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8. d 4309 WARE (I.). A COMPLETE Body of ARCHITECTURE. Large folio, with 122 plates; an excellent copy in old calf

1750 1 16 0 Including some hitherto unpublished designs of Inigo Jones. Among the illustrations are representations of ceilings, chimney-pieces, etc., existing in houses celebrated

for their architectural importance. 4310 WARING (J. B.). ART TREASURES of the United KINGDOM. Folio,

with woodcuts and 100 plates in Gold and coLOURS; calf extra [1858] 3 0 0 4311 WEALE (J.). QUARTERLY PAPERS in ARCHITECTURE. 4 vols., roy. 4to., with a great number of plates, many of which are coloured; half maroon

1844-45 2 0 0 4312 WEBB (E. A.), G. W. Miller, and J. Beckwith. The HISTORY of CHIsle

HURST, its Church, Manors, and Parish. 4to., pp. xx, 487, with

numerous well-executed illustrations, maps, and pedigrees; cloth 1899 1 10 0 4313 WEDGWOOD. Papers relative to Mr. Champion's Application to

Parliament, for the Extension of the Term of a Patent. 12mo., 36 pp.;
half morocco neat ; scarce

1775 1 1 0
In 1768 a Mr. Cookworthy had obtained a monopoly of the china clay of Cornwall.
In 1774 Cookworthy transferred his patent to Mr. Champion of Bristol, who soon after
applied to Parliament for its extension for a further period of 14 years, when the
original term should have expired. This application was vigorously opposed by the
potters, especially, by Wedgwood. The arguments, advanced by the two opposing

sides, are set forth in this pamphlet. 4314 and Bentley. A Catalogue of Cameos, Intaglios, Medals, Busts, etc., made by WEDGWOOD and BENTLEY. Fourth Edition. Svo., half

London, 1777 0 15 0 4315 the same. Sixth Edition. 8vo., with 2 tinted plates; sd.

Etruria, 1787 1 15 0 Best edition and very rare, containing 2 hitherto unpublished coloured plates of

Wedgwood ware.
4316 Catalogue des Camées, Intaglio, Medailles, Bustes, etc., avec une

Description des Vases, et autres Ornemens d'après les Antiques,
fabriqués par WEDGWOOD et BENTLEY. Edition Sixième. 8vo., hf. bd.

Londres, 1779 1 0 0 4317

the same. 8vo., with 2 coloured plates, and a coloured view of Wedgwood and Byerley's showroom added ; red morocco gilt, gilt edges

Etrurie, 1788 2 0 0 4318 An Address to the Workmen in the Pottery, on the Subject of

entering into the Service of Foreign Manufacturers. 12mo., half
morocco neat; rare

Newcastle, Staff's., 1783 1 1 0 4319 the same—Description and Use of a Thermometer for measuring the Higher Degrees of Heat. By Josiah Wedgwood, 1784.-A Cata

logue of Cameos, Intaglios, Medals, Busts, etc., made by Wedgwood
and Bentley. The Fifth Edition. 1779.-together, 3 pieces in 1 vol.,
8vo., sd.; rare

1779-84 2 10 0 4320 The Life of JOSIAH WEDGWOOD. With an introductory Sketch

of the Art of Pottery in England. 2 vols., large 8vo., with portraits,
plates, and many uvodcuts; cloth

1865-66 1 4 0 4321 the same. 2 vols., large 8vo., whole calf ; or, half morocco 1865-66 1 7 6 4322

OLD WEDGWOOD. The DECORATIVE or ARTISTIC CERAMIC Work, in colour and relief, invented and produced by Josiah WEDGWOOD, at Etruria, in Staffordshire, 1760-1794. Biographical and Descriptive Chapters, a List of Marks used at Etruria and explanatory Text to each Object illustrated, by Frederick RATHBONE.

Folio, with woodcuts and 67 SUPERB COLOUR-PRINTED plates; cloth 1898 10 10 0 4323 the same. Folio, blue morocco extra by Zaehnsdorf 1898 14 14 0

But 200 were printed ; nearly all are sold. The illustrations, executed by Georges Michel Grivell and William Griggs, are drawn from the best known examples in public and private collections. Selected by the author and reproduced in facsimile by a new process of printing in colour, these plates, for probably the first time in the history of colour-printing, achieve the desired effect of accurate resemblance in tint, relief, and shade, to the originals,

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4334 ABBOT (C.). Flora Bedfordiensis, comprehending such Plants as grow

wild in the County of Bedford. 8vo., with plates; calf Bedford, 1798 4335 ABBOT (J.) and J. E. Smith. The NATURAL HISTORY OF THE

2 vols., folio, with 104 coloured plates ; a fine tall copy in half green
morocco, entirely uncut ; RARE

the same.

2 vols., folio, whole green morocco, gilt edges 1797 4:337 ACERBI (J.). Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the

North Cape, 1798 and 1799. 2 vols., 4to., with 17 plates, including
5 COLOURED plates of Ornithology and Entomology ; bds.


3 vols., roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER, with 138 finely COLOURED plates ; half
green morocco, gilt tops, uncut

1858 4339 ADAMS (A. Leith). Dentition and Osteology of the Maltese Fossil

Elephants, being a Description of Remains discovered by the Author in
Malta, 1860 and 1866. Roy. 4to., 124 pp., with 22 plates ; sd. (pub.
£2. 2s)

Zoological Society, 1875 4340 ADVENTURE AND BEAGLE VOYAGES. KING, FITZROY, and Darwin.

Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of H. M. Ships ADVENTURE and
BEAGLE, 1826-36, describing their Examination of the Southern Shores
of South America, and the Beagle's Circumnavigation of the Globe.
4 vols., 8vo., with the Appendix, maps, charts, and plates by Landseer;

1839 4341

the same.
4 vols., 8vo., half green morocco extra

1839 4342 AGASSIZ (Louis). CONTRIBUTIONS to the NATURAL History of the

UNITED STATES of America. 4 vols., impl. 4to., with 77 plates, some
COLOURED ; cloth

Boston, 1857-62 4313

the same.
4 vols., impl. 4to., calf

1857-62 4344 ATCHISON (J. E. T.). Zoology of the Afghan Delimitation Commission.

Roy. 4to., 90 pp., with 2 maps and 9 plates, four of which are coLOURED;
sd. (pub. £1. 78)

Linnean Society, 1889 4345 ALDER (Joshua) and Albany HANCOCK. MONOGRAPH of the BRITISH

NUDIBRANCHIATE MOLLUSCA. 7 pts. in 1 vol., folio, with 82 plates, most

of them COLOURED; red morocco, gilt edges Ray Society, 1845-55 4346 ALLIS (E. P.). The Cranial Muscles, and Cranial and First Spinal

Nerves in Amia Calva. Roy. 8vo., with 19 folding COLOURED plates ;

Boston, Mass., 1897 4347 ALLMAN (G. J.). MonOGRAPH of the Fresh Water Polyzoa, including

all the known Species, both British and Foreign. Folio, with 11
COLOURED plates; bds.; SCARCE

Ray Society, 1856 4348


forming 1 vol., folio, with 23 COLOURED plates; bds. Ray Society, 1871-72 4349 AMERICAN ACADEMY of Arts and SCIENCES. PROCEEDINGS.

Vols. XII–XXII, XXIII part 1, and XXV-XXXI;-in all, 18 vols.

and 1 part, large 8vo., with plates ; sd., uncut Boston, Mass., 1877-96 4350 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of SCIENCE. PROCEEDINGS. 14 vols., 8vo. (as described below), sd.

1850-98 2nd meeting, Cambridge, 1849 ; 22nd, Portland, Maine, 1873; 24th, Detroit, 1875 ; 29th, Boston, 1880, part 1 ; 31st, Montreal, 1882, 2 paris ; 320d, Minneapolis, 1883; 34th, Anne Arbor, 1885; 39th, Indianopolis, 1890 ; 42nd, Madison, 1893 ; 43rd, Brooklyn, 1894 ; 41th, Springfield, Mass., 1895 ; 46th, Detroit, 1897 ; 471h, Boston.


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£ 4351 AMERICAN ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY. TRANSACTIONS. Vols. I–II, roy. 8vo., with 15 COLOURED plates ; half calf ; SCARCE

Philadelphia, 1867-9 1 16 4352 AMERICAN ENTOMOLOGIST (The): an Illustrated Magazine of

Popular and Practical Entomology. Édited by B. D. Walsh and C.V.
Riley. Vols. I—III, roy. 8vo., with COLOURED piate and 573 woodcuts ;

bound in two volumes, half calf St. Louis, 1868-70-New York, 1880 3 10 0 4353 AMERICAN JOURNAL of Science and Arts, conducted by Benjamin SILLIMAN, James D. DANA, etc.

A COMPLETE SET FROM THE BEGINNING in 1818 to January 1896, inclusive, forming 150 vols. and 1 part, 8vo., with an immense number of plates ; the first twenty-seven vols. in half calf, the rest as published

New York and New Haven, 1818-1896 110 0 0

First Series. 100 numbers forming 49 vols., and a vol. of GENERAL
INDEX, making 50 vols.

SECOND Series. 150 numbers forming 50 vols.

1846-70 Third SERIES. 300 numbers forming 50 vols.

1871-95 Fourth SERIES. Vol. I, no. 1


III (1843), and from vol. V, no. 47 (1851), to vol. XXXVI, no. 155
(1897) ;-96 nos., 8vo. (as described below), with plates ; a few nos.
missing; sd.

Philadelphia, 1843-97 4 10 0
Vol. XXII. part III (875 pages), consists of a condensed edition of the Proceed-
ings of the Society from 1744 to 1838, a circumstance which renders the above
described lot more nearly complete than it would at first seem. This part can be had
separately, price 7s 6d. The intermediate numbers missing are, 50, 53-56, 58, 76, 128,

129, 134, 135, and 137-139.

prising an Account of the Zoological Results of the two Expeditions to
WESTERN YUNNAN, 1868-75 ; with a Monograph of the two Cetacean
Genera: PLATANISTA and Orcella. 2 vols., impl. 4to., with 85 plates
(49 COLOURED); cloth (subscription price, £10)


200 The commercial and political value of Yunnan as a rich Chinese province on the borders India and Burma, has immensely increased since the annexation of the Burmese empire. It is not only the door of communication between British India and China, but is in itself a territory of great natural wealth, destined to become more and

more important as the relations between the two empires attain a greater development. 4356 and W. L. Sclater. Catalogue of Mammalia in the Indian

Museum, Calcutta. 2 pts. or vols., 8vo., cloth Calcutta, 1881-91 040 4357

ZOOLOGY OF EGYPT: REPTILIA AND BATRACHIA. Roy. 4to., lxv and 372 pp., with woodcuts, map of Egypt, Nubia and the Sudan, 7 illustrations of Physical Features in the Introduction, 41 COLOURED and ll uncoloured plates; cloth

1898 12 12 0 100 copies were printed of which 95 were for sale; but few remain.

Purchasers of the above do not bind themselves to take further volumes, but they will have the privilege of securing them if so inclined.

" The first step towards the preparation of this volume was the formation of a collection of the Reptiles and Batrachians of Egypt. This was an absolute necessity, as these groups were evidently so poorly represented in the Museums of this country and in those of Europe, that it would have been impossible to have derived from them any just conception of the extent of these constituents of the Egyptian Fauna. Moreover, in Great Britain, as on the Continent, it was a rare circumstance to find a specimen with any more definite locality assigned to it than · Egypt,''Nubia,' or the Sudan.'

“In forming the Collection which was to serve as the basis of this volume, an endeavour was made to obtain as many specimens as possible from a diversity of accurately ascertained and registered localities, distributed over as wide an area as possible.

“While in Egypt, in 1892, I drew up a Memorandum, pointing out the lack of

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