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EARL of MACCLESFIELD, Viscount Parker of Ewelme, and



HE greatest degree of purity and fplendor united, that

LONGINÚS has for some ages appeared in, was

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under the patronage of the late lord MACCLESFIELD. A writer of so much spirit and judgment; had a just claim to the protection of so elevated a genius, and so judicious an encourager of polite learning. Longinus is now going to appear in an English dress, and begs the support of Your LORDSHIP's name. He has undergone no farther alteration, than what was abfolutely neceffary to make him English. His sense is faithfully represented, but whether this translation has


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any of the original fpirit, is a decision peculiar only to those, who can relish unaffected grandeur and natural Sublimity, with the same judicious taste, as Your Lord


It is needless to say any thing to Your Lordship, about the other parts of this performance, since they alone can plead, effectually for themselves. I went through this work, animated with a view of pleasing every body; and publish it, in some fear of pleasing none. Yet I lay hold

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with pleasure on this opportunity of paying my respects to Your LORDSHIP, and giving this public proof, that I am,

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