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Ball, Mrs. Caroline A. [Rutledge].

Jacket of Gray and other Poems (1866).

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Insects of Virginia, Curiosities in Virginia. . . . ed..

* Barbe, Waitman, 1864-..

Addresses, Ashes and Incense, and other poems. Barbee, William J, 1816-. . . cl., phys., edu., . .

S. C.

Eng., Va.

W. Va.

Ky., Tenn., Mo.

Cotton Question, Life of Paul, and other writings. Barber, Miss Catherine Webb [Mrs. Towles]. ed. Mass., Ala., Ga. (Ed. "Miss Barber's Weekly,") Three Golden Links, Freemason's Fireside.

Barclay, James Turner, 1807-1874.

City of the Great King.

Barde, Alexandre.

. cl.

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Va., Ala.


S. C., Ga.

Histoire des Comités de Vigilance aux Attakapas.

Barnes, Annie Maria, 1857-. .

Some Lowly Lives, Story of the Chattahoochee, Found in the
Sand, &c.

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Remember the Alamo, Jan Vedder's Wife, and many other novels.

Barrow, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth [Mease] (Aunt Fanny),1822, S. C.,N.Y. Aunt Fanny's Story-Book, Letter G, Six Nightcaps.

Bartlett, Napier.


Military Recollections of Louisiana, Soldier's Story of the War. Bartley, James Avis . .

Lays of Virginia.

Bascom, Henry Bidleman, 1796-1850. M. E. bishop.


N. Y., Ky.

(Ed. "Southern Methodist Quarterly Review,”) Sermons,

Methodism and Slavery.

Baxter, William, 1823– .

cl., edu.,

England, Ark.

Poems, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, War Lyrics.



Bench and Bar of Missouri.

Baylor, Frances Courtenay, 1848- . . novelist . . . . Ark., Va. On Both Sides, Behind the Blue Ridge, A Shocking Example.

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Systematic Theology, Biographical Sketches, Why I Am a
Cumberland Presbyterian.

Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant, 1818-. . . soldier.

Principles and Maxims of the Art of War, Defence of Charleston. Beck, George, 1749-1812, edu. . .


England, Ky.

Poems, original, and translated from Greek and Latin.


"Kamba Thorp,"

Fla., Ala.

Bell, Orelia Key, 1864- .

Po' Jo, Jamestown Weed, and other poems. Bellamy, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitfield [Croom],


Four Oaks, Little Joanna, Penny Lancaster Farmer, Old Man Gilbert, The Luck of the Pendennings, (Ladies' Home Journal, 1895).

Bennett, Mrs. Martha Haines Butt . .

Pastimes with Little Friends, Leisure Moments.

*Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858, statesman

Thirty Years in the United States Senate.


N. C., Mo.

The Lost Lady, a Tragi-Comedy, 1638; Description of Virginia. Bernard, P. V..

Berkeley, Sir William, 1610-1677, colonial governor of Virginia, 1641-1676.


. La.

Un Ancêtre de la Sainte Alliance.

Berrien, John Macpherson, 1781-1856

statesman.. N. J., Ga.

(Called "The American Cicero"). Addresss in Congress.

Beverley, Robert, 1670-1735

statesman, historian


History of the Present State of Virginia, 1705.

Bigby, Mrs. Mary Catherine [Dougherty], 1839-.
Delilah, Death of Polk, and other poems.


Bigney, Mark F...


Forest Pilgrims, Wreck of the Nautilus, and other poems.



Miss Washington of Virginia.

Blair, Francis Preston, 1821-1875. . . ed., soldier..

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(Ed. "Mo. Democrat.") Life of General William O. Butler, Blair, James, 1656-1743, first president of William and Mary College,


Scotland, Va.

State of His Majesty's Colony in Virginia, Sermons.

Blake, Mrs. Lillie [Devereux], 1835

N. C., N. Y.

Woman's Place To-day, Fettered for Life, Southwold, Rockford, and other stories.

Bland, Richard

("Virginia Antiquary "), 1710-1776.

Letter to the Clergy, Rights of the British Colonies. Bledsoe, Albert Taylor, 1809-1877. . . cl., edu..


Ky., Tenn., Va.

(Ed. “Southern Review"), Theodicy, Is Davis a Traitor? Edwards on the Will, Liberty and Slavery, Philosophy of Math


"Dr. Bledsoe was a giant of Southern Literature."

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Bosman, John Leeds, 1757-1823.

Botts, John Minor, 18c2-1869

Great Rebellion.

Boyce, James Petigru, 1827-1889.

Boner, John Henry, 1845- .

(One of the editors of the Century Dictionary, and of the Library of American Literature), Whispering Pines (poems).


History of Maryland, Verses and prose articles.

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(Founder of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), Sys

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Breckinridge, John Cabell, 1821-1875 . . statesman, soldier. Ky.


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Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson, 1800-1871 Pr. cl., edu. . Ky. Internal Evidences of Christianity, Knowledge of God, Travels, and other writings.

Brewer, Willis . .



Bringhurst, Mrs. Nettie Houston (daughter of Sam Houston). Tex.


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Broadus, John Albert, 1827-1895. Bapt. cl., edu.

S. C.

Va., S. C., Ky. Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, History of Preaching, Sermons and Addresses, Commentary on Matthew, Memoir of James P. Boyce, Harmony of the Gospels.

Brock, R. A.


Virginia and Virginians, Southern Historical Society Papers. Brock, Miss Sallie A. (see Mrs. Putnam).


Brooks, Nathan Covington, 1819–.



Shelley, History of the Mexican War, Literary Amaranth, and

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Poems-"The Water-Lilies Float Away," and others.

Browne, William Hand, 1828-, edu ..


English Literature, Life of Alexander H. Stephens, (with R. M. Johnston), George and Cecilius Calvert, Maryland. Brownlow, William Gannaway, 1805-1877. . . . cl.. Va., Tenn.


Bruns, John Dickson, 1836-, phys., edu.


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S. C., La.

Charleston," "Wrecked," and other poems, Lectures on Tennyson and Timrod, medical writings.

Bryan, D...

Mountain Muse, Adventures of Daniel Bone.

Bryan, E. L. .

1860-1865 (novel).

Bryan, Mrs. Mary Edwards, 1846-..

Manch, Wild Work, Poems, and other works.

Buchanan, Joseph, 1785-1829, ed., inventor

Philosophy of Human Nature.

Buckner, Mrs. R. T.



Fla., Ga.

Va., Ky.

Toward the Gulf.

Burke, John W..

Life of Robert Emmet.

Burnett, Mrs. Frances Hodgson

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Burnett, Mrs. Frances Hodgson—

That Lass o' Lowrie's (1877), Surly Tim's Troubles (1872), Haworth's (1879), Louisiana (1880), Fair Barbarian (1881), Through One Administration (1883), Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886), Sarah Crewe (1888), The Pretty Sister of José (1889), Little Saint Elizabeth (1890), Giovanni and the Other (1891), The One I Knew Best (1893), The Mind of a Child (1893), (describing her son, the original of Fauntleroy).

Butler, William Orlando, 1791-1880, soldier

Boatman's Horn (poem).

*Byrd, William, 1674-1744, statesman

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Westover Manuscripts: History of the Dividing Line, A Journey to the Land of Eden, Progress to the Mines. Cable, George Washington, 1844–

La., Mass. Old Creole Days (1879), Grandissimes (1880), Madam Delphine (1881), Dr. Sevier (1883), Creoles of Louisiana (1884), The Silent South (1885), Bonaventure (1887), Strange True Stories of Louisiana, edited and revised by G. W. Cable (1889), Negro Question (1890), John March, Southerner (1893-4). Caldwell, Charles, 1772-1853, phys. . .

N. C., Ky.

Autobiography, and other works.

Caldwell, James Fitz-James

S. C.

A Brigade of South Carolinians, Letters from Europe. *Calhoun, John Caldwell, 1782-1850, statesman

S. C.

Addresses in Congress (6 vols).

Calvert, George Henry, 1803-1880, ed


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Poems; Goethe, Dante, St. Beuve, and other essays.

Bland Papers, Introduction to the History of the Old Dominion,

Spotswood Family.

Canonge, L. Placide, 1822- .



Qui Perd Gagne, Brise du Sud, Le Comte de Carmagnola, Insti

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