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Knights of the Golden Horse-Shoe, Cavaliers of Virginia, Kentuckians in New York.

A Child of the Covenant, Belmont, a Tale of the New South. *Cawein, Madison, 1865-.

Castleman, Virginia C., edu.. .




Blooms of the Berry (1887), Days and Dreams, &c.

Chambers, H. E.


Histories of the United States (for schools).


*Chanler, Mrs. Amélie Rives, 1863-.

A Brother to Dragons and Other Stories (1888), Virginia of Virginia (1888), The Quick or the Dead? (1888) and other novels and dramas.

Chapman, John A.

. S. C.

The Walk (poem), History of South Carolina (for schools). Charlton, Robert M., 1807-1854.

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Ga, Leaves from the Portfolio of a Georgia Lawyer, Sketches, Poems.

Chaudron, Louis . . .

Madame La Marquise, and other comedies. Chittenden, William Lawrence, 1862-.

Clack, Mrs. Marie Louise

(called "Poet-Ranchman "), Ranch Verses.

Our Refugee Household (1866).

Claiborne, John Francis Hamtranck, 1809-1884.

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Life and Times of General Sam. Dale, Life of J. A. Quitman

(1860), History of the War of Secession.

Clarke, Mrs. Kate Upson, 1851-. .

That Mary Ann, and other writings.

Clarke, Mrs. Mary Bayard [Devereux], 1830-.

Ala., N Y.

. N. C.

Wood-Notes, Mosses from a Rolling Stone, Reminiscences of

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Clingman, Thomas Lanier—

Speeches, Mountains of North Carolina, Follies of the Positive

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Law of Slavery, Laws of Georgia, Addresses, Poems. Coleman, Charles Washington, Jr


Poems, Literature in the South.

Collens. Thomas Wharton, 1812-1879..




Martyr Patriots (drama), Humanics, Eden of Labor.

Collins, Clarence B. . .

(Called "Sand-spur Philosopher"), Tom and Joe, (a story of the war.)

Connelly, Emma M . .

Story of Kentucky, Tilting at Windmills.

Conway, Moncure Daniel, 1832-, .

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Idols and Ideals, Wandering Jew, Pine and Palm, Prisons of Air,

Life of Paine, and other works.

Cook, E., colonial times

Va., Md.


Sot-Weed [Tobacco] Factor.

*Cooke, Philip Pendleton, 1816–1850...

Froissart Ballads and other Poems (1847), John Carpe, Crime of
Andrew Blair, and other stories.

*Cooke, John Esten, 1830-1886..


Virginia Comedians, Surry of Eagle's Nest, and other novels.

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Crafts, William, 1787-1826, lawyer.

Crane, William Carey, 1816-1885,

Le Morne Vert, L'Amour, Le Dernier des Caraïbes.

*Craddock, Charles Egbert (Miss Murfree).

Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, &c.

Raciad, and other poems, essays, &c.

Life of General Sam Houston.

Crawford, J. Marshall .

Mosby and His Men (1867).

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Crawford, William Harris, 1772-1834, statesman


Crawford, Nathaniel Macon,1811-1871. . Bapt, cl., edu. . . Ga., Ky.

Christian Paradoxes.


S. C.

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Creswell, Mrs. Julia [Pleasants], 1827-1886.


Callamura, Apheila, Poems.


Crim, Matt,"


Adventures of a Fair Rebel, In Beaver Cove and Elsewhere,

Elizabeth: Christian Scientist.

*Crockett, David, 1786–1836 .

.. soldier, hunter

Autobiography, &c.

Cross, Mrs. Jane Tandy [Chinn], 1817-1870. . . . edu.

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Heart Blossoms, Azile, Six Months Under a Cloud (Prison

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Hospital Life in the Army of Tennessee.

*Curry, Jabez Lamar Monroe, 1825-. . . diplomate .

Southern States of the American Union, &c.

Custis, George Washington Parke, 1781-1857

Memoir of Washington.

Cutler, Mrs. Lizzie [Petit], 1831-. .

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Light and Darkness, Household Mysteries, A Romance of

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Va., Ga., Ala.

Defence of Virginia and the South, Life of T. J. Jackson.

Dabney, Virginius, 1835-1894. .

Don Miff, Gold That Did Not Glitter.

Dagg, John L., 1794-1884, Bapt. cl., edu.

Manual of Theology, Moral Philosophy.

Dalsheimer, Mrs. Alice [Solomon], 1845-1880, (" Salvia Dale") · La.

Motherhood, Twilight Shadows (poems).

Dana, Mrs., see Shindler.

*Dandridge, Mrs. Danske [Bedinger], 1859

Joy and other Poems.

Darby, John F.

Personal Recollections.

Darden, Mrs. Fannie A. D. [Baker], .

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Comanche Boy, Old Brigade, and other poems.

Ala., Tex.

Dargan, Clara Victoria, 1840

S. C.

Riverlands, Helen Howard, Poems.

Daveiss, Mrs. Maria [Thompson], 1814- . .


Roger Sherman, a Tale of `76, Woman's Love, Poems.

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Living Writers of the South (1869), Poetry of the Future, &c.

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An Irish Knight, Essays, &c.

Davis, Varina Anne, 1864, (called "Child of the Confederacy "), Miss.

Davis, Mrs. Mary Evelyn [Moore]..

Ala., Tex., La.

Minding the Gap and other Poems, In War Times at La Rose

Blanche, Keren Happuch, New Orleans Sketches.

Davis, Henry Winter, 1817-1865, . . . statesman


War of Ahriman and Ormuzd in the Ninteenth Century,

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De Kay, Charles, 1848-.

Deléry, François Charles, 1815-1880.

Les Lazaréennes, Poésies Sociales, Fables, Chansons.

Bohemians, Hesperus, Manmatha, &c.

L'Ecole du Peuple, Les Némésiennes Confédérées, and others.

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De Leon, T. Cooper.



Four Years in Rebel Capitals, A Fair Blockade-Breaker, Creole and Puritan, and other stories,

Dennis, James Teackle.

On the Shores of an Inland Sea (Alaskan travel and life).

Dessommes, George

Geoffroy le Troubadour, A Deux Morts.

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De Vere, Maximilian Schele, 1820-. . . 、 edu. . . . Sweden, Va. Romance of American History, The Great Empress Agrippina, Grammaire française, Studies in English, Americanisms, Modern Magic, and other works.

Devron, G. . .

Montézuma, and studies in Louisiana History.

Dew, Thomas Roderick, 1802-1846.

Policy of the Government, Slavery, and other Essays.

Dickison and His Men.

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Life of Poe, Madame Bonaparte.

Dimitry, Alexander, 1805-1883 ("Guarnerius")

Greek Demetrius.

Dimitry, John Bull Smith, 1835- .

History and Geography of Louisiana.

Dimitry, Charles Patton, 1837– (“ Guarnerius, Fr.,). ed. . La., Va. Braddock Field, House on Balfour Street, Poems.

Dinnies, Mrs. Annie Peyre [Shackelford), 1816– .

The Floral Year, and other Poems.

Dinwiddie, Robert

Dinwiddie Papers.

Great West, Black Hills, &c.

Dodge, Richard Irving, 1827-.

Doggett, Daniel Seth, 1810-1880.

War and Its Close.

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Donaldson, James Lowry, 1814-1885.

Sergeant Atkins (a tale of the Florida War).


*Dorsey, Mrs. Sarah Anne [Ellis], 1829–1879 (“ Filia”). . Miss., La.

Recollections of H. W. Allen, and other works.

Dorsey, Mrs. Anna Hanson, 1815-.

May Brooke, Oriental Pearls, &c.

Dorsey, James Owen, 1848-.

Indian Languages and Customs.

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