Memorials of ... Myles Coverdale [by J.J. Lowndes.].

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Page 15 - Tables for Land Valuers. THE LAND VALUER'S BEST ASSISTANT: being Tables, on a very much improved Plan, for Calculating the Value of Estates.
Page 203 - Biblia — the Bible, that is, the Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe.
Page 110 - It was wonderful to see with what. joy this book of God was received not only among the learneder sort and those that were noted for lovers of the reformation, but generally all England over among all the vulgar and common people; and with what greediness God's word was read and what resort to places where the reading of it was.
Page 42 - Out of this sprung the noise of the new Bible; and out of that is the great seeking for English books at all printers and bookbinders in Antwerp, and for an English priest that should print.
Page 203 - The Concordance of the new testament most necessary to be had in the handes of all soche, as desire the communication of any place contayned in the new testament.
Page 47 - I marvel what my lord of Canterbury meaneth, that thus abuseth the people, in giving them liberty to read the Scriptures, which doth nothing else but infect them with heresy. I have bestowed never an hour upon my portion, nor never \vilL And therefore my lord shall have his book again, for I will never be guilty of bringing the simple people into error.
Page 123 - ... as other their faithful adherents would pluck it either into the quire or else into some pew where poor men durst not presume to come. Yea, there is no small number of churches that hath no Bible at all.
Page 204 - Apocripha The bokes and treatises which " amonge the fathers of olde are not rekened to be of like authorite with " the other bokes of the byble, nether are they foude in the Canon of
Page 206 - HOW AND WHITHER A CHRISTEN MAN OUGHT TO FLYE THE HORRIBLE PLAGE OF THE PESTILENCE. A Sermon, &C. By Andrew Osiander." Translated by Miles Coverdale, &c. as in art. 53. The title in a neat architective compartment with a cherubic head at top, and 1537 on the sell. Colophon ; " Printed in Southwarke by me— for Jan. Gough Cum priuilegio.
Page 59 - Douche inter" preters : whom (because of theyr syngular gyftes " 5 speciall diligence in the Bible) I haue ben " the more glad to folowe for the most parte, ac" cordynge as I was requyred. But to saye the " trueth before God, it was nether my laboure ner " desyre, to haue this worke put in my hande : neuer

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