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To fix the crown upon Messiah's head;
To prove the Saviour's character divine,
The Holy Ghost, Spirit of Truth appears
A witness incontestible, and gives
The clearest evidence, so bright, so full,
So big with demonstration, that to doubt,
Argues the proud, perverse, rebellious heart,
More than the sable shades of ignorance

son than the Lord Jesus Christ; consequently, he is the selfexistent God; for, if we suppose him a mere man, with the Socinian, or a demi-god with the Arian, yet we must suppose him to be a creature; and then God the Father, in commanding him to be worshipped, commands that very act of idolatry, which he hath himself so expressly forbidden; but this supposition is absurd to an extreme, and full of blasphe my; it is highly derogatory to the divine perfections, and very unworthy of the deity. But if the Lord Jesus Christ possesses two natures in one person, not only the human, in its highest degree of perfection, but also a divine, co-equal, co-eternal, co-essential with the Father and Holy Spirit; possessing his being in and of himself alone, which is the truth, then there is the highest propriety in this command for the angels to worship him; and it does not clash in the least with the first and second commandments, because he is in unity of essence with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, that very Jehovah who forbids idol worship, and claims all the adoration of his creatures as his own peculiar right....In commanding divine worship to be paid to the Redeemer, and in ascribing the great work of creation to him, which can be the production of no less a being than an infinite God; and therefore, says the apostle, "He that built all things is God," Heb. iii. 4. God the Father gives the strongest testi. mony possible to the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ; and whoever dares to reject that testimony, do it at the peril of their souls and though they who do, vainly suppose they

Clouding the mind....See a bright train arise
Of prophets and apostles; proof on proof,
Establishing this grand and glorious truth,
That Jesus is Jehovah! God supreme.

They sung his name Immanuel, God with us,
God in our nature, manifest in flesh.*
The Lord of Hosts himself,t the mighty God;
The Father of eternity, the prince

Of peace divine, who made it with his blood.
Whose going forth in wisdom, pow'r and love,
Hath been from everlasting; and shall be
While everlasting ages roll along.‡
Though a meek babe in humble Bethlehem,
In time he condescended to be born,
And in one glorious person made to meet
Two distinct natures, human and divine.
In lofty strains, the raptur'd prophets sing
The native honors of the Saviour-God,
Hail him Jehovah, and exalt his throne

All thrones above; yet with sweet voice proclaim
His love and mercy to his ransom'd church,
Her Maker, husband, everlasting friend;

And O, sweet name, The Lord her righteousness ;||

are doing him honor; yet the truth is, they cannot offer him a more insolent, daring and aggravated affront: they give him the lie to his face; they rob him of his brightest perfections, and add to the sin of disobedience, that of high treason against the glorious Redeemer, the King of kings, and Lord of lords, whom God the Father's soul delighteth

to honor.

*Isaiah vii. 14. † Isaiah viii. 13....1 Pet.ii. 8. † Micah v. 2. Jeremiah xxiii. 6.

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The Lord her strength; he who alone can be
A just Jehovah, yet a Saviour-God.*
God over all,t the only potentate,
The only wise, who in himself alone
Hath immortality. Th' essential word,||
Who tabernacled in a house of clay
Man amongst men, yet in whose person shines
The brightness of the Father's glory forth,
In beams so radiant, that no mortal eye
Can bear the splendors....In our Jesus dwell
The full perfections of the deity.
Girt with omnipotence, he rules o'er all.
While his omniscient eye beholds the night
Shine as the day, and tenfold darkness blaze
In all the gilded beams of noon....He fills
Unbounded space; and in supreme degree,
Possesses all the attributes divine.
The incommunicable names and things
Of heaven's Jehovah. Has Lothario heard
These faithful witnesses in concord sweet,
Record the native dignity of him

Who died on Calvary? Has he not seen
Them bow the humble knee before his throne,
And as his heralds, sound from pole to pole
The glories of the great redeeming God?
While yet their message is not theirs, but his
Who sent them forth. Th' eternal Spirit speaks
By prophets and apostles to mankind,

And sets his royal seal, the seal of heav'n

To this grand truth, that Jesus, Son of God,

* Isaiah xlv. 21. † Rom. ix. 5.

John i, 6.

2 Tim. vi. 15, 16.

Is the eternal self-existent JAH.

The great first cause: to whom creation owes
Her birth and being; by his potent voice
Call'd from the womb of chaos and upheld
T'exalt the glories of its maker God.
What says Lothario to this evidence?
Is it not valid, pointed, strong and clear,
Decisive, and sufficient to repel
The subtile arguments of unbelief?
Is not this witness, worthy to be heard?
Worthy of credit? Can'st thou aught object
T' invalidate the evidence he gives?
Has he e'er err'd, or brought a false report?
No, he's the God of truth, that cannot lie;
Then why believe him not? With voice divine
He testifies of Jesus; and to him
Ascribes the names, the glorious characters,
And grand perfections of the deity.
This is the testimony of a God!
But lo! Lothario rises from the dust,

A creature of a day; a worm of earth,
And strong in all the might of reason's pow'r,
Denies the grand assertion....Say, O man
Profoundly wise, who must the liar be
In this great contest, is it earth or heav'n?
Lothario, or his God? Shame flush the cheek,
And harrow up the rebel soul who dares
Impute such infamy to his Creator.
No! just and true art thou, Almighty king;
A God of truth, without iniquity.

'Tis the proud reas'ning insect of the earth; The mite drop'd down from the Creator's hand

Deep in the bosom of his universe;

(Less in his sight than is the grass-hopper)*
Who darkens counsel, and with erring tongue
And stubborn heart, rejects the voice of heav'n,
Because his finite nature cannot grasp
The nature of the infinite I AM!
His purblind reason cannot comprehend
The great, the grand incomprehensible.

Behold the Son of man in robes of light,
Walking amidst the golden candlesticks :
Celestial splendors shine around his head!
Girt with omnipotence; his flaming eye
Darts lightnings round, piercing the heights of heav'n,
The depths of hell, the gloomy shades of death,
And deepest recess of the human heart.

Like polish'd brass his feet; so firm he stands
In all th' immutability of God.

His hand supports the stars, and from his lips
A two-edg'd sword proceeds, pointed and keen
To slay his enemies; bright with the rays
Shot from vindictive justice's burning eye :
While as the sun in his meridian strength,
His count'nance shines in majesty divine:
Sublime his voice, more awful than the sound
Of many waters in tumultuous roar.
Let heav'n and earth attend, Messiah speaks!
And with solemnity beyond compare,
Declares his grand essential dignity.

"I am the first, the last, the great I AM. The Alpha and Omega. Lord of ALL.

* Isaiah xl. 15, 17, 22.

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