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the signal merit of Ossory. "I would not exchange my dead son," said he, " for any living son in Christendom." HUME, VI. 340.

NOTE 20.

High on exulting wings the heath-cock rose.

This bird, according to Mr. Pennant, is remarkable for his exultation during the spring; when he calls the hen to his haunts with a loud and shrill voice, and is so inattentive to his safety as to be easily shot. BRIT. ZOOLOGY, 266.

NOTE 21.

Derwent's clear mirror.....The Lake of Keswick, in Cumberland.

NOTE 22,

Down by St. Herbert's consecrated grove.

A small wooded island, once dignified with a religious house.

NOTE 23.

When lo! a sudden blast the vessel blew.

In a lake, surrounded with mountains, the agitations are often violent and momentary. The winds blow in gusts and eddies, and the water no sooner swells than it subsides. SEE BOURN'S HIST. WESTм.

NOTE 24.

To what pure beings, in a nobler sphere,

She yields delight but faintly imag'd here.

The several degrees of angels may probably have larger views, and some of them be endowed with capacities able

to retain together, and constantly set before them, as in one picture, all their past knowledge at once. LOCKE ON HUMAN UNDERSTANDING, BOOK II. CHAP. x. 9.


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