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£ 8. d. Vol. VI, pt. 2. PHYTOPHAGA, continued. By J. S. Baly and G. C. Champion. Pages x, 249, plates 13.

Vol. VII. EROTYLIDE, etc. By H. S. Gorham. Pages xii, 276,
plates 13.
RHYNCHOTA HETEROPTERA. Vol. I. By W. L. Distant. Pages xx, 462,
plates 39.

Aves. Vol. I. By 0. Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-512, plates
1-35, temporary title-page.

Vol. II. By 0. Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-598, plates
36-60, temporary title-page.

Vol. III. By 0. Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-56, plates
REPTILIA. By A. Günther. Pages 1-195, plates 1-59.
Terrestrial and Fluviatile Mollusca. By E. von Martens. Pages 1-472,

plates 1.28.
ARACHNIDA ARANEIDEA. Vol. I. By F. 0. Pickard Cambridge. Pages
1-304, plates 1-33.

Vol. II. By F. O. Pickard Cambridge. Pages 1.88, plates 1.6.
CHILOPODA. By R. I. Pocock. Pages 1-40, plates 1-3.
COLEOPTERA. Vol. II, pt. 1. PSELAPHIDÆ, etc. By D. Sharp, A. Mat-
thews, and G. Lewis. Pages 1-560, plates 1-17.

Vol. IV, pt. 3. RHYNCHOPHORA. By D. Sharp. Pages 1-168,
plates 1-6.

Vol. IV, pt. 6. RHYNCHOPHORA, continued. By D. Sharp and
W. F. H. Blandford. Pages 1-224, plates 1-6.
HYMENOPTERA. Vol. I. By P. Cameron. Pages 1-474, plates 1-20, tem-
porary title-page.

Vol. II. By P. Cameron. Pages 1-404, plates 1-14, temporary

Vol. III. By A. Forel. Pages 1-160, plates 1-4.
LEPIDOPTERA RHOPALOCERA. Vol. I. By F. D. Godman and O. Salvin.
Pages 1-487, plates 1-47, temporary title-page.

Vol. II. By F. D. Godman and Ó. Salvin. Pages 1-460, plates
LEPIDOPTERA HETEROCERA. Vol. I. By H. Druce. Pages 1-490.

Vol. II. By H. Druce. Pages 1-592, plates 1-101.
RHYNCHOTA HETEROPTERA. Vol. II. By G. C. Champion. Pages 1-304,

plates 1.17.
RHYNCHOTA HOMOPTERA. Vol. I. By W. L. Distant. Pages 1.40, plates

Vol. II, pt. 1. By W. W. Fowler. Pages 1-256, plates 1-16.

Vol. II, pt. 2. By T. D. A. Cockerell. Pages 1-33. DIPTERA. Vol. I. By Baron C. R. Osten Sacken. Pages 1-216, plates 1.3.

Vol. II. By F. M. van der Wulp. Pages 1-416, plates 1-11.

Vol. III. By S. W. Williston. Pages 1-89, plates 1-2.
NEUROPTERA. By A. E. Eaton. Pages 1-16, plate 1.
ORTHOPTERA. By A. de Bormans, A. Pictet, H. de Saussure, and L.

Zehntner. Pages 1-458, plates 1-22. 4421

the same. A Section of the Work, roy. 4to. (as described below), with about 140 plates containing hundreds of coloured figures; four vols., half red morocco, very neat, the rest in pts.

1879-97 28 00

Aves. Vol. I. By 0. Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-512, plates 1-35, tem-

porary title-page.

· Vol. II. By 0. Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-598, plates 36-60, temporary title-page.

Vol. III. By O Salvin and F. D. Godman. Pages 1-56, plates 61-62. COLEOPTERA. Vol. I pt. 2. ADEPHAGA, etc. By D. Sharp. Pages xvi, 824,

plates 19.

Biologia CENTRALI-AMERICANA, continued :

£ s. d.
Vol. VI, pt. 1. PuytoPHAGA. By M. Jacoby. Pages xx, 626, iv, 374
(Supplement), plates 43.

Vol. VI, pt. 2. PAYTOPHAGA, continued. By J. S. Baly and G. C. Champion.
Pages x, 249, plates 13.

The original owner's subscription to the unfinished section Aves, may be transferred
to the purchaser.

The volumes on Coleoptera included in the above, deal with Haliplido, Dytiscidæ,
Gryrinidæ, Hydrophilido, Heteroceridæ, Parnidæ, Georissido, Cyathoceride, Staphylinidce,
Sagridæ, Crioceride, Megalopodide, Clythride, Cryptocephalidæ, Chlamydide, Lampro-

somida, Eumolopido, Chrysomelidæ. Galerucidæ, Donaciido, Hispidæ, and Cassidide. 4422 the same. COLEOPTERA. Vol. II, pt. 2. Roy. 4to., with 19 plates containing several hundred coloURED figures ; sd.

1882-87 2 10 0 Describing the Haliplidæ, Dytiscidæ, Gyrinidæ, Hydrophilidæ, Heteroceridæ,

Parnidæ, Georissidæ, Cyathoceridæ, Staphylinidæ. 4423

the same.

Botany. Introduction (Vol. I, pp. ix-lxi), by W. B. Hemsley. Commentary on the Introduction and Appendix (Vol. I, pp. Ixii-lxviii), by Sir J. D. Hooker. Appendix (Vol. IV, pp. 117-332), by W. B. Hemsley. Roy. 4to., sd.

1888 076 412+ BLACKBURN (H.). Birds from Moidart and elsewhere. 8vo., with nearly 90 pretty plates; cloth

Edinburgh, 1895 0 7 6 4125 BLACKWALL (John). History of the SPIDERS of Great Britain and

IRELAND. 2 pts. forming l vol., folio, with 29 COLOURED plates, repre-
senting numerous figures ; bds.; SCARCE

Ray Society, 1861-64 4 10 0 4426 BLANFORD (H. F.). The Fossil Cephalopoda or the Cretaceous Rocks of

Southern India. (Belemnitide-Nautilidæ). Folio, with 25 plates ;

Geological Survey of India, 1861 0 7 0 4427

(W. T.). Zoology and Geology of Abyssinia. 8vo., with folding plate, geological view, and 8 COLOURED plates of Birds ; cloth

1870 0 10 0 4428 BLYTH (E.). Catalogue of the Birds in the Museum Asiatic Society. 8vo., bds.

Calcutta, 1849 0 2 0 4429

Catalogue of the Mammalia in the Museum Asiatic Society. 8vo., bds.

ibid., 1863 0 2 0 4430 BOLTON (J.). An History of FUNGUSSES, growing about HALIFAX. 3 vols., 4to., with 138 COLOURED plates; boards, uncut

Halifax, 1788-Huddersfield, 1789 1 16 0 4431

the same. 3 vols., 4to., 1788-89—An APPENDIX or Supplement. 1791-together, 4 vols., 4to., with 182 COLOURED plates ; half calf ;


PLETE SET from the beginning in 1886, to October, 1895, inclusive ;
forming 9 vols., large 8vo., with many plates, mostly COLOURED, of Birds,
Insects, etc.; the title-page to the first three vols. omitted; half morocco

1886-95 7 10 0 4433 Bonhote (J. L.) and Hon. N. C. Rothschild. Harrow Butterflies and

Moths. Volume II. 8vo., bds. Harrow School Scientific Society, 1897 0 2 6 4134 BOOTH (E. T.). Catalogue of the Cases of Birds in the Dyke Road Museum, Brighton. 8vo., cloth

Brighton, 1876 0 1 6 4435

ROUGH NOTES ON THE BIRDS OBSERVED DURING TWENTY-FIVE YEARS' Shooting and COLLECTING in the BRITISH ISLANDS. 3 vols., folio, with 112 finely COLOURED plates from drawings by E. Neale (pub. 21 guineas unbound); half morocco, gilt tops ; a SUBSCRIBER's

1881-87 18 00 4136 BOOTT (F.). ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE GENUS CAREX. 4 vols.

in 3, folio, with more than 600 plates, containing several thousand
figures; half green morocco, gilt tops ; VERY RARE

1858-67 21 0 0 4437

the same. 4 vols., folio, vol. I wanting text and 33 plates ; cloth

1858-67 12 10 0 4438 the same. Vol. IV. Folio, cloth; SCARCE

1867 5 0 0 The author printed the first three volumes for presentation to his friends. The



With a map,

£ 8. d. work interrupted by the author's death, was completed from the materials left by him, by Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, a fourth volume containing plates 412-600 being published.

Several copies of the last volume having passed into my hands, I would urge upon the possessors of the first three volumes the necessity of immediately obtaining the fourth, as the remaining two or three copies of that volume will soon be exhausted.

No more can ever be produced, as the copperplates were sold as old metal. 4439 BORLASE (W.). The NATURAL HISTORY of CORNWALL.

views, and plates of Birds, Fishes, Metals, etc. ; hf. bd., 1758–ANTIQUI-
TIES, Historical and Monumental, of the County of CORNWALL. Second
and Best Edition, with maps, views, etc., including a map and 2 plates
not in the first edition ; calf, 1769—together, 2 vols., folio, not

1758-69 3 10 0 4440 BOTANICAL and PhysioLOGICAL MEMOIRS. Edited by A. Henfrey. 8vo., with 6 COLOURED plates ; cloth

Ray Society, 1853 0 5 0 4441 BOULENGER (G. A.). The Reptiles and Batrachians of the Solomon Islands. Roy. 4to., 28 pp. with 7 plates; sd. (pub. 168)

Zoological Society, 1886 0 8 0 4442

The Fauna of British India. REPTILIA and BATRACHIA. 8vo.,
many woodcuts ; cloth

1890; 0 8 6 4443 BOWDEN (J.). The Naturalist in Norway ; or, Notes on the Wild

Animals, Birds, Fishes, and Plants of that Country. With some Account

of the principal Salmon Rivers. Cr. 8vo., with 8 tinted plates; cloth 1869 0 5 6 4444 BOWDICH (T. E.). THE FRESH-WATER FISHES OF

GREAT BRITAIN. Impl. 4to., with 47 most beautifully
with silver and BRONZE; green morocco extra, gilt edges ;

For the Authoress, 1828 60 0 0
Lord Ashburnham's copy fetched, June 29th, 1897, £76.
4445 BOWER (F. 0.). A Course of practical Instruction in Botany. Part I.
Cr. 8vo., with woodcuts; cloth

1888 0 2 0 4446 BOWERBANK (J. S.). MONOGRAPH of the British SPONGIADÆ. 4 vols.,

8vo., with 146 plates ; cloth (pub. £4. 48) Ray Society, 1864-82 2 12 6 4447 BRADY (G. S.). MONOGRAPH of the Free and Semi-Parasitic COPEPODA

of the British ISLANDS. 3 vols., 8vo., with 93 plates, many of them

Ray Society, 1878-80 2 5 0 4448 BRAITHWAITE (R.). The British Moss-FLORA. Vol. I. Acrocarpi I.

Impl. 8vo., with 45 plates containing 3000 figures of 225 species ; in parts
as issued

1887 1 10 0
Contains descriptions of the following families :-Andreæaceæ, Buxbaumiacea,
Georgiaceæ, Polytrichaceæ, Fissidentaceæ, Leucobryaceæ, Dicranaceæ. Tortulacea,

Weberaceæ. 4449 BREWER (J. A.). A New Flora of the Neighbourhood of Reigate, Surrey. 12mo., with map; cloth

1856 016 4450 BRIGHTWELL (T.). Sketch of a Fauna Infusoria for East Norfolk. Cr. 8vo., with 20 plates ; cloth

Norwich, 1848 0 7 6 BRITISH MUSEUM.- Agent for all Publications : BERNARD QUARITCH.

A List on Application. 4451 British ORNITHOLOGISTS' CLUB BULLETIN. Edited by R. Bowdler Sharpe. Vols. I–VI. 8vo., in 45 pts.

1892-7 0 15 0 4452 BRITTEN (J.) and G. S. Boulger. Biographical Index of British and Irish Botanists. 8vo., cloth

1893 0 2 6 4453 BRITTON (N. L.) and A. Brown. ILLUSTRATED FLORA of the NORTHERN

UNITED STATES, Canada and the British Possessions. 3 vols., roy. 8vo,
with several thousand illustrations ; cloth

New York, 1896-98 2 S 0 4453* BRODERIP (W. T.). Zoological Recreations. New Edition with additions. Post 8vo., cloth

1849 0 2 6 4454 BROWN (R.). Prodromus Floræ Novæ Hollandiæ et Insulæ Van-Diemen. Vol. I. 8vo., pp. 145-590; half calf ; RARE

1810 1 0 0 4455 BRYANT (C.). Flora Diætetica ; or, History of Esculent Plants, both domestic and foreign. 8vo., calf

1783 0 2 6


AND MOTHS. Edited by H. T. STAINTON and Geo. T. Porritt. 7 vols.,
8vo., with 127 COLOURED plates ; cloth

Ray Society, 1886-97 6 10 0 4457 BUCKTON (G. B.). MONOGRAPH of the British APHIDES. 4 vols., 8vo., with 134 COLOURED plates ; cloth

Ray Society, 1875-82 3 15 0 4458 BULL (H. G.). Notes on the Birds of Herefordshire. 8vo., with portrait; cloth

1888 0 2 6 4439 BULLER (W. L.). History of the Birds of New ZEALAND. Roy. 4:to.,

with frontispiece, woodcuts, and 35 HAND-COLOURED plates, shewing in
many cases the male and female or adult and young; half calf neat 1873 3 16 0

In the second edition, 1888, the plates are only colour-printed.
4460 BURDON-Sanderson (T.). Translations of Foreign Biological Memoirs.

I. Memoirs on the Physiology of Nerve, of Muscle, and of the Electrical

Organ. 8vo., pp. xvii and 553; cloth (pub. £l. ls) Oxford, 1887 08 0 4461 BURMEISTER (H.). Organization of Trilobites, deduced from their living

Affinities; with a Systematic Review of the Species hitherto
described. Folio, with 6 plates; bds.

Ray Society, 1846 0 5 0 4462 BUTLER (A. G.). LEPIDOPTERA EXOTICA, or Descriptions and Illustra

tions of Exotic Lepidoptera. 4to., with 64 COLOCRED plates fiyuring
many hundred species ; half red morocco

1874 3 10 0 4463

MUSEUM. 9 vols. or pts., impl. 4to., with 176 plates, comprising
thousands of coloured figures ; cloth

1877-93 18 18 0
Part IV consists of North American Tortricidæ," by Lord WalSINGHAM ;
part VIII," The Lepidoptera Heterocera the Nilgiri District,” by G. F. HAMPSUN ;
part IX,“ The Macrolepidoptera Heterocera of Ceylon,” by Hampson.

The nine parts were published at £19. 8s, but three of them are now out of print. 4464

Foreign Finches in Captivity. 10 pts., roy. 4to., with 60 COLOURED plates; as issued

1824 3 10 0 One of the subscribers' copies which were issued in parts at £5. 5s. 4165

(E. A.). Catalogue of the Birds of Sindh, Cutch, Káthiáwár,

North Gujarát, and Mount Aboo. Roy. 8vo., sd. Bombay, 1879 0 1 0 4466

Catalogue of the Birds of the Southern Portion of the Bombay
Presidency. Roy. 8vo., sd.

ibid., 1880 0 1 0 CALCUTTA. Annals of the Royal BOTANICAL GARDEN.—Agent for this and

all other Publications of the Government of INDIA : BERNARD QUARITCH.

A List on Application. 4167 Call (R. Ellsworth). Study of the Unionidæ of Arkansas.

8vo., 65 pp. with 21 plates ; sd.

St. Louis, 1895 0 3 6 4468 CAMERON (P.). MONOGRAPH of the British PHYTOPHAGUS HYMENOP

TERA. 4 vols., 8vo., with 84 plates representing several hundred specimens,
most of the figures being colouRED; cloth

Ray Society, 1882-92 3 16 0 4469 CAMPBELL (D. H.). The Structure and Development of the Mosses and Ferns. 8vo., with woodcuts; cloth (pub. 14s net)

18:15 0 8 6 4470 CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST (The). Edited by the Rev. C. J. S.

BETHUNE and W. SAUNDERS. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in
1868 to 1892 inclusive, forming vols. I–XXIV, 8vo., with plates and
numerous woodcuts; bound in twenty-two volumes, half calf neat

Toronto and London, Ont., 1868-92 7 10 0 4471 CARPENTER (W. B.). INTRODUCTION to the Study of the FORAMINIFERA.

Folio, with 22 plates; half calf neat; SCARCE Ray Society, 1862 -1 10 0 4472 Cassell's Book of Birds. From the Text of Breum. By T. R. Jones.

4 vols., in 2, impl. 8vo., with 40 COLOURED plutes and upwards of 40
woodcuts ; hf. bd.

about 1880 1 0 0 4473 CATALOGUS Plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium ... 18mo., calf 1660 0 2 6

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BAHAMA ISLANDS. Revised by EDWARDS. [With APPENDIX]. 2 vols.,
roy. folio, with the map and 220 plates beautifully COLOURED from the
original drawings; the text in English and French; very fine copy in old
calf gilt

1754 “ The plates of this edition are coloured with superior care."-Lowndes. 4-175 CHALLENGER EXPEDITION. ZOOLOGY-Vol. V. Roy. 4to., with 61 plates; cloth (pub. £2. 108)

Contents : I.-OPHIUROIDEA. By Theodore Lyman. II.-Some Points in the
Anatomy of the THYLACINE, Curcus, and PhasCOGALE ; with an Account of the

Pes. By D. J. Cunningham. 4176

ZOOLOGY-Vol. VI. Roy. 4to., with 51 plates; cloth (pub. £2. 2s)

1882 CONTENTS : I. ---ACTINIARIA. By Richard Hertwig II.-TUNICATA. Ву

William A. Herdman. 4477 Zoology-Vol. XXI. Roy. 4to., with 64 plates ; cloth (pub. £2.)

1886 CONTENTS : I.-CEPHALOPODA. By William Evans Hoyle. II. -STOMATOPODA. By W. K. Brooks. III.--REEF CORALB. By John J. Quelch. IV. HOMAN

SKELETONS. By Sir William Turner. 4178

NARRATIVE. 2 vols. in 3, roy. 4to., with 67 maps, and 51 photogruphic and chromo-lithographic plates ; cloth (pub. £6. 16s 6d); a worn copy

1882-85 4179 CHAMBERS (R.). Ancient Sea-Margins as Memorials of Changes in the

Relative Level of Sea and Land. 8vo., with map and illustrations ;

Edinburgh, 1848 4479*CHANDLER (A.) and W. B. Booth. ILLUSTRATIONS and DESCRIPTIONS

of the Plants which compose the Natural Order CAMELLIEÆ. Folio,
with 40 COLOURED plates ; half morocco extra

1831 4480 CHAPMAN (A.). Bird-Life of the Borders. 8vo., with numerous illustrations ; cloth

1889 4481 Charleroni (Gualteri) Exercitationes de Differentiis et Nominibus Ani

malium. Quibus accedunt Mantissa Anatomica, et quaedam de variis
Fossilium generibus, deque differentiis & nominibus Colorum. Folio,
with copperplates; calf

Oxoniæ, 1677 4482

Exercitationes de Differentiis et Nominibus Animalium ... Editio secunda . . . Folio, LARGE PAPER, with plates of Birds ; a beautiful copy ruleil in red, and bound in old French red morocco with gilt Etruscan vases on back, line sides

Oxoniæ, 1677 4483 Chilton (C.). The Subterranean Crustacea of New Zealand : with some

general Remarks on the Fauna of Caves and Wells. Roy. 4to., 122
l'p., with 8 plates; sd. (pub. 31s)

Linnean Society, 1894 4484 CLARK (H.). Catalogue of Halticidæ in the British Museum. Part I. 8vo., all published, with 10 plates ; cloth

1860 4485 CLARKE (W. E.) and W. D. ROEBUCK. A Handbook of the Vertebrate Fauna of Yorkshire. 8vo., cloth

1881 4485a CLEVE (P. T.). Diatoms from the West Indian Archipelago. 8vo., with 5 plates; sd.

Stockholm, 1878 44856 Some New and Little Known Diatoms. 4to., with 6 plates ; sd.

ibid., 1881 44850 Diatoms collected during the Expedition of the Vega. 8vo., with 4 plates; half calf

1883 4485d Diatoms of Finland. 8vo., with 3 plates ; sd. Helsingfors, 1891 4486 CODE (The) of Nomenclature and Check List of North American Birds. 8vo., cloth

N. Y., 1886 4187 Conant (F. S.). The Cubomedusæ. A Dissertation presented for the

Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in the Johns Hopkins University,
1897. Roy: tto., with portrait and 8 plates ; cloth Baltimore, 1898

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A memorial volume printed after the author's death by his friends, fellow-students and instructors, with the aid of the college.

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