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XIV. c. Jehovah Rophi,~I am the Lord that healeth thee.

Chap. xv.
1 HEAL US, Immanuel, here we are,

Waiting to feel thy touch;
Deep wounded souls to thee repair,

And, Saviour, we are such. 2 Our faith is feeble, we confess,

We faintly trust thy word;
But wilt thou pity us the less ?

Be that far from the Lord !
3 Remember him who once apply'd,

With trembling, for relief;
“ Lord, I'believe,” with tears he cried,

“O help my unbelief k.”
4 She too, who touch'd thee in the press,

And healing virtue stole,
Was answer'd, “ Daughter, go in peace,

“Thy faith hath made thee whole'.". 5 Conceald amid the gath’ring throng,

She would have shunn'd thy view;
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had strong misgivings too.
6 Like her, with hopes and fears, we come,

To touch thee if we may;
Oh! send us not despairing home,
· Send none unheal’d away.

XV. Manna. Chap. xvi. 18.
| Manna to Israel well supply'd

The want of other bread;
While God is able to provide,

His people shall be fed.

* Mark, ix. 24.

Mark, v. 34.



2 (Thus though the corn and wine should fail,

And creature-streams be dry,
The pray'r of faith will still prevail,

For blessings from on high).
3 Of his kind care how sweet a proof!

It suited ev'ry taste:
Who gather'd most had just enough,

Enough, who gather'd least.
4 'Tis thus our gracious Lord provides

Our comforts and our cares;
His own unerring hand provides,

And gives us each our shares.
5 He knows how much the weak can bear,

And helps them when they cry;
The strongest have no strength to spare,

For such he'll strongly try.
6 Daily they saw the Manna come,

And cover all the ground;
But what they try'd to keep at home,

Corrupted soon was found.
7 Vain their attempt to store it up,

This was to tempt the Lord; Israel must live by faith and hope,

And not upon a hoard.

XVI. Manna hoarded. Chap. xvi. 20.

1 The Manna, favour'd Israel's meat,

Was gather'd day by day;
When all the host was serv'd, the heat

Melted the rest away.

2 In vain to hoard it up they try'd,

Against to-morrow came;
It then bred worms and putrefy'd,

And prov'd their sin and shame.
3 'Twas daily bread, and would not keep,

But must be still renewd;
Faith should not want a hoard or heap,

But trust the Lord for food. "
4 The truths by which the soul is fed,

Must thus be had afresh;
For notions resting in the head

Will only feed the flesh.
5 However true, they have no life!' .

Or unction to impart;
They breed the worms of pride and strife,

But cannot cheer the heart.
6 Nor can the best experience past

The life of faith maintain;
The brightest hope will faint at last,

Unless supply'd again. . 7 Dear Lord, while we in pray’r are found,

Do thou the Manna give;
Oh! let it fall on all around,

That we may eat and live.

XVII. C. Jehovah Nissi,- The Lord my banner.

Chap. xvii. 15.
1 By whom was David taught

To aim the dreadful blow,
When he Goliath fought,

And laid the Gittite low?
No sword nor spear the stripling took,
But chose a pebble from the brook.

2 Twas Israel's God and King,

Who sent him to the fight;
Who gave him strength to sling,

And skill to aim aright.
Ye feeble saints, your strength endures,
Because young David's God is yours.
3 Who order'd Gideon forth,

To storm th' invaders' camp,
With arms of little worth,

A pitcher and a lamp"?
The trumpets made his coming known,
And all the host was overthrown.
4 Oh! I have seen the day,

When, with a single word,
God helping me to say,

My trust is in the Lord,
My soul has quell'd a thousand foes,
Fearless of all that could oppose.
5 But unbelief, self-will,

Self-righteousness, and pride,
How often do they steal,

My weapon from my side ?
Yet David's Lord, and Gideon's Friend,
Will help his servant to the end.

XVIII. The Golden Calf. Chap. xxxii. 4. 31.

1 When Israel heard the fiery law

From Sinai's top proclaim'd,
Their hearts seem'd full of holy awe,

Their stubborn spirits tam'd.

Judges, vii. 20.

2 Yet, as forgetting all they knew,

Ere forty days were past, .
With blazing Sinai still in view,

A molten calf they cast.
3 Yea, Aaron, God's anointed priest,

Who on the mount had been,
He durst prepare the idol beast,

And lead them on to sin.
4 Lord, what is man, and what are we, .

To recompense thee thus ! ».
In their offence our own we see,

Their story points at us. ..
5 From Sinai we heard thee speak,

And from mount Calv'ry too;
And yet to idols oft we seek,

While thou art in our view.
6 Some golden calf, or golden dream,

Some fancied creature-good,
Presumes to share the heart with him,

Who bought the whole with blood. hy Lord, save us from our golden calves,

Our sin with grief we own;
We would no more be thine by halves,

But live to thee alone.

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i See Aaron, God's anointed priest,

Within the vail appear,
In robes of mystic meaning drest,

Presenting Israel's prayer.

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