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Hours, 201.

Macleane, 228.
How do your tuneful echos, Madding, 200.
etc., 212.

Mæander's amber waves, 212.
Hurtles in the darkened air, 222. Manichean god, 261.
Hymn to Adversity, 205.

Man's feeble

what ills
Hyperion, 211.

await, 211.

Meal and larded locks, 259.
Idalia's velvet-green, 211. Meek Newton's self, 232.
Ilissus, 212.

Meek usurper's holy head, 218.
I mean the man, 258.

Melissa is her “nom de guerre,'
In climes beyond the solar 228.
road, 212.

Midas finger, 259.
Indian fume, 259.

Mista, black terrific maid, etc.,
Indigent, 202.

Ingenious Cowley, 259.

Mr. P-t, 228.
In merry pin, 234.

Mistress Anne, 226.
Inquires what strains, etc., 261. Modred, 217.
In such a palace, etc., 260. Mortimer, 216.
In the midst a form divine, 219. Much have I borne, etc., 226.
Iris, 234.

Muse, 202.
Iron-sleet of arrowy shower, My boast is not that I deduce,

etc., 241.
Is balloted, 259.

My grave Lord-Keeper, etc.,
Is India free, 258.

Islington, 234.

My noble son, 233.
Is the sable warrior fled, 218.

Nature's Darling, 213.
Jotham ascribed to his assem- Ne'er forgot, 240.
bled trees, 260.

Nine, 213.

Nor all, that glisters, gold, 209.
Katerfelto, 258.

Norman, 224.
Kilwick's echoing wood, 241. Nor second He, 213.

Leathean leave, 259,

Ode for Music, 231.
Lochlin, 224.

Ode on a Distant Prospect of
Long-lost Arthur, 219.

Eton College, 204.
Loose his beard and hoary hair, Ode on Spring, 201.

Ode on the Death of a Favorite
Lord of War, 210.

Cat, 207.
Loves, 211.

Ode on the Pleasure Arising
Lowly bed, 198.

from Vicissitude, 228.
Low on his funeral couch, etc., Ode to A pollo, 235.

Ode to Peace, 238.

O’er-canopies the glade, 202. Roderic's stem, 224.
O’er Libya's deserts, etc., 231. Rubbers, 228.
O’er yonder bridge, 257.

Rude, 198.
O evenings worthy of the gods, Running such a rig, 234.

Of happier days at hand, 256. Sad Chatillon, 232.
Oh! Sovereign of the willing Say, Father Thames, etc., 205.
soul, 210.

Science, 201.
Once again my call obey, 223. Scythia, 231.
On Friendship, 247.

She-wolf of France, 217.
On Receipt of my Mother's Sketch of his own Character, 226,
Picture, 240.

Smiling mornings, 207.
On the Loss of the Royal Snowdon's shaggy side, 216.
George, 254.

Solemn breathing, 210.
On thė Shortness of Human Some Cromwell, 199.
Life, 254.

Some flagged admiral, 255.
Orpheus, 261.

Some mute inglorious Milton,
Our forefather Druids, etc., 255. 199.
Ouse, 239.

Some village Hampden, 199.
Ouse's silent tide, 236.

Song, 227.

Song on Peace, 254.
Parnassus, 213.

Sonnet on the Death of Richard
Parterre, 239.

West, 206.
Pencil, 213.

Spelt by the unlettered Muse,
Perching on the sceptred hand, 200.

Squadrons three, 224.
Phæbus, 236.

Square hoods, 228.
Pity for Poor Africans, 237. Squib, 228.
Plashed, 258.

Star of Brunswick, 233.
Plinlimmon, 217.

Storks among frogs, 260.
Pope and Spaniard, etc., 227. Stout Glo'ster, 216.
Pregnant with celestial fire, 198. Streamed, like a meteor, etc.,
Princely Clare, 232.

Prudes, 228.

Styack, 228.

Supply her with a theme, 256.
Quick-glancing to the sun, 202.

Tabby, 208.
Rage, 198.

Talymalfra's rocky shore, 225.
Report of an Adjudged Case, 238. That yew-tree's shade, 197.
Revere his consort's faith, etc., The Alliance of Education and

Government, 229.
Right against the eastern gate, Theban eagle bear, 214.

The Bard, 215.

The Bastile, 261.

The other Amazon, 227.
The blue-eyed myriads, etc., The Pineapples and the Bee, 237.

The Poplar Field, 239.
The boast of heraldry, etc., 198. The Progress of Poesy, 209.
The bristled boar, 219.

The prophetic maid, 223.
The Castaway, 256.

The Rose, 235.
The cock's shrill clarion, 198. The Sabine bard, 258.
The crested pride, 216.

The Shrubbery, 236.
The curfew tolls the knell, etc., The surest presage of the good,

etc., 260.
The Death of Hoel, 225.

The Task, 257.
The Descent of Odin, 222. The Triumphs of Owen, 224.
The Diverting History of John The unhealthful east, 258.
Gilpin, 233.

The wonder of the North, 260.
The Dog and the Water-Lily, 236. They mock the air, etc., 215.
The Doves, 235.

They reign united there, 239.
The dragon-son of Mona stands, They, whom once the desert-

beach, 222.
Thee the voice, the dance obey, This folio, 258.

Thoughts that breathe, etc.,
The famished eagle screams, 214.

Three customers came in, 234.
The Fatal Sisters, 220.

Thyrsis, 227.
The first artificer of death, 260. Thy sun is set, thy spring is gone,
The first came cap-a-pee, etc.,


Till down the eastern cliffs
The Frenchman's darling, 259. afar, 211.
The Gaul is at her gates, 241. Till Lok has burst, etc., 223.
The historic Muse, 261.

'Tis a sight to engage me, etc.,
The hue and cry, 234.

The Judgment of the Poets, 255. Tityrus, 259.
The lady Janes and Joans re- To Contemplation's sober eye,
pair, 228.

The Lily and the Rose, 239. To high-born Hoel's harp, etc.,
The living throne, the sapphire- 216.
blaze, 213.

To Mary, 256.
The mill-dam, 260.

To meet the sun upon the up-
The Modern Patriot, 238.

land lawn, 200.
The murdered saint, etc., 232. To read


The Needless Alarm, 241.

mouldy walls, 261.
The Negro's Complaint, 236. To the Nightingale, 256.
The Nightingale and Glow-Worm, Tough knee-timber, 255.

Tramontane, 259.


'Twas on a lofty vase's side, 208. / When Severn shall reëcho, etc.,
Two coursers of ethereal race, 217.

Where tempests never

Two nymphs, 236, 255.

etc., 240.
Tyrian hue, 208.

Who o'er thy country hangs,

etc., 218.
Urien, 217.

William Shakespeare, 226.

Wind, 197.
Venerable Margaret, 233. Windsor's heights, 204.
Vengeful band, 206.

With incense kindled, etc., 199.

- Supposed to be Written with me in dreadful harmony,
by Alexander Selkirk, 237.

etc., 217.
Vulcan, 260.

With necks in thunder clothed,
Vulgar, 214.

etc., 213.
Woods that wave o'er Delphi's

Ware, 234.

steep, 212.
Wash, 234.
Weave the warp, etc., 217. Yardley Oak, 255.
What virgins these, 223. Ye genuine kings, 219.
When Babel was confounded, Ye towers of Julius, 218.

Yet shall he mount, etc., 214.

Tied Coaten Amenn.

Pocket Series of English Classics


Uniform in Size and Binding

25 cents each

Addison's Sir Roger de Coverley. Edited by ZELMA GRAY, East Side

High School, Saginaw, Mich. Andersen's Fairy Tales. Translated from the Danish by CAROLINE

PEACHEY and Dr. H. W. DULCKEN. With biographical notes and

introduction by SARAH C. BROOKS, Training School, Baltimore, Md. Arabian Nights. Edited by CLIFTON JOHNSON. Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum and other Poems. Edited by JUSTUS COL

LINS CASTLEMAN, Bloomington High School, Bloomington, Ind. Bacon's Essays. Edited by Professor GEORGE HERBERT CLARKE

Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Blackmore's Lorna Doone. Edited by ALBERT L. BARBOUR, Superin

tendent of Schools, Natick, Mass. Browning's Shorter Poems. Edited by FRANKLIN T. BAKER, Teachers

College, New York City, Mrs.

Browning's Poems (Selections from). Edited by Heloise E

HERSHEY. Bryant's Thanatopsis, Sella, and other Poems. Edited by J. H. CASTLE

MAN, Michigan Military Academy, Orchard Lake, Mich. Bulwer-Lytton's Last Days of Pompeii. Edited by J. H. CASTLEMAN. Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Edited by Professor Hugh Mof

PATT, Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa. Burke's Speech on Conciliation. Edited by S. C. Newsom, Manual

Training High School, Indianapolis, Ind. Burns' Poems and Songs. Selected by P. M. BUCK, JR. Byron's Childe Harold, Cantos I-IV. Edited by A. J. GEORGE, Higb

School, Newton, Mass. Byron's Shorter Poems. Edited by RALPH HARTT BOWLES, Instructor

in English in The Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H. Carlyle's Essay on Burns, with Selections. Edited by WILLARD C.

GORE, Armour Institute, Chicago, Ill. Carlyle's Heroes and Hero Worship. Edited by Mrs. ANNIE RUSSELL

MARBLE. Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Edited by CHARLES A. MCMURRY. Chaucer's Prologue to the Book of the Tales of Canterbury, the Knight's

Tale, and the Nun's Priest's Tale. Edited by ANDREW INGRAHAM, Church's The Story of the Iliad. Church's The Story of the Odyssey. Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner. Edited by T. F. HUNTINGTON, Leland

Stanford Junior University. Cooper's Last of the Mohicans. Edited by W. K. WICKES, Principal of

the High School, Syracuse, N.Y. Cooper's The Deerslayer.

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