Catalogue of the Exhibits of the State of Pennsylvania and of Pennsylvanians at the World's Columbian Exposition ...

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C. M. Busch, state printer of Pennsylvania, 1893 - Pennsylvania - 218 pages

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Page 105 - CLASS 103. — Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton. Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement.
Page 55 - Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, stopping and breaking down ore, timbering, lagging, and masonry. Hoisting and delivering at the surface, rock, ore or miners. Pumping and draining by engines, buckets or by adits. Ventilation and lighting. Subaqueous mining, blasting, etc. Hydraulic mining, and the various processes and methods of sluicing and washing auriferous gravel, and other superficial deposits. . Quarrying.
Page 53 - GROUP 61. Boring and Drilling Tools and Machinery, and Apparatus for Breaking Out Ore and Coal. Class 381. Picks, gads and hammers. Class 382. Hand-drills, hammers and blasting implements. Class 383.. Drilling by steam or compressed air — "power drills.
Page 48 - Lithographic stones, hones, whetstones, grindstones, grinding and polishing materials, sand quartz, garnet, crude topaz, diamond, corundum, emery in the rock and pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grades.
Page 52 - Class 373. Machines and apparatus for cutting, turning, and polishing marble, granite, and other stone. (See Group 78.) GROUP 59. PLACER, HYDRAULIC, AND "DRIFT" MINING. Class 374. Apparatus and machines for washing gravel; sluices, cradles, toms, rockers, rifles, etc. Class 375. Construction of ditches, flumes, pen-stocks, etc. Class 376. Pipes for conveying water. Class 377. " Giants,
Page 54 - Mine engineering — surface and underground surveying and plotting, projection of underground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc.; surveys for aqueducts and for drainage. Boring and drilling rocks, shafts and tunnels, etc.; surveys for aqueducts and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral deposits. Construction — Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels and the general operations of opening, sloping and breaking down ore; timbering, lagging and...
Page 162 - Home for the Training in Speech of Deaf Children Before They Are of School Age.
Page 48 - Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawed, or polished, for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture. Marble — white, black, or coloured — used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured.
Page 51 - GROUP 54, METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY AND OTHER METALS NOT SPECIFICALLY CLASSED. Class 356. Crude and star antimony. Class 357. Antimony compounds and principal alloys. Class 358. Arsenic, white arsenic, orpiment, and realgar. Class 359. Bismuth and alloys. Quicksilver and amalgams. GROUP 55. EXTRACTION OF GOLD AND SILVER BY MILLING. Class 360. Gold mills and accessories. Class 361. Silver mills and accessories. Class 362. Apparatus and accessories of amalgamation; handling quicksilver. Class 363. Retorting,...
Page 49 - ... etc. Class 320. Mineral fertilizing substances, gypsum, phosphate of lime, marls, shells, coprolites, etc., not manufactured. (For commercial fertilizers and compounds, see Group 17.) . Class 321. Mineral waters, artesian well water (for commercial forms, as bottled and as berevages, see Group 10); natural brines, saline and alkaline efflorescences and solutions.

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