there field of rebellion, and gone down to are many good spirits of our race, the pit with all their armour on. allied with ten thousand times ten These spirits, shown to be the demonsthousand, and thousands of thousands of all antiquity, sacred and profane, of angels of light, all of whom are are now a component part of the angels of mercy and sentinels of deempire of Satan, and as much under fence around the dwellings of the his control as the original conspirators / righteous, the true elite of our race.

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PROPHECIES. These, we learn from high authority, events that are yet to transpire, which are ministering spirits waiting on the are the subjects of prediction found heirs of salvation. These attending in God's holy word, and which relate spirits know our spiritual foes, and to events connected with the Chrisare able to cope with them ; for when -tian's blessed hope—I mean the gloSatan and Michael fought for the rious appearing of the great God and body of Moses, the fallen seraph was our Saviour Jesus Christ, together driven to the wall, and lost the day. | with some of the events which are to For how many services rendered, for take place in that glorious and happy how many deliverances from evil period called the Millennium, I will, spirits and from physical disasters, with all due deference to other people's we are indebted to the good and opinions, present some of my thoughts benevolent, though invisible agents on those soul-stirring and all-absorbaround us, will never be known, and ing matters. I am not unapprised therefore never told on earth ; but it that great and good men differ on may nevertheless be known and told these subjects ; but this ought not to hereafter.

deter others from examining for themAnd with what unspeakable plea- selves, that revelation which God has sure may some happy being in this graciously given for the benefit of all. assembly yet sit down, side by side, In presenting my views on the matter with his own guardian spirit, under here introduced, I have not the vanity the eternally verdant boughs of the to suppose that I know more than life-restoring tree in the paradise of others. Neither is it my intention to God, and listen to the ten thousand enter a field of controversy with any deliverances effected for him by the person, but merely to lay before the kind ministrations of that generous brethren some things which I think and beneficent minister of grace, that are calculated in their nature to enwatched his path, numbered his steps, courage them to hold on their happy and encamped around his bed from way until their journey shall land the first to the last moment of his them safe in those elysian fields of terrestrial day! With what grateful endless glory where God and their emotions will the ransomed spirit Saviour shall be their light, and their listen to the bold adventures and the sun for ever and ever. If I can be triumphant rencounters with belli- the means of affording aid and com -gerent foes, of his kind and successful fort to the brethren, of speeding them deliverer; and while, in the midst of on their pilgrimage in this state of such social raptures, he throws his trial, it will be the height of my amimmortal arms around his kind bene- bition—all that I anticipate in what I factor, he lifts his bright and beaming have to offer upon this heavenly and eye of grateful piety to Him who glorious theme. I know that those gave him such a friend and deliverer prophecies which have received their in the time of peril and of need, and accomplishment, are much more easily who, through such a scene of trials understood than those that have not and of conflicts, brought him safely been fulfilled ; but we must dig in to the peaceful city of eternal rest! the mines of salvation, if we would

enjoy the blessings that our kind heaPROPHETIC DEPARTMENT. venly Father has promised us. Bread

is sweet to the labouring man, and he NO. II.

| that will not work neither shall he SEEING you have opened a depart- eat. To me it is obvious that those ment in your valuable periodical for prophecies which related to the Resomething to be said on prophecy, | deemer's first advent, did receive a and feeling a deep interest in some literal accomplishment. If so, who can show any good reason why those holy angels with him, then shall he predictions which relate to his second sit upon the throne of his glory," appearing will not receive a similar Matt. xxv. 31. “And to you who fulfilment ? At all events, I shall so are troubled rest with us, when the consider those prophecies which I Lord Jesus shall be revealed from shall bring to my aid in this underta- heaven with his mighty angels in king. But to our object. My first | flaming fire, taking vengeance on proposition is

them that know not God, and that THE LITERAL AND PERSONAL COMING obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus OF OUR LORD.

Christ,” 2 Thes. i. 7-10. “And the « Behold he cometh with clouds, Lord my God shall come, and all the and every eye shall see him, and they saints with thee,” Zech. xiv. 5. Let also that pierced him; and all kin- | us hear Daniel describe the glorious dreds of the earth shall wail because scene-" I beheld till the thrones of him," Rev. i. 7.-" And while they were cast down, (all human governlooked steadfastly toward heaven as ments overthrown) and the ancient of he went up, behold two men stood by days did sit, whose garment was white them in white apparel, which also as snow, and the hair of his head said, ye men of Galilee, why stand ye like the pure wool. His throne was gazing up into heaven ? This same like the fiery flame, and his wheels as Jesus which is taken up from you into burning fire. A fiery stream issued heaven, shall so come in like manner and came forth from before him. as ye have seen him go into heaven.” | Thousand thousands ministered unto If the language here employed by in- him, and ten thousand times ten thouspiration does not prove our proposi- sand stood before him. The judgment tion, I do not know of any that would. was set, and the books were opened. “ Every eye shall see him.” He shall I saw in the night visions, and behold come as he went away. The very same one like the Son of Man came with Jesus that went away shall come the clouds of heaven, and came to the again. Once more," For the Lord | Ancient of Days; and they brought himself shall descend from heaven him near before him, and there was with a shout, with the voice of the given him dominion and glory, and a archangel, and the trump of God,” kingdom, that all people, nations, and 1 Thes. iv, 16. Paul does not say languages should serve him. His that the Lord shall descend spiritu- dominion is an everlasting dominion, ally. But the Lord himself shall de- which shall not pass away ; and his scend. Can we understand from this kingdom that which shall not be delanguage anything else than the de-stroyed.” scent of the whole person of the Lord ?! We have, in the above portions of I think not. As I design brevity, I do God's word, presented for our connot think farther proof necessary onsideration one of the most grand, this point. To me it appears most sublime, soul-encouraging, and glounreasonable that we should be look- rious scenes that tongue can describe, ing for a spiritual coming of our or heart conceive. Not a heavenly Lord, when he is here already in that messenger in the vast dominions of sense of his coming, for he spiritually God but will be present with the dwells in his people. For, let it be Lord. Not a saint that has lived remembered, “ If any man have not and died since Adam breathed the the Spirit of Christ he is none of his.” breath of life, but will be with the

We shall next consider the manner King, the Lord of hosts, in his resur: of his coming, which is our second rected and glorious body, fashioned position. “ When the Son of Man like the glorious body of his Lord, to shall come in his glory, and all the escort him to the new earth. Why

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