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treasonable design against the life of Elizabeth, and quarters. The moon is rising—you cannot miss the father, who loved her as dearly as his coarse and satisfaction at the feeling that the house was rid of way.”

selfish nature would permit him to love anything them.

No sooner was the officer of Sir Henry Bedding- except himself and his money bags, was not to be “I think there be poachers about, hunting the field--for such the stranger was-assured that the diverted from his resolution. queen's deer," observed the landlord, as he stood on party he had been sent to watch had quitted the “Cheer up, lad !" whispered the officer, who knew the threshold of the hostel. His nephew only smiled house, than he raised a bugle, which he wore sus- the part which Reuben had taken in the affair of -he knew the game the supposed poachers were pended, hunter fashion, from his side, to his lips, Basset. You have a good friend in Sir Henry tracking.

and gave one prolonged note. The terrified host Beddingfield; he may find the means to shake your The observation of the speaker had been caused would have closed the door, but the soldier, with a uncle's resolution yet !" by the appearance of several lights, resembling the resolute air, pushed it aside, and, laying his rough After minutely searching the house, and securing Will-o'-the-Wisp, which appeared in rapid succes- grasp upon his shoulders, said :

the valise which Basset had left in charge of the sion in different parts of the forest, or royal chaco, “In the queen's name I arrest you for high trea- host, Captain Grant-for such was the name of the which extended in a parallel line with the high road, son !"

officer-started with his prisoners. The host of the far beyond the old inn.

“High treason !" echoed the host, in a voice of Fair Rosamond was the only one whose escape was “ Come, bustle, bustle !" continued the old man; terror. “This must be some mistake ! Her ma. at all guarded against : he rode between two soldiers, "it is time to close the house !"

jesty has not in the whole shire of Oxford—nay, for who kept close to his side, with their hands upon "Do you not expect your guests to return ?" in the matter of that, in all England—a more loyal sub- the matchlocks of their petronels. quired Reuben. ject than myself !"

When Basset and his band of hired assassins ap“What is that to thee, malapert !" answered his " That remains to be seen,” replied his captor, proached the royal borough of Woodstock, they uncle, angrily; "a tapster should be content to sternly. Harboring traitors is as bad as the trea- divided into five separate parties, in order to avoid draw wine and liquor for his master's guests, and son itself.”

exciting attention, should any of the citizens or sol. neither ask questions nor pry into their goings and Whilst the prisoner was meditating the possibility diers of the palace guard happen to be on foot at comings!"

of escape-for he knew by bitter experienco that, such an hour. The place of rendezvous which he “But I do not intend to remain a tapster all my whatever his chance of proving his innocence, the indicated, was a gate opening into the chaco and life!" observed the young man.

expense of the process would be ruinous—the signal reserved gardens, about half a mile from the outside His relative retorted by assuring him that unless which the stranger had given was responded to by a of the town, where they were to meet an agent of he improved his wits and mended his manners, he party of twelve horsemen, who, issuing from the the Chancellor Gardiner-whom, with a view to the would never rise to be the host of any well regulated wood, surrounded the group, who were still debat- murder of Elizabeth, the unprincipled churchman hostel.

ing the point at issue, in front of the porch. had appointed to the office of keeper. This fellow, The liberal sum which the fellow had just received

With a deep-drawn sigh, the father of the pretty whose name was Doubleday, had long acted as a spy from the conspirators had made him more than Mabel saw at once that evasion was useless—so he for the prelate. More than once Sir Henry Bed

dingfield had been puzzled to understand the chanusually bitter aginst his nephew, whose pretensions resigned himself

, with a sullen air, to his captors. to the love of Mabel had been a frequent theme of

“Look well to the house, sirrah!” he said, ad- nel through which the Chancellor had been apprised contention between his wife and himself: the dame, dressing his nephew," and see that there be neither of the minutest details of all that passed in the

waste nor riot, till my return !" although scarcely less fond of money than her part

palace. Once in possession of the intentions of the

It was intimated to him that Reuben and his wife head of the Catholic movement, he was not long in ner, was a mother-and we rarely find a mother's heart capable of entertaining hatred towards the man and daughter were equally prisoners, and must ac- guessing at his instrument. company the soldiers to Woodstock. The terrified

The gate alluded to was an old gothic pile, parwho honorab'y loves her child.

girl clung to her father and lover alternately. In tially screened by a small grove which separated it We are told that woman was the last to leave her griof and agitation, she could not help exclaim- from the high road. There is little doubt that it Paradise-Adam crossed the threshold first. No ing :

formed a portion of the original buildings so reckwonder that some trace of Eden lingers in her

“Reuben-Reuben ! it was an ill day that took lessly destroyed by Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. nature yet; although, like the vein of gold in the thee to Woodstock !"

Doubleday had promised to be at his post and quartz, we must sometimes crush the rock before we

The eyes of the inkeeper flashed fire.

conduct the emmissaries of his employer to the longfind it. All do not wear their good qualities upon

“ So, rascal !” he said '“ after having saved thee disused banquetting-hall directly under the lodgings the surface.

from the beggar's dish and wallet-reared and fed of the royal captive; a staircase which led to the Just as they were on the point of closing the thee-this is thy gratitude ! thou hast betrayed me ! music-gallery, communicated also with the aparthostel, a traveller, whose accoutrements denoted Not that,” he added, correcting himself, “there has ments of the princess. that he was in the royal service, rode up to the been anything to betray: if I have erred, it has been One by one the different bands arrived at the place porch, and, throwing the rein to Reuben, intimated unwittingly."

of meeting. As they emerged like shadows from his intention of taking up his quarters at the Fair “ Uncle !"

the little wood, they resembled more a troop of shaRosamond for the night.

“ Uncle mo no uncles !” continued the old man, dows than living men. In that age military men were not the most desira- passionately ; "thou art ambitious, too, and hast Their leader counted them over.

All were preble guests that a taverner could receive : true, they lifted thine eyos to thy cousin Mabel! I will tell Not a ruffian had failed to reach the place. called freely for the best wine the house could afford, thee," he added, scornfully, “when she shall be thy

After waiting some time, the clock of the distant but they frequently forgot to pay their score ; and, wife !"

church was heard to strike the hour of one. Before as the father of the pretty Mabel used to observe, “When?" demanded the officer, who commanded the vibration of the iron bell had died upon the air, a “- it was ill quarrelling with men who rode in steel, the party of the guard, and who appeared not a little low whistle was heard, to which Basset replied by and bore the queen's commission." Eyeing the amused with the scene.

a similar signal. new comer with a dissatisfied air, the host informed

“When I am standing under the gibbet, with the him that he could not afford him accommodation.

A postern was carefully opened, and a man, whom rope around my neck, and word from him will save Basset concluded to be Doubleday, appeared. " Why so, varlet ?" exclaimed the stranger ; “is me!” answored the host of the Fair Rosamond ; He and the leader of the expedition exchanged a thy house full ?"

" and not till then ! that is, if Mabel marries with my few hurried words, in an under-tone. · Not full, worthy sir,” replied the Boniface ; consent; and if she does not, living or dead, my bit

“ Where are your horses ?" demanded the former. “ but it has been occupied for three days past by terest curse will cling to her !"

“ Picketed in the wood," was the reply. worshipful guests, who may return. It is but a The poor girl vainly tried to stop the words which “ Follow me, then : cverything is prepared !'' short ride to Woodstock : at the Crown, or any of seemed to raise an insuperable bar between herself It was arranged that half their number were to the hostels in the town, you will meet with fitting and the young tapster, by her caresses : but her remain concealed within the grounds, whilst the rest


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penetrated to the apartments of the intended victim. the vista of the long-contemplated future rose on her she listened anxiously for every sound. In less Everything seemed to favor their enterprise, and the imagination.

than an hour, a loud shout, in which the voice of anprincipled ruffian whose hand was prepared to “ Unworthy weakness !" she pronounced. “Vain her stern old guardian was distinctly heard, broke shed the blood of the future queen, already grasped regret. Were it to do again, I would reject him. from the hall beneath. It was instantly followed by in anticipation the large reward promised him by his The crown of England must not be balanced for an the clashing of steel. priestly employer.

instant against the danger of traitors—their plots The sound in an instant restored Elizabeth to “Where is the guard ?” he demanded of the man and wicked scheming. The crown!” she repeated, herself. She started to her feet, and with a calm, who had admitted him.

with a shudder ; "alack, the tedious path which resolute air, stood leaning with her hand upon the "On the south side of the building,” answered the leads to it is shadowed by the headsman's axe, the shoulder of one of her women, with her eyes infellow; our entrance is at the north porch : little poisonous phial, and the assassin's knife !"

tently fixed upon the door of the apartment. fear of their hearing us till all is over !"

At the same instant, as if to confirm her fears, the Basset and his band followed the footsteps of their “Good !” whispered the villain ; we cannot fail !" noise of armed men were distinctly heard in the conductor, in the deepest silence, through the woods And, without further parley, he and his men pre- antechamber. Elizabeth turned very pale ; but her and shrubberies of the royal domain, till they reached pared to follow their conductor through the thickly- resolution and self-possession did not fail her. that portion of the ancient bower of Woodstock wooded grounds of the palace.

There was a loud knock at the door of her apart-commonly called the Royal Lodging. ment. There were no means of fastening it on the “ It is infernally dark !” whispered the ruffian to inside—no means of flight.

the supposed Doubleday ; "the shutters of the banMentally commending herself to God, she pro- quet hall are closed.”

nounced the word, “ Enter." Her gentleman usher Thou caus'dst the guilty to be loosed,

This observation was not made till they all stood From bands wherein are innocents inclosed,

and Frank Jerningham entered the room. At the beneath its quaintly-carved roof. Causing the guiltless to be straight reserved, sight of the young officer, her courage revived.

“ It will be lighter soon,” whispered the guide. And freeing those that death had well deserved. She felt assured that if treason were on foot, he had

At the extreme end of the hall was a gallery of But by her envy can be nothing wrought

not descended to become its instrument. So God send to my foes all they have brought.

cedar-wood, with large folding-doors in the centre. “Now, Jerningham,” she said, as the young man A straggling ray of light penetrated the gloom LINES WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH IN PRISON.

bent the knee before her, “ what means this visit? which reigned around. Basset pointed it out, and IN Na chamber hung with faded arras and scantily It is a strange hour, methinks, even for the kinsman inquired the meaning of it. The same person an

furnished, considering that its occupant was the of my gaoler to enter the chamber of the sister of swered that it was a lamp left burning upon the heiress of the crown, sat the Lady Elizabeth. Her his sovereign!"

stairs which led to the apartments of the Lady Elimind was occupied by a reflection which haunted

Pardon me, gracious madam !” exclaimed the

zabeth. her like an ill-omened shadow. It was evident that

young man; but there are duties which admit not her enemies would never rest satisfied till they had of idle etiquette. I have already requested that your low tone ordered his companions to light the torches

The leader of the band of midnight assassins in a removed her from their path : they were both nume- women may be called."

which several of them carried with them. At the rous and powerful. First, the leaders of the Catholic “ Hath an order arrived for my departure ?" in- first stroke of the steel and flint, his guide silently party, who directed not only the government but the quired the princess, anxiously.

withdrew from his side; the door of the hall by conscience of the queen; then the Spanish interest, The gentleman informed her that no such order which they had entered at the same time was closed with the emperor at their head, and his unscrupu- had been received from court ; that his presence was

from without lous minister, Renaud, to carry out his views ; and, merely a precaution taken by Sir Henry Bedding

No sooner was the apartment lighted up, than lastly, many of the old nobility of the kingdom, who field, who had directed him to occupy the apartment Basset perceived that he was betrayed. Five-andcontemplated with dissatisfaction the prospect of of her grace with a party of picked men, on whose Anne Boleyn's daughter succeeding to the throne. fidelity and courage he could rely : and that

, having field at their head, guarded the passage leading to

twenty of the blue coats, with Sir Henry BeddingThe only real friends of the captive were the bur- explained the cause of his intrusion, he would the gallery, whilst an equal number of his men atgesses and the people, who at that period possessed retire.

tacked the intruders from behind. far less influence in the state than at the present.

“Stay, sir !" said the royal prisoner. “ Such pre

“ Traitors !" shouted the knight, as he rushed, Everything considered, her position was a painful cautions are not taken without a motive. An at

sword in hand, upon the villains whom he had so Gardiner, the most persevering of her ene- tempt has been, or is about to be made upon our

cleverly caught in their own snare ; "your accommies might eventually succeed in persuading his person, and your kinsman

plice, Doubleday, is in a dungeon! Yield, for your bigoted mistress to remove her from the ward of Sir

“Is honor's self !” interrupted Jerningham ;

lives!” Henry Beddingfield, when he found that stern old trust to him, your grace, as you would to an anknight too honorable to lend himself to his dark pur- gel's promise."

Basset's only reply was to discharge the weapon

he carried in his hand at the speaker. The ball pose. The only hope and trust of Elizabeth was in

“ I do trust to him," said the princess. God the capricious affection of her sister : it was a faint help me, I have no other hope !"

slightly wounded the old man in the arm. barrier between her and her foes ; still it was one. The two or three female attendants whom the The contest was a brief one. The murderers,

The royal maiden held in her hand the black-letter speaker had been permitted to retain about her per- completely taken by surprise, and overpowered by edition of the Epistles of St. Paul, the covers of son, came crowding into the apartment.

Their pumbers, were either cut down or secured. In less which were worked in cunning devices by her own looks were terrified. Like scared children, they than ten minutes, Basset, with his arms bound hand, and which is still shown to the curious, in the gathered round the chair of their mistress. tightly behind him with a cord, stood face to face Bodleian Library at Oxford. Her eye rested upon

"With your highness's permission, I will with-with the stern soldier. the sacred page, but her thoughts were not upon its draw,” added the officer ; " but let me assure your

“So. sir,” said Sir Henry, " you have attempted text. With a sigh she laid it on the table near grace, that before treason or danger can approach to surprise a royal palace and the person of its gowhich she had been sitting, and began to pace the your royal person, it must pass over my body, and vernor, with what intent, or by whom instigated, it narrow limits of her prison-chamber.

the bodies of my faithful soldiers. Should you hear needs not to inquire. Doubtless when you under“God help me!" she sighed. “I am sore beset ! a clamor in the old banquet hall below, heed it not; took the honorable employment, you were aware of I could almost have wished that I had accepted the there is nothing to fear.

the risk and punishment ?" hand of the Prince of Savoy. I should at least have

So saying, he once more bowed, and left the

“ Punishment !" muttered the baffled prisoner. been safe from the machinations of those who seek apartment.

“ Death!" exclaimed the knight sternly; "and, my blood, although I never wronged them !"

Surrounded by her women, Elizabeth remained in by St. Mary, I will hang you like a dog, before the Gradually the countenance of the speaker assumed prayer ; but the words were frequently arrested up- day is an hour older, unless you can show me the a more resoluto expression. Her eye brightened as on her lips, by terrors which she could not repress; I authority for this night's work, under the hand and



seal of our sovereign lady! Have you such a knaves who have blown this coal of discord 'twixt they shall neither drive me to rebellion, nor a martoken ?"

us, be detected in their wicked practises. The riage which would banish me from England! No "Send to the Chancellor."

times, too,” she added, with a glance of dignity and -no !” she added, musingly, “a simple ring of No!"

pride, “ may change, when Sir Henry Beddingfield gold is not to be balanced against the crown of “ The queen herself!"

shall find that Elizabeth forgets nor friends nor England !" “Liar!” interrupted the old man. “ Your war- foes ! The latter, be it understood, to pray for and With this reflection, the future queen retired to rant ?" forgive them !"

her chamber to repose. “ Gardiner,” faltered the terrified Basset, Frank Jerningham, who was standing near, could On the following morning, directly after the mass sured me it was by the express command of her not repress a smile at the last trait of the speaker's —which, at this period of her life, Elizabeth from majesty."

character ; who never, in the course of her long life policy regularly attended—Sir Henry Beddingfield His judge laughed scornfully.

and reign, appears to have bestowed, even on the conducted her grace to the old banquet-hall, at one " Gardiner will not save thee!” he said. “ Thou most favored of her lovers, or devoted adherents, an extremity of which a gibbet had been erected. The has tasted his liberality, I doubt not; the rest of the entire and perfect confidence.

host of the Fair Rosamond, closely pinioned, the meed due for this noble action is from the justice of Sir “Madam,” replied the knight, “in having had pretty Mabel, his wife, and Reuben the tapster, Henry Beddingfield. Anthony Basset,” he continued, the happiness to serve you, I am well repaid; and were assembled there. From time to time the old " thou hast, without lawful authority, attempted to doubly so, since that service accords with my duty to man glanced uneasily at the preparations for execusurprise the royal residence of Woodstock. By vir- our sovereign lady the queen, who will learn with tion. His whispered instructions to his dame were tue of mine office, which empowers me in such cases indignation, I feel well assured, this infamous at- frequently broken by invectives directed against his provided; I condemn thee to the gibbet ; that and tempt against your royal life.".

nephew, whom he branded as a spy and unnatural the priest are ready."

Elizabeth smiled incredulously; and yet she had boy. The terrified wretch would have remonstrated, but no reason to doubt the intentions of her sister. “ This comes of harboring poor relations," he the speaker turned coldly upon his heel, and, des- Many blame Mary for her harsh treatment of the said ; " warm a serpent at your hearth, and it is pite his frantic entreaties for mercy, he was drag- daughter of Anne Boleyn-few give her credit sure to sting you!” ged with his companions from the banquet-hall, and for resisting the temptation which the impru- Several times the young man was about to answer hanged, with three of his principal accomplices, at dent conduct of Elizabeth, in tampering in more him; but the imploring looks of his cousin sealed a short distance from the palace. The rest were se- than one conspiracy, gave her. Disguise it as we his lips: the poor girl was half distracted between cured in the prisons of the palace.

will, Mary's firmness in resisting the entreaties of terror for her father's safety and doubts of her lover's Whilst the execution was taking place, Sir Henry her husband, whom she idolized, and the advice of conduct. Repeatedly the thought suggested itself kept pacing the floor of the apartment. He felt her most intimate councillors, alone preserved the that he must have betrayed him. deeply the dishonor brought upon his faith by the princess from the block.

The doors at the lower end of the hall opened, infamous attempt of Gardiner. Although he could “We have never doubted our sister's love, Sir and the Lady Elizabeth, attended by Sir Henry, her not reach the master-spirit of the enterprise, he felt Henry,” observed his prisoner, in a tone of hypo- gentleman usher, and ladies, entered the gloomy a great satisfaction at having defeated his project, crisy ; “ but our bitterest enemies are nearest in old apartment where the second Henry so frequentand executed justice upon his instruments. His her councils ; it is the curse of princes that they ly had held his revel with the beauteous daughter of reveries were broken by the entrance of an officer, seldom hear the truth.”

Lord Clifford. The buff-coats stood to their arms, who announced to him that all was over.

The knight remained silent, whilst Elizabeth con- as the officer who commanded them pronounced, in “And the ruffians in the park?” he said. tinued to pour forth professions of loyalty, mingled a loud tone : “ Taken or slain, as you directed.”

with thanks to her kind gaoler, as she now playfully “Her grace the princess !" Without a word, the stern Catholic soldier di- termed him.

Elizabeth advanced with a rapid step towards the rected his steps towards the lodgings of the Prin- “Your grace owes me but scant thanks," ob- spot where the group of prisoners was standing. cess Elizabeth.

served the blunt old man; “for all our ward would Her leen, dark eye fell for an instant with no very have been useless, had it not been for an honest lad encouraging look upon the countenance of the vintwho overheard the devilish plot."

ner, whose wife and daughter fell on their knees as A young man ?" repeated her highness. she approached. From the old man it glanced upon What, ho! knave! speak! What ransom for your life?

• Ay, madam—the nephew of a rascally vintner, Reuben : this time it wore a more favorable expresThe gibbet's raised--the cord and hangman ready. Now is the time to speak. Your ransom-quick!

who keeps the hostel known by the sign of the sion. BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. • Fair Rosamond,' hard by. I had hanged the mer- " Are these the men !" she said, addressing the WHEN

(HEN Sir Henry Beddingfield entered the cenary rogue with the rest, had I not learned that knight. chamber of his prisoner, he found the Lady

his life might be the means of rewarding the lad “ The same," answered Sir Henry. Elizabeth calm and collected ; the only sign of her

-who, it seems, is a suitor for his pretty one merits your grace's favor--inasmuch as to his having been conscious of the danger she had run, daughter ?"

intelligence and loyalty we owe the discovery of the was in the occasional flashing of her dark, keen eye the oath which the innkeeper had taken ; and how son.

The speaker explained to his illustrious prisoner villain Basset's foul design against your royal per-not a muscle of her countenance quivered.

The old man is under doom."

“We will not interfere with your justice, Sir No sooner did she behold the stern old knight, he had reflected that the pardon of the father might than she gracefully advanced towards him; at the be made the price of his assent to the marriage of Henry,” replied the princess, sharply; to which, same time extending her hand, which even to the young people.

with all our heart, we do commend him. To you, an advanced period of her life, was admired for its

“ With your permission, Master Beddingfield,” young man,” she added, in a more gracious tone, beauty.

said Elizabeth, “I will see these people in the morn- we offer our thanks. For your fidelity and dis“Before we thank you, Sir Henry, for your true ning. I owe the youth my thanks. Alack ! in my cretion, this purse is but a poor expression of our and loyal conduct, we must ask your pardon for the present state they are all I have to offer him !" gratitude-but it is a pledge for favor.” injustice we so lately did you, in our poor judg- The knight acceded to her request, and shortly As she spake these encouraging words, she exment. Alack, that evil times and evil men should afterwards, accompanied by his kinsman, Frank tended towards the tapster a small velvet satchel or have led us to doubt the faith of such a gentle- Jerningham, withdrew to his own apartments in the bag, embroidered by her own hands with her cypher

palace ; leaving a strong guard at the lodge, for the and coronet. It held about fifty crowns in goldThe governor of Woodstock knelt and kissed the protection of his charge.

no inconsiderable sum in those days. taper fingers of the royal maiden.

“God help me!" sighed the royal maiden, as Instead of taking it, Reuben sank upon his knee, " True," she continued, “We are a prisoner now; soon as she was alone ; " my poor wits are almost and implored her highness to interceed with the but our sister's mind may change, or the false l bafiled in this contention with my enemies ; but I governor of Woodstock, for the life of the vintner.



" The young


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" True, he is avaricious,” he exclaimed, “but in " The fellow has not a maravedi !" exclaimed “I can do no more !” she said, and left the bancapable of conspiring against your grace's safety. mine host.

quet-hall. He received Basset and his villainous crew as he “ The better match, since thou, too, art poor !" “ Miles !" whispered his wife. would any other travellers who paid well. He “She does not love him," added the avaricious “ Well ?" was the sullen reply. neither knew nor desired to know their purpose. old man, fixing at the same time a menacing glance “ Thee wilt never be such a fool as to hang, when If I have been so fortunate as to serve your grace, upon his child.

giving up the old house can save thee !" the only favor I solicit in return is a word to spare “The greater will be thy gratitude for the sa

“It isn't the house?” him from the gibbet !" crifice she makes to save thee !” answered the

• What then ?" Sir Henry and the princess exchanged a few knight.

“ Reuben-I hate him !” exclaimed Miles, bit. words in a low tone of voice.

"I will hang first !” exclaimed Mile's Max, terly. “But for his folly, I should have made a “ Were I to grant thy request, young man,” an- bitterly.

thousand crowns, at least, out of Basset's affair!" swered the royal maiden, “peradventure I should do “ Hang thou shalt, then !" coolly replied Sir Like most military men, Sir Henry Beddingfield was thee aught but kindness."

Henry. “Heaven forbid that, as a Christian gen-'one of those who permitted but brief space between “Oh, save him !"

the conception of a exclaimed Mabel, fall

purpose and its fulfil. ing upon her knees,

ment. At a sign and catching the robe

from him, the execuof Elizabeth.

tioner seized the is my father! What

vintner in his grip, , ever

turned down the colothers, he is kind to

lar of his doublet, me ! A word will

and, drawing a cord make happy

from a coil of ropes change our tears to

which he carried in smiles—and day and MMMM BEJ MEJE SE M M M

his belt, slipped it night grateful lips

over his neck. shall pray for you

Poor Mabel and the grateful hearts shall

dame began to shriek bless you!"

and sob most piteous“ Hark 'ee, fellow?"

ly; and Miles, find said Sir Henry Bed

ing that the knight dingfield, extending

was in earnest, called his staff of office to

out that he consented. wards the prisoner ;

« 'Tis well!” said thou hast a villainous

the old man, nature, and fortune

lease him!" has dealt better by

No sooner was the thee, in giving thee

vintner free from the this pretty wench for

gripe of the execua daughter, and this

tioner, than he added, good lad for a ne

that the marriage phew, than thou de

should be celebrated servedst. What se

in a few days. curity canst thou give

"A few days !" refor thy future con

peated Sir Henry, duct ?"

scornfully • Dost The host of the

think to palter with Fair Rosamond, who

me, knave? This fancied that the knight

very hour the priest was about to put him

of Woodstock shall to ransom, began to

tie the knot! An' protest vehemently

it be not done," he that he was a beggar, IELIZABETH'S CHAMBER, OCCUPIED BY THE GUARD,]

added, pointing to the “Peace, knave !''

clock, which wanted exclaimed his judge ; “it is not thy trash I moan! tleman, should not leave theo thy choice ! May but three-quarters of an hour of noon, “ before the Thy name ?"

it please your grace to retire,” he added, bowing re- dial strikes, by every saint, thou shalt swing high “ Miles Max."

spectfully to Elizabeth. “It were not becoming as over Haman did !” "Well, then, Miles Max-1, Henry Beddingfield, that the hangman should do his office in such pre- Miles Max now became as carnest in his entreagovernor of Woodstock, tell thoa that thy life sence !"

ties to Mabel and Reuben to join their hands, as he is forfeit, for having harbored men who trea- Again Reuben, with a generosity whichosaid more had previously been opposed to their marriage. The sonably and falsely endeavored to surprise the for his heart than his head, would have interfered chaplain was sent for, and the knot tied, a few minroyal palace, and attempt the life of the Lady to save his worthless relative; but the princess utes before the time expired. Elizabeth, sister to our gracious sovereign the waved him back with a gentle motion of her hand, The deed which secured the Fair Rosamond to queen. The security for thy future conduct is feeling well assured that at the last moment Miles the bride and bridegroom, was afterwards signed this: thou shalt execute me a bond, under the pe- Max would think better of it. In fact, the whole and given into their possession. Thus did the stern nalty of a thousand crowns, to resign thy hostel affair had been previously arranged between her and old knight reward the loyalty of Reuben, whilst be of the Fair Rosamond to thy daughter Mabel, and Boddingfield, as a means of rewarding her pre- punished the treasonable designs of the innkeeper. bestow her hand in marriage upon her cousin here." I server.

(To be continued.)



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Take my


" To Monceaux! You ?” he asked, with anxiety. He anticipated a wild outbreak of rage on Colig“And the papers ?"

ny's part, or, at least, his immediate dismissal. A NEW HISTORICAL ROMANCE.

“Hear me patiently, merciful lord,” said Gui, Coligny all this time stood gazing on him with (Concluded.) " then judge—then condemn, and withdraw your

folded arms. CHAPTER XIV.—TETE-A-TETE WITH AN OLD FRIEND. confidence, if you will; but do hear me to the "I am guilty,” continued Gui; "condemn me to THE THE night was dark and cloudy at Chatillon cnd.”

the severest punishment and I will submit, only do The wind moaned fitfully, and the rain fell in Coligny went up to Gui, and laying his hands I not dismiss me from your service" torrents. In the

Coligny smiled castle of Admiral

kindly. Culigny, every

“No, my son," thing was in ac

thou art not ative preparation,

lone to blame. and through the

It was too great large windows of

a commission to the principal hall

intrust to of the dwelling,

young a messenfigures might be

ger. Thou hast seen moving hi

only acted, morether and thither;

over, as any galfor many of the

lant youth would principal and

have done ; and, most influential

after all the favor of the Huguenots

Montmorency had assembled

evinced to thee there, for the pur

is most honorapose of deciding

ble, and is to tliy the future pro

credit as well as ceedings of the

bis. army. Discus

hand in token of sion was at its

reconciliation, height when the

and as a pledge sound of horses'

that thou hast hoofs was heard,

not forfeited my and a servant an

confidence.” nounced that Gui

The youth took de St. Flore re

the admiral's quested an audi

hand with reverence with the ad

ence, and raised miral.

it to his lips, but "There is

his heart was 100 something wrong

full to speak. then,” said Col

Now go and igny, in a hurried

take off your wet tone, and hasten

riding clothes,” ing down stairs, (ADELMA SHOWING TO GUI PROOFS OF TAVANNES' TREACHERY.]

said Coligny, he led the travel

" and then come ler, who was

and let me indreadfully fatigued and weather stained, into a pri- firmly on his shoulders, he looked full in his face, | troduce you to some of my guests. Do not fear vate apartment. In a moment Coligny saw that his and said —

meeting with a cool reception on account of the suspicions were well founded. The form usually so “Young man, you have taken leave of your past.” dignified and erect was bent, and the face was pale senses ! Speak plainly, if you can ; I am prepared So saying, with a friendly inclination of the head and anxious.

for the worst."

to Gui, the admiral left the room to rejoin his “What has happened ?" he asked sharply. "You Gai then related his adventure at Monceaux, and friends, and to relate to them the failure of the exare ill. Can you have seen Du Plessis already ?" this visit to the castle—the effects of the sleeping pedition, and the late scenes at Monceaux. Univer“I have been to Monceaux," answered Gui, with draught-his resc

escue by Acevedo—and, finally the sal indignation against the treachery and ingratitude a cold shudder.

hands into which the papers had fallen.

of the queen was expressed, but no anger against

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