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The Lord Jesus, when he was upon earth, was the most gentle, kind and compassionate man in the world ; he was easy to be intreated, he healed all that came to him to be healed of their diseases, and even died for sinners; and now, though he is exalted at God's right hand....nay, though he is himself the eternal God, yet he is as kind and gracious as ever. May this Holy Spirit convince you of your need of his salvation, and cause you earnestly and diligently to seek it, then shall you find him the kindest Father, the most gracious Saviour, and the most faithful and affectionate friend, all your future life ; he will be your God and your guide unto death, and your glorious portion in eternity.

That this may be your happy experience, is the sincere wish, and shall be the hearty prayer of,

Dear Miss,
Your affectionate friend


Eternal Love:




Eternal Love :


Now I attempt a vast immortal theme,
And try my voice to sing the Saviour's name.
Thou sun of heaven! source of celestial fire !
Eternal Spirit! my bold Muse inspire ;
Inflame the soul, and guide the raptur'd tongue
That dares aspire to so sublime a song.

Jesus I sing ; delightful name!

I feel already the inspiring fame! Creation fades, and more than heav'n appears, My soul flies back, beyond eternal years ;

There I behold th' Almighty Son,

'Midst of the everlasting throne,
One with the Father, with the Spirit one,

Array'd in uncreated light,
Bless'd in perfections all his own,

Glories immense and infinite,
Beam from his face, and rest upon his crown.

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Then, vast immeasurable grace,
And purposes of love,

Love everlasting, great and undefin'd,
Fill'd the eternal mind;


And burn'd tow'rds our unworthy race,
Chose before seraphim, recovering grace to prove.
Before creation heard his grand behest,

And instant into being sprung;
Before immensity of space was dress'd
With gems by harmony and order plac'd ;
Ere the young morning stars sparkled and sung,

Or ere this earth in æther pendant hung....
He thought on mortals ;....yea, he lov'd us then !
“ And his delights were with the sons of men !”

He fix'd the place
Where each of his redeem'd should dwell,

And lov'd their habitations well ;
He thought on Cedron's brook and Calv'ry's height;
From everlasting years his heart was set,

There to exhibit everlasting grace!

Stupendous grace!
Creatures of vile original and birth,
Offspring of dust and progeny of earth;
A fallen, guilty, and apostate race;
Their hearts abominable and unclean,
Plung'd each day deeper in the filth of sin ;
Their daring words and hands uplifted high,
In mad rebellion against the sky;
With rancor fill'd against the living God,
And proud defiance of his threat'ning rod;
His gracious pardon offer'd them in vain,
And soy'reign mercy treated with disdain.
To close the black, but yet imperfect list,
Impious despisers of the blood of Christ!
Wonder thou earth below! ye heavens above!
For these were lov'd with everlasting love!

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