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Lessons on Christian Evidences. FOURTEENTH EDITION. 6d.
Lessons on the History of Religious Worship. Second

Edition, 2s.
Lessons on Reasoning. Eighth Edition. ls. 6d.
Lessons on Mind. 28.
Lessons on Money Matters. FOURTEENTH EDITION. ls.
Lessons on Morals. 18. 6d.
Lessons on the British Constitution. 6d.




Cautions for the Times. Edited by the Archbishop of

Dublin. Second Edition. Octavo. 78. This volume consists of Papers by several writers, the chief of whom

was Dr. Fitzgerald, the present Bishop of Cork. Outlines of Mythology. With an Account of the

Character and Origin of the Pagan Religions, extracted, by permission,

from the Writings of the Archbishop of Dublin. ls. English Synonyms. Edited by the Archbishop of

Dublin. Fourtń Edition. 3s. Chance and Choice; or, the Education of Circumstances.

Two Tales: 1. The Young Governess.--2. Claudine de Soligny. 78. 6d. Six Dramas, illustrative of German Life, from the

Original of the Princess Amalie of Saxony. 10s. 6d. Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakespeare, by

T. Whately, Esq. Edited by the Archbishop of Dublin. Third

Edition. 45. English Life, Social and Domestic, in the Middle of the

Nineteenth Century. Second Edition. 48. 6d.
Historic Certainties respecting the Early History of

America, Developed in a Critical Examination of the Book of the
Chronicles of the Land of Ecnarf. By the Rev. Aristarchus Newlight,

Phil. Dr. of the University of Giessen. 2s.
The Light and the Life; or, the History of Him whose

Name we bear. ls.
Reverses; or, Memoirs of the Fairfax Family.

Author of English Life. Cheaper Edition. 38.
Second Part of the History of Rasselas, Prince of Abys-

sinia. 18mo. ls. 6d. A Short Account of the First Preaching of the Gospel

by the Apostles. By a Mother. 28. 6d.



London : John W. PARKER and Son, West Strand.

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