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Yet, if thy voice the note of thunder roll'd,
And that were true which Nature never told;
Let Wisdom smile not on her conquer'd field;
No rapture dawns, no treasure is reveal'd!
Oh! let her read, nor loudly nor elate,
The doom that bars us from a better fate;
But, sad as angels for the good man's sin,
Weep to record, and blush to give it in!


And well may Doubt, the mother of Dismay,
Pause at her martyr's tomb, and read the lay,
Down by the wilds of yon deserted vale,
It darkly hints a melancholy tale!
There, as the homeless madman sits alone,
In hollow winds he hears a spirit moan!
And there, they say, a wizard orgie crowds,
When the moon lights her watch-tow'r in the clouds.
Poor, lost Alonzo! Fate's neglected child!

Mild be the doom of Heav' thou wert mild!
For oh! thy heart in holy mould was cast,
And all thy deeds were blameless, but the last.
Poor, lost Alonzo! still I seem to hear
The clod that struck thy hollow-sounding bier!*
When Friendship paid, in speechless sorrow drown'd,
Thy midnight rites, but not on hallow'd ground!

Cease, every joy, to glimmer on my mind, But leave....oh! leave....the light of Hope behind! What though my winged hours of bliss have been, Like angel-visits, few, and far between! Her musing mood shall every pang appease! And charm....when pleasures lose the power to please! Yes! let each rapture, dear to Nature, flee; Close not the light of Fortune's stormy sea.... Mirth, Music, Friendship, Love's propitious smile, Chase every care, and charm a little while, Ecstatic throbs the fluttering heart employ, And all her strings are harmoniz'd to joy!.... But why so short is Love's delighted hour? Why fades the dew on Beauty's sweetest flow'r? Why can no hymned charm of music heal The sleepless woes impassion'd spirits feel? Can Fancy's fairy hands no veil create, To hide the sad realities of fate?....

No! not the quaint remark, the sapient rule,
Nor all the pride of Wisdom's worldly school,
Have pow'r to soothe, unaided and alone,
The heart that vibrates to a feeling tone!
When stepdame Nature every bliss recals,
Fleet as the meteor o'er the desert falls;

widow'd sire appears

When, 'reft of all, yon
A lonely hermit in the vale of years;
Say, can the world one joyous thought bestow
To Friendship, weeping at the couch of Woe?
No! but a brighter soothes the last adieu,....
Souls of impassion'd mould, she speaks to you!
Weep not, she says, at Nature's transient pain,
Congenial spirits part to meet again!....

What plaintive sobs thy filial spirit drew,
What sorrow chok'd thy long and last adieu,
Daughter of Conrad! when he heard his knell,
And bade his country and his child farewel! +
Doom'd the long isles of Sydney cove to see,
The martyr of his crimes, but true to thee.
Thrice the sad father tore thee from his heart,
And thrice return'd, to bless thee, and to part;
Thrice from his trembling lips he murmur'd low
The plaint that own'd unutterable woe;

Till Faith, prevailing o'er his sullen doom,
As bursts the morn on night's unfathom❜d gloom,

• Lur'd his dim eye to deathless hopes sublime,
Beyond the realms of Nature and of Time!

"And weep not thus, (he cried) young Ellenore, My bosom bleeds, but soon shall bleed no more!

Short shall this half-extinguish'd spirit burn,
And soon these limbs to kindred dust return!
But not, my child, with life's precarious fire,
The immortal ties, of nature shall expire;
These shall resist the triumph of decay,
When time is o'er, and worlds have pass'd away;
Cold in the dust this perish'd heart may lie,

But that which warm'd it once shall never die!
That spark unburied in its mortal frame,
With living light, eternal, and the same,
Shall beam on Joy's interminable years,
Unveil'd by darkness....unassuag'd by tears!

"Yet, on the barren shore and stormy deep
One tedious watch is Conrad doom'd to weep;
But when I gain the home without a friend,
And press th' uneasy couch where none attend,
This last embrace, still cherish'd in my heart,
Shall calm the struggling spirit ere it part!
Thy darling form shall seem to hover nigh,
And hush the groan of life's last agony!

"Farewel! when strangers lift thy father's bier, And place my nameless stone without a tear; When each returning pledge hath told my child That Conrad's tomb is on the desert pil'd;

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And when the dream of troubled fancy sees

Its lonely rank-grass waving in the breeze;
Who then will soothe thy grief, when mine is o'er?
Who will protect thee, helpless Ellenore?
Shall secret scenes thy filial sorrows hide,
Scorn'd by the world, to factious guilt allied?
Ah! no; methinks the generous and the good
Will woo thee from the shades of solitude!
O'er friendless grief compassion shall awake,
And smile on Innocence, for Mercy's sake!" +

Inspiring thought of rapture yet to be,
The tears of love were hopeless, but for thee!
If in that frame no deathless spirit dwell,
If that faint murmur be the last farewel;
If fate unite the faithful but to part,
Why is their memory sacred to the heart?
Why does the Brother of my childhood seem
Restor❜d a while in every pleasing dream?
Why do I joy the lonely spot to view,
By artless friendship blest when life was new?

Eternal Hope! when yonder spheres sublime
Peal'd their first notes to sound the march of Time,
Thy joyous youth began....but not to fade.....
When all the sister planets have decay'd;

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