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might have Eternal Life, consisting in the Knowledge of God, and might be preserved in Unity and Truth; and that they and all other Believers might be glorified with him: Wbich seems to be the Pattern or Model of his eternal INTERCESSION in the Heavens ,

311 Christ foretels his Palion and Death, Resurrection and Afcenfion, upon several Occasions


The History of Christ's Passion and Death ; wherein the Prophecies relating thereto were in the most minute Circumstances accomplished, as will appear by the References annexed

319 His Agony in the Garden, and Prayers whilft bis Disciples Nept

320 By the Treachery of Judas, He is discovered and taken


The Blessedness resulting to Mankind by the Pasion

and Death of Christ Jesus our Redeemer: I. With respect to the Almighty ; the Divine Justice is

propitiated. II. With refpe&t to Mankind : 1. Pardon, Mercy, and Grace, is purchased through

the infinite Merits of his Sücred Blood; which he

offered as a Sacrifice for the Sins of the World. 2. A Deliverance from the Power of Sin and Satan,

and all the Allurements of this World, thro' the fanitifying and enlightning Influences of the Holy

Spirit. 3. A free Access to the Throne of Grace, thro' the

Intercellion of Christ Jesus. 4. Peace of Conscience, and 7 oy in the Holy Ghost. 5. A Deliverance from the Terrors of Death. 6. The State of endless Reft, Peace and 7uy, in the

Kingdom of Celestial Glory. W bich are fully delineated in several Parts of the i 2


Holy Scripture, as will appear by the References tbereto


Christ is brought bound before Caiaphas the High Priest. Peter's first Denial

326 The Examination of Christ concerning bis Doctrine and

Disciples. The High Priest adjuring Christ to tell him, whether he was the Christ, the Son of the living God. Our Saviour avows his DEITY; upon which they pronounce bim guilty of Blasphemy. Peter's

fecond Denial. Peter's third Denial, and Tears 328 Chrilt is mocked, Spit upon, smitten

331 He is brought into the Judgment-Hall. The Defperation of Judas

333 He is accused before Pontius Pilate of Sedition, and

affecting the Kingdom. His excellent Confefhon. Publick Testimony of Innocence given of him by Pilate

334 He is led unto Herod, and mocked

. 336 Pilate telling the Jews, that having examined Jesus, be

found no Fault in him, and therefore he would release bim. Whereupon they cry out, Crucify him ; and desire Barabbas a Murderer might be released. Christ being scourged, is condemned to be crucified

337 He is brought out of the City of Jerusalem to the Place of bis Suffering

342 Christ is crucified. Wine mingled with Myrrb is given bim to drink

343 Me prys for his Murderers. The Title written on

the Cross. The Division of his Garinents ibid. An Enumeration of the Blasphemies against Christ cru.

cified. The Conversion of one of the Thieves crucifi. ed with him

344 Ile commends the Care of his mother to John. Tbe Sun is darkned. He complains that be'is forsaken


of God



The ACTS of the APOSTLES. Containing their History for the space of about Thirty

Tears; and is concluded seven Tears before the De-
Aruction of Jerusalem, and the total Subversion of the
Jewish Commonwealth: St. Peter and St. Paul having

suffered Martyrdom about Three Tears before 371 C'H A P. I.

ibid. C H A P. II. The Apostles filled with the Holy

Gboft, and speaking divers Languages, are admired by fome, and derided by others. Wbom Peter dis

proving, and jewing that the Apostles spake by the .- Power of the Holy Ghoft; that Jesus was risen from

the Dead, ascended into Heaven, bad poured down

the same Holy Ghost, and was the Messiah ; a Man i known to them to be approved of God by his Miracles, Wonders, and Signs, and not crucified without

bis determinate Counsel and Fore-knowledge. He baptizeth a great Number that were converted, who afterwards devoutly and charitably conversed together : the Apostles working many Miracles, and God daily increasing bis Church. To which is annexed, The Prophecies and Promises relating to the Effufion of the Holy Ghost

374 CH A P. III.

379 CHA P. IV. GH A P. V. CH A P. VI. CH A P. VII. CH A P. VIII.

393 CH A P. IX.

396 CH A P. X. Cornelius, an Officer in the Roman

Army, a devout Man, being directed by an Angel, sendeth for Peter : who by a Vision is taught not to


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