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£ d. information that existed regarding the Fauna of the country generally, but more especially of the Mammalia, Reptilia, and Batrachia ; and further, to make this Circular as useful as possible, it was translated into Arabic through the courteous assistance of Colonel Sir Colin Scott Moncrieff, at that time Director of Irrigation, who also aided me in its circulation. Those who favourably replied to the Memorandum were furnished with the necessary materials for collecting, and with full instructions for the proper preservation of the specimens.

“ Nearly five years were devoted to collecting, with the result that over 1500 specimens of Reptilia and Batrachia were brought together, of which more than 1400 were permanently preserved. The greater part was presented to the British Museum; another set, all but complete, was also presented to the Museum of the Egyptian Government School of Medicine in Cairo, and a few of the more important species were given to some of the Museums in Europe.”—The Author's Preface.

When, some six years ago, Dr. Anderson undertook the investigation which has resulted in the noble work now published, our knowledge of the herpetological fauna of Egypt was very meagre indeed, and could not compare with that of the neighbouring countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Syria. A list of the reptiles and batrachians of Egypt showed an imposing array of species, many of which now prove to be merely nominal, but these were represented in museums by a small number of specimens, few of which bore indications of exact localities. In fact, such material as then existed was quite inadequate for a study of the distribution as required by modern zoology, and the most important subject of variations and delimitation of species could not be attacked. The author's first task was therefore the bringing together of a large number of specimens, from as many parts of the country as possible, and this was carried out by him with extraordinary energy during successive visits to Egypt in the winters 1892 to 1895, his personal investigations extending even to Suakim, beyond the limits of Egypt proper. Not only did Dr. Anderson himself and with the help of natives succeed in collecting a very large series of specimens, many of which were brought home alive, and could be sketcher in natural colours and attitudes, but he was also fortunate enough to enlist the co-operation of many residents and visitors interested in Natural History matters; the result being the splendid collection, the bulk of which has been presented to the British Museum, a second, nearly complete set, having been reserved for the Museum of the Egyptian Government School of Medicine at Cairo.”

--Nature, Dec. 29th, 1898.

Drawings taken from Living Plants only. With the appropriate
specific Character, full Description, native Place of Growth, and time
of Flowering of each ; in Latin and English. 4 vols., folio, with nearly
300 beautifully COLOURED plates (pub. £36); a fine UNCUT copy, hf. bd.;

1802-9 18 0 0 4359

the same.

4 vols., folio, three or four unimportant leaves of text missing, but containing all the plates; half russia, not quite uniform, the first three vols. being uncut; a burgain

1802-9 12 0 0 The above are original subscribers' copies of a splendid series of botanical illustrations. The author was a painter, and brought no inconsiderable amount of artistic

skill to bear on the production of his book. 4360

ROSES: : or a MONOGRAPH of the Genus Rosa. 4to., with 107 (of 129) COLOURED plates; half morocco gilt; RARE

1805 5 10 0 1361 ARUNDEL (W. B.). Ackworth Birds, being a List of Birds of the Dis

trict of Ackworth, Yorkshire, Post 8vo., cloth (pub. 4s 6d) 1898 0 2 6 +362 ATKINSON (J.). Compendium of the Ornithology of Great Britain. 8vo., pp. xii and 232; half morocco


THE COUNTY OF SURREY. 5 vols., 8vo., with portrait, map, and

folding plates ; calf extra, yellow edges, by ZAEHNSDORF; RARE 1718-19 15 0 0 4364

the same.
5 vols., large 8vo., LARGE PAPER; old calf (rebacked)

1718-19 16 10 0 4365

the same.
5 vols., large 8vo., LARGE PAPER ; fine tall copy

in old

1718-19 21 0 0



the same.

5 vols., large 8vo., LARGE PAPER ; fine copy in red morocco extra, marbled under gilt edges, by CLARKE and BEDFORD 1718-19 25 0 0



d. 4367 AUDUBON (J. J.). The BIRDS OF AMERICA. 4 vols.,

, atlas folio, the Original Issue, 435 svperbly coloured plates, containing life-size representations

1827-38 ORNITHOLOGICAL BIOGRAPHY, or Descriptions of the Objects represented in the Work entitled The Birds of AMERICA. 5 vols., roy. 8vo.

1831-39 together, 9 vols., uniformly bound in half blue morocco, by LEWIS

1827-39 350 0 0 The above is a copy of the first issue, the numbering of the plates of the first volume being almost entirely in Arabic numerals.

Audubon, by birth an American, was the son of a Frenchman. His indefatigable pursuit of knowledge, his enthusiastic devotion to the science of ornithology, his keenness of insight, have rendered his name for ever famous as that of one of the greatest naturalists the world has seen. With Buffon, Cuvier, and Owen, he occupies a front rank from which no later investigator can dethrone him; and at the same time he holds a position of no small importance as one of the

literary celebrities of the New World. 4368

the same.

A Selection of 259 COLOURED plates (as detailed below); recently bound in six vols., atlas folio, with printed title to each volume, half russia, very neat

1827-60 2100 Contents : plates 1 to 120 and 24 others of the original engraved issue, coloured by hand, and 115 plates (on 75 sheets) of the chromo-lithographic reprint.

A very cheap collection for a working naturalist; the binding alone cost as much

as the book is priced. 4369

Habits of the BIRDS OF AMERICA. 5 vols., roy. 8vo., Ids., uncut

Edinburgh, 1831-39 3 16 0 4370 the same. 5 vols., roy. 8vo., half calf

1831-39 4 12 6 4371

the same.

5 vols., roy. 8vo., half brown morocco neat 1831-39 5 5 0 4372

the same.

5 vols., roy. 8vo., with PROOF PORTRAIT (AUTOGRAPH affixed) inserted; calf extra, by CLARKE

1831-39 7 0 0 This last is the author's presentation copy to William Yarrell. 4373

2, atlas folio, 150 superbly COLOURED plates
The DESCRIPTIVE Text. 3 vols., roy. 8vo., with plates
151-155, which were never issued in folio
together, 5 vols., uniformly bound in half russia

New York, 1845-54 32 00 4374 - the same.

5 vols., russia gilt, the larger vols. rebacked

1845-54 35 00 Containing an interesting memorandum dated Sept. 8, 1830, in the autograph of, and signed by, J. J. Audubon, commissioning John Calvert of Leeds to obtain subscribers to his great work on the birds

of America. 4375

another edition. 3 vols., impl. 8vo., with 155 coloured plates; calf gilt London, Wiley and Putnam, 1847

-New-York, V. G. Audubon, 1851

-New-York, V.G. Audubon, 1854 21 0 0 An early copy like the above is greatly to be preferred on account of the superior strength and clearness of its illustrations.

8. d.


AUDUBON, continued :

£ 4376

THE QUADRUPEDS OF NORTH AMERICA. 3 vols.-THE BIRDS OF AMERICA. 7 vols.—together, 10 vols., impl. 8vo., with 655 COLOURED plates ; uniformly bound in morocco, gilt edges

New York, 1856-59 47 10 0 4377 AUK (The). A QUARTERLY JOURNAL of ORNITHOLOGY, published for the

AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' Union. New Series. Vols. I—XVI, large
8vo., with coloured plates and woodcuts ; half morocco, gilt tops ; A FINE

Boston and New York, 1884-99 10 0 0
The First Series is entitled “ Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club,” 8 vols.,

1876-83. 4378 AUSTRALASIAN Association for the ADVANCEMENT of Science. Report of

the 7th meeting, held at Sydney, 1898. Edited by A. LIVERSIDGE.

8vo., 1161 pp., with numerous maps and plates ; cloth Sydney, 1898 0 10 6 1379 AUTOGRAPHS OF CELEBRATED NATURALISTS. A Collection

of over 100 Autograph Letters of Celebrated Naturalists and Botanists.
Neatly mounted on thick cartridge paper in a folio volume, crimson
morocco extra, gilt edges ; from the library of H. B. Fielding v.d. 12 00

A most interesting series, mostly written by men of considerable eminence in the
scientific world. It includes letters by the following: G. W. Arnott, Sir J. Banks,
W. Buckland, W. T. Bree, Bentham, Boott, F. Bauer, Babington, M. J. Berkeley,
Coulter, Allan Cunningham, De Candolle, David Don, De Caisne, Delesert, Endlicher,
Engelmann, J. Forbes, Asa Gray, Dr. J. E. Gray, Göeppert, Greville, W. W. Harvey,
W. J. Hooker, Henslow, Humboldt, Herbert, Jacquin, Rymer Jones, Ledebour, London,
J. Latham, W. E. Leach, Lindley, Martius, Nees v. Esenbeck, Richard (wen, Roscoe,
Ramon de la Sagra, J. F. Stephens, Swainson, Sir J. E. Smith, G. B. Sowerby, Hans
Sloane, Dawson Turner, Torrey, Wallich, Woodville, J. O. Westwood, H. C. Watson,

W. Wilson,, etc.
4380 Babington (C.) and A. Bloxam. Ornithology and Botany of Charnwood
Forest, Leicestershire. 2 pts., 4to., with a coLOURED plate; sd.

Nottingham, 1842 0 2 6 Extracted from "The History of Charnwood Forest" by T. R. Potter. 4381 BAKER (J. G.) and J. Nowell. A Supplement to Baines' Flora of Yorkshire. 8vo., bds.

1854 0 2 6 4382 BAIRD (S. F.), J. Cassin, G. N. LAWRENCE, and others. Exploration

and Surveys for a Railroad Route from the Mississippi River to the
Pacific Ocean. Birds. Bound in 3 vols., 4to., with 38 finely COLOURED
plates ; half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut

Washington, 1858 1 8 0 4383

BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA. 2 vols., roy. 4to., with 100
COLOURED plates; cloth

Philadelphia, 1860 5 0 0 4384

(W.). The Natural History of the British Entomostraca. 8vo., with 36 COLOURED plates; cloth

Ray Society, 1850 0 18 0 4385

the same.
8vo., half morocco neat

1850 1 0 0 4386 BALFOUR (F. M.). A Treatise on Comparative Embryology. 2 vols., 8vo., with about 700 illustrations; cloth

1880-81 0 12 0 4387 BALY (J. S.). Catalogue of Hispidæ in the British Museum. Part I. 8vo., all published, with 9 plates ; cloth

1858 0 3 6 4388 [BANKS (G.)]. The Plymouth and Devonport Flora. Pts. 1.8, 8vo., all published; half russia

privately p.ted, [1830-32] 0 10 0 4389 BARNES (H. Edwin). Handbook to the Birds of the Bo...bay Presidency. 8vo., cloth

Calcutta, 1885 0 90 4390 BARRETT (C. G.). THE LEPIDOPTERA OF BRITISH

ISLANDS. Pts. 1-50, forming vols. I-IV and a portion of vol. V,
roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER, with 200 COLOURED plates containing many
hundreds of figures ; as issued (pub. £12. 108)

1892-98 7 10 0 Pt. 51 and subsequent pts. can be supplied as they appear at 5s each. 4391

the same.

Vols. 1-5, 8vo., the ORDINARY ISSUE without plates ; cloth (pub. £3)

1893-99 1 16 A descriptive account of the families, genera and species indigenous to Great Britain and Ireland, their preparatory states, habits, and localities.



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£ s. 4392 BARTLETT (E.). A Monograph of the WEAVER-BIRDS, Ploceidæ, and Arboreal and Terrestrial FINCHES, Fringillidæ. Pts. 1-5, 4to., with

. 19 plain, and 12 finely COLOURED plates ;: as issued

Maidstone, published for the Author, 1888-9 0 7 6 4393 BASTIAN (H. C.). The Beginnings of Life. 2 vols., post 8vo., with illustrations; cloth

1872 0 10 6 4394

the same.
2 vols., post 8vo., half calf neat

1872 0 12 0 4395 BATE AND WESTWOOD. HISTORY of the British SESSILE-EYED

CRUSTACEA. 2 vols., 8vo., with numerous illustrations; cloth 1863-68 2 12 6 4396

the same.

2 vols., roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER; in pts. 1863-68 2 17 0 4397 BATEMAN (J.). THE ORCHIDACEÆ OF MEXICO AND GUATE

MALA. Atlás folio, with 40 magnificent plates, beautifully COLOURED ;
the text embellished with woodcuts and vignettes, some being by G. CRUIK-
SHANK; half blue morocco; RARE

1813 16 0 0 Only 125 copies of this grand work were produced. The Sunderland copy sold for £77. 4398 Monograph of the ODONTOGLOSSUM. Parts I–IV (of 6), with 20 COLOURED plates; as issued, in portfolio (pub. £4. 4s)

1864-67 1 0 4399 BATES (H. W.). The NATURALIST on the River AmazonS. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., with many plates ; cloth (repaired) ; SCARCE

1863 1 8 4400

the same.
2 vols., cr. 8vo., cloth

1863 1 16 0 4401 the same. Second Edition. Cr. 8vo., with


and illustrations ; cloth

1864 0 6 0 A record of adventures, habits of animals, sketches of Brazilian and Indian life,

and aspects of nature under the Equator, during eleven years of travel.

4 pts. forming 1 vol., impl. 4to., with 1 plain, and 34 finely COLOURED

1830-38 0 0 0 4403

the same.
Part III. Containing 10 COLOURED plates

1834 1 0 0 4404

the same.

Part IV, [completing the work]. Containing title, preface, prefatory remarks, xiv pages, and Genera plates (COLOURED) 16-20, with text

1838 0 10 0 This beautiful work is divided into two sections : Fructification and Genera, each

of which gives minute details of the structure of these rare and exquisite exotics. 44C5 BEAGLE VOYAGE. THE ZOOLOGY OF THE VOYAGE OF H.M.S.

BEAGLE, under the command of Capt. FITZROY, 1832-36. Edited by
C. Darwin. 3 vols., roy. 4to. (as described below), half morocco 1838-42 17 10 0

Fossil MAMMALIA, by R. Owen. With 32 plates

Mammalia, by G. R. Waterhouse. With 32 COLOURED, and 3 plain, plates
Birds, by G. Gould and G. R. Gray. With 50 COLOURED plates

Fisa, by L. Jenyns. With 29 plates

1840-12 4106 BEALE (L. S.). How to work with the Microscope. Fifth Edition. 8vo.,

pp. xvi, 518, and 100 plates comprising more than 600 figures, some
printed in colours ; cloth

1880 0 10 0 4407 BEDDARD (F. E.). Contributions to the Anatomy of the Anthropoid Apes. Roy. 4to., 42 pp., with 9 plates; sd. (pub. 158)

Zoological Society, 1893 0 5 0 4408 BEDDOME (R. H.). FERNS OF SOUTHERN INDIA, being Descrip

tions and Plates of the Ferns of the Madras Presidency. SECOND

Edition. Roy. 4to., with 271 plates; boards, uncut Madras, 1873 2 0 0 4409 FERNS OF BRITISH INDIA. 23 parts, forming 1 vol., roy.

1 4to., with 345 plates ; as issued; SCARCE

ib., 1870 6 10 0 4410 BELL (T.). A History of British QUADRUPEDS, including the Cetacea. 8vo., pp. xviii and 526, with nearly 200 woodcuts; calf

1837 0 10 0 4411 the same. Roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER ; cloth

1837 1 10 0 4412 the same.

A HISTORY of British REPTILES. 1839.- -together, 2 vols. impl. 8vo., FIRST EDITIONS, LARGEST PAPER, with beautiful impressions of the many woodcuts ; splendidly bound in dark green morocco super-extra, uncut, with the original cloth sides and backs neatly mounted and bound in

1837-39 5 0 0


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£ d. 4413 Bennett (Alfred W.). The Flora of the Alps. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., with 120 COLOURED plates; cloth

1896 0 17 6 A description of all the species of flowering plants indigenous to Switzerland ; and of the Alpine species of the adjacent mountain districts of France, Italy, and

Austria, including the Pyrenees. 4+14 BENTHAM (George). HANDBOOK of the British Flora. Cr. 8vo., cloth

1858 0 4 6 For the use of beginners. 4415 the same. [Second Edition]. 2 vols., 8vo., with nearly 1300 woodcut illustrations by Fitch; newly bound in half calf gilt;

1865 2 17 6

The best edition. 4416 Flora Hongkongensis: a Description of the Flowering Plants

and Ferns of the Island of Hongkong. Svo., with map; cloth 1861 0 7 6 4417 BENTLEY (R.) and H. Trimen. MEDICINAL PLANTS, being

Descriptions with original figures of the principal Plants employed
in Medicine. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., with 306 beautiful COLOURED plates
(pub. £11. 118); a fine copy in calf gilt

1880 8 0 0 4118 BERKELEY (M. J.). Introduction to Cryptogamic Botany. 8vo., with 127 woodcuts; cloth

1857 0 5 0 4418*. Outlines of British Fangology; containing Characters of above

a Thousand Species of Fungi. 8vo., with 24 COLOURED plates; cloth 1860 0 18 0 4419

Handbook of British Mosses. 8vo., with 24 COLOURED plates ; cloth

1863 0 120 BEWICK.-See Section XV. Illustrated Books. 4420 BIOLOGIA CENTRALI-AMERICANA ; or, CONTRIBU

TIONS to the KNOWLEDGE of the FAUNA and FLORA of
roy. 4to. (as described below), with about 900 plates
containing thousands of figures, the majority of which are
COLOURED ; in pts., equal to new

1879-1899 125 0 0
Issued to subscribers at £159. 12s net. So far as I can ascertain
the above is the only second-hand copy in the market. By its purchase
a saving of £34. 12s will be effected. The original owner's subscription
may be transferred to the purchaser. The price of each subsequent
part will be 21s.


MAMMALIA. By E. R. Alston. Pages xx, 220, plates 22.
ARACHNIDA ACARIDEA. By Otto Stoll. Pages xxi, 55, plates 21.
COLEOPTERA. Vol. I, pt. 1. ADEPAAGA. By H. W. Bates. Pages x, 316,
plates 13.

Vol. I, pt. 2. ADEPHAGA, etc. By D. Sharp. Pages xvi, 824,
plates 19.

Vol. II, pt. 2. Pectinicornia and LamelliCORNIA. By H. W.
Bates. Pages xii, 432, plates 24.

Vol. III, pt. 1. Serricornia. By C. O. Waterhouse, G. H. Horn,
and G. C. Champion. Pages xvi, 690, plates 27.

Vol. III, pt. 2. MALACODERMATA. By H. S. Gorham. Pages xii, 372, plates 13.

Vol. IV, pt. 1. HETEROMERA. By G. C. Champion. Pages xxxiv,
572, plates 23.

Vol. IV, pt. 2. HETEROMERA, continued. By G. C. Champion.
Pages x, 494, plates 21.

Sharp. Pages xii, 526, plates 26.

Vol. Ví, pt. 1. PHYTOPHAGA. By M. Jacoby. Pages xx, 626,
iv, 374 (Supplement), plates 43.

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