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going royal and republican governments ditions of the strife ; but we doubt whether matters very little, after all, to any one but the compelled evacuation of Algeria by France, himself. The act itself was a just and hon- supposing no other European nation willing orable one; and the manner in which it was or able to supply her place, would not be the performed added greatly - an important con- greatest misfortune that could befall the nasideration in France - to its dramatic effect. tives, now that the smashing, slaying, firing In truth, one can hardly imagine a more part of the business must be pretty well over. effective incident. Consider it for a moment. They have been forcibly brought into contact The place, a royal castle of the elder Boar- with a more potent civilization than their bons, built by Charles VI., where Louis XI. own, by which they must ultimately be instituted the order of St. Michael, and greatly benefited; railways, the precursors Charles VIII. was born and died; the captive of material progress, are, it is said, about to to be set free, originally a prisoner of the be constructed on the plains ; and the gormonarch who had usurped the hereditary seat ernment, by the establishment of schools, evince of those ancient kings ; and the liberator a laudable anxiety to advance their moral as himself, though his foot was now upon the well as physical condition. The subjugation of step of an imperial throne, but a brief space Algeria, so far as it has gone, has assuredly previously having escaped from the custody added nothing to the reputation of the French of Abd-el-Kader's jailer, in the dress of a la- armies either for prowess or humanity ; but borer, a rough, heavy plank borne across the the civilization of Northern Africa presents shoulder, soon to be graced by the imperial an ample field for exertion, success in which mantle! The dialogue of this showy pièce de will make amends for the past, and cause men circonstance was not less bizarre and misplaced to acknowledge, with unalloyed satisfaction, than its other accessories. “I believe you,” the signal service rendered to mankind by said Louis Napoleon, addressing the emir, France in putting down the vast and formidato be capable of resigning yourself

, as both ble system of piracy which, for three centuries, your religion aod mine enjoin us to do, to the had been permitted to organize and intrench circumstances of the position in which you itself on the shores of the Mediterranean. are placed, and thus your word is sacred; I rely upon it confidently, knowing, as I do, that amongst honorable men no other bond is

PREDICTION. — In the “ Astronomical Diary," required! To which the emir replied by Boston, in New England, for 1758, and published

or an Almanac calculated for the meridian of commanding one of his suite to read aloud a in that year, by Nathaniel Ames, in an essay on passage from the Koran, which denounces the the “ Past, Present, and Future State of Amerbreaking of a promise, though made to an ica,” a subject which the writer says is “ daily unbeliever, as a dishonor and a crime! There, becoming more and more interesting," coeurs reader, you may travel far and read much be- the following paragraph :-“ The curious hare fore you light upon so amusing and suggest observed that the progress of human literatur ive a scene as this, enacted late in the fall of (like the sun) is from the east to the west ; thus last year at the royal castle of Amboise. it has travelled through Asia and Europe, and is Abd-el-Kader left France just as the news

now arrived at the eastern shore of America. So of the storming of Laghouat by General Pe- arts and sciences will change the face of naturo lissier, of Dahrah-Cave memory, arrived in in their tour from hence over the Appalachian

mountains to the Western Ocean - the rocks that country; unmistakable evidence, were any required, that the war, of which we have

will disclose their hidden gems - the inestimablo endeavored to present a faithful, unexagger

treasures of gold and silver will be broken up; atod outline, is not yet at an end — a result covered, and vast stores are reserved for future

- huge mountains of iron ore are already dis much, we think, to be regretted for the sake generations — shall not these vast quarries that of the native population themselves. They ieem with mechanic stone — those for structure bo can never hope to expel France from their piled up into vast cities — those for sculpture sea-frontier ; they are herined in east and into statues to perpetuate the honor of renowned west by numerous populations, bitterly hos- heroes, even those who shall now save their tilo — through dread of France, no doubt, but country? Oh! ye unborn inhabitants of Amerstill bitterly hostile - as the sanguinary over-ica ! should this page escape its destined conthrow of Abd-el-Kader by the Morocco troops Bagration at the year's end, and these alphabetclearly showed; and although eren thus ical letters rema in legible, when your eyes be crippled, and divided as they are amongst round for two or three centuries more, you will

hold the sun after he has rolled the seasons themselves, the fastnesses of the Atlas might know that in Anno Domini 1758 we dreamed of perhaps be held for an indefinite time, the prolongation of a conflict without reasonable your times." What would Nathaniel Ames say hope or definite aim, must be chiefly hurtful template America, as she stands in less than a

now, if he could 1:ise up from his grave and costo the aborigines themselves. A maritiine century from the time when he penned the aburo war would no doubt totally change the com- prophecy of her future destiny ? - Daily Adr.

From the N. Y. Journal of Commerce. Iquillity, seemed to invite invasion, and its MR. DARLEY'S WYOMING.

unwritten epic is the most sad, and the most

heroic in consequence. Who can pass through AMERICAN subjects are not usually favorites that primeval forest on the road to Wilkeswith American artists. We must admit the barre, not misnamed “ The Shades of Death," costumes and accessories — the materials without recalling vividly the suffering of those which go to make up a picture — to be more poor innocents — helpless age, and widowed picturesque and effective, more abundant, mothers, and young children, perishing of striking, and significant, in the old world hunger (as many did), rather than expose than in the new. A Swiss peasant girl, in themselves to the merciless savage, or bis no the foreground of an Alpine landscape, is a less merciless employer? We read, in Mr. more agreeable object to the eye, than a young Miner's history, of children who were born lady with a parasol, among the mountains of and died in that dismal swamp; of men who Fishkill. We have in this country many refused to touch a morsel of food, that their estimable gentlemen of the Hebrew faith, wives and little ones might not perish by whose portraits, no doubt, would be intensely famine ; of mothers carrying their dead ininteresting to their families and friends; and fants twenty miles beneath a July sun, to yet, we think a likeness of Judas Iscariot, give them buriul - to save their poor senseafter he hanged himself, likelier to be relished less remains from being devoured by wolves ; by the undiscriminating multitude. Mr. Sew- we read of the constant, patient martyrdom ard's full-length, with a copy of “Uncle of those faithful pioneers in the cause of liberTom” in his hand, even in these days of ex- ty; we read the names of our great countrymen citement, might, we fancy, be a less desirable inscribed upon the monument in memory of subject for a painter than that of Machiavelli the “ massacre ;” and feel, that as Thermopwith a scroll. With certain privileges of ylə was to the Greek, so is Wyoming to the art, custom has made us familiar. Respect- American- - a watch word, and a battle cry, able elderly gentlemen suffer themselves to against the standards of oppression ! appear in marble, in this climate of coughs, Mr. Darley's picture, from which a large colds and catarrhs, with nothing but a slight engraving is now published, represents, with fold of drapery across the pectoral muscles ; exquisite fidelity, one of the incidents in that and we gaze calmly upon the statue of Wash- fruitful portion of our history. The Indiang ington, in the trappings of Caligula, without in the pay of the British, in 1778, had been the least suspicion of the palpable anachro- gathering in and around the Valley, and the pism. In brief, however paradoxical it may story is thus briefly told in that admirable

the elements of art aro more attainable, work by Chas. Miner, “ The History of Wymore obvious, more easily recognized in the oming : remote than in the near; and there are certain principles of effect, that have become At Fort Jenkins, the uppermost in the Valley, legitimate, because hereditary, which artists, and only a mile above Wintermoot’s, there were who wish to be on the sufe side, had better gathered the families of the old patriot, John acknowledge.

Jenkins, Esqr., the Hardings, and Gardiners, Happily, however, we possess certain distinguished for zeal, with others. Not ap achievements in American art that are inde- prized of the contiguity of the savages, on the pendent of time and place, of costumes and morning of the 30th of June, Benjamin Harding,

Stukely Harding, John Harding (a boy), James accessories -transcripts of nature, as it is Hadseil

, James Hadsell, jun., Daniel Miller, John now, has been, and ever will be. We recog-Gardiner, and Daniel Čarr, eight in all, took nize in the sketches of Mr. Darley - in those their arms and went up_about three miles into expressive faces, and speaking lineaments – Exeter, to their labor. "Towards evening, at an a language that needs no interpreter. In hour when aid could not be expected, they were the beautiful landscapes of Cole and Durand, attacked. That they fought bravely was adof Konsett and Church, we see something that mitted by the enemy. James Hadsell and his will be understood wherever grass grows and son Benjamin, and Stukely Harding were killed. water runs, wherever trees rustle or clouds John Harding (the boy) threw himself into the mantle the sky.

river, and lay under the willows, his mouth just The beautiful valley of Wyoming, our Eden, above the surface. He heard with anguish the

dying groans of his friends. Knowing he was sweet, elegiac place, filled with the of our history, through which, like a silver At one time he was so close that he could havo

near, the Indians searched carefully for him, thread, runs the Susquehanna river, has been touched them. a theme for a great European poet; but the This was the opening of the campaign. “ Gertrude” of Campbell, however admirable, does not embrace a tithe of the real interest How well this is delineated by the pencil in woven with its own sad history. The of Darley, will be seen by referring to Mr very seclusion of the valley, its peaceful tran- Darley's picture.



From the Paris Correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune. cellent; the personation of Eliza by Madame UNCLE TOM IN FRANCE.

Guyon at one, and of Eva by Mile. Felix, a

sister of Rachel, at the other, drew down UNCLE Toy's literary success I have spoken tears of applause. At the Ambigu, one of of in former letters ; 'it had then surpassed the scenes represents an auction sale of anything of the kind since the issue of the slaves at New Orleans, where George, reMysteries of Paris. It is still going on with- turned a free-man from Canada, bids for his out abatement. It has been published at own wife ; his competitor is his former master, Paris in the feuilletons of the Presse, of the whose passion is roused by the charms of Pays, of the Estafette, of the Presse Litteraire, Eliza; the wealth of the latter soon enables and of another paper ; it has also been pub- him to run up the merchandise to a price lished in eight distinct book-forms, of one of beyond George's resources ; two friends add which an edition of one hundred thousand their purses, but they are outbidden by the has been sold. Not one of the numerous planter, now mad with passion; at the circulating libraries that has not its well- moment, however, when the chattel is to be thumbed copies. Besides the large importa- struck off to the latter, false news is brought tion from England, the house of Baudry to him that his house is on fire, and he hurhas issued an edition for English readers; ries off; George is enabled, by another friendand still a new translation, the eleventh, is ly contribution, to rise on the last enormous announced in press. Not a journal or literary bid, and the auctioneer knocks down his wife periodical, from the Revue des Deux Mondes to her husband. Il a reussi !” shouted at and the Debats, down to the Chronique de this instant a worthy blouse, who, with his France and Charivari, that has not bad its body half extended over the railing of the article on Mrs. Stowe and her book. Eu- gallery, had followed every incident of a. graved portraits of the lady are displayed in scene so novel to a Frenchman with breaththe shop windows; artists are already trans- less interest. ferring to canvass the graphic scenes from her This is but one of several instances where pages ; a refex fame illustrates the merits of the audience seemed to confound the fictiher other writings, and two translations of tious horrors passing before them with some her smaller tales have appeared. And all dreadful reality. I must note, with thankfulthis began only three months ago; Uncle ness, that the authors of the dramas had not Tom came out in a French dress for the first taken the occasion to retort upon America the time last October. We briefly express the hard words which we have found cause to use universal popularity of a person by saying toward France during the last year. The his name is familiar throughout the land as two theatres which I have mentioned, seat a household word; it is indicated in this together an audience of 3,700 persons ; they latitude by its appearance at the head of the count upon a hundred successful representaplay-bill. No book that has attained any- tions of the American dramas. Still two thing like the astonishing success of Mrs. Other theatres, the Gymnase Dramatique, Stowe's, if its scenes and characters offer any with 1,300 seats, and the little theatre du dramatic elements, fails to be adapted to the Palais Royal, with 930 places, severally anstage.

nounce as forthcoming the Cabane de l'Uncle The French, more sensuous (if I may so Tom, and the Cassine de l'Uncle Tom. apply the word), but less imaginative, more Finally, Mr. Ida or Ira Aldrige, a “ black gregarious and less domestic than we, love to Macready,” who would doubtless be mobbed see and hear in sympathetic crowds what at the Astor-place House, but who has been they have wept and laughed over in solitary well received at the elegant Opera House in perusal. Consequently, the Ambigu Comique Berlin, is soon to play his round of Shaksreand the Gaité, the two largest theatres in rian characters on some Parisian stage. He Paris, are nightly crowded from pit to gallery is, I believe, our compatriot. Lebao le Ndwith eager listeners and spectators to the gre, who, in this revival of the dramatic thrilling words and brilliant tableaux of the black art, figures nightly with sufficient ap dramatic spectacles founded on the American plause, is not, and cannot be further treated book. It would not be worth the while here of among American representatives abroad. to present an analysis of these two plays. You will find one given in all the Monday feuil. letons of your Parisian files received by last steamer. It is enough to say that, with abundant errors in manners, scenery and local coloring Indépendence Belge, on the subject of the estate

BY a letter from M. Chauvel, printed in the generally, the black shade was essentially given to M. De Lamartine by the sultan, we Åmerican; for, as one of the critics last learn that the Turkish minister has repurchased Monday observes : “ We have no slaves ; on the concession from the French poet for an antouching the noble soil of France one becomes nuity of 80,000 piastres (about 7502.) to be duly free.” The acting at both theatres is ex- paid for twenty-three years. — Athenæum.


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POETRY: The Love-test Would You Remember Me, 272; An Old Maid's Musings -- Tur

ner and Claude, 276; The Legend of the Marie-Stein, 281; Clouds Shine and Fly, How a True Poet is Made -Man's Degeneracy, 313.


SHORT ARTICLES : Institution of Civil Engineers, 266 ; Death of Dr. Leichardt - Russian

Expedition, 280; Disinterment of a Buried City - Straw Paper, 296; Sale of Mr. Pugin's Collection, 318; The Ladies' Battle — Jubilee of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 320.


my shawl.


We must pass by one another with looks as cold

and proud As the couple in Haynes Bayly's song, who

“met, 't was in a crowd!"

Refusals leave a sting behind, so every wise man You say “the dew is on the rose, the stars are

knows ; o'er the sea"

And those who doubt the answer should beware Roses and stars have seldom been discussed by

how they propose ! you and me, Save when we viewed the former in the Flower- Nor could I soon another find so ready at my show's bright array,

call, Or gazed upon the latter from a side-box at the so careful of my handkerchief, my boquet, and

play. You never wore in Regent-street such sad and Who would secure the opera-box? who would so anxious looks

ably choose You never talked in Belgrave-square of cottages The best and most conspicuous seats at races and and brooks !

reviews ? Why do you speak about “ the bliss that mutual Who would mount guard beside my stall with love bestows?"

such a gallant air, Why quote from Shentone's Pastorals ? I hope When I vended “ lady-trifles” at the crowded you won't propose !

Fancy Fair?

And who would take a second when I sang “ The Now, should you really ask of me my freedom to Boatie Rows" forego,

In our water-parties on the Thames ? I hope you And I pronounced (for so I should) a frank, de- won't propose !

cisive “ No !" Just tell me, could you ever hope hereafter to Then, when we once were seen apart, imagine, if appear

you can, In public, as my chosen knight, my favored cav- What snares society would set to trap the marry. alier ?



and prose.

Girls, chaperons, and mothers would be always ! The Sabbath day — the separate : in your way ;

For which with yearning sighs You would feel in every drawing-room just like The wearied workers patient wait, a stag at bay.

And joy to see it rise ; While I, unwelcome suitors would beset my path The aching hand, the o'er-tasked brain, by scores ;

Alike may find repose,
Pert coxcombs, country cousins, blockheads, for- And gather strength to toil again,
tune-hunters, bores,

And strength to conquer woes.
All ready to pursue, annoy, plead, flatter, fawn,
Do save me from the horrid tribe ! in pity don't The Sabbath day - the gift divine !
propose !

That, wbatso'er our creed,

Supplies with bounteousness benign By all the gay assemblies we have gone to, night

Leisure for every need ; by night,

For prayer, for praise, for soothing rest, (Termed, I believe, in poetry, “the halls of daz

For thought of boundless scope, zling light !")

For heed of Charity's behest, By our soft and quiet whispers, when with Jul. For love, for joy, for hope.

lien's concerts dinned By our speechless rapture when we heard the

The Sabbath day – the glorious day! notes of Jenny Lind

Beyond the city-gate By our Crystal Palace saunters, when we saw in

Let tens of thousands wend their way rapt surprise

Where breeze and sunshine wait ; The wonders of Arabian tales unfolded to our

And let them see the streamlets flow, eyes

And tread the daisied sod,
By all the “ Claude Lorrain effects” that faithful

And look upon the buds that blow,
Memory throws

And search and find out God.
Over three successive seasons, I adjure you, don't
propose !

The Sabbath day – the buckler strong I fear that "love in idleness" must thrive in

That guards the poor and meek, scenes like these ;

Shielding the desolate from wrong, Do let us quit these silent shades, these “odious,

Leaving the tyrant weak. odious trees !”

The Sabbath day-0, prize it well!

Its wisdom learn to scan ; I scarcely think the little god would ever cross

Alike in temple, field, or cell, your path On the breezy cliffs of Brighton, or the gay pa

The Sabbath made for man." rades of Bath.

JULIA Day. And when the London Spring returns, with all

its countless train Of pleasures to attract the eye, and fill the busy

INDIAN FRONTIER. brain, New dancers, singers, pictures, books, plays,

28th February, 1853 parties, belles, and beaux, My mind will be relieved from fear – I know you Austria

seeks to gain possession of the Valley of

In the approaching dismemberment of Turkey, won't propose !

the Danube ; Russia of Constantinople and the adjacent country ; France, of the “ Holy Places,"

or Syria. Under these circumstances, is it not From the Spectator. time for England to make provision for securing SONG OF THE SABBATH.

her Northern Indian frontier, more especially

that part of it which extends from the 30th to TAE Sabbath day – the gracious day!

the 60th meridian East of Greenwich ? Bringing the gift of peace,

Commencing at the meridian first mentioned, Chasing life's rudest cares away,

that frontier is truly the Mediterranean, or the Letting tired labor cease ;

boundary of Asia as far as the Black Sea ; from Breaking like sunshine on the earth, that sea to the Caspian, still the same boundary, Bidding vain shadows flee ;

or the watershed of the Circassian mountains Calling for praise and sinless mirth ; and the Caucasus ; and from the Caspian eastMaking the bondman free.

ward to the Sea of Ochotsk the watershed of the

Altai, or the mountain-chains separating the The Sabbath day - the priceless boon! rivers that fall into the Arctic Ocean from those Let not the sordid deem

that flow into the Aral Sea and southwards. It yields no gain, it comes too soon ;

Within these limits, do not wisdom and duty It is of light esteem.

alike require that, borrowing an idea from her Let not the bigot sternly say

Transatlantic descendants, England adopt and so His temple claims it all ;

far carry out “the Monroe principle,” as to preWho shall imprison Mercy's ray

clude acquisition of territory by any power but Within that narrow wall ?

herself ? - Spectator.

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