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Page 79 - Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton. Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement.
Page 115 - Marine and coast charts. Geological maps and sections. Botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and distribution of men, animals, and terrestrial products. Physical maps. Meteorological maps and bulletins. Telegraphic routes and stations. Railway and route maps. Terrestrial and celestial globes. Relief maps and models of portions of the earth's surface. Profiles of ocean beds and routes of submarine cables.
Page 109 - EDUCATION AND SCIENCE. Educational Systems, Methods and Libraries. — Class 300. Elementary instruction ; infant schools and kindergartens, arrangements, furniture, appliances and modes of training. Public schools, graded schools, buildings and grounds, equipments, courses of study, methods of instruction, text books, apparatus, including maps, charts, globes, etc. ; pupils' work, including drawing and penmanship; provisions for physical training.
Page 114 - The Land Acts of Victoria, 1869 to 1873. FERRES, JOHN, Government Printer, Melbourne. Reports and Statistics from the principal Government institutions of Melbourne :— 1519 Victorian Hospital for the Insane, 1870-73.
Page 247 - ... Cotton on the stem, in the boll, ginned, and baled. CLASS 666. — Hemp, flax, jute, ramie, etc., in primitive forms and in all stages of preparation for spinning. CLASS 667. — Wool in the fleece, carded, and in bales. CLASS 668. — Silk in the cocoon and reeled. CLASS 669. — Hair, bristles. MACHINES, IMPLEMENTS, AND PROCESSES OF MANUFACTURE. CLASS 670. — Tillage. — Manual implements, spades, hoes, rakes. Animal power machinery, plows, cultivators, horse-hoes, clod-crushers, rollers,...
Page 181 - I direct that the said legacy and the legacy duty thereon shall be paid exclusively out of such part of my personal estate as may by law be bequeathed for charitable purposes, and preferably to any other payment thereout.
Page 79 - Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawed, or polished, for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture. Marble — white, black, or coloured — used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured.
Page 90 - ... feels when he breathes the air of a town or of an apartment, however spacious, and afterwards inhales the fresh or ozone-containing air of the open country.

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