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OBSERVATIONS on the calendar of

the proceedings in Chancery, edited by
John Bayley, Esq., F.R.S., and F.S.A.;
and on the Parliamentary writs, edited
by Francis Palgrave, Esq., F.R.S., and
F.S.A., under the authority, of the
Record Commission. To which is
added, an Appendix of illustrative
documents. [By Charles Purton
London : 1832. Octavo. Pp. 36. Ap-

pendix, pp. lxx. [W., Martin's Cat.] OBSERVATIONS on the case of Miss

Butterfield, calculated to show the
hardships she has unjustly sustained,
and the necessity of prosecuting her
right in a court of justice. In a letter
to one of her friends. [By Joseph
1776. Octavo. [Watt, Bib. Brit. Mon.

Rev., liv. 158.]
OBSERVATIONS on the case of the

Protestant dissenters with reference
to the Corporation and Test Acts. [By
George HORNE, D.D., afterwards
Bishop of Norwich.]
Oxford, MDCCXC. Octavo. Pp. 1. b. t.

19.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the choice of a

school, submitted to the attention of
parents, with a view to assist them in
forming a judgment on that important
subject. By the Rev. C. Ll. (Charles
London: 1812. Octavo. Pp. 128. [Mon.

Rev., lxxii. 315.]
OBSERVATIONS on the circulation

of individual credit, and on the banking system of England. [By Samuel HEYWOOD.]

London : 1812. Octavo. Pp. 97. * OBSERVATIONS on the circulation of

the Apocrypha [by the Bible Society, &c.] [By Henry DRUMMOND.]

London : 1822. Octavo. Pp. 24. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the commerce of

the American states. With an appendix, containing an account of all the rice, indigo, cochineal, tobacco, sugar, molasses, and rum, imported into, and exported from Great Britain the last ten years ; of the value of all merchandize imported into, and exported from England ; of the imports and exports of Philadelphia, New York, &c. Also, an account of the shipping employed in America previous to the war. (By Lord SHEFFIELD.)

London : 1783. Octavo. (Rich, Bib. Amer.,

i. 312.] OBSERVATIONS on the conduct and

character of Judas Iscariot, in a letter to the Rev. Mr.J.P. [James Primrose.] [By Rev. John BONAK.]

Edinburgh : 1750. Octavo. Pp. 40.* OBSERVATIONS on the construction

and fitting up of meeting houses, &c. for public worship; illustrated by plans, sections, and description, including one lately erected in the city of York; embracing, in particular, the method of warming and ventilating. [By William ALEXANDER.] York: 1820. Quarto. * Preface signed

W. A. OBSERVATIONS on the conversion

and apostleship of St. Paul. In a letter to Gilbert West, Esq. [By George, Lord LYTTELTON.]

London : 1747. Octavo. Pp. 110. b. t. * OBSERVATIONS on the debates of the

American Congress, on the addresses presented to General Washington, on his resignation : with remarks on the timidity of the language held towards France; the seizures of American vessels by Great Britain and France ; and, on the relative situations of those countries with America. By Peter Porcupine, author of the Bone to gnaw for democrats,-Letter to Tom Paine, &c., &c. (William COBBETT.] To which is prefixed, General Washington's address to Congress; and the answers of the Senate and House of Representatives. Philadelphia printed : London reprinted,

1797. Octavo. Pp. 38. b. t.* OBSERVATIONS on the Defence of

the Church Missionary Society [by Daniel Wilson, D.D.j against the objections of the Archdeacon of Bath. By Pileus Quadratus. [Stephen REAY, B.D.]

Oxford, 1818. Octavo. * OBSERVATIONS on the dimensions

of the ships of the line and frigates in the French navy. By M. Tupinier, director of naval constructions, Knight of St Louis, Officer of the Legion of Honour. Translated from the French, by a British officer. (Captain William JONES, R.N.] London : 1830. Octavo. Pp. 119. (W., Martin's Cat.]

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OBSERVATIONS on the doctrine laid

down by Sir William Blackstone, respecting the extent of the power of the British Parliament, particularly with relation to Ireland. In a letter to Sir William Blackstone; with a postscript addressed to Lord North upon the affairs of that country. [Attributed to Charles SHERIDAN.] London: 1779.

Octavo. (Cat. Lond. Inst., ii. 191.] OBSERVATIONS on the Douglas

cause, in general ; but chiefly with a view to the characters of the parties principally concerned on the part of the defendant. In a letter to a noble Lord from a gentleman in Scotland. [By Francis DOUGLAS.] London : 1768. Octavo. [N. and Q., 21 Sep. 1861, p. 222. Mon. Rev., xxxix. 318.] OBSERVATIONS on the Duke of

Richmond's extensive plans of fortification, and the new works he has been carrying on since these were set aside by the House of Commons in 1786. Including the Short essay, which chiefly occasioned the famous debate and division in the House of Commons, on his Grace's projected works for Portsmouth and Plymouth, that was determined by the casting vote of Mr Speaker Cornwall. By the author of the Short essay. (James GLENIE.] London : 1805. Octavo. [Mon. Rev., 1. 203 ; xiv. 197.)

Earlier edition, 1794. OBSERVATIONS on the duties and

offices of a physician; and on the method of prosecuting enquiries in philosophy. [By John GREGORY, M.D.) London: 1770. Octavo. [Watt, Bib.

Brit.] OBSERVATIONS on the duty on sea

borne coal; and on the peculiar duties and charges on coal, in the port of London. Founded on the reports of parliamentary committees and other official documents. [By J. R. M‘CulLOCH.]

London : 1831. Octavo. Pp. 23. * OBSERVATIONS on the emigration

of Dr. Joseph Priestley, and on the several addresses delivered by him, on his arrival at New York. With additions; containing many curious and interesting facts on the subject, not known when the former editions were

published : together with a comprehensive story of a farmer's bull. By Peter Porcupine. [William COBBETT.] The fourth edition. Printed at Philadelphia. London : re

printed, 1798. Octavo. Pp. vii. 73. OBSERVATIONS on the fifth article

of the treaty of union, humbly offered to the consideration of the parliament, relating to foreign ships. [By Daniel DEFOE.) N. P. N. D. Quarto. Pp. 4.* No separate

title-page. OBSERVATIONS on the fifth article of

the treaty with America : and on the necessity of appointing a judicial enquiry into the merits and losses of the American loyalists. Printed by order of their agents. To which is added, An appendix, stating some important facts relative to the conduct of Congress, &c. [Chiefly by Joseph GALLOWAY.] London: MDCCLXXXIII. Octavo.

45.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the first and

second of the Canons, commonly ascribed to the Holy Apostles. Wherein an account of the primitive constitution and government of Churches, is contained. Drawn from ancient and acknowledged writings. [By Gilbert BURNET, D.D.] Glasgow, 1673. Octavo. Pp. 125.

[Darling, Cyclop. Bibl.] OBSERVATIONS on the first chapter

of a book called Miscellanea analytica. [By William Samuel POWELL, D.D., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.] Cambridge MDCCLX. Octavo. Pp. 27.*

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the first chapter

of Genesis. [By John FORSTER, solicitor of Lincoln's Inn.]

London : 1830. Duodecimo. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the Greek and

Roman classics. In a series of letters to a young nobleman. Now published for the use of gentlemen at the university, and those who may have occasion to speak in public. [By Dr. John HILL.] London : 1753. Duodecimo. (European

Mag., xvi. 240. Mon. Rev., ix. 68.] OBSERVATIONS on the historie of the

reign of King Charles : published by

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Pp. viii.

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H. L., Esq. [Hamon L'Estrange) for illustration of the story, and rectifying some mistakes and errors in the course thereof. [By Peter HEYLIN, D.D.] London, 1656. Octavo. Pp. 6. b. t. 249. 12.* [Bodl.]

“By Pet. Heylin."-Wood. OBSERVATIONS on the homilies of

the Church of England. In a series of letters. [By John DISNEY, D.D.] London : MDCCXC. Octavo.

60.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the hypothesis,

that the Evangelists made use of written documents, in the composition of their Gospels. [By James Wood, D.D., Master of St. John's, Cambridge.] London, 1815. Octavo. Pp. 53.* [Baker's Hist. of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, ed.

Mayor, Part ii. p. 775.] OBSERVATIONS on the importance

of the northern colonies, under proper
regulations. (By Archibald KENEDAY,
receiver-general of New York.]
New York : 1749. Octavo. Pp. 36. [Rich,

Bib. Amer., i. 97.]
OBSERVATIONS on the increased

population, healthiness, &c. of the town of Maidstone. [By HOWLETT.] N. P. M. DCC, LXXXII. Quarto. Pp. 22.

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the influence of

the East India Company's monopoly on the price and supply of tea, and on the commerce with India, China &c. [By J. R. M‘CULLOCH.] London : 1831. Octavo. [M'Cull., Lit.

Pol. Econ., p. 111.] OBSERVATIONS on the land revenues

of the crown. [By John ST JOHN, M.A., of Merton College.] London : M, DCC, LXXXVII. Quarto. Pp. viii. 184. 29.* [M'Cull., Lit. Pol. Econ.,

P. 335.) OBSERVATIONS on the late act for

augmenting the salaries of curates ; in four letters to a friend. By Eusebius, vicar of Lilliput. [Joseph ROBERTSON.] London : MDCCXCVII. Octavo. Pp. 33. [Gent. Mag., Feb. 1802, p. 108. Mon. Rev., xxiii. 351. Nichols, Lit. Anec., iji.

504.] OBSERVATIONS on the laws and

ordinances which exist in foreign states, relative to the religious concerns of their Roman Catholic subjects. [By John LINGARD, D.D.]

London : 1817. Octavo. [Darling,

Cyclop. Bibl.]
OBSERVATIONS on the Letter written

to Sir Thomas Osborn, upon the read-
ing of a book called The present
interest of England stated. Written in
in a letter to a friend. [By Slingsby
London, 1673. Quarto. Pp. 20. b. t.*

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the letters pub

lished by the Rev. Mr. James Baine,
entitled Memoirs of modern Church
reformation : or, the history of the
General Assembly 1766. In three
letters to him. [By Rev. Thomas
Glasgow : MDCCLXVII. Octavo. Pp.
47. b. t.

[Struthers, Hist. of the Relief
Church, p. 203.]
Last Letter signed Philalethes.
Ascribed to Rev. Thomas Walker, A.M.,
minister of Dundonald. [Scott, Fasti Eccl.

Scot., Part iii. p. 113.) OBSERVATIONS on the life of Cicero.

[By George, Lord LYTTELTON.]
London : MDCCXXXIII. Octavo. Pp. 3.

b. t. 50.* (Brit. Mus.] OBSERVATIONS on the Lord's prayer.

In the form of a letter from a father
to his son. [By William TIGHE, of
Woodstock Mistioge, Co. Kilkenny.]
Dublin : 1816. [N. and Q., June 1862, p.

479.] OBSERVATIONS on the means of

preserving and restoring health in the West Indies. [By John Rollo, M.D.] 1783. Duodecimo. (Rich, Bib. Amer.,

i. 318.] OBSERVATIONS on the method of

growing of wool in Scotland, and proposals for improving the quality of our wool. In two letters to the commissioners and trustees for improving fisheries and manufactures in Scotland. [By George Clerk MAXWELL.] Published by order of the said commissioners and trustees. Edinburgh :


Pp. 40.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the mode of

choosing juries in Scotland. [By Henry COCKBURN.] Edinburgh; 1822. Duodecimo. Pp. 119. b. t,* From the Edinburgh Review, vol. xxxvi.


No. 71.

OBSERVATIONS on the mutiny bill ;

with some strictures on Lord Buck

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inghamshire's administration in Ireland. [By Henry GRATTAN.] Dublin : M.DCC.LXXXI. Octavo. Pp. 77.*

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the Night thoughts

of Dr Young ; with occasional remarks on the beauties of poetical composition. By Courtney Melmoth. (Samuel Jackson PRATT.] London : M.DCC.LXXVI. Octavo. Pp. vi.

211.* OBSERVATIONS on the origin and

effects of Test Act. With some hints for the consideration of the clergy. By a dissenter. [— Hudson.] London, M.DCC. XC. Octavo. Pp. 41.*

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the original archi

tecture of Saint Mary Magdalen College, Oxford ; and on the innovations anciently or recently attempted. [By John Chessell BUCKLER.]

London : 1823. Octavo. Pp. xi. 182. * OBSERVATIONS on the papers relative

to the rupture with Spain, laid before both Houses of Parliament, on Friday the twenty-ninth day of January, 1762, by his Majesty's command.

In a letter from a member of Parliament, to a friend in the country. [By John WILKES.]

London : MDCCLXII. Octavo. Pp. 52. * OBSERVATIONS on the past growth

and present state of the city of London. To which are annexed, a complete table of the christenings and burials within this city, from 1601 to 1750, both years inclusive : together with a table of the numbers which have annually died of each disease from 1675 to the present time; and also a further table, representing the respective numbers which have annually died of each age, from 1728 to this year ; from which is particularly attempted to be shewn the increasing destruction of infants and adults in this city; and, consequent thereto, the excessive drain which it continually makes upon all the provinces of this kingdom for recruits : to which are added some proposals for a better regulation of the police of this metropolis. By the author of a Letter from a by-stander. [Corbyn MORRIS.] London : printed in the year MDCCLI. Folio. [M'Cull., Lit. Pol. Econ., p. 272. Upcott, ii. 828. Nichols, Lit. Anec., ii. 227.]

OBSERVATIONS on the peculiar and

surpassing excellence of the constitution of the Church of Scotland; as illustrated in the late disruption and present continued struggle. (By David LOGAN, minister of Stenton.]

Edinburgh. 1844. Octavo. * [D. Laing.) OBSERVATIONS on the plans for the

new library, &c. By a member of the first syndicate. [George PEACOCK, M.A., Dean of Ely.] Cambridge : 1831. Octavo. Pp. iv, 64. [W.]

The Advertisement is signed G. P. OBSERVATIONS on the poems attri

buted to Rowley, tending to prove that they were really written by him and other ancient authors. [By Rayner HICKFORD.] To which are added Remarks on the appendix of the editor [Tyrwhitt) of Rowley's poems. [By Rev. John FELL.] London. N. D.

Octavo, * The “Remarks" have a half title and distinct pagination : but the signatures are

continuous. OBSERVATIONS on the Popery laws.

[By John CURRY, M.D., and Charles O'CONOR, M.R.I.A.] Dublin : M.DCC. LXXI. Octavo. Pp. 53. *

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the power of

alienation in the crown before the first of Queen Anne, supported by precedents and the opinions of many learned judges. Together with some remarks on the conduct of administration respecting the case of the Duke of Portland. [By James ADAIR.] London : 1768. Octavo. [Almon's Biog. Anec., i. 88. Gent. Mag., Aug. 1798, p.

720. Mon. Rev., xxxviii. 412.] OBSERVATIONS on the present con

vention with Spain. [By Benjamin
London: M.DCC.XXXIX. Octavo.

Pp. 60.* OBSERVATIONS on the present state

of the East India Company; and on the measures to be pursued for ensuring its permanency, and augmenting its commerce. [By Alexander DALRYMPLE.] London, MDCCLXXI. Octavo. Pp. 91. [Adv. Lib.] Ascribed to Capt. Smith. [Manchester Free

Lib. Cat., p. 654.] OBSERVATIONS on the present state

of the paper currencies of Great




Britain and Ireland. [By

Belfast : 1812. Octavo. Pp. 28.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the present state

of the parochial and vagrant poor. [By John SCOTT, of Amwell.] London : 1773. Octavo. 8} sh. [Smith's

Cat. of Friends' books, i. 69.] OBSERVATIONS on the present state

of the war in Spain, being an answer to certain parts of the “Policy of England, &c.” [by Henry Southern and Sir George Villiers], with some hints for the pacification of the country. By the author of " Sketches in Spain.” [Captain S. E. Cook, R.N.1

London : 1838. Octavo. Pp. 48. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the present state

of the waste lands of Great Britain. Published on occasion of the establishment of a new colony on the Ohio. By the author of the Tours through England. [Arthur YOUNG.] London : 1773. Octavo. [Watt, Bib. Brit.

Mon. Rev., xlviii. 153.] OBSERVATIONS on the principles of

the old system of physic, exhibiting a compend of the new doctrine. The whole containing a new account of the state of medicine from the present times, backward, to the restoration of the Grecian learning in the Western parts of Europe. By a gentleman conversant in the subject. John Brown, M.D.] Edinburgh : 1787. Octavo. Pp. ccxliü. 141. [Watt, Bib. Brit. Mon. Rev., lxxix.

25.] OBSERVATIONS on the project for

abolishing the slave trade, and on the
reasonableness of attempting some
practicable mode of relieving the
negroes. [By John Baker HOLROYD,
Lord Sheffield.)
London : 1790. Octavo. Pp: 72. [Man.

chester Free Lib. Cat., p. 641.] OBSERVATIONS on the proposed

bridge, and bridge-tax: humbly offered to the Town-Council of Edinburgh, and to the inhabitants of the city and county. By an old hereditary burgess, and proprietor in both city and county. (Sir James Foulis of Colinton, Bart.] Edinburgh : M,DCC, Lxxv. Octavo. Pp.

11.* OBSERVATIONS on the proposed

duties on the exportation of coals, with

tables and statements from parliamentary returns and other authentic

April, 1842. [By J. R. GREC.]

London : 1842. Octavo. Pp. 41. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the propositions

to be submitted to Convocation on February 13

[By James Bowling MOZLEY, D.D.]

Oxford, 1845. Octavo. Pp. 15.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the public affairs

of Great Britain. With some toughts (sic) on the treaty concluded and signed (on what terms God knows) at Seville in Spain, between his Catholick Majesty and the King of Great-Britain. In a letter from W. Raleigh (Henry ST JOHN, Viscount Bolingbroke), to Caleb D'Anvers, of Gray's-Inn, Esq.

London : 1729. Octavo. Pp. 24.* OBSERVATIONS on the Reflections

of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, on the revolution in France, in a letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Stanhope. [By Catherine MACAULAY.]

London : 1790. Octavo.* OBSERVATIONS on the Regiam

Majestatem. [By John DAVIDSON.]
N. P. N. D. Octavo. Pp. 15.* [Bodl.]
A second edition was published in the Pam-

phleteer, vol. xxv. p. 125, Lond. 1825. OBSERVATIONS on the religion, law,

government and manners of the Turks. (By Sir James PORTER.] [In two volumes.]

London, MDCCLXVIII. Octavo.* OBSERVATIONS on the resolutions of

the clergy, who assembled at Chester, Feb. 15th. 1790, for the purpose of supporting the Corporation and Test Acts. (By POPE.]

N. P. N. D. Quarto. Pp. 9.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the Rev. James

Manning's Sketch of the life and writings of the Rev. Micaiah Towgood. [By Thomas REYNELL.] London : 1792. Octavo. Pp. 82. [Murch's

Dissenters, p. 460. Mon. Rev., X. III.) OBSERVATIONS on the review of the

controversy between Great-Britain and her colonies. [By Arthur LEE.] London, MDCCLXIX. Octavo. Pp. 43.

b. t.* (Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the round towers

in Ireland and Scotland. [By Richard GOUGH.]

1779. Quarto. Pp. 13. b. t.*

N. P.

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