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1876 - Centennial Exhibition - 264 pages

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Page 74 - Artistic, biological, zoological, medical schools, astronomical observatories. CLASS 312. — Museums, collections, art galleries, exhibitions of works of art and industry. Agricultural fairs, state and county exhibitions, national exhibitions. International exhibitions. Scientific museums and art museums. Ethnological and archeological collections. CLASS 313. — Music and the drama.
Page 71 - Infant schools and kindergartens, arrangements, furniture, appliances, and modes of training. Public schools, graded schools, buildings and grounds, equipments, courses of study, methods of instruction, text-books, apparatus, including maps, charts, globes, etc.; pupils' work, including drawing and penmanship; provisions for physical training. CLASS 301. — Higher education. Academies and high schools. Colleges and universities. Buildings and grounds; libraries, museums of zoology, botany, mineralogy...
Page 97 - Stone-sawing and planing machines, dressing, shaping, and polishing, sand blasts, Tilghman's machines, glass-grinding machines, etc. CLASS 517. — Brick, pottery, and tile machines. Machines for making artificial stone. CLASS 518. — Furnaces, moulds, blowpipes, etc., for making glass and glass-ware.
Page 71 - Education reports and statistics. National bureau of education. State, city, and town systems. College, university, and professional systems. CLASS 305. — Libraries, history, reports, statistics, and catalogues. CLASS 306. — School and text-books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, gazetteers, directories, index volumes. bibliographies, catalogues, almanacs, special treatises, general and miscellaneous literature, newspapers, technical and special newspapers and journals, illustrated papers, periodical...
Page 110 - Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of underground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts and for drainage. Boring and drilling rocks, shafts, and tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts, and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral deposits. Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, sloping, and breaking down ore. timbering, lagging, and masonry. Hoisting and...
Page 93 - Artistic hardware and trimmings, artistic castings, forged metal work for decoration, etc. Decoration with Ceramic and Vitreous Materials; Mosaic and Inlaid Work.— Class 450. Mosaic and inlaid work in stone. — Class 451. Mosaic and inlaid work in tiles, tessarse, glass, etc.
Page 83 - Codes. Municipal government. Protection of property in inventions. Postal system and appliances. Punishment of crime. Prisons and prison management and discipline, police stations, houses of correction, reform schools, naval or marine discipline, punishment at sea.
Page 79 - Construction and working of machines; examples of planning and construction of manufacturing and metallurgical establishments. CLASS 332. — Railway engineering. Location of railways, and the construction and management of railways. CLASS 333. — Military engineering. CLASS 334. — Naval engineering. CLASS 335.— Topographical maps.
Page 47 - Rough, hewn, sawn, or polished, for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture. Marble — white, black, or colored— used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured. CLASS 103. — Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton.
Page 79 - Marine and coast charts. Geological maps and sections. Botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and distribution of men, animals, and terrestrial products. Physical maps. Meteorological maps and bulletins. Telegraphic routes and stations. Railway and route maps. Terrestrial and celestial globes. Relief maps and models of portions of the earth's surface. Profiles of ocean beds and routes of submarine cables.

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