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The Society, 1876 - Voyages and travels - 289 pages

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this needs pictures and its perfect!

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a two volume travelogue written in c1750. Interesting, but not to be read in its full mind-numbing details. Read full review

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Page cxxiv - ... and the story ends with the pious exclamation, " from which devill and all other devills defend us, good Lord ! Amen." We have spoken of the collections of tales, which, at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries...
Page 79 - ... and also the trunks and bodies with the branches of old and rotten trees, cast up there likewise ; whereon is found a certain spume or froth, that in time breedeth to certaine shells, in shape like those of the muskle, but sharper pointed, and of a whitish colour...
Page 79 - Goose : which place aforesaid, and all those parts adjoyning do so much abound therewith, that one of the best is bought for three pence. For the truth hereof, if any doubt, may it please them to repaire vnto me, and I shall satisfie them by the testimonie of good witnesses.
Page 77 - ... falleth into the sea, where it gathereth feathers, and groweth to a fowle bigger than a Mallard, and lesser than a Goose, having blacke legs and bill or beake, and feathers blacke and white...
Page clxxvii - The true and perfect description of three voyages, so strange and woonderfull, that the like hath neuer been heard of before: Done and performed three yeares, one after the other, by the ships of Holland and Zeland, on the north sides of Norway, Muscouia, and Tartaria, towards the kingdomes of Cathaia & China; shewing the discouerie of the straights of Weigates, Noua Zembla, and the Countrie lying vnder 80.
Page 78 - Barnakles, in the North of England Brant Geese, and in Lancashire Tree Geese...
Page 123 - ... any surgery, letting of blood or any other thing belonging to surgery, drawing of teeth only excepted: and furthermore, in like manner, whosoever that useth the mystery or craft of surgery, shall in no wise occupy nor exercise the feat or craft of barbery or shaving, neither by himself, nor by any other for him, to his or their use.
Page clxxvii - And how in that last Voyage, the Shippe was so inclosed by the Ice, that it was left there, whereby the men were forced to build a house in the cold and desart Countrie of Noua Zembla, wherein they continued 10 monthes togeather, and neuer saw nor heard of any man, in most great cold and extreame miserie; and ho<w after that, to saue their...
Page 193 - ... fine. They started out, carried by an easy breeze over "indifferent open water." 2 Barents was dying. He knew it and yet he gave no hint of it. Rather he sustained the hopes and courage of his men. To Gerrit de Veer he said as they rounded the extreme tip of Novaya Zemlya: "Gerrit, if we are near Ice Point, just lift me up again. I must see that Point once more.
Page 79 - ... to the shape and form of a bird. When it is perfectly formed, the shell gapeth open, and the first thing that appeareth is the foresaid lace or string ; next come the legs of the bird hanging out, and as it groweth greater, it openeth the shell by degrees, till at length it is all come forth, and hangeth only by the bill. In short space after it cometh to full maturity, and falleth into the sea, where it gathereth feathers, and groweth to a fowl, bigger than a mallard, and lesser than a goose...

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