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Highland Society of London. 3 Bde. London,

807, 8vo. Sean Dana collected by John Smith. London,

Elliot, 787, 4to. Tionnaidh nuadh ar Tighearna agus ar Aarnighir

Josa Criard Cadarthlangaichte o'n Ghreugais Gaelic Albannaich. (Das Neue Testament.) Edinburg, 804, 8vo.

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B. Hilfsmittel. C. M. Ahiwardt's Probe einer Uebersegung Difians aus

dem Gálischen. Oldenburg, Stalling, 807, 4to. von den Barden nebst einigen Bardenliedern. Leipzig,

Dyt770, 8vo. Hugo Blair's kritische Abhandlungen über die Gedichte

Offians, übersekt von D. 4. H. Delrichs. Hannover,

Schmidt, 785, 8vo. P. Boswell's Tagebuch über eine Reise nach den Sebris

disden Inseln. Lübeck, Niemann u. Co., 786, 8vo. Mr. de C. Mémoires sur les Poemes de Mr. Maco

pherson. Köln, 765, 8vo. J. Clark's Answer to Mr. Shaw's Enquiry into the

authenticity of the Poems of Ossian. Edinburg,

872, 8vo. Defjelben Werke der Kaledonischen Barden. Leipzig, Weids

mann, 779, 8vo. Edw. Davies's Celtic Researches on the Origin, Tradi.

tions and Language of the ancient Britons. Lon

don, 804, 8vo. Th. Garnett's Observations on a Tour through the

Highlands. 2 Bde. London, Cadell, 800, 4to. J. Grant's Thoughts on the Origin and Descent of

the Gael, with an account of the Picts, Caledo

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nians and Scots, and Observations relative to the authenticity of the Poems of Ossian. Edinburg,

Constable & Co. 814, 8vo. E. v. Harold's neuentdeckte Gedichte Offians. Düsseldorf,'

787, 8vo. Introduction to the Works of the Caledonian Bards.

2 Bde. Edinburg, 778, 8vo. P. Macfarlane's English and Gaelic Vocabulary,

with the different Parts of Speech. Edinburg, ,

Constable & Co. 815, 8vo. Desselben Prize Essays and Transactions of the

Highland Society. 4 Bde. m. Kupf. Edinburg, Con

stable & Co. 816, 8vo. Henry Mackenzie's Report of the Committee of the

Highland Society, appointed to inquire into the authenticity of the Poems of Ossian. London,

Longman & Co. 805, 8vo. James Macpherson's. Fingal reclaimed. London, 763,

8vo. Derselben Remains of ancient Poetry. Edinburg,

760, 12mo. Donald M’Nicols Remarks on Dr. Johnson's Jour

ney to the Hebridés. London, 780, 8vo. Malcolm Llaing's History of Scottland from the

Union of the Crown. Neue Ausgabe. 4 Bde. Edin

burg, Constable & Co. 804, 8vo.' Desselben Poems of Ossian, containing the Works

of J. Macpherson, with Notes and Dissertations.

2 Bde. Edinburg, Constable & Co., 8vo. Ossian's Gedichte, aus dem Gálischen übersekt von C. W.

Ahlwardt. 3 Bde. Leipzig, Görchen, 811, 8vo. Ossian's Poems. 2 Bde. London, 765, 8vo:

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Will. Shaw's Analysis of the Gaelic Language.

Edinburg, Jamieson, 778, 8vo. Derselben Enquiry into the Authenticity of the

Poems adscribed to Ossian. London, 760, 4to. Desselben Gaelic and English Dictionary. 2 Bde.

London, 780, 4tó. Derselben Rejoiner. London, 784, 8vo. John Smith Gälische Alterthürier. 2 Bde. Leipzig,

Weidmann, 781, 8vo. Specimen of an etymological Vocabulary, or an Essay

by Means of the analytic method to retrieve the

ancient Celtic. London, 768, 8vo. Ferdin. Warner's Remarks on Fingal. London, ,

762, 8vo. Whitaker's genuine History of the Britons asserted.

London, 773, 8vo.

Manisch (Insel Man.) J. Johnstone's Antiquitates Celto - Normannicae,

containing the Chronicle of Man and the Isles, Latin and English, with the Celto - Scandicae in Danish and Latin. 2te Ausgabe. Kopenhagen,

Bonnier , 815, 4to. Lord Kames Sketches of the History of Man. 3 Bde.

Edinburg, 807, 8vo. John Kelly's practical Grammar of the ancient Gaelic

or Language of the Island of Man. Lond. 803, 4to. H. Rowland's Mona antiqua restaurata. 2te Ausgabe.

m. Kupf. London, 766, 4to. Tiomna Nuadh ar Dtighearna agus ar slanuigheora

Josa Criosd ur na tharruing go firinneach as Grei. gis go Gaoidheilgh Re Huilliam o Dh Domknuill. (Das Neue Testament.) Shaklewell, 813, 8vo.

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Th. Wilson's Introduction for the better under

standing the Lords Supper, English and Mank. Whitehaven, 777, 8vo.

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4. Angelsách fisch.

U. S p r a th d e n km å ler.
J. Delrich's Angelsächsische Chrestomathie. Bremen, Wils

mans, 798, 4to.
Orosius in the Anglo-Saxon Version, with an

english translation. London, 773, 8vo. Poema Anglo-Saxonicum de rebus gestis Danorum

Saec. IIItio et IVto, cum versione et indicibus edidit G. J. Thorkelin. Kopenhagen, Schubothe,

815, 4to. The Saxon Chronicle with an english translation and

Notės by J. Ingram. London, Longman & Co.

817, 4to.
Will of King Alfred. Oxford, 788, 4to.

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B. Húlfsmittel.
Dissertation on the Folchlande and Bochlande of the
Saxons. London, 777, 4to.

Ed. Lye Dictionarium Saxonico - Gothico-Latinum,

edidit Owen Manning. 2 Bde. London, 772, Fol, Defielben Granımatica Anglo-Saxonica et Moeso

Gothica in usum tironum. London, 772, Fol. Maseres Historiae anglicae circa tempus conquestus

Angliae selecta Monumenta. London, 307, 4to. Pegge's Dissertations on some elegant and very va.

luable Anglo-Saxon Remains. London, 756, 4to. G. Somneri Dictionarium Saxonico - Latino - Angli

cum: accessit Aelfrici Grammatica Latino - Saxo

nica cum Glossario. Oxford, 759, Fol. Sh. Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons. Neue

Aufgabe. 2 Bde. London, 812, 4to. Whitaker's History of St. Neots, the oldest of the

brothers of King Alfred. London, 809, 8vo.

5. Schottisch.

T. 2. Sprachdenkmåler. The Acts of the Parliament of Scotland. Published

by command of His Majesty., er u. 3r Bd. (1424

1592.) London, 814, Fol. Ancient scotish Poems, from the MS. of G. Barna

tyne 1568. Edinburg, 770. Ancient Scotish Poems, never before in print, from

1420 — 1586, with Notes and a Glossary. London,

786, 8vo. John Barbour the Bruce, published from a MS.

dated 1489, with Notes and a Glossary by J. Pinkerton. 3 Bde. London, Nicol, 790, 8vo. G. Barnatyne's ancient Scotish Poems, published by Lord Hailes. London, Longman & Co.

815, 8vo. Rob. Burn's poetical Works chiefly Scotish, with a

Glossary. London, .Cadell & Davies, 813, 16mo. Alex. Campbell Albyns Anthology or a select Cola

lection of the Melodies and Vocal Poetry, peculiar to Scotland and the Isles, hitherto unpublished,

selected and arranged. ir Bd. London, 816, Fol. King Charles 11's Account of his preservation of the

Battle of Worcester, written by himself. 2te Auss gabe. Edinburg, Constable & Co. 800, 8vo.


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