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Section V. Antient Versions, continued.

The Sahidic, or Version in the Dialect of Upper


The Bashmouric, or Dialect of Bashmour, a

Province of the Delta

[v.] The Ethiopic Version

[vi.] The Armenian Version

§ 4. Antient Western Versions

[i.] The Latin Versions

Ante-Hieronymian Versions, or those made

before the time of Jerome

The Version of Jerome

The Latin Vulgate

[ii.] The Gothic Version

[iii.] The Sclavonic Version

[iv.] The Anglo-Saxon Version

SECTION VI. Modern Versions of the Old and New Testaments

§ 1. General Observations on the Circulation of the


I. Scarcity and high Prices of the Scriptures. – 11. Rude

Attempts to convey an Idea of their Contents to the Poor

and Illiterate. Account of the Biblia PAUPERUM.

III. Number and Classification of the Translations of

the Bible into modern Languages

§ 2. Modern Latin Versions of the entire Bible

Versions made by Romanists

Versions made by Protestants

Latin Versions of the New Testament

§ 3. Versions in the Languages of Modern Europe

[i.] Versions in the Languages spoken in the Bri-

tish Isles

Wicliffe's Version

English PROTESTANT Versions :

Tyndale's Version

Coverdale's Bible

Matthew's Bible

Hollybushe's New Testament

Cranmer's Great Bible

Taverner's Bible

Other Editions of the English Bible

during the remainder of Henry

VIII.'s reign and the reign of Ed-

ward VI.

Anglo-Genevese Version

Archbishop Parker's, or the Bishops'


King James's Bible, or the Authorised

Version now in use

Testimonies of eminent Scholars

to its value

Editions of the Authorised Ver-

sion, with Marginal Renderings

and Parallel References

Editions of the Authorised Ver.

sion, the Text of which is divided

into Paragraphs according to the


Anglo-Romish Versions



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