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of praise before his throne ; a thankful song
From ev'ry corner of the peopled earth
Rises, sonorous in Jehovah's ear;
For they ascribe salvation to his name,
And sing the glories of the bleeding lamb.
Nor does Jehovah's praise aspire alone,
From creatures born to immortality ;
The lesser works of his Almighty hand,
With silent worship páy their homage due,
In swift obedience to his potent word.
Majestic Sol, bright emperor of day,
Shines forth his glory in his splendid beams.
The radiant moon, walking in brightness, waits
To rise and set at his supreme command;
At his great word, nor sun, nor moon arose
For three diurnal stages, on the land
Of clouded Egypt, but resign'd their sway
To night impenetrable ; emblem sad
Of that black veil, that more than midnight gloom
Which overspread their minds, estrang'd from God.
By his authority, these shining orbs
Forsook their course, and to the voice of mạn
Listen's attentive, when the mighty chief,
Divinely mission'd, led old Jacob's sons
To honorable war; the sun stood still,
And silver Cynthia, in the flow'ry vale
Of pleasant Ajalon....So the bright train,
Which spangle o'er yon azure firmament,
In swift obedience to Jehovah's will,
Pour'd all their baleful influence on the head
Of death-devoted Sisera, the foe
Of God, and of his people... iHeav'n, and earth,

Fire, hail, and snow, and all created things,
Pay ready homage to the sov'reign word
Of their Almighty king, and in full choir,
Tho' wanting voice, echo the grateful sound
Of universal hallelujah.......
List, O my soul! the empirian heav'ns,
With songs of triumph, voices jubilant,
Sound thro' unbounded space... Angelic choirs,
And thy redeemed brethren join the theme,
And wilt thou silent stand ?....O catch the flame,
The holy flame of love and gratitude,
To the Almighty monarch of the skies,
Thy Father and thy friend !.... What names are these!
How big with blessings.... Shall a worm of earth
Thus honor'd, dare refuse to join the song
Of “ Worthy is the lamb!” Awake, my soul,
And all my powers awake, to celebrate
The God of glory, and the God of grace,
Who form'd the heav'ns....and bled on Calvary;
Who burst the iron barriers of the grave,
And spoil'd the nionster death, and broke his dart,
And captive led captivity along,
Chain'd to his chariot wheels. O love divine !
Still will I sing of thee; in rising morn
When Phçebus mounts his burning car, and gilds
The eastern clouds with rays of orient light;
When in meridian glory thron'd, he shines,
And darts prolific glories round the world ;
When sober evening's mild refreshing air
Revives creation, and bright Hesper leads
The starry train, that ushers in the night;
Then shall my song arise....O for a song

Divine, like that which flows from Gabriel's lips;
But ah! I faint ! unequal to the theme.
Fly swift ye moments, time increase thy speed,
To bring the period when my soul shall shake
Her fetters off, shall throw her chains aside,
And freed from flesh, shall mount and soar aloft
On angels' wings, to her Redeemer's throne;
Then shall his mighty love be all her theme,
And everlasting praise her sweet employ.





DESCRIPTION of a moon-light night....a youth sleeping

under an oak, with his guardian angel near him.... description of the angel, who led to meditate by the solemnity of the scene, sings an hymn of praise to God the Creator.... Syren and her attendants approach ....description and character of Syren.... Syren sings ....Henry awakes....a conversation between them...' Henry follows Syren....reflections thereon....the angel concerned at the loss of Henry... .unable to prevent it ....pities his folly....flies in search of religion, whom she supposes capable of reclaiming him by her persuasions....conversation between the angel and religion ...religion goes in search of Henry....description of morning, Henry retired from a scene of dissipation.... religion meets him....description of religion....gondersation between them.... religion unable to convince Henry of the folly and danger of his attachment to Syren, leaves him....Immanuel from his throne beholds these transactions, approves the zeal of his servants, though unsuccessful ; calls divine grace from his right hand....commissions her....girds her with

omnipotent power, she undertakes the work, and de. scends to execute it....description of the way in which divine grace conquers Syren, reclaims Henry, and induces him to become the subject of real religion, and true happines8.... Syren enraged at the loss of Henry....seeks him again with a view to ensnare him, if possible, with her delusive smiles....evening... Henry walking in the fields to meditate, Syren meets him.... accosts him with the voice of flattery, he rejects her with indignation. She reproaches him with ingratitude, reminds him of the great things she bestowed on him whilo under her dominion.... Henry acknowledges he had long been her slave, adores the Almighty power which has snapped the chains asunder in which she held him, solemnly renouncing all attachment to her, und professes himself a subject of the King of kings.... Syren now throws of the mask of hypocrisy under which she had before concealed her rage, and denounces the most terrible vengeance....Henry desrises her threatnings, professes his steadfast dependance on the all-powerful protection of heaven engaged in his behalf, and submission to the divine will, as to all future events....they part, Syren meditating revenge, aud Henry devoted to, and rejoicing in God.

'Twas in that hour, when day's imperial king; Beneath our hemisphere far sunk; retir'd To rest, perhaps in Thetis' oozy bed, Or crown some distant clime with rising beams ; Night, sable vested, threw her curtain round,

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