Report of Tours in the Gangetic Provinces from Badaon to Bihar in 1875-76 and 1877-78

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Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, 1880 - Ganges River Valley (India and Bangladesh) - 197 pages

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Page 58 - ... taken off our coats to work easier at the boats, than the cavalry gave the order to fire. Two guns that had been hidden were run out and opened on us immediately, while Sepoys came from all directions and kept up a fire.
Page 154 - Eraunoboas is reckoned the third river throughout all India, and is inferior to none but the Indus and the Ganges, into the last of which it discharges its waters. Megasthenes assures us that the length of this city is...
Page 185 - Hindus (Buddhists) there ; and when all these books came under the observation of the Musalmans, they summoned a number of Hindus that they might give them information respecting the import of those books ; but the whole of the Hindus had been killed.
Page 76 - To-wai;43 this was the birthplace of Kas'yapa Buddha. Towers are erected on the spot where he had an interview with his father and also where he entered Nirvdna.
Page 58 - The men jumped out of the boats, and instead of trying to get the boats loose from their moorings swam to the first boat they saw loose. Only three boats got safe over to the opposite side of the river, but were met there by two field-pieces, guarded by a number of cavalry and infantry. Before these boats had got a mile down the stream half our small party were either killed or wounded and two of our boats had been swamped.
Page 162 - Five domes," is a place built in old times by the infidels with burnt bricks in five stages. The Afghans, who were on the walls and bastions of the fortress, saw the Emperor and his suite as he was making his survey, and in their despair and recklessness they fired some guns at the Panjpahari, but they did no injury at all to any one.
Page 27 - Today the king, ministers, and people are all going to meet Buddha and render homage to him, but I, a woman, how can I contrive to get the first sight of him ?' Buddha immediately, by his divine power, changed her into a holy chakravarti raja, and in that capacity she was the very first to reverence Buddha on his return.
Page 85 - Buddha returned and entered the vihdra, the image, immediately quitting its place, went forward to meet him. On this Buddha addressed these words to it : " Return, I pray you, to your seat. After my Nirvana you will be the model from which my followers (four schools or classes) shall carve their images.
Page 11 - These boundaries, enlarged a little on the south and on the west, are the same as those assigned by Colonel Tod to the same kingdom at the time of the mahomedan invasion.
Page 156 - If a fort were built in this place the waters of the Ganges could never flow far from it, and Patna would become one of the great towns of this country; because this place is situated to the west on the banks of the Ganges which flows from the north.

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