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shire, 114.

&c. 114


RICHMOND, Duke of, his ability employed to alter Clarendon's

in conducting the inquiry into hiftory, 303
the management of Greenwich Society, new, See MEDICINE,
Hospital, 233:

Sophocles, his Oedipus Tyrannus
ROBINS, Mr. his experiments re-

translated, 394.
lative to gunnery, 122.

SPECULATION, a poem, by Mr.
Romance, dispute about the de. Anstey, extracts from, 474.

rivation of that word, 274. St. George, the pation faint of
Rooke, Mr. bis account of two England, the personal existence
Roman Camps in Gloucester. of disputed, 106.

STRANGE, Mr. his account of
Roy, Col.' See SHUCKBURGH, Roman antiquities in Wales,

S.9lt. See Hoeffer.

his account of some Ro-
ScheHallien, mountain of. man inscripcions, &c. in Istria,

STUART, Lord James, a great pro-
Scio. See Chio.

moter of the Reformation in
SCOTLAND, reformation in that Scotland, his character, 338.

country how promoted, 338. St. Vitus's dance, cured by elec.
Project for introducing a stand-

tricity, 215
ing army in, 339. Reflections Sugar, acid of, a new discovery,
on the progress of the Reforma-
cion in, 370.

SUGAR Cane. See Cazaud.
Scott, Mr. his account of a re-

markable imperfection of light, TANJORE, conquest of, consider-

Seals. See Brooke. See Bre: Tchesme, or Chesme, harbour of,

described, 518.
Series, infinite, &c. See Ma- TELESCOPE. See JEURAT.

THETFORD, hill, of, 300. Cu-
SHAKESPEAR, his plays arranged rious bill of expences for equip.

according to their dates, 18. His ping two horsemen there, to
acquaintance with the ttage, ferve in the wars, in the reign of
when began, 19. Remarks on

Ed. III. 301.
his excelencies, 25. Critical TOLERATION of Roman Catholics
explanations of remarkable pal- in England defended, 116. And
sages in his plays, 257-270.

in Scotland, 149.
SHERIDAN, Counselor, combats TRANSLATOR, his principal qua-

Sir W, Biach stone's doctrine, lifications acd duty, 282.
respecting the power of the Bri- TRELAW: EY, Sir Harry, his ver-
tish Parliament in regard to lie- satility, 326.


ed, 124.



land, 359

ŞHUCKBURGH, Sir George; his VANITY, admirable pi&ture of,
rules for measuring of heights

with the barometer, compared Van Swinden's plan for a treatise
with those of Col. Roy, 37. Sie on the Aurora Borealis, 310.
also Hutton.

Vases, Ancient, discovered on
Sight, extraordinary particulars the Mosquito Shore, 277.

respecting a most remarkable im- VEGETABLES, their power of cor-

perfect on of that sense, 50. recting bad air, 346. Yet they
SMITH, Edw, Rory of his being themselves emit a noxious air in

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Tysis of, 73.

the night, ib. Experiments se- .concerning interpolations, 281.
lative to, 347, 504..

His general resolution of alge.
Vision, curious exper. relative braical equations, -383.

WATERING of Meadows, direc.
Ulcers, cured by the burning. tions for, 456.
glass, 513

WATERS, rules, &c. for the ana-
ULLOA, Don, his observations, on

the eclipse of the Sun, June 27, Watson, Dr. his experiments on
1778, 213.

lead ore, 48.
VOLCANOES. See EARTHQUAKE. Watson, Mr. his acc. of fome an
VOLTAIRE, his argument again tiquities in Cheshire, &c. 109.

the authority of the Scriptures, WASHINGTON, General, compli-
drawn from the fterility of Ju- mentary verses to, 389. Me.
dea, &c, obviated, 566.

moirs of, where to be found,

Wales, Roman antiquities in, West, Mr. his account of some

Roman antiquities at Lancailer,
WALLERIUS, Professor, his phy- 109.

fico-chymical meditations on the Wilson, Mr. his account of Dr.
origin of the world, 153. His Knighi's method of making ar.
introduction to the hiitory of tificial loadstones, 221.

writers on mineralogy, iCo. WOMEN, young, falutary effect of
WALPOLE, Sir Robert, his fuppo ed Their breath, upon old men,

dialogue wi:h Mr. Pelham, on 353
his fy item of political corruption, WOULFE, Mr. his experiments on

mineral subilances, 217.
WARBURTON, Miss, verses to, WYNDHAM, Mr. his conjectare re-

lative to an ancient buildiog az
VARING, Profefior, his Probleins Warnford, 280.


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