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There blooms the tree of life, life without death,
Joy without sorrow, pleasure without pain,
Saints without sin, and Christ without a cross :
There the redeem'd, the ransom'd of the Lord,
Shall freely bask in pleasures all divine :
There they shall prove the heights and depths of grace,
What Jesus purchas'd, and what God can give,
Thro' countless days, thro' years of young delight,
Unnumber'd ages, vast eternity !....

But stop, my soul, let my attentive mind Return and dwell upon that wond'rous word, All-gracious and divine, which from the lips Of thine expiring Lord, broke sweetly forth : There's music in it, melody more soft Than dwells on angels' tongues, when fir'd with love They tune their songs, to praise the great I AM: 0, 'tis a word can cheer the drooping heart, Dispel the gloom of black despair, and lay The loudest storm to calmest, sweetest peace, And turn the darkest night to brightest day.

“ 'Tis finish'd!" saith thy dying Lord, Ohark !
And let sweet echo catch the gentle sound,
And waft, ' 'tis finish'd !' back upon thine ear.
Here then, believer, on this tree of life
Grows all thine happiness, celestial fruit :
By Jesus' death, the righteous law no more
Denounces curses on thy ransom'd head ;
He died a curse, to take thy curse away,
Cancel thy sins, blot out thy trespasses,
And by the merit of his sacred blood,

Atonement ample, satisfaction full,
Yea, more than adequate for all thy crimes,
To justice infinite bring in and pay.
Thy debt is finish'd then ; God at his hands
Hath payment full receiv'd, and asks no more,
But gives thee full acquittance, free discharge.
Rejoice, ye heav'ns, and let the earth be glad,
While sacred truth declares the joyful sound
Of justice satisfy'd, of wrath appeas'd,
And sin forgiven through a Saviour's blood.
Nor only so, but righteousness divine,
Eternally complete, is now brought in;
Thy surety's spotless nature, holy life,
Gave such obedience to the righteous law,
As magnify’d and rais'd its honors high,
Beyond addition bright : this glorious robe,
He to thy soul imputes; and lo, well pleas’d,
The Father views thee in his best loy'd Son,
And sees thee all complete : he gracious smiles,
And in his hand holds out a starry crown
To grace thy temples ; that celestial bliss,
The righteousness of God, demands for thee,
Who in this fine white linen art array'd.

What bold accuser now dares bring a charge Of condemnation ? who shall dare condemn Whom God acquits ? 'tis God that justifies, 'Tis the anointed Saviour, who redeein'd. And bought his people with so dear a price ; 'Tis he absolves their guilt, and smiles again In mild complaisance, reconcilement sweet. No more can Satan urge his cancell'd claim ;

His claim from sin arose ; that put away, The awful debt discharg'd, the jailor's pow'r Ceases of course ; the rescu'd prisoner, The ransom'd debtor inay of right demand Deliverance from his pow'r, from chains and woe ; Say'd from the horrors of his prison-house, By grace unfathom’d, mercy all divine, And here, believer, may thy soul rejoice ; Jesus hath bruis'd the serpent's head; hath crush'd And spoil'd him of his pow'r; hath snatch'd the prey, The lawful captive from his dreadful jaws, To crown with full salvation, boundless stores Of grace on earth, and glory in the skies : For by thy surety's death the gates of heav'n Are wide expanded to receive thy soul. No more cherubic fires wave awful round, To guard the blissful paradise of God, And thine approach forbid; for lo! a new, A living, vond'rous way is open wide, Through a Redeemer's side, to all the bliss Which crowns our better Eden, where the tree Of life immortal grows, whose sacred fruit We may pluck off unchid, and eat, and live A life divine, among the sons of God; Bless'd with our Father's presence, joy sublime, And sweet communion with the God of love ; Nor fear a second fall. Thou matchless friend ! Thou great immortal lover of my soul ! Say, with what songs shall I approach thy throne, Or how adore thee in triumphant praise? O ihou, who died in agony extreme ! Othou, who rose victorious over hell!

My Saviour and my God, teach me to sing
Thy boundless glories in immortal strains.
Let heav'n and earth a joyful anthem raise,
Let seraphs hymn thee, and thy saints adore,
In songs of grateful praise ; let echo catch
And waft the joyful sound from pole to pole :
Bear it, ye winds, in yout loud roar, to heav'n ;
And gentle zephyrs, on your silken wings.
Let universal nature shout aloud
In one grand chorus to exalt thy name ;
And spread redemption's mighty wonders far,
From east to west, from north to south, till time
Expires; then everlasting years
Shall swell the triumphs of redeeming love.


The clock's struck three, and lo! Philander comes
True (as the needle to the northern pole)
To his appointed hour, by friendship led,
To guide Miranda and her friend, in paths
Of smiling verdure, where before their feet
Had never trod : he for a while lays by
Sublimer studies, to enjoy the sweets
Gay summer hangs on every bush and spray;
To view great nature in her rich attire,
And, in converse agreeable, beguile
A cheerful hour, stol'n from the sciences.

Calm is the day, unruffled by a storm ;
Th' etherial heavens wear their azure rose;
Phæbus at times puts forth his golden beams
And smiles in orient glories on the earth ;
Then, lest the weary traveller should faint
Beneath his sult'ry ray, kindly withdraws,
And leaves a cool refreshing shade around.
Hark! how the little warblers of the grove
Attune their softest songs to charm the ear
And soothe the heart with sweetest melody :
As thro' green alleys, o'er the flow'ry lawn


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