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tightened, quickened, converted, sanc- through the Word spoken by prophets tified, regenerated, comforted, &c. by and apostles. “ Let every one hear the Word ? They are also in some what the Spirit saith to the churches." other scriptures said to be so by the XIII. My thirteenth argument Spirit; and vice versa. This agent consists in the most sublime and imand instrument were so inseparably pressive fact, that God no where has connected in the minds of the apostles operated without his Word, either in and prophets, that they could not the old creation or in the new. In conceive of one without the other, in nature and in grace, God operates any operation or effect connected with not without his Word. He never the salvation of man.

has wrought without means. He has, XI. My eleventh argument was so far as earth's annals reach, and as deduced from the fact, that those who the rolls of eternity have been opened resisted the Word of God, or the to our view, never done any thing persons that spoke it, are said to without an instrumentality. The resist the Spirit of God. By not naked Spirit of God never has opegiving ear to the prophets that spoke rated upon the naked spirit of man, by the Spirit, they resisted the Spirit. so far as all science, all revelation The Sanhedrim of the Jews, who teach. Abstract spiritual operations resisted the words spoken by Stephen is a pure metaphysical dream. There and by the twelve apostles, are repre- is nothing to favor such a conceit in sented by him as resisting the Holy nature, providence or grace. God Spirit. His words are—“As your broke the awful stillness of eternity fathers did, so do you always resist with his own creative voice. He the Holy Spirit. Which of the pro- SPOKE before any thing was done. phets have not your fathers persecu- Speech, or language, or word, is the ted ? and they have slain them that original and sublime instrumentality showed before the coming of the JUST of all divine operations. God said, ONE, of whom you have now been the Let there be light, and light was born. betrayers and murderers.”

Does not the Bible say, “By faith XII. A twelfth argument was de- we understand that the worlds were duced from another important fact; framed by the Word of God,” so that that the strivings of the prophets by the things that were made, were not their words, are represented as the made of things that did formerly exist. strivings of the Holy Spirit. Thus They were made out of the Word of spoke Nehemiah, “ thou sendest thy God. All things having been creagood Spirit to instruct them,” through ted by the Word of God. Most Moses, “and thou testifiedst against evident it is, that his Word is the all them by thy Spirit, in thy prophets, | creative instrument. Without it was yet would they not give ear.” Thus, not any thing made that now exists. in the Divine Word, the Spirit and Of course, then, if persons were to the Word of God, and those who be created anew in Christ Jesus, spoke it by the immediate authority without the Word of God, it would of God, are so perfectly identified, be a perfect anomaly, something that every thing is said to be done by, wholly new in the history of the unito, for, or against the one, is said to verse. If God operated upon absobe done to, by, for, or against the lute nonentity, and then upon inert other. So that we may still say, that matter, by his Word, and if his Spirit those who hear not Moses nor the thus brooded on old chaos, what prophets, would not be persuaded, tongue of man can prove that in the though one rose from the dead ! God new creation, he regencrates, renews, still strives with men by his Spirit, re-creates and sanctifies man without and they still resist his Spirit, in and his Word !! It never can be done,



DIFFICULTIES IN CHURCHES. Mr. President. It is not only out of and to save my contemporaries from the power of Mr. Rice, but every a religion of blind impulses, animal other living man to show, that God excitements, and new revelations, by moves at all in the affairs of redemp- which I most sincerely believe vast tion, but through his Word. God's multitudes are deluded to everlasting Spirit and Word operated conjointly ruin. With Paul, and with me, there on ancient chaos, and they still ope- is but one body and but one Spirit, rate together on the chaos of the as there is but one hope of our calling human heart in its sins. Read Psalm -as there is but one God and Father xix. 3-9; Psalm xxxiii. 6–9. So of us all.

A. CAMPBELL. my fourteenth argument details.

I am sorry that my time is always | DIFFICULTIES IN CHURCHES. too short for the full development of

[GIVEN BY REQUEST.] the great elements of things, and

1. The kingdom of Christ, sometimes called his mighty evidence of truth found in

church, is one great community composed of all the these propositions. I have arranged,

particular communities and individual persons tbat

have acknowledged and received Jesus of Nazareth however, such amount of facts and as the Son and Messiah of God; as the only Head, evidences as, I humbly think, never

King, Lawgiver, and Arbiter of angels and men.

2. All the particular congregations that compose can be set aside by the ingenuity of this great congregation, this general assembly, mortal man. I am willing to commit

called the “ kingdom of God," " the holy nation,"

are responsible to one another and to the Lord, as these fourteen arguments to the world,

much as the individual members of any one of them

are to one another and the Lord. fearless of the consequences. I think

3. Congregations therefore are under certain oblithe case is a clear one, and one upon gations and owe certain duties to one another, the

faithful discharge of which is indispensable to that which we may say we have line upon free and cordial communion and co-operation essenline, and precept upon precept. We tal,

tial to the holiness of the church, and the triumph

of the gospel in the world. have certainly the lawand the prophets. 4. Among these obligations and duties are, the In conclusion, then, I must say,

maintenance of the doctrine and discipline of Christ's kingdom, and a due regard for all the acts and decisions of one another; because a neglect ot the for.

mer, and a disparagement of the latter, would necesand slandered on this theme. It is

sarily destroy that union, communion. and co-c pera not from any aversion to preaching tion essential to the designs of Christ's kingdom. the Holy Spirit, (for we do effectually

5. When, then, any particular congregation of

fends against the constitution of Messiah's kingdom preach it), that I have been constrain by denying the doctrine, by neglecting the discip

líne, or by mal.administration of the affairs of ed to take this ground, so offensive Christ's church, essentially affecting the well-being to some, and which has been made,

of individual members or other congregations, the

said church is to be judged by the eldership of other in many instances, to retard the churches, or by some other tribunal than her own, as

an accused or delinquent member of a particular congreat and growing cause of reforma- |

gregation is to be tried by the constituted eldership tion which we plead. I believe and | of his own congregation.' teach the inspiration of the Spirit, This last proposition being the only the influences and effects of the Spirit one in doubt amongst us, we shall of God in the hearts of all Christians, proceed to its examination. The men and women. The man who first four are regarded by our comrepresents me as opposed to a spirit-munities as indisputably plain and ual religion, and to the operations, settled. Should any one, however, converting and sanctifying, of the have reflected so little upon the subHoly Spirit, does me the highest in- ject as to deny any of them, let him justice, and blasphemes my good place them in the negative form, and name in a way he must answer for by a single glance of his mind he will to a higher tribunal. I have been detect his error-as, for example, the long endeavouring to draw the proper third :-“ Congregations are under lines between a wild enthusiasm and no obligations, and owe no duties to the true Spirit of our God-between one another; therefore nothing can what is spiritual and animal in some mar their free and cordial comof the present forms Christianity ; I munion,&c.

The reader will please here pause indeed, equal to one another in rank and read again the fifth proposition. while under one another as constituent Let him then place it in the negative members of the nation. form, and read it as follows :—When But in illustrating what I mean any congregation offends against the by independence and subordination constitution of Messiah's kingdom by through the well-known figures of a denying the doctrine, by neglecting borough, a city, a county, or a tribe, the discipline, or by mal-administering I do not intend to institute a compathe affairs of Christ's church, essen- rison in every point between any one tially affecting the well-being of indi. of these and a particular church, as vidual members or other congrega- standing in the whole elect nation of tions, then said church is not to be Christ. Churches are all equal and judged by any tribunal on earth, but independent in some respects, but to be held in as high esteem as before. not in all. They are also all equally

No one is so ignorant as to assert subordinate to one another in the this proposition. But, says another, Lord. There is no Mother Church, there is no tribunal before which she no Metropolitan, no Sanhedrim, no can appear; therefore let her alone, standing Council, no Vicar of Christ, but fellowship not her acts. And no successors of the Apostles. But what is that but to judge and con- the churches in any given district demn her without even the form of Judea, Macedonia, Achaia, Galatia, a trial ? Tried she must be. I repeat Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Ohio, for it again, tried she must be. No man instance, are always supposed to be of reflection can doubt it. The only in more intimate acquaintance, union, question, then, is-By what tribunal and communion with one another, shall she be tried ? By every man's and to act in a more special co-opeown opinion, or by a properly con-ration than with the churches in any stituted tribunal ? There is no other other kingdom, state, or district on alternative; there is no third way. earth. An invincible necessity has so decreed. If, then, any one or more of these

Every church that departs from churches err from the faith, or from the faith or from the discipline of the discipline, or from a just, imparChrist's kingdom, or that unrighte- tial, and Christian administration, ously and unwisely administers its they are amenable to the rest ; and affairs to the great detriment of indi- will be judged some way or other, vidual members, a particular congre- and disallowed. The question, then, gation, or the whole church of Christ, is, How shall this be done scripturmust be tried by some tribunal. Any ally ? for then it will be done right. one that pushes his notions of inde- But in propounding this question, we pendency so far as to deny this, is do not expect to find either a broad deluded by a word which he does not precept or a stereotyped precedent of understand; as much as he who a case just as large as life. We makes his little borough, city, or expect to find principles and practices county, so independent as to deny alleged that involve and commend the supervision and jurisdiction of this practice. the nation, kingdom, or state to which Some who have never thoroughly it belongs.

examined this point are alarmed and The tribes of Israel were indepen- become alarmists on the threshold, dent tribes, as Moses and Aaron were because of some anticipated troubles independent persons ; but yet these that such course might open to the independent tribes were all under great disturbance of the whole Chrisone another as members of the com- tian community. Like our friends monwealth of Israel. They were, 'in North-street, Baltimore, they ima

gine the discontented would for ever Acquisitions were made to our ranks during appeal. A more intimate acquaint

last summer and fall in many parts of Vir

ginia and the West. We had a co-operation ance with the subject would have

meeting in Richmond in the first part of suggested a very different conclusion. December, at which we agreed to send out We ask time, patience, and candor. a general Evangelist to visit the destitute We demand for these five proposi

parts of Eastern Virginia. The brethren at

the meeting manifested the right spirit. I tions a calm and full consideration.

was nominated at the meeting by a committee We may in our next enter more fully of ten to be the general Evangelist; but I into the illustration and proof of the declined, because the Richmond Church had course we commend.

chosen me for another year by an almost

unanimous vote. It is, however, most conA. CAMPBELL.

genial to my feelings to be on the wing

making known the way of life to men. I LETTER FROM BROTHER am gratified to learn from your letter that J. HIENSHALL.

you are preaching in the towns and villages

round about you. May the word be effectual RICHMOND, VA., Jan. 26, 1848.

in winning souls, and in building up the BELOVED BROTHER WALLIS-The Mes

saints. I shall long remember Newark, senger for December is just arrived, and I

Loughborough, Bulwell, and Carlton. ain admonished by it that I have not written

We are made sorrowful to hear of the to England since my arrival in Virginia. I gladly acknowledge the receipt of two letters

continued distress and destitution of the poor

in many places in Great Britain and Ireland. from Nottingham, and should have alswered

How awful it must he to feel the stint of them long ere now but for the press of other matters. On my return, I found my family

bread. The patience with which the people well, and, of course, well pleased to see me.

bear privation and hunger proves that the I parted from brother Campbell in Baltimore,

restraints of religion are upon them to a

considerable extent. The outbreaks in Irewho was greatly afflicted at the loss of so

land generally arise from the collision of good and promising a son. May the Lord sustain him and his faithful partner under

political and religious animosities. Protesthis sore and inscrutable bereavement.

tantism and the Bible teach the endurance In looking back over the long line of our

of evils we cannot Jawfully rectify or overtravel both by land and sea, I am made to

come. But Catholicism breathes execrations thank God that we were kept and sustained

and curses, and issues its bulls and rolls its through all our labors and perils, and re

thunder of excommunication against all Proturned to our homes unhurt. It is a curious

testants, Governments, Princes, and people, fact, that, notwithstanding I was very sick

and therefore the ignorant feel justified in on the sea, and once or twice on the land, I

killing whomsoever the priests may curse! never took a grain of medicine : but, with

It seems that Mr. Robertson failed in the the exception of what I gave to others,

jury of the Judges, and therefore one would brought back all that I carried away. My

think he ought now to rest contented. I can family were very much pleased with the

but regret the difficulty and the occasion of presents which the kindness of the good

it; and I trust, therefore, that our people friends in Great Britain had sent them.

will not think of retaliating upon him for his They send them all their thanks.

harsh treatment of bro. Campbell. Doubtless I am glad to see the name of my brother he greatly regrets his course; and should he George in the Messenger. I hope his zeal

ever see the wrong he sought to inflict upon will increase abundantly. A better cause

a stranger, how heartily we shall hail his never excited the zeal and the devotion of repentance. Let us not appear to glory in mortals. It is worthy of our poblest efforts.

his failure. The well-directed and prudent and prayerful! We still have to deprecate the existence exertions of the brethren with you will of war between our country and Mexico. accomplish much, notwithstanding you may We hope and pray that it may soon be brought not be able to obtain any extra help. I fear to a happy termination. I fear the war that there are few men of the right stamp spirit has seized upon the masses of our who can be induced to leave their homes and people. The glory attendant upon success their present inviting fields for the toils of a in arms is greatly captivating to the young tour of ten thousand miles; while imprudent and inexperienced. In this, however, we and reckless men would do you more harm are only treading in the footsteps of our than good. Brother Campbell is doing all British or Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Religion he can for you; but at present he has not is greatly affected by any national excitesucceeded. In the mean time, be assured ment, either in the form of a political camthat the Lord can conquer with few as well | paign, or of festivities and illuminations for as with many-with the weak as well as military success. Oh! when will the world with the mighty.

be imbued with the life-saving and peace

securing spirit of Jesus? Satan keeps the friends, and most bitterly traduced by eneworld in arms, and turns man against his mies-Jews and Gentiles. Had we more brother to destroy him, when he ought to of the spirit of the ancient Christians and succour and support him. The nations who martyrs, we should more generally recomadopt the forms, the name, and the books of mend the gospel in our lives. To all who Christianity, still are awfully devoid in all love the name and service of our Redeeiner, their masses of the light, life, and spirit of I subscribe myself their brother, the system. Nevertheless, we must not

J. HENSHALL. despond, as long as we have the name and the books, because it is only by the dissemi. nation of this light, and the steady attention

ITEMS OF NEWS. to these books, that these nations are to be

Domestic. improved. All else must first be tried, and

Kirkaldy, March 9th.-I am happy in tried in vain, ere there will be a popular movement in favor of the pure Christianity

being able to record that the cause of the of the New Testament. Catholicism first

Redeemer is advancing in this quarter. sat brooding for ages over the nations, with

Within the last few weeks five have been po more light from the sun than could pierce

| added to the number of the disciples by im. the dense fog and mist in which she was

mersion, and others are inquiring after the enveloped. Protestantisın then arose, dis

truth. No evangelist being in the field, we persing some of the mist, and allowing more

avail ourselves of the gifts of our brethren of the rays of the sun to fall upon mankind.

from surrounding congregations, to proclaim Liberty of thought and speech, the twin

the glad tidings of salvation to our fellowdaughters of the German and English Re

inen. On these occasions our place of meeting formation, by over action, produced the

(Links Hall) is crowded with attentive and families of sects, known both to the Old intelligent hearers. From present appearWorld and the New. All the good they all

ances, we feel assured that the labours of contain is rendered powerless by the super

one or two efficient evangelists would be abouuding evil attaching to them all. Hu

productive of much good, so that many might manism, and not inspiration, predominates

be brought to yield obedience to Jesus. The in all sects, and therefore they must all die.

brethren here would willingly contribute of God, and not man--Christ, and not Belial

their substance for the attainment of so desimust abound in all the thoughts, and words, rable an object; and though possessing little and actions of that people, which in time of this world's wealth, we are willing to give will finally prevail, with the New Testament

according to our ability. As a congregation in their hands, and the love of God and the

we are living in peace and comfort. Wishhonor of Jesus Christ in their hearts. ing favor and peace to you and all the breth

National and Established Churches are ren, I remain, yours in the truth, all in the way of the Saviour's peaceful

John LYND. reign. But sentiments are abroad, and l Dundee, March 6th. We are prospering spreading with almost telegraphic rapidity, here, and all is well; increase is being made which will as certainly remove thein out of almost every week. Since last I wrote four the way as that the Pope bas to change have been added to us, and we have bright from the tope and temper of his haughty and hopes of many more. May the Lord prosper intolerant predecessors, and cater to the his own cause in our hands, is the prayer of, previously down-trodden people. The Bible,

yours in the “ lively hope,” right reason, and true views of political

WM. ANDERSON. rights and privileges, teach men in America, in England, and in Italy, that they are not

Sanquhar, March 14.-I am truly sorry mere play-things for Kings, Popes, and

that your request in the November number Priests; but that they are men, possessing

has been so long neglected. The church in all the attributes of free-thinking and free.

this place musters at present about twentyacting beings, responsible to the laws and

three. I hope we are now in a more favor. to God.

able position for enjoying peace and happiCaution is necessary in all our people; or,

ness than we have been for a considerable instead of being a blessing, we may be a

time past. Lately two of our number were curse to mankind. We must reason with

cut off for disorderly conduct. We bope that the people affectionately, not in virulence,

such afflictions will have a purifying tennor in a spirit of assumed superiority. We

| dency on this portion of the body of Christ. must not be too impatient of success. Many

| I remain, yours in the joyful hope, years will be necessary ere the great body of

Thos. HARKNESS. the people will be made to know what it is Montrose, February 22.- When I wrote we are about. We must not be petulant | you last our number was eight; two have when they suspect our motives. As long as been since added, and others are inquiring. men think that there is no need of change, Last first day, Brother W. Anderson, of they naturally suspect the motives of those Dundee, was with us, and delivered two ediwho call for it. Paul was suspected even by 'fying discourses. A debt of gratitude is due

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