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31. God's Glory shall for ever last,

With his own Joy his Works are grac'd :: 32. The Earth stands trembling at thy Stroke,

And at thy Touch the Mountains smoke. 33. Thy Praises shall my Breath employ, .

Till it expire in endless Joy. 34. My Meditations will prové sweet,

If they thy kind Acceptance meet. 35. Then Thall consuming Sinners fade

To Duft, from whence they first were made.
But I shall to my Lord and King ;
Eternal Hallelujahs fing. .



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1. H AD not the Lord (may Ifrael fay)

11 Been pleas'd to interpofe;
2. Had he not then efpous'd our Cause,

When Men against us rose;
3,4,5. Their Wrath had swallow'd us alive,

And rag'd without Controul;
Their Spire and Pride's united Floods

Had quite o'erwhelm'd our Soul.

6. But prais'd be our eternal Lord,

Who rescu'd us that Day,
Nor to their savage Jaws gave up

Our threaten'd Lives a Prey. 7. Our Soul is like a Bird escap'

From out the Fowler's Net.
The Snare is broke, their Hopes are croft,

And we at Freedom fet.

8. Secure is his Almighty Name,

Our Confidence remains,
Who as he made both Heav'n and Earth,
Of both fole Monarch reigas.


PS A · M CXXXIX. :".


1. T ORD, thou my Ways haft searcht and known, 2. - My Rifing up, my sitting down;

To Thee are my Conceptions brought, .

E'er they are form'd into a Thought. 4. My idle Words thou doft condemn

Before my Lips have fashion'd them: 5. On ev'ry Part thy Hand's impos'd ;.::

Behind, before, has me inclos'd.

6. Sach Knowledge is for me too high;
9. From thee, O whither hall I fly?
8. If up to Heav'n, Thou there doft dwell;

And if my Bed I lay in Hell,

I should not 'scape thy piercing Eye. 9. If on the Morning's Wings I fly,

Or th’Ocean's untrac'd Paths shou'd tread, 10. With thy right Hand I shou'd be led. 11. If I my Head in Night involve,

Thy Light the Darkness wou'd diffolve; 12. Ev'n Day and Night are but one Name,

For both to Thee appear the same.


13. Nor Reins, nor Heart cou'd Thee escape,

Thou in the Womb my Form didst shape; 14. So marvellously I was made,

Ev'n of my self I stand afraid.
For this, my Soul, which knows fo well

Thy wondrous Works, thy Praise Thall tell, 15. My Substance was by Thee survey'd,

When it was first in secret made.
16. Thy Hand did free, with curious Art,

From Imperfection every Part;
And ev'ry Member, which had yet
No Being, in thy Book was writ.

At last, to sew whose Hand it was,. .

GOD ftampt HIS Image on the Mass... 17. O how thy Thoughts my Soul delight!

The Sum of them is infinite.

When I to number them wou'd try,

I find they all Accompts outvy; 18. I sooner might the Sands explore,

That lie upon the Ocean's Shore:

Yet they my early Thoughts employ.. 19. Lord, thou the Wicked wilt destroy ; 20. Such as blafpheme, and thirst for Blood,

And those whose Counsels thine withstood. 21. I hated to the last Degree 22. All those, O God, who hated Thee. ' 23. Search all my Thoughts, and if they stray 24. From Thee, be thou their Guide and Way.




By the fame.

i. O Lord, my God, my Songs to Thee

Shall, like thy self, immortal be! 2. For ever I'll thy Praise express,

And ev'ry Day'thy Name will bless. 3. Great is the Lord,'his Praise no Bounds

Confine, no Line his Greatness sounds. 4. That Generation which succeeds,

Shall learn from this thy mighty Deeds. 5. The Honour of thy Majefty ' ; ?!" 6. I'll fing, how wonderful! how high! 7. The Measures of thy Grace who know ? 8. Thy Mercy's swift, thy Anger now, ...

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9. O'er all, God's guardian Mercy stands,

His Bounty falls from equal Hands : 10. His wondrous Pow'r his Works proclaim,

For which the Saints shall bless his Name.


PART II. 11. GOD's Majesty, his Pow'r, the State. 12. Of his Dominion, Saints relate ;

So large, fo lafting, fo renown'd, 13. As neither Place nor Time shall bound. 14. Thy Hand supports the drooping Head; · Haś rais'd the Low, the Hungry fed. 15. The whole Creation, Men and Beasts, 16. Attending Thee, thy Bounty feasts. 17. Juftice and Truth thy Ways fecure,

And, like thy self, thy Works are pure. 18. To them that pray, the Lord is near;

To all who pray, and are fincere. 19. Their Suits he grants, their Wants supplies,

And saves them when he hears their Crics. 20. All this the righteous Man enjoys,

But the Ungodly, God destroys. 21. My Lips his Praises shall proclaim,

And all who live shall bless his Name.

PSALM CXLVIII, Parapbrasd by an unknown Hand.

TO God, in one united Sound,

Inspir’d, let ev'ry. Being rise, Beyond Creation's utmoft Bound,

Above the Conca ve of the Skies.

Begin, ye sacred Thrones above,

Ye Seraphs ftrike your golden Lyres ; Ye Sons of Harmony and Love

Bless and exalt him in your Choirs.

Far as thou dart'st a quickning Ray,

Divulge, O Sun, his endless Fame ;
He fillid thy flaming Orb with Day,

His Acts in Gratitude proclaim.
Thou Moon, howe'er unfix'd thy Course,

To him thy constant Tribute bring :
He to thy Glories gave the Source ;

To him with pious Duty fing. Ye gay Attendants of the Night,'

From Sphere to Sphere the Accents roll; Ye Planetary Globes of Light,

Refound his Deeds from Pole to Pole, Ye fplendid Heavens, ye Vaults on high,

With Rapture fieze the darling Theme; Ye Floods that glide above the Sky,

Bear down bis Praise in ev'ry Stream. Let the bright Realms of lafting Bliss,

Extol him through the vast Expanse: By him from Chaos' dark Abyss,

The various Elements advance.
He spoke, Confufion heard the Word,

In her capacious Gulphs obfcure ;
Strait sprang up Worlds in sweet Accord,

Fix'd, and commanded to endure.
Let Clouds in Rain their Part disclose,

Let Winds with all their Blasts adore ;
Ye_Meteors blaze, drop down ye Snows,

Ye Lightnings play, and Thunders roar. Next, let the Choiristers of Air,

The propagated Hymn affume;
His Hands protect 'em with his Care,

To him they owe the various Plume,

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