Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe, Volume 2

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Page 136 - To do his bridal honour, their walls the burghers screen. They lead the bulls before them all covered o'er with trappings ; The little boys pursue them with hootings and with clappings ; The fool, with cap and bladder, upon his ass goes prancing, Amidst troops of captive maidens with bells and cymbals dancing.
Page 156 - Last night I was the King of Spain — to-day no king am I ; Last night fair castles held my train — to-night where shall I lie? Last night a hundred pages did serve me on the knee — To-night not one I call my own — not one pertains to me.
Page 138 - Diaz," cried the Lords, —but when they looked again, They saw Ruy Diaz ruling him, with the fragment of his rein ; They saw him proudly ruling, with gesture firm and calm, Like a true lord commanding — and obeyed as by a lamb. And so he led him foaming and panting to the King, But "No...
Page 135 - And how, when they consented to hold of him their ground, He freed them from the prison wherein they had been bound. To the good King Fernando, in Burgos where he lay, Came then Ximena Gomez, and thus to him did say ; — ' I am Don Gomez' daughter, in Gormaz Count was he ; Him slew Rodrigo of Bivar in battle valiantly.
Page 500 - O'er that dire banquet, where the sire's repast The son's torn limbs supplied ! — Yet you, ye vales! Ye distant forests, and ye flowery dales ! When pale and sinking to the dreadful fall, You heard her quivering lips on Pedro call ; Your faithful echoes caught the parting sound, And Pedro ! Pedro ! mournful, sigh'd around.
Page 155 - THE hosts of Don Rodrigo were scattered in dismay, When lost was the eighth battle, nor heart nor hope had they ; He, when he saw that field was lost, and all his hope was flown, He turned him from his flying host, and took his way alone.
Page 500 - Now shrunk and languished with her blood imbrued. As when a rose, erewhile of bloom so gay, Thrown from the careless virgin's breast away, Lies faded on the plain, the living red, The snowy white, and all its fragrance fled; So from her cheeks the roses died away, And pale in death the beauteous Inez lay. With dreadful smiles, and crimsoned with her blood, Round the wan victim the stern murderers stood, Unmindful of the sure, though future hour, Sacred to vengeance and her lover's power.
Page 136 - HE has ta'en some twenty gentlemen, along with him to go, For he will pay that ancient vow he to Saint James doth owe; To Compostella, where the shrine doth by the altar stand, The good Rodrigo de Bivar is riding through the land. Where'er he goes, much alms he throws, to feeble folk and poor; Beside the way for him they pray, him blessings to procure; For, God and Mary Mother, their heavenly grace to win, His hand was ever bountiful: great was his joy therein.
Page 162 - Moza tan fermosa non vi en la frontera como una vaquera de la Finojosa. Faciendo la vía del Calatraveño a Santa María, vencido del sueño por tierra fragosa perdí la carrera, do vi la vaquera de la Finojosa.
Page 135 - The girl shall be my bride."— But when the fair Ximena came forth to plight her hand, Rodrigo, gazing on her, his face could not command : He stood and blushed before her ; — thus at the last said he — " I slew thy sire, Ximena, but not in villany...

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