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Page 169 - 4°. 3 parts in i vol. 2112 Cbr. 1685. 4°. 3 parts in i vol. In this new impression the NT is of 1680. 2113 BIBLIA ANGLICA. Biblia: the Bible : that is the holy scripture of the olde and new testament, faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn into Englishe (by
Page 53 - rare and costly work all the diplomas and coins are excellently engraved. 594 ANDERSON, Jam. (anonym.). The constitutions of the FreeMasons. Containing the history, charges, regulations etc. of that most ancient and right worshipful fraternity. For the use of the lodges. Lond., printed by W. Hunter for J. Senex and J. Hooke, 1723. large 4°. 4
Page 218 - fr. 2779—itinéraire descriptif d'Espagne. Par. 1808. 8°. 5 vols, with an atlas. Different from the preceding. 2780 — description des nouveaux jardins de la France et de ses anciens châteaux. Par. 1808 &c. fol. 2 vols, with plates by Bourgeois. In Nos. at 15 fr., on vellum paper 24 fr.,
Page 242 - voll. 3Í51 BUONARROTI, Fil. Osservazioni sopra alcuni frammenti di vasi antichi di vetro, ornati di figure, trovati ne' cimiterj di Roma. Fir. 1716. small fol. with plates. 3152 — osservaz. istor. sopra alcuni medaglioni antichi del Card. Carpegna. Rom. 1698. 4°. with plates. 3153 BUONARROTI, Mch. Ang. il vecchio. Rime raccolte da Mch. Ang. suo ñipóte. Fir., Giunti,
Page 196 - 6d.) The designs of the ingenious, singular Blake make this book particularly remarkable. 2455 BLAKE, W. Songs of innocence and of experience, shewing the two contrary states of the human soul. The author and printer W. Blake. Without place or date. 12°. The letters seem to
Page 301 - Grundriss 426). Also, Augsp. 1483. fol. and Strb. Knoblochzer, 1483. fol. with woodcuts. Consult Bruns Beitrr. I. 68. II. 169. 3960 — the game and playe of the chesse, translated out of the French by W. Caxton. At the end, Fynysshid of the last day of Marche the yer of our Lord God a. thousand foure hondred and Ixxiiii
Page 425 - dichiarazione del senso letterale diversa in più luoghi da quella degli antichi commentatori (da Pompeo Venturi). Lucca, Cappuri, 1732. 8°. 3 voll. The first edition of this greatly prized commentary. 5714 — la medes. ele. (the same title). Verona, Berno, 1749. large 8°. 3 vols, with Dante's portrait. Also on large paper.
Page 368 - par la Place, are the only vols, printed on vellum paper. There are 3 copies of the entire collection on vellum, one of which sold at Didot's sale for 2000 fr. 4939 COLLECTION des meilleurs ouvrages de la langue française, dédiée aux amateurs de l'art typographique ou d'éditions soignées et correctes. Paris, Pt. Didot l'aîné,
Page 494 - Par. 1802. 8°. 6588 EDEN, Rch. The history of trauayle in the West and East Indies and other countreys lying eyther way...gathered in parte and done into Englysshe by Rch. Eden. Newly set in order, augmented and finished by Rch. Willes. Lond. '577-
Page 88 - Volkmann. Lpz., Dyk, 1767-68. • large 8°. 4 vols. (4 d, writing paper 5 d.) 996 — (anonym.) histoire naturelle éclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, l'oryctologie, qui traite des terres, des pierres, des métaux, minéraux et autres fossiles. Par., Debure, 1755. large 4°. with 26 plates. At first under the title,

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