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This list is confined to works on fishing as a sport.

A list of works in the Library relating to fishing

as an industry was printed in the BULLETIN for July and August, 1899. There is also much material on the sporting side of fishing included in the list on Sport printed in the BULLETIN for May and June, 1903.

Many of the books in this list were given to the Library by Hon. John L. Cadwalader, LL.D., and many formerly belonged to the collection made by Thomas Westwood.

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ical preface... with some notices of fishing, and books on fishing, before Walton. (In: ISAAC WALTON'S The complete angler... New York, 1847. 12°. Pt. 1, pp. i-lxxxiv.)

(In: ISAAC WALTON'S The complete angler.. New York, 1852. 12°. Pt. 1, pp. i-lxxxiv.

A Waltonian library; or, A list of such works as relate to fish, fishing, Walton and Cot(In: ISAAC WALTON'S The complete angler... New York, 1847. Pt. 2, pp. 151-191.)


(In: ISAAC WALTON'S The complete angler... New York, 1852. 12°. Pt. 2, pp. 151-191.)

This collection was purchased by Mr. Robert W. Coleman, and after receiving additions, was again catalogued by Joseph Sabin. See Coleman (Robert W.) below.

Blakey (Robert). A bibliographical catalogue of books on angling. (In his: Historical sketches of the angling literature of all nations. London, 1856. 16°. pp. 293-335.)

Historical sketches of the angling literature of all nations. To which is added a bibliography of English writers on angling. London: J. R. Smith, 1856. vi, 355 p. 16°.

Bosgoed (D. Mulder). Bibliotheca ichthyologica et piscatoria: Catalogus van boeken en geschriften over de natuurlijke geschiedenis van de visschen en walvisschen..., enz. [Title also in French.] Haarlem: Erven Loosjes, 1874. 2 p.l., xxvi, 474 p. 8°.

Catalogue of a collection of books on angling; illustrations to Walton and Cotton's Angler, Walton's Lives... Which will be sold by auction ... December 22d and 23d, 1830... 15 p. 8°.

Catalogue of a collection of books, principally on angling and sporting... New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. [1884] 1 p.l., 40 p. 8°.

Catalogue of a collection of scarce and curious books... scarce works on angling... Which will be sold by auction...31st day of July, 1869. London, 1869. 52 p. 8°.


Catalogue of an important and valuable collection of books, containing... works on angling, partly from the library of the late Mr. Haslewood Which will be sold by auction... 25th of May, 1860. 24 p. 8°.

Catalogue of a library of choice books... early books on angling... Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Phillips... 16th day of July, 1869. 18 p. 8°.

Chambers (E. T. D.) List of authorities consulted in the preparation of the foregoing work [i. e., The ounaniche and its Canadian environment]. (In the same. New York, 1898. 8°. pp. 331-339.)

Coleman (Robert W.) A bibliographical catalogue of the Waltonian library belonging to the estate of...Coleman. By Joseph Sabin. New York: Bradstreet Press, 1866. 2 p.l., 3-149 p. 8°.

Catalogue of the library of books on angling of the late R. W. Coleman... which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge... July, 8, 1897. London: J. Davy & Sons, 1897. 36 p. 4°.


Fishing, Bibliography, cont'd.

Corser (Thomas). Catalogue of the second portion of the valuable and extensive library formed by the Rev. Thomas Corser... Works on angling, hawking, and other rural sports...which will be sold by auction... 17th March, 1869. 9 p. 8°.

Cotton (Horace Salusbury). Catalogue of the very interesting and singularly curious collection of books on angling, the property of the Rev. H. S. Cotton. Which will be Leigh Sotheby... Dec., 1838... [London:] S. L. Sotheby, 1838. 16 p. 8°.

Donovan ( ). A catalogue of the valuable library of a gentleman retiring into the country... To which is added the...interesting and curious collection of books on angling, the property of an eminent collector [Mr. Donovan]... Sold by auction, by Mr. Sotheby... Wednesday, the 25th of April, 1827. [London: S. Sotheby, 1827.] 33 p. 8°.

Ellis (Sir Henry). A catalogue of books on angling; with some brief notices of several of their authors. London: T. Bensley, 1811. I p.l., 21 p. 12°.

(In: W. B. DANIEL'S Rural sports. Supplement, pp. 1-29. London, 1813. 4°.)

Bibliotheca piscatoria. A catalogue of books upon angling. London, 1836. 20 1. 16°. (In: THOMAS BOOSEY'S Piscatorial reminiscences. London: William Pickering, 1835. Supplement.)

This is Sir Henry Ellis' Catalogue (see two preceding entries) enlarged and improved by William Pickering, the publisher.

Catalogue of the valuable library of the late Sir H. Ellis...comprising books on angling... portraits...manuscripts...sold by... Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge...July, 1869. London [1869]. I p.l., 108 p. 8°.

Enslin (T. C. F.) Bibliothek der Forst- undJagd-Wissenschaft, oder Verzeichniss der in älterer und neuerer Zeit, besonders aber vom Jahre 1750 bis gegen Ende des Jahres 1842 in Deutschland erschienenen Bücher über alle Theile des Forstund Jagdwesens, über die Fischerei und den Vogelfang. Zuerst hrsg. von T. C. F. Enslin. Von neuem gänzlich umgearbeitet von W. Engelmann. Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1843. 2 p.l., 102 p. 8°.

2. ed.

Fearing (D. B.) Check list of books on angling, fish, fisheries, fish-culture, etc., in the library of D. B. Fearing. New York, [J. Polhemus Pr. Co.] 1901. 138 p. 4°.

Forest and Stream Publishing Co. Descriptive catalogue of books published... by the Forest and Stream Pub. Co. New York, 1896. v, 6–70 p., 5 1. 8°.

Francis (H. R.) The fly-fisher and his library. (In: Cambridge essays... 1856. London [1856]. 8°.) Grolier Club of the City of New York. Chronological hand-list of various editions of "The Complete Angler," by I. Walton and C. Cotton, with a supplement embracing other writings of Walton and Cotton, etc. 1593-1893. Exhibited ...Dec. 9-29, 1893. New York, 1893. 26 p. 12°. Heckscher (John Gerard). Catalogue of the library of the late John Gerard Heckscher. Parts 1-3.

To be sold February 2-5, 15-18, and March

2-4, 1909, by the Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. New York [1909]. 3 v. 12.

Part 1 and 2, Angling. Part 3, Fisheries, sporting, duelling, ornithology, miscellaneous.

Duplicates from the library of Mr. J. G. Heckscher, consisting of books on be sold at auction... New York: Merwin Clayton Sales Co., 1906. 44 p. 8°.

Higgs (William Simonds). Catalogue of the... library of the late W. S. H., containing...rare English chronicles; fine works on English topography and history... illuminated on angling... Sold... by Mr. Sotheby and son... [London] 1830. 32 p. 8°.

Jesse (Edward). Catalogue of the library of the late Ed. Jesse, Esq.... Works on angling, hunting, and hawking... Which will be sold by auction... 30th day of November, 1868. 27 p. 8°.

Kreysig (Georg Christoph). Bibliotheca scriptorum venaticorum... Altenburgi: P. E. Richte rus, 1750. 9 p.l., 190 p., 91. 8°.

Lambert (Osmund). Angling literature in England, and descriptions of fishing by the ancients: with a notice of some books on other piscatorial subjects. London: S. Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1881. 5 p.l., 87 p. 12°.

Lenox Library, New York City. The Waltonian collection. Books upon angling, birds, fishes, hunting, etc... New York, 1893. 56 p. sq. 8°. (In its: Contributions to a catalogue. no. 7. New York, 1877-'93. sq. 8°.)

Lockwood & Coombes. Catalogue of rare and curious second-hand books on angling, shooting, field sports, the dog, gun, horse, natural history, etc. New York, 1888. pp. [147-]219. 12°.

Lowery (I. A.) Catalogue of the library of a well-known New York collector, (I. A. Lowery) comprising many choice copies of... rare editions of... works on angling, hunting, and kindred topics to be Bangs & Co. New York, 1888. 56 p. 8°.

Manley (J. J.) Literature of sea and river fishing. [London, 1884.] 8°. (London Int. Fish. Exhib. 1883. Fish. Exh. Lit. v. 3.)

Marston (R. B.) A list of books on fish, fishing, and fisheries, to supplement the Bibliotheca piscatoria of T. Westwood and T. Satchell, published in 1883 .. London: S. Low, Marston & Co., 1901. 24 p. 8°.

(In: The English catalogue of books. London, 1901. 4°. v. 6, pp. 749-776.)

Walton and some earlier writers on fish and fishing. London: Elliot Stock, 1894. XXV, (1 l.) 264 p. 16°. (Book-lover's library.) North (Ernest Dressel).

The book treasures v. 6, pp. 37

of an angler. (Literary Collector. 44. New York, 1903.)

About Mr. John G. Heckscher's collection of books on fishing.

Pickering & Chatto. Angling [bibliography]. (In their: A catalogue of old and rare books. London, 1894. 12°. pp. 1-19.)

Pickering (William). Bibliotheca piscatoria. See Ellis (Sir Henry). Bibliotheca piscatoria.

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