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and Salome. had bought 25. For I know that my Resweet Spices, that they might shall STAND at the LATTER DAY

She DEEMER LIVETH, and that he come and anoint him. [M] upon the Earth. In the End of the Sabbach, 26. And though after my skin,

Worms destroy this Body, yet in as it began to dawn towards

MY Flesh shall I see tod. the first Day of the Week, 27. Whom I shall fee for my self, came Mary Magdalene, and and mine Eyes Thall behold, and the other Mary, to see the

be not another ; though my Reins be

consumed within ine. Sepulchre : [Mr.] And veryPsal. xvi. 8. I have set the Lord early in the Morning, the always before me: because he is at FIRST Day of the WEEK, my right hand, I shall not be movthey come unto the Sepulchre 9. Therefore my Heart is glad, at the Rising of the Sun, [.] and my GLORY rejoicech : my

Which FLESH also shall REST in Hore. bringing the Spices which FLE.

10. For thou wilt not leave my they had prepared, and cer- Soul in Hell; neither wilt thou tain others with them. [M.] suffer thine HOLY ONE to fee CorAnd behold, there was a ruption..

11. Thou wilt shew me the Path great EARTHQUAKE; for of LIFE : In thy Presence is Fulthe ANGEL of the Lord de- NESS of Joy, at thy right Hand scended from Heaven, and there are pleasures for evermore.

.: Pf. xlix. 15. But God will REcame and rouca Dace. the DEEM my Soul from the Power came and rolled back the Stone from the Door, and of the Grave; for he shall receive far upon it. His COUNTE- me.

Ifai. xxvi. 19. Thy dead Men NANCE was like LIGHT: fhall Live, together with thy dead NING, and his Raiment Body shall they ARISE: Awake and white as Snow. And for fing, yc thar DWELL in Dust; PEAR of him, the Keepers and the Earth shall cast out the

for thy Dew is as the Dew of Herbs, did shake, and became as Dead. dead Men.

Chap. 1x. 3. And the Gentiles shall come to thy Light, and

KINGS to the Brightness of thy . n on


Hof. xiji. 14. I will ransom them

from the Power of the Grave : I CHRISI's Resurrection will redeem them from Death0

Death, I will be thy Plagues ; O is first manifested to the Grave, i will be thy Destru&tion." Women hv the Teftimony Mal. iv. 2. But unto you that

fear my Name, shall the Sun of of Angels. .

RIGHTEOUSNESS arise, with Heal

ing in his Wings. ND they faid a. in have found a John X. 17. Therefore doth my

Father love me, because I lay down 1 mong themselves, my Life, that I might TAKE IT Who shall roll us away the AGAIN.' Stone from the Door of the 18. No Man taketh it from me.

but I lay it down of my felf: I Sepulchre ? for it was very have power to lay it down, and I great. And when they look have POWER TO TAKE IT AGAIN. ed,


ed, they saw that the Stone This Commandment have I receit.

A ed of my Father. was rolled away. [L.) And *

Afts íi. 24. Whom God hath they found the Stone rolled RAISED up, having LOOSED the away from the Sepulchre : Pains of Death: because it was and they entred in and not pollible that he should be HOL

* DEN of it. found not the Body of the 31. He (David) seeing this beLord Jesus. [7.] And Ma- fore, spake of the RESURREC» Magdalene feeth the Stone TION of Christ, that his SOUL was

not left in Hell, neither his FLESH taken away from the Sepul- did see CORRUPTION. chre. (L.) And it came to32. This Jefus hath God RAISpass, as they were much per- ed up, whereof we all arc Witchplexed thereabout, behold, Chap. iv. 10. Be it known upto two Men stood by them in you all, and to all the People of SHUNING GARMENTS. And Ifrael, that by the Name of Jesus

Christ of Nazarcth, whom ye auas they were afraid, and bow- citied, whom God RAISED from ed down their Faces to the the Dead, even by him doth this Earth, they said unto them, Man stand here before you whole. Why seek ye the LIVING God having raised up his Son fefus,

Chap. iii. 26. Unto you firit, among the DEAD? He is sent him to bless you ; in turning not here, but is RISEN : Re- away every one of you from his member how he spake unto"

* Iniquities.

Chap. v. 30. The God of our you when he was yet in Ga- Fathers raised up fifus, whom ye lilee, saying, The Son of fiew, and hanged on a Tree. Man must be delivered into 31. Him hath God EXALTED

with his right Hand, to be a Prince the Hands of fintul Men, and a Saviour, to give Repentance and be crucified, and the to Ifrael, and Forgiveness of Sins. third Day rise again. And Chap. X. 40. Him God RAISED they remembred his Words, openly.

* up the third Day, and shewed him and returned from the Sepul. 41. Not to all the people, but unchre, and told all these Things to Witnefles chosen before of God, unto the Eleven), and to all

i even to us, who did cat and drink Unto ne cieven, and to all with him after le rose from the the reft. It was Mary Mag- DEAD. dalene. and Joanna, and Chap. xvii. 31. And hath appointMern the Mother of James, the World in Righteousness, by that

ed a Day in the which he will judge and other Women that were Man whom he hath ordained; with them, which told there whereof he hath given Affarance Things to the Apostles. And ed him from the Dead.

unto all Men, in that he hach raiftheir Words seemed to them Rom. i. 3. Concerning his Son as idle Tales, and they be- Jesus Christ our Lord, which was lieved them not.

made of the Seed of David according to the Flesh,

4. And declared to be the Son of God with Power, according to the

Spirit of Holiness, by the ResurrecPeter tion from the Dead.

Chap views

Chap. iv. 23. Now it was not written for his fake alone, that it

was imputed to him ; Peter and John run to the

24. But for us also, to whom ic Sepulcbre.

shall be imputed, if we BELIEVE on him that RAISED up Jefus our

Lord from the Dead, [7.] AND Mary Magda- 25. Who was delivered for our 12 lene cometh to Si

'c Offences, and was RAISED again

for our justification. mon Peter, and to the other Chap. vi. 4. Therefore we are buDisciple whom Jesus loved, ried with him by Baptism into and faith unto them, They be

them Thev Death: that like as Chriji was KAIS.

ED up from the Dead by the Glory have taken away the Lord of the Father, even so we allo out of the Sepulchre, and we should walk in newness of Life. know not where they haves. For if we have been planted

together in the Likeness of his faid him. Peter theretore Death: we shall be also in the Like. went forth, and that other ness of his RESURRECTION. Disciple, and came to the Se- 9. Knowing that Chrift being pulchre. So they ran both more ; Death hath no more Domi.

RAISED from the Dead, dieth no together, and the other Dif- nion over him. ciple did out-run Peter, and Chap. viii. 11. But if the Spirit

of him that raised up Jefus from came first to the Sepulchre.

the Dead dwell in you ; he that And he stooping down, and RAISED Up Christ from the Dead, looking in, saw the linen shall also quicken your mortal BoClothes lying, yet went he

went he dies, by his Spirit that dwellech in not in. Then cometh Simon'Cor. xv. 3. For I delivered unPeter foHowing him, and to you firlt of all, that which I also went into the Sepulchre, and received, how that Christ died for

* our SINS, according to the Scrip feeth the linen Clothes lie, cures ; and the Napkin that was a- 4. And that he was buried, and bout his Head, not lying that he ROSE again the third Day

o according to the Scriptures : with the linen Clothes, but s. And that he was seen of Cem wrapped together in a Place phas, then of the Twelve. by itself. Then went in al

6. After that, he was seen of a

bove FIVE HUNDRED Brethren ac so that other Difciple, which

which once : of whom the greater Part came first to the Sepulchre, remain unto this present, but some and he saw, and BELIEVED.

are fallen asleep.

7. After that, he was seen of For as yet they knew not 1

noc James ; then of all the APOSTLES. the Scripture, that he must 8. And last of all he was seen of RISE again from the Dead. me also, as of one born out of duc Then the Disciples went a- time...

9. For I am the least of the Away again unto their own postles, that am not meet to be cal. Home.

"Ied an Apostle, because I persecut ed the Church of God.

II. Therefore whether it were I e or they, so we preach, and so ye

12. Now

CHRIST's believed.

12. Now if Chritt be preached

that hc ROSE from the Dead, how CHRIST's first Appari- say some among you, That there is ting aften he was Dead Resurrection of the Dead ?

13. But if there be no RESURto Mary Magdalen. RECTION of the Dead, then is

Christ not risen. PGDUT Mary stood with- then is our preaching VAIN, and

14. And if Clorilt be pot RISEN, out at the Sepulchre, your Faith is also vảin. WEEPING : and as she wept, „,15. Yea, and we are found falle

> Witnesses of God; because we have The stooped down, and look. teftified of God, that he raised up ed into the Sepulchre, and Christ : whom he raised not up, feeth Two ANGELS in white, if fo be that the Dead RISE not.

16. For if the Dead rile pot, obe fitting, the one at the head, is Christ nor raised: and the other at the Feet, 17. And if Christ be not RAISED, where the Body of Jesus had your FAITH is váin, ye are yet in lain: And they say unto her, your SINS.

18. Then they also which are Woman, why weepest thou? fallen alleep in Christ, are perished. She faith unto them, Be- . 20. But now is Chrift RISEN cause they have taken away

y from the Dead, and become the

y First-fruits of them that slept. my Lord, and I know not 21. For since by Man came Death, where they have laid him. by Man came also the Resurrection And when she had thus faid, of the DEAD.

22. For as in Adam all die, eren Be turned herself back, and fo in Chrilt thall all be made alive. faw Jesus standing, and knew 'S1. Behold, I shew you a Mysnot that it was Jefus. fe- TERY; we shall not all llcep, buc Gus said unto her, Woman. We thall all be changed,

52. In a Moment, in the twinkwhy weepest thou? whom ling of an Eye, at the last Trump seekert thou? She suppor- (for the Trumpet shall found) and ing him to be the Gardener, thecording the DEAD shall be RAISED incos

, ruptible, and we (hall be changed. faith unto him, Sir, If thou 53. For this corruptible muit put have born him hence, tell me on INCORRUPTION, and this more where thou hast laid him, tal mult put on IMMORTALITY.

54. So when this corruptible shall änd I will take him away : have put on Incorruption, and this

Felus faith unto her, Mary. mortal shall have put on ImmoTCShe turned herself, and faith lity, then shall be brought to pass

che Saying that is written, DEATH unto him, Rabboni, which istu unto him, Kuvvonly when is swallowed up in VICTORY. is to say, Mafter. Jefus 55. O DEATH, where is thy faith, unto her, Touch me STING ? O Grave, where is thy

Vi&tory? not: for I am not yet AS- 56. The STING of Death is Sis; CENDED to my FATHER: and the Strength of Sin is the Law. But go to my BRETHREN, 57. But Thanks be to God which

& giveth us the VICTURY, through

Our Lord Je[145 Chrift. CEND unto my Father, and 2 Cor iv. 14. Knowing, that be your Father; and to my which RAISED up the Lord Jofre, God, and your God. i Mr.] Cod and your God Mr' Thall RAISE is up also by Jdk,

and shall present us with you. Now


Now when Telure
Now when Jesus was risen,

rifen Chap. v. 14. For the Love of

Christ constraineth us, because we early the frit Day of the thus judge, that if one died for all, Week, he appeared first to then were all dead : Mary Magdalene, out of ,15. And that he died for all, that whom he had cait SEVEN forth live unto themselves, but un

they which LIVE, should not henceDEVILS. And she[7.] Ma- to him which died for them, and ry Magdalene came and cold ROSE again. Í Mr.T the 17) Disciples, after I heard of your Faith in the

* Ephef. i. 15. Wherefore I also, [Mr.] that had been with Lord Jesiu, and Love unto all the him, as they mourned and Saints, wen't sehat the bad feen 16. Cease not to give Thanks for

you, making mention of you in the LORD, and that he had my Prayers; fpoken these Things unto 17. Thatche God of our Lord Jesus her. (Mr.] And they, when

Christ, the Father of Glory,may give

unto you the Spirit of WISDOM, and they had heard that he was Revelation in theKnowledge of him: ALIVE, and had been seen18. The Eyes of your Underof her, BELIEVED NOT.

standing being enlightned ; that ye may know what is the Hope of

his CALLING, and what the RICHgeneogeofe$$$s$$*(* Es of the GLORY of his Inheritance

in the SAINTS,

19. And what is the exceeding The Speech of the Angel to Greatness of his power to us.ward

who believe, according to the workthe Women returning to ing of his MIGHTY Power. the Sepulchre.

20. Which he wrought in Chrif, when he RAISED him from the

Dead, and set him at his own righc [Mr.] AND the Women Hand in the heavenly Places,

1 entring into the 21. Far ABOVE all PRINCIPASepulchre, they saw a young and DOMINION, and every NAME

LITY, and Power, and Might, Man fitting on the right Side, that is named, not only in this cloathed in a long white World, but also in that which is

of to come. Garment, and they were are 22. And hath put all Things unfrighted. [M.] And the der his Feet, and gave 'him to be ANGEL answered and said 'the Head over all Things to the (Mr.] unto them, Be not af- chy

e not al. 23. Which is his Body, the Fulfrighted : [M.] FEAR not ncts of him that filleth all in all. ye: for I know that ye sÈEK Chap. ii. 4. But God, who is

rich in Mercy, for his great Love Jefus [Mr.) of Nazareth,

wherewith he loved us, which was crucified. [M] 5. Even when we were dead in He is not here : for he is Sins, hath QUICKNED us together RISEN, as he said : Come, with Chrilt (by Grace ye are laved)

6. And hach RAISED us up tofee the Place where the Lord gether, and made us sit together in lay. [Mr.] Behold the Place .heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. where they laid him. But Phil. iii. 10. That I may KNOW

him, and the Power of his Relurgo your way, (M.) and go

and go rection, and the Fellowchip of his quicks

Z z


Sepulchre, they come into the

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