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cap. 1.2

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ztand wriprejudicedalen decennine, abuse they did, may they Vora in cow.contider whati Calvino Judgmentsiyb of kich a vow, or Oath: cepera necesa Herath Day at nanifaban midesincríved vowerfluit obey bf nerio Junerefcint thing in Codotcomplisterosaghewe soefteem them únobliging." And Lenda. Id. daigain Durbinconfideratelyigakennot only do wot-oblige, båt bare

ajudde Darylab berpuas menedi biAnd further more ci fay there ear beno

sibligacions, bolove God wbrogaids mbatsman confirms is Suffice this Ego nullum fuisse vincu

to be spoken of the kit fortafiper fons elicientist to Troi Lico lum dice

, ubiti:OPerfons abroutelyrefolved, 'ere they composed that com quod homo venant, took it themselves, or imposed it upon others to make confirmat, daca Schilmaz indi ohly bromis Epifcopacy, which the Coveliant abn. Wiele toned; batfrom-Presbyteria on whole favorit feelied to be

vflamed, and therefore the procured the covenant to be writween inclúch än ambigunas ftybe ansit might equally patronize

bitheir new fangled notions, is Presbytery. Thus the Difpenting Reply of 10 Brethren maintain again the Affembly, before the Committee diflenting adf Lorus and: Gominors forraccomodacion. And were never Brethren, doofthat I hear of) Chocked by i dlar Committee, for by the Pastiabefore the ment'; contrariwife their papers are licenfed by thebParliament

cobe Imprinted. They say, Whereas the conformity worn in the for accomanda- Cavinans...s. niomi urged upon this occafion, and continñally upon tion. Pag.890 i thedike turned aritbm granat Argomen again times in Pulpos Prefa

rifes, land ordinary Imaidizi asifin benedefiredited inadly therea sunto , This Argument, annot holds against wys withoxtafi afixing roof an interpretation kporarbat part of the Covenant, and ibat adooriding to own. Bretbrems Principles only, who when we took this Nai citiónial Covenant wererkynown to be of the fame Principles mae are nome - of. And get this Covent was professedly fou're rupered-in besfirst

framing of it, with aber of different judgment might take it," Borb parties being preferito a che firft framingtofiitin Scotlandi of Thall not aggravate this confeffion, let the sober Reader' resolve how fari a Covenantt'thuis attenipered and framed, either obligëth the Conscierce or complies with the fin fo heartily be wailed. Ifa. 59. 12. 1.3.1 For oss tranfgreffiones ate Inwltiplied before rbee,

Pondon finis teftifik againt aki for our itanfgrefois aves poib'us, uang as for one fimes we know them. Y sin transgreffing and Tying ao to gainst the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppres56 Fon and revalt, conceiving, and sudering from the bear words of fallihood. This Thalluffico its

verwotne dan popular 1973 - Obiection againfi Epifcópacyı... Proceede roche iba sisse Dainis j2 Obi. Some will say they are not fimply enemies) 60 Episeo coc! pack, though arbended Hithtirome fuperiority over, and di



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ftin&ion from Presbyters. But this offends them, the formand Bilhops were Lord Bishops; and the present succeed them fing those titles, which is molt intolerable il. It being so direfly contrary to our Savioura express command x Mati 20 25:26a But Jefus called these findie) unto hims frid saids you kosong that the Princes of the Gentiles exerciso dominion over them, and they alone are great exercise authority upon them but it shall not befo-among youn

Ref: I answer the Relative pronounce. Ekvisid op them; as, diligently to be obleeved, which sefers to the bod!

chiestenju mentioned is the foregoingiverse, whorecaffeftatiph, 2orufumes tion of any honorary cisle is not rocorded, but that theyshands indignation againft their ma fellow Apostles, bri St James and Spa John; i.e. they were pasionately.daftasted againilt shie ipiehaus peuous request of those two Apostlesijo t'a bave the obieti pleoeds in Chrifts Kingdom bestowed upon diem 9 Whékeindtheagh the two Apostles were faliltys yet ait Saviourcompallowing their frailty, blames their brethrenas indignation against theinz by an illustration of the tecs too ntgh compliance with Gentile tyrants in that istheimrage and passionisiihence we marlotter serve, that though the initiation

fpeak of loqanitallselvipale yet the proposition illustrated relatesianto hiAscondemnatia, rion of Spiritual tyranný ori raricour, and endsidumeistof Spa rit of some Apostles towards othersol (Neitler sam webat by enforciòg more from the Illuftracions doen is in the Propofition (which is irrecošicileabile

edildiidirapgamineatiolosinde alight thing from this Tertawagainfictie present "Titles of Mount Bifhops.

2 noi sfsinsapid jlo yor'u 10.02 But some will reply; and say, St: Duke repeating the same. Hißory, speaks of the Apofles covering Tidle, or who' horld begreatest Laki(2225119.qx9 13 T Visonic 0637192

Jansweis Emit, probably sa Luke doth nokcite one and the fame History, or refer Do one and the fame time, which St. Mathew for St. Marku Mardi 10.41 42 alwell as St. Mathema aflagns the indignation of the ven, for the occafion of Chrifts in junction whereas St. Luke faith it was their contenti n«of

the twelve; however more particularly do explain St. Lukes testimany, we say ci esisit ?!tai? Njivico

Secondly, Christs condemning the affe&tation of greatness in in the Apostles, cicher condenus all assumption of honorifick Tiples, and exercise of authority and donuinion simply and ablica lutely or limitedly; and under fome qualification. If it be affirmed that he doth intend the former, I demand whither this

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dia yuborintao preidabirete pregleitens of laryyliperlotis,

bernoparticularlpebretto contocmaig diberika&nfezitafigitais pofthool.obsaopahojalygboltally came thingochem vanetosha Tiplxúka y Miguel dostnú

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A5805 fabeetis gorgt non, akichbiniamojdsotropfeferitatish ballona Allota thoekontucky cismosdanifaldendgeglo bolidisprorlighe plelent Titleges afrohrade-offre dese;bell being partiauida podatke, and not to bers whompitdach notinoinne, dowlandbokaalspeed Pumilaulib asmoleras Aqioflagjodmditabıpvigalo pica allzogabés'thERI pladerba exter ailela aparichorityjioni naletvektochthidh e ateis cepat bany teame, or time,

ndegivenchanty Carduring the tinte ofihis degilarignfoo foodinlance upon a thaiwhereas to i tingles nzöde psalnşrkenbocholt hreina exetcilerloh tlehopite did Bovalle sigeas thaised of sharpsstlosy tipartipidestoorher Coriniai aniorking into Tiamatlysinoil schreipaczeptation of newritres Atlieri wotgago mengingamizi į sahatostol and spiceu 3651 all Concit tailling Bongiwa besitleb oodynato Clupeli-officers and leisis vilMagiftes dores plainbileyidences they beinglinever wedy ofsabemitle-Golpolszo chrbeforeicbiiftki aftensolbat't freas) quantiybabythetiEpiflessi prega denubedsifti Donary layotte Hobby Ghost impofed those names which is callcorre as if Chrif hadis given them ere the Alcdision3 Ianfwergothis will not rénově'i thimcanvenients and contradictions for difiche former Baigua ture had absolutely exekidach? Honodifieki 1 Titles, the holy) Ghost could not bare admitted them aftertrardt withoutineti confiftency Wl his manifefta:ions. Secondly, so far as it torta cerus the geferality of Chriftians, it rescinds the tyes of all civil Anthority, and prohibits the Cliriffia: Magiftvare coreH

ceive any honorary Titles, not exprelly : allowej hiny by thed a reárist. mouth of Christi jubide lipoiché earth, then bortal which wdi; e. the best, thing is Scripture for Governmenty fee Roms the most po;. 13. 1. kolve cy Wayuh be subject to the higher power, for there is na tent Theophi- power but of Godzibé powersibat be the pewer which then was, was b Coleção cruel ant perfecuting: Nevo); ara i sordained. of God: si Petrogui j.e.the di


your Yelzes to every Ordinanse iefmanifor the Lords Maillot vine, vene whither it be to the King, as fupremFor Titles sec Lokaler rable, or to be there St Luke calls Theophilusta) mofticexcellent i Theopbilks! Ad.

c The fame 25:21. Nero is calledAnnnkurss(b) nr Vipedia Adt. 261.25: Atherteni word which is St. Paul calls Feftusse) mit nobovi Wo esclude cherbfite hatt

Chrifts. werds, whither recorded byStrandhomabudy: Prix! Lule of The. Lukegaemotito be takieni femper and sinde haittyi usob ģil 1001 beri opbi'ns.


nsed (w St.


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tures fell is the lies
in this world, and the


upp abfe by

Are they hell to be rakeä’limitedly, and united some quali cation they are to but to find out and 'afligi thetr bond,

diffichitinqifīyDid not other Scric

at Chiifts
land the destruction of the present Jewith 'Plicy: .
Luka 24: 21. Bul wa trúfted that it had been" he too should haie
redzenied fliaikt. Aa1.6. 19en they therefore were come to-
gether, the bed of him, Jajine,

1 bjú at this time rë-
store she Kingdom ututo "Ifrael? dosbt was in their eye.

Christi wlto lo cóli ectureth. Learned thitakey laitli." In this their

Jornniabant. demandthe, dreamed of Chrifts' Kingd miiepun eariti

. This was it Whitak. conwliicli Clin condemned in his Apotle, but this is not coul- deninable in the Tilles ofolir Bithof the Apostles fought ai cont a quasy arbitrary power, and ambitious Tities, in the destruction of 1, 64,3 . the then Civil Governnient : Out Bishops receive a limited and legal Title, and authority, for the support and maintenance of the now Civil Governime it. Such props whereunto chey are as on late and never to be forgotten experience-fiifficleritzi

v' Vid Zanch. ly learns us that they cannot be removed, but the other Im'Confor fidei niediatlý tumbles with them!

1 90a. 25. AphoTheir Titles then of Lords, 'are not reverseable by this ". 28. Text, no more then án extreme prejudicetha mean, neither to desi plairily at e fach their Titles provedble, or di, prøveable by Scriptiise, becaute 'they are of another facire, and triabte al anottier bart, which whether it giver erence for," * Ev friały or 'agaiuft them, let'the obje&or coGider.

That Church-officers, and Churck-riembers, where the state hunderstand is Chriftian, ate confiderabiei o d'Holible capacity: 3

to a Minister, First, in Sacred for ftri&lý Exckeltafticat, whé, eling errift; by rea on of

whar bclongs Secondly, H a Ciril and Political, Ji which respect, unless fon of his de weil introdtice Papal exemption, or guahing hy, grce die Church-officets" muft

d5 thore dude, a id di charge those dirvor juriitrufs Whim the Las or cuffons bpilfe whefeif they di&tion, or lise; expea, and règlife" from penis other, Inte that belongs rests, or Qualities. Thᢷ Clvifita' Bihops, may where the Church, nne effúteis Chilisri lawfulfy colicéridiemelves in Citil na ters, ar bel ngs arka'ha fe8034 itinale munted geary, Jitrihe to him in the autoFlev 6FHPENSII CHE MI PADRB yenyekezz Commonins Sans då. Spil Sale zapach: Allly tedby

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what belongs

to him by rea

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alf Torts of testimony, as the Scriptures, the Fathers, and Calvip
himself: all quoted by Bishop Davenant in his eleventh question
of his Theological determinations, as more need not to be added. *):
That this doth not thwart St. Pauls injunctions against being
'intangled with the affairs of this life. 2. Tim. 2,4. may te easi-
ly evidenced. This text is sometime urged upon all menj ex-
citing them to forsake the world, and turn Monks and Hermits,
soby many blind Zealots in the Papacy; Other times it is ur-
ged againt some men, or Bishops commanding

them top Trelinquish their Revenues and Jurisdi&ion, thus by many impetuous Presbyters. The former notion is more ingenious, and carries less partiality with it then the latter, that inviting all men to a voluntary beggery, and levelling community, this

extorting honours and estates from some meil, therewith to 113 dorn and inrich their ambitions, or malevolous ciemies.

But neither of them are true; for 'had a total abdication of the affairs of this life, been negatively, and at all times,'in

all cases enjoyned unto all men, we should not so often meet No!!! y with the distinctions betwixt poor and rich, bond and free; ferziants and masters,

subjeäs and Kings inerted in the New Testa ment, nor was it a particular command to Church-officers, fince St. Paul spends not a small part of the Epistleto Timothy, to shew him how æconomically · Bishop ought to govern

his own house; and how Politically he ought

to proceed in the exercile, and infli&ion of Church-cenlures, See 1. Tim. cap: 3. and cap. 5. Beza eying the

design of Monkery, who principally. I cilor

urge the text in vindication of their fingle lite, tells them, and calling the Apostle follows in this text) is not absolutely, de zi barred from mari iage, many of them marching with them wives in company. But marriage draws along with it,

not all, yet the greatest and forest affairs of this life. i Cor. 7:33. But he that is married carerb for the things of this world bow be may please his wife. The truth therefore iso Civil Affairs areno,

niore interdi&ted to a Bishop then to 4 Soldier, to neither of 13 them indefinitely, and absolutely, to both of them caually, and upon speciall occafions, fo far forth as they are inconfiftent with their callings, and avert them from their duties, and

no otherwise, or longer. This will be greedily devoured by Ti si fumę, who will forthwith say, we grant, all required by our Antagonisti. May they therefore digeft our meaning, which is, that by itings inconent with a calling, and avertent,





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