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LITTLE FABLES FOR LITTLE FOLKS. Selected for their moral tendency, and re-written in Familiar Words, not one of which

exceeds Two Syllables. Designed as Reading Lessons, to amuse and instruct. Illustrated with wood-cuts,

price ls. 6d. cloth.


OR, THE YOUNG INQUIRER ANSWERED. Explaining in Question and Answer, and in familiar language, what most things daily used, seen, or talked of, are ; what they are made of, where found, and to what uses applied. Including articles of food and aliment; miscellanies in common use ; metals, gems, jewellery ; and some account of the principal inventions, and most interesting manufactures.

In 18mo, with Illustrations, price 3s. cloth.

THE MULTIPLICATION TABLE, Newly arranged; the Figures being placed in the same order as for Sums. Divided

into twenty-two easy Lessons, for the use of Young Children. Dedicated to MASTER JAMES ROWLES. By CAROLINE WHITFIELD.

Price ls, in a box.

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